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Season 2

27 Jun. 2011
Mistress of the Dark
Hello Darlings and welcome to our "Summer Spooktacular" as hosts Matt Raub and Staci Layne Wilson are joined by actress Cassandra Peterson, who has played one of the biggest horror icons of the past 30 years - Elvira : Mistress of the Dark. MARVEL as they discuss the creation of Elvira, living with a super star alter-ego and surviving 30 years of show business while maintaining a sense of humor. Cassandra also fills us in on how she has brought the show that started it all - 'Movie Macabre' back to our screens and what to expect from Elvira in the next 30 years.
8 Aug. 2011
Men in Suits
Season 2 kicks off by delving into the world of 'Men in Suits' and by suits we don't mean Armani but more the latex and prosthetic kind that take hours of grueling application. Join Staci and Matt as they discuss the art of bringing life to some of the greatest creatures of the last decade with actor Doug Jones who has created both one of the most beloved characters in "Hellboy's" Abe Sapien as well as one of the most gruesome with "Pans Labyrinth's" Pale Man. From the cosmic Silver Surfer to the terrifying Gentleman from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" Doug has used his ...
15 Aug. 2011
This week we delve into the world of Ozploitation with genre-bending director Brian Trenchard-Smith. Join hosts Matt and Staci as they discuss exploitation films, crazy stunts and the art of the sequel with the man who has self proclaimed to have "Committed 42 crimes against cinema" - and now it's time to serve out his punishment in our studio. From lighting himself on fire to writing limericks for the Leprechaun himself , Brian Trenchard-Smith has worked in every genre and is like a walking film school of cinematic knowledge. Rounding out the show is Author Ric ...
22 Aug. 2011
Higher Tension
This week we explore the personal stamp of horror that director Ti West has left on his atmospheric films. Join hosts Matt and Staci as they discuss the contemporary horror film and how to break from the generic trappings to create films where character and tension are king. From 'The House of the Devil' to his latest film 'The Innkeepers', Ti West has been making fiercely independent 'Auteur' films that feel like a throwback to the golden era of 1970's horror film-making. Ti discusses his influences, creative approach and the difficulties in getting an 'Alan Smithhee...
5 Sep. 2011
Franchise Destination
This week we dissect the unstoppable sequels that make up the modern horror franchise. Joining our hosts Matt and Staci to explore the sequel phenomenon is Jeffrey Reddick, the writer and creator of the original 'Final Destination' - which is currently in it's fifth incarnation right now, proving they have taken a page from their own book at cheating death. Our second guest conquered Project Greenlight to bring the world the hungry sex crazed beasts of the 'FEAST' trilogy and is currently wrapping up post-production on the sequel to the popular re-make (See!) Piranha ...
12 Sep. 2011
Slash and Burn
This week we delve into the motiveless mayhem of the serial killer with two very different films that explore the compulsion to kill. Director Robert Hall joins hosts Matt and Staci to discuss his slasher sequel 'Laid to Rest 2: Chromeskull' which ups the destruction and gore of the original while also expanding the universe of Chromeskull. They discuss Roberts move from SFX artist to Director and designing the gore drenched kills of the Chromeskull franchise. Joining in on the conversation is actress Angelina Armani who plays a detective in the new film and shares ...
19 Sep. 2011
Kane Hodder Unmasked
This Week we welcome the worlds most prolific cinematic killer, Actor Kane Hodder. Hosts Matt and Staci delve into Kanes revealing new biography 'Unmasked' where he holds nothing back about his troubled childhood, the stunt mishap that left him badly scarred and his incredible career playing two of horrors most iconic roles Jason Vorhees (Friday the 13th parts 7-10) and Victor Crowley (Hatchet 1&2). With a life that strangely mirrors his iconic roles Kane discusses his fascination with serial killers and a career that has seen him go from stuntman to horror icon to ...
28 Sep. 2011
Fierce Five
This week, Matt and Staci are joined by their faithful producer of the show, Elric Kane, as the three introduce some of their favorite lesser known films in the horror genre. Films such as Suck, Antichrist, Lo, TerrorVision, Dressed to Kill, Possession, DeadHeads, The Entity, The Beyond, Dark Floors, Rosencrantz and Gildenstern Are Undead, Don't Go in the House, Spirits of the Dead, Pieces, and the classic Virgin Among the Living Dead.

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