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Hart of Dixie deserves a second season.
e_man_7-66-9774359 March 2012
Its detractors mostly fault it for what it's not- it's not your typical doctor-drama and it's not trying to portray a real-life surgeon.

If you judge the show on what it is trying to do- provide 40 minutes of heart-warming entertainment, then I think Rachel Bilson's nice-chick schtick and Lemon's bullying friendship along with great support from the rest of the cast, provides a nice alternative to practically every other TV programme out there.

I love that Hart of Dixie lets you take it with a pinch of salt. I like watching a medically oriented programme that doesn't recycle those ER clichés that every such show from Third Watch to Grey's Anatomy has to hobble through for the plot. 'Get the paddles! clear!', 'he's gone into v-tach', tacky-cardia. I mean gimme a break. I'm sorry but the fake blood, fake body parts, fake killing and murdering all have their place but if a show wants a lighter take on living, outside of Vegas, Miami and LA with fewer guns, more food, flirting, and dating and then what's not to like? I wish them many happy returns.

Hart of Dixie definitely deserves a second and third season as far as I'm concerned. I think the show has plenty of material to explore with relationships, farce & fancy and the fish out of water element. I really hope it gets renewed.
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Sweet and charming show!!!
gribba1 February 2012
I did not have any expectations or hopes for the show and to my surprise I was entertained and actually found the show charming. Some of the people in the story are very exaggerated and cliché like but in some strange way it is part of the charm.

I did not find the main character Zoe Hart very believable as a doctor but that really did not bother me as I found that the personal development of all the characters was more important and relevant to the story and that is part of the charm.

In the first 2-3 episodes, two characters (Wade and Lemon) stood out to me as very irritating until the story develops. Along the way the story starts to unwrap their past, the life they have been colored by and shows what character they really hold but also allows one to understand their behavior. As the story continues those two have slowly become my favorite and I just want to give them a hug, they deserve something good to find it's way to them.

This way of telling the story is central and easy as it grabs hold of once affection for those characters that live in this town and they grow on you. The town has this (Gilmore Girls) Stars Hollow feel to it with all its fun and strange traditions that without a doubt gives the show part of the charm

The acting varies very much depending on the actor but again it does not stands out as much as one might think. The stories are often very sweet and reveal the personalized twist of life.
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Good entertainment Value
anna_soeuriste29 October 2011
Let's get this out of the way: it's not a heavy drama, it's not realistic, it's a bit clichéd. But as a weekly viewing experience: it's lighthearted, fun, charming, entertaining and it works without having to try so hard.

Some characters might annoy some viewers (the southern belle character is pushed to its limits, Rachel Bilson as dizzy surgeon who has to spend 1 year as a general doctor in the middle of nowhere might work as a dizzy new yorker but not totally convince as a surgeon), but I think that the overall charm of the show makes it easy to look past this and enjoy oneself.

People should give this show a shot and see for themselves if they enjoy it or not.
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Loved it!
biggestd77 January 2012
I have to say, I watched the pilot episode for the first time last night and I LOVED IT!!!!!! I thought is was an awesome show and I think that it has set up so many avenues for varying parts of the show. I can't wait to see more and I really hope there are more series of this, I am already addicted to it! I don't understand how someone could not enjoy this show personally. I think that Zoe has been set up for some great learning experiences. I can understand that there are some clichés within the show, but come on! which show doesn't have clichés in it these days? It is a television show and people who want to take it too seriously should go watch a documentary instead. I think that the clichés add to the show myself. I cannot wait to watch the next episode and hope that it comes out on DVD so I can buy it as well.
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Love how the show and characters are evolving
S-burris13 December 2012
I love this show! All the characters are trying to find their way in life and often make mistakes due to their insecurities or conceptions of what they are supposed to be (Lemon tries to be the perfect southern belle, Zoe tries to live up to what she thinks her parents want her to be ). I love seeing the variety of ages going through life issues such as seeing Zoe finally realizes that her mom really did try to do what she thought was best for her but has errors in judgment. The scenes between Zoe and her father Ethan hart show his concern for her and insecurities about his place as her father . I love how Wade is always concerned about Zoe but is totally immature and can't admit he loves her. He works to keep up his front that he doesn't care because he is insecure about how people see him as second rate. It is fun and charming. Rachel Bilson is a great Zoe! She is funny and sensitive and a good person..and has her flaws it is ..refreshing. The heat wave episode was hilarious. The dynamic between wade and Zoe makes the show. I am tired of everyone blaming Zoe for ruining this and that..that is getting old. I hope the new shows in 2013 continue to evolve the richness of the characters along with the the humor and southern charm! I'd love to see more of AnnaBeth and see Wade realize his potential.
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Bluebell is the new Starshollow
mean-girl-315 May 2012
What do I expect from this kind of series? - That I come home after a long day and be able to relax, enjoy sometimes maybe a bit cliché story and laugh at the occasional jokes. Do I need a unique story that has never been told before and a superb acting from the protagonists? No. With that being said, Hart of Dixie is THE series for a rainy day. While for someone mediocre, it is better than the majority of soap operas currently on air. I enjoy the distinctive town of Bluebell very much, reminds me so much of Gilmore Girls' Starshollow! The setting has a rather specific atmosphere, feels like living in the 1950s sometimes. Plus, I have always been a fan of underdogs like Wade. Definitely worth giving a try.
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Pleasant and watchable
phd_travel1 February 2012
It's nice to have a pleasant hour long comedy with light romance on TV where no one is really evil. There are too many crime shows. Josh Schwarz delivers tongue in cheek humor and a good likable cast. It's a Dr Quinn meets Sweet Home Alabama story and it's quite charming. Zoe moves from NYC to Bluebell Alabama to practice medicine. The culture differences do provide enough laughs.

Rachel Bilson is Rachel Bilson just like Audrey Hepburn was always Audrey Hepburn. She may not be that convincing as a doctor but who cares - she is likable and manages to carry a series. The series relies on the other cast members equally. Jaimie King is pretty and acts well as the high strung Southern Belle Lemon. The male leads Scott Porter and Wilson Bethel aren't that good looking but suit their roles and are convincing actors.

Overall pleasant and watchable - I'll keep watching and hope it lasts.
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gilmore girls alternative
surendra bobba26 September 2011
I started this series mostly due to my liking of Rachel Bilson. I liked her acting in "The O.C". So I started without any expectations but found it interesting.During the starting scenes it reminded me of StarsHollow in Gilmore Girls.

After watching the first episode I can say that I found an alternative to one of my favourite shows.Without witty dialogues and cultural references(God! I miss those) it reminds me very much of Gilmore Girls."Blue Bells" is very similar town to Starshollow with it's own perks.The acting is good, I hope it will turn okay.

It is recommended to all the GG fans.
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Best t.v. since Northern Exposure
zombievato30 January 2012
Simply put, absolutely charming. If you're not entertained, you may just have a heart of stone. Possibly the best thing on t.v. since Northern Exposure. This is the first I've seen of Rachel Bilson so I can't compare it to the other shows mentioned in other reviews. She admirably carries the heavy load, with tons of absolutely flawless supporting players. The simmering animosity between her and the quintessential Southern Belle, Lemon, is priceless. Jaime King as Lemon Breeland is absolute Southern perfection. She is the embodiment of Southern charm. Tough as nails, wickedly condescending, at times just plain mean. Then tragically vulnerable. You just want to hug the stuffing out of her!

Darn near flawless,I can't think of how to improve the show. Perhaps some gratuitous swimsuit scenes at the local swimming hole? Maybe have Doc Hart partake in some gator hunting? Maybe a zombie crossover with the Walking Dead!?
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Regional importance
fkinsman3 November 2011
Good entertainment! I look forward to heading South once a week, where so many of my friends reside. The characters are delightful, the scenery lovely, and the small town values and foundations a good reminder to this Westerner. Southern charm with just the right amount of tension and complications of real life. A lot of people have collaborated well to make this a cohesive series. The actors are well-cast; believable. I'd enjoy seeing some 60-70 year old people in the cast, portrayed with more diversity, as the younger actors are. So far, dithering, alcoholic and dead are the characterizations in this demographic-my age bracket. We're far more than that! Perhaps in the seasons to follow I'll see this enrichment added. It's my hope that this series will not only continue, but that the writers will develop and deepen the essential premise of this terrific program. I believe that any television show that can open our nations' viewers to a wider portrayal of another region is valuable. References and responses to real events, such as Katrina, on this program, help unify us, by portraying our similarities country-wide. Hart of Dixie is already able to show our differences with humor and poignancy. Keep up the good work, and stay on the air. I look forward to continuing to follow this series.
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Bring back Hart of Dixie
jannamcdowell21 December 2015
I miss this show so much!!! I loved it so much that I literally felt like I lived there. Their lives were my lives. I related a lot to the characters because I'm from a small town in the south, and it makes me "feel at home" when I watch it. Also, I wish that my town was like Bluebell. They all come together as a family when needed most, and I wish I lived some where like that. I really, really wish they would do a season 5 so that I could find out what happens with Wade & Zoe's baby, Lavon & Lemons relationship, & what happens with George & Annabeth!! Please bring it back! I think that they're a lot of people who would love to see it come back! I first found out about Hart of Dixie while scanning through Netflix , and I was immediately hooked. I binge watched the first 3 seasons, and then it came down to season 4 and it wasn't on there. I searched high and low to find it, and finally found most of it on the CW's app. Please, please bring it back! Love -a dedicated fan of The Hart of Dixie!
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So far SOoooo Good
Tammyrayner4 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Haven't been this excited about a new TV show since Gilmore Girls. I love this show. Great actors and a wonderful story line. I think the story is going to be great. Enjoyed the first couple episodes. So far the show has been fairly clean. I missed episode 1 but will watch it online. The second episode was great though. Very good story line. Zoe takes over her fathers practice after he passes away. She later learns he was her dad. Now she has to bring in 30% of the business to keep her job. So far she's been a great asset to the community although they don't know it yet. It almost looks like the same set used in Gilmore girls but set in Alabama. I loved Gilmore girls so I'm expecting great things... Just saw that others said it's like Gilmore girls. The CW is on the right track.
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the only show I have watched twice!! The only show I have reviewed!!
Nicole Curtis22 February 2015
Hart of Dixi is the definition of "feel good" TV. I am all to quick to seek out big time drama but so glad I gave this a chance! It is light and is def a good escape at the end of a tough day. Very, June Clever-ish. The stereotypes are fun and you fall in love with each character as they develop more and more. The rumors of cancellation is my reason for reviewing... I would love to see the show live on! I find myself craving the "mood" of the show and have started to go for round 2! I am not one to watch a show twice but it's more than just the story-line that brings me back for more. In most series, the story-line is all that keeps me watching, and once that is over, so is my attention. Hart of Dixi will not overwhelm you with drama but has just enough to keep you hooked. It brings such a unique pleasure/mood, you are sure to fall in love with the town of Blue Bell :) I know my little review is nothing when it comes to the renewal of a show but hopefully, there are enough Hart of Dixi fans out there to speak up and encourage the show to live on!!
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Second Opinion
kols24 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Very nearly didn't review Hart of Dixie - a lot of the the positive reviews echoed my feelings though a lot of their references to other shows just flew past me. I'd never seen any of them (except Northern Exposure and, sorry, the two show have little in common).

Which is why I decided to write a second opinion from some one with no prior exposure to the actors or their work.

Fell in love with Hart from the first episode and am still trying to figure out why, mainly because it seems to come from an alternate Universe. Blue Bell is like no town that has ever existed, especially in the south, and the characters are just plain weird - Hart taking the lead as a massively insecure 'Doctor'. It took a couple of episodes before I actually believed that she wasn't just pretending to be a doctor.

I didn't really care - like The Neighbors there was just something that kicked-in that good ole suspension of disbelief; I just like watching, sense or no sense.

And boy! Is there a lot of no sense! The whole show is a half-step short of total, incomprehensible fantasy.

Again, so what? Bad acting? A little but nae enough to be much of a bother or, in the case of Hart, alienate you from the character (she's already written as someone who never could have survived medical school).

Again, all of the no sense doesn't bother me but I do keep trying to figure out why I like it. Haven't yet but have identified a characteristic that really should have done the show for me: almost all of the characters are high school kids in type disguised as adults. Bugsy Malone in reverse.

Personally, for me, high school was a non-event: time spent waiting until I could escape all of the straps confining me - so I did not spend much time or effort examining the environment, except for perceiving it as being pretty much 100% crap. So the realization that what we're dealing with is a show based on high school mentality should have sent me running.

Instead, it actually adds a patina of (believe it) innocence - a sub-text hilariously demonstrated by the school-play skit in The Kiss. High school brains in adult bodies in a protected environment isolated from any contact with the real world.

Part of that isolation does lead to a problem - a slight odor of Tokenism. The few black regulars are treated like everyone else (anyone remember Julia?) with Blue Bell therefore characterized as a Color Blind zone. Shades of middle/upper middle class 60's liberalism and its penchant for ignoring rather than accepting or embracing 'difference'.

The odor is slight, however, and pretty much disappears after a couple of episodes. Again, Blue Bell is such a strange little town, without class, sex or racial divisions, that, once you're actuated, it all follows its own internal logic.

And I think it's that internal logic, based on a high school world view seasoned with class uniformity characterized by sexual and racial equality, that sets the stage for the final element of success: the writing.

Whatever you think about the acting, the writing is stellar. That school-play skit in The Kiss is a brilliant example. It could have been a disaster: high-school mentality sinking to a grade-school level. Instead, it rises to the level of the best of Marx Brothers' schtick.

Indeed, Hart shares a lot with Yiddish Theater - primary the acceptance of small human foibles bordering on a celebration of their humanness. The foibles in Hart are not quite stark as they are in the Theater. Blue Bell is not a shtetl nor are there roving bands of Cossacks threatening it, which allows Blue Bell to bask in its child-like innocence and makes for the milder tone.

That tone is another plus: there's not a mean spirit in town; just a lot of slightly confused, well-intentioned, mildly clueless high school kids navigating a toned-down adult world absent land-mines, unintended consequences or any real dangers, except for the danger of sinking into shallowness. The writing keeps that danger at bay.

Hart does rest on a razor's edge, balanced only by the writing and there are just so many potential elements that could send it sliding. That very unworldly innocence, the homogeneity of class, the sense that nothing really bad could ever happen or anyone could get seriously hurt, Blue Bell's unbelievable isolation, all add up to a very precarious balancing act.

But it works for now and is building up an impressive list of successful episodes that have somehow transcended the shows most serious flaw (the acting).

A final word about that: it represents the show's roots, Teenager-centered situation comedies beginning with The Brady Brunch. Shows emphasizing cuteness over acting with the result that bad acting itself became a standard of the genre. The only exception bucking the trend I can think of is Happy Days.

So, in tribute to its positive elements and recognition of its questionable antecedents, I'm inclined to give Hart a pass in that one area - just as long as it doesn't interfere with the show's massively more positive elements.
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Lead actor needs some acting classes
mythmakerjohn-117 October 2012
Tried to watch. Interesting premise done much better in a Michael J. Fox movie titled 'Doc Hollywood.' Rachel Bilson looks cute in her cute little hot pants, but she needs to take a few acting classes! Every line she delivers and every action she takes is indicated and it drives me nuts. Had to stop watching after 5 episodes. Couldn't take the phony. A show like this can be funny and heartfelt AND well-acted at the same time. Rachel, take some acting classes with a great teacher who won't let you get away with indicating...for the sake of growing your career. Soon, the cute will no longer work for you.

Even though this is a comedy, I still have to believe that Zoe is mature enough to have made her way through medical school, an intense internship, and has the intelligence to actually have the potential to be a neurosurgeon. It's really a prerequisite for the character. So far, the character as played by Ms. Bilson falls way short.
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come on guys
kmathers0027 June 2014
I don't care what the negative reviews say, they are just being critical. the show definitely has a feel good attitude. people are saying Rachel bilson is a bad actor? i think she plays the role great. shes cute, awkward and sweet lol come on. you don't like it? don't watch it. doesn't mean it deserves a bad review. All the characters mess well together, the jokes are a little quirky and make you laugh a little. people need to be more open minded when watching television shows. many have negative aspects or area of acting, writing or production; (even top rated ex game of thrones haha) but most have many positives aspects as well! maybe i just respect it all.. :)
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Doctor, Doctor, Give Me The News.....
ray-28021 May 2014
As a paralegal from the north who wound up working at a divorce, criminal-defense, and bankruptcy firm in Albany, GA for four months, I can relate to this show, which serves up a slice of upscale southern living in generous, stereotypical, yet delicious heaps.

The flash-mob scene from the second season (from which the title of this review is taken) is a microcosm of this series, a pelasant vehicle for capturing one of the most beautiful women who have ever lived, at her prime, in a show that takes great pains to play to its strenghts, while getting out of its own way. Hart of Dixie understands its purpose and mission, and always keeps to task. It's a great watch. The plot and actual show mean very little. In fact, if they eliminted the audio from a show, I bet the ratings would not fall.

The 9-star rating is for female lead Rachel Bison's incredible body and beauty. Many women think being thin and not deformed is enough to attract men, but women like Rachel Bison -- and Heidi Mueller, or Brittany Underwood, to name two others -- are just a cut above physically, and Bilson is a cut above every woman. Perfect body, perfect features, perfect skin, incredibly hypnotic eyes, and when her character is in heat, the network censors likely blush for a moment. The smartest thing the producers did was to put Rach3el and her body front and center, with generous camera shots, especially the closeups when she's in love with Wade or George.

As for the show, Dr. Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson) is one of the most unconvincing characters in the history of television, but this can be excused because it's just a plot device. The true star of the show is Dixie itself, and what it is like for a "Yankee" to find themselves living and working among the rednecks. The characters are extremely authentic, and the show excellently conveys the social inclusion and toloerance of individual quirks I have never found in the north. I would say that real life has a few more Meatballs and fweer Wades and Georges, but that wouldn't maqke for as good a show.

With that said, the plot and episodes don't matter if you're male. You'll start watching, and awaken from your trance a half-hour later with the incredibly sexy essence of Rachel Bilson in your brain. Whoever figured out that just letting the cameras roll while trained on her as much as possible, with the best cinematography possible, was the key to a hit series, was an absolute genius. The woman is literally a walking work of art.
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Escape to the land of Sweet Tea and Peach Pie
auntminniehaha12 November 2012
I started watching this Hart of Dixie recently on Netflix while home sick for the weekend. I hadn't ever heard of this show before, but the premiere episode was so good that I couldn't stop watching it. Three days later and I'm already on episode 24!!! I absolutely love it! I was born and raised in the south, but now live on the west coast in one of the largest cities in America. This show takes me back to life as a child growing up sipping sweet tea on the front porch swing and eating homemade peach pies on Sundays at the church picnics. So refreshing to finally watch a show that I am comfortable letting my kids watch too. We all can hardly wait to sit down on the couch and escape to a small town south of the Mason Dixon Line in the midst of our big city lives. Thank you CW for this really heartwarming show!!!!
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I love it.
snejanaonopkafan19 June 2012
Beautiful setting , funny dialog , just pure comedic relief ! It's one of those shows that is intense but at the same time very warm and fuzzy. You get a great comfortable family feel from watching it! =) I love this show ! The Hart of Dixie however focuses on a topic that is common among all - we have all been left lost , trying to figure out who we are and we've all been through the feeling of alienation , the sense of a loss of identity once our familial sense of belonging has been dissolved .. It's a show that speaks to us all with problems that aren't too far fetched! (I love the pretty little liars but cmon.. their problems are hardly common place!) Truly an incredibly delight <3
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A female Doc Hollywood story
Blackbird013-127 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
The pilot was free on Itunes so I watched it unexpectedly. I was pleasantly surprised.

The characters were believable even with a cliché' insulting to city people living in the country. Her initial reluctance and feelings that she can't make it work there are believable as well as the unexpected devices urging her to stay.

This does differ from Doc Hollywood enough to be it's own story. Whereas Doc Hollywood was more of a town contriving to capture a doctor this is more a story of a town that has one doctor already. In contrast the Hart of Dixie story is about a town where some of the people insist another doctor is needed. The pilot episode hints at why, and shows a doctor truly touched by compassion in spite of hints that she's just another young doctor after a huge paycheck. The opposition to a new doctor along with strong support easily dismissing the objections is quite well done.

There was a bit of irony with Hart being desired as a new doctor for the very qualities she was accused of not possessing yet.

In spite of this being a standard episode length pilot I thought the time was well used and the story well established. The characters as well as plot devices presented themselves as real and believable with only one or two exceptions that seemed to be thrown in for comic relief.
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i like, the main character - i'm a fan , from "The O.C"
Cristian UrsuSniper29 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
The title - is the best there is for this TV show , cant be another title. The show has Rachel Bilson main character. Rachel Bilson - is a very good actress , hope "Hart Dixie" will be a long series TV show. What i like the most is her voice , i'm watching few series currently but this one is good , i think i can say it will be at least as good as "The O.C" standards , only that one was orange county with beaches and students and a lot of drama , this one is more of a comedy and i saw that romance isn't included in the style but from what i saw in the first episode i do think is romance included. I like doctor TV shows so i will say this one is a good deal .
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A slap to the face to the medical community
sly231424 October 2012
This review is coming from someone who only watched the first episode. Sahrry, could not watch anymore.

I thought this show wouldn't be a comedy, so maybe my first mistake was that. But the main character is incredibly one dimensional, the girl can't act. To make matters worse it's extremely unbelievable that she was the top of her class. She talks like a gossip girl and her ombre hair just makes her look like she's lost.

In the beginning of the episode they make it seem like she was set up for success, unfortunately there has to be a plot twist and things don't work out. Her boyfriend dumps her because she's obsessed with the medical field, and her boss essentially dumps her because she's not personable enough with the patients. The boss even went on to say that he was disappointed that she didn't read the patient a bed time story...Really...Really now? In hospitals, doctors stop by the rooms and check in. If you want someone to be personable with the patients it be the nurses and CNAs.

Now don't get me wrong, I completely understand that Hollywood has short cuts and loop holes..and they don't have to follow what an actual hospital does. But if you're going to do it, don't make a mockary of the medical community. I feel like they just took the typical plot, and set it in a medical setting. It doesn't work.
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reviewing episode 10 season 3
seivers-903-17660321 January 2014
It is hard to see were the writers Goldstein and Butler are going this season they had ruined the concept of hart of Dixie by bringing in the 2 most awful actors Joel and Lynley I think it is time the writers start to listen to the fans otherwise this show will end up on the scrap heap the way a lot of shows go there is no hope of a season 4 if it keeps going the way it is. Most fans want to see Zoe and Wade together and Lynley out of the show the way they took Ruby Jeffries out of season 2 her voice just grates on me and as for being a spoilt brat as if telling annabeth the dress she wore in the 2nd episode was for a younger girl if I was annabeth I would have slapped her and as for Lavon annabeth should just leave him, he is quickly becoming a pain in the backside the way he treats annabeth she is much too good for him. Joel has to go he did nothing but put Zoe down in last nights show. Zoe needs wade to bring her back on track and be the person she was, with Joel we don't see that person.
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Needs a lot of work
WinkandSmile4 October 2011
I began watching this series primarily because the setting is my home state and I was curious about how "right" they are getting it. So far, the references to Alabama Football are pretty much on but everywhere else is a fail, mainly because they are missing so many opportunities for authentic humor.

For example, when Zoe decided to purchase some wine it would have been more authentic (and revealing) if she had discovered that she was living in a "dry" county (most small, rural areas in Alabama are dry, meaning no alcohol sales are allowed)and had to find transportation 15 miles down the road to a wet county. Ridiculous, right? And on the issue of transportation, even in a small southern town, one generally can't walk everywhere. This New Yorker, who probably has never had a need to drive, needs to learn. Fun. It would also be an entertaining ongoing joke for her to have tried the fried catfish or grits and actually liked them. Each week she could find her new crack (Dreamland BBQ, Krispy Kream Doughnuts)and soon she would have difficultly fitting into those Chanel shorts. We would all have a better understanding of why Southern women tend to be "fluffy." OK, enough of rewriting this tale (except, the "Belles" have GOT to go) This program would actually be watchable except for one major detail, Rachel Bilson is absolutely unbelievable as a doctor. Furthermore, the practice and relationship with her medical partner is so unprofessional I would think it an insult to the medical community.

Overall, I'm convinced the longevity of this program and appeal for a broader viewer base are dependent on this character and her circumstances being more entertaining and less silly.
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Blue Bell Could Be Better
K M18 January 2012
I was eager to watch this show, but was highly disappointed. The actors try to force their southern accents/dialect and the over characterizations can be offensive if you are from the south. I am a fan of several of the actors but do not feel their roles truly showcase their talents. I don't know if its the writers or the talent but I don't think this show will be around long. The best thing about this show is the town itself. I think it is very beautiful and inspiring, but the bad writing, dialect and acting will lead to an early end for the group. I hope they have something else lined up. The producers should have taken time to really visit a small southern town because many of their ideas for this show are outdated and typical of someone that has probably never lived in the south and if they have probably very disconnected.
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