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Would have been a 9 if not for BAD CGI
jbar1913 September 2013
What a coup! They got the lead actor of one of the silliest horror movies ever and do a sequel 51 years later!

I'm a biased reviewer because I enjoyed the original movie from 1959. I've seen it on MST3k and unriffed as well and I truly believe it is not as bad as its reputation.

The 1959 version was marred by laughingly bad special effects where they put fake fur and very fake fangs on coon hounds and tried to pass them off as giant shrews. In fact, The Killer Shrews has been included in almost every 'so-bad-it's-good' movie list for several decades.

A great irony is the new version is also almost sunk by really, really bad computer generated killer shrews. Man, do they look lousy! They have no natural movements and the sense of proportion is WAY off. They might have been better off with coon hounds.

This is a campy, tongue-in-cheek homage done by someone who really knows the old movie. The set of the old movie is lovingly recreated complete with endless liquor bottles, comically sparse furniture and minimal set design. The movie doesn't take itself too seriously. John Schneider especially seems to be having a blast with the over-the-top dialog.

James Best, character actor for over 60 years is the real gem here. He was great in the original and he shines here too. He is surprisingly believable and steers this wacky, tacky little movie along, preventing it from getting caught up showcasing the silly, 1 dimensional background characters, most of whom, thankfully,become Bad CGI Shrew Food.

I confess I loved the original and maybe I'm not the most objective reviewer, but I really enjoyed this goofy little movie... more than I expected.

If you set your expectations correctly, you should enjoy it as well. It is a low budget, Made-for-SyFy-Channel type movie that wont win any awards for acting or screen writing but it is silly, funny, true to the original and more entertaining than I expected.
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Another bad sequel.
OrangieTooDope2 September 2017
The original Killer Shrews is the best giant mutated animal movie I have seen. It's such a shame that this may be the worst. The ship captain from the first movie has returned and has no problem taking more people to the island where his best friend and so many others died. He won't leave until he gets paid but he doesn't even ask for his money until the second day and he is promptly ignored. After forty minutes and a few deaths, he finally tells the story of what happened last time he was there. They even show clips from the first movie while he talks(always a sign of a bad movie) and I still can't tell it's the same actor in both movies. I assume this was a made for SyFy movie. Well I hope so. I don't see how anyone could have thought people would pay to see this trash. Even with all the bad acting and writing, the worst part is that the shrews looked better in the original. They were even worse than the lame Dukes Of Hazzard jokes. What really hurts is that the shrews almost exclusively attack during the day now. Why did that completely change? Just like the with the first movie, I knew who was going to die as soon as I saw them the first time. Jennifer Lyons is the only reason to watch this movie. Her performance is flawless but nothing could save this movie.
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Film crew in a desperate situation
unbrokenmetal3 January 2015
A film crew goes to an island to shoot some footage for an extremely poor TV series. The captain who brought them to the island warns them something terrible has happened on this island in the past, and yes, of course it happens again. Giant rats attack the film crew and eat them one by one. They are controlled by a man with a flute, and the captain is no stranger to him...

The strong side of the movie is its comedy about a film crew in a desperate situation. No, I'm not talking about the monsters, but the series they are shooting. The director tries to be a total dictator ("I am the director, obey me!"), the photographer and writer are frustrated with their jobs, the star of the show constantly seeks advice from his agent, while others just want to get their money and go home. I think the only thing where it goes over the top is the 'snake bites goat' scene, but otherwise it's enjoyable.

The poor side of the movie is the creature horror, because their extremely unrealistic, clumsy moves prove that computer generated images can be worse than the dogs disguised as rats they used 50 years ago in the movie that inspired this late sequel.
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OMG Is this a real movie
mrsee-59-41270719 December 2013
I watched this based on some reviews and the trailer. I had to keep watching because the first ten minutes was so bad I thought it can only get better. Wrong, the acting is awful to mediocre and the CGI is at best bad green screen. I wondered if it could be any worse and the answer is yes. On a positive note I decided to show this to a drama class so they could feel better about their performance of a play they did. Sorry kids for exposing you to this nightmare. They opening with the goat is only made better by the girl. A sleeping ......sorry no spoiler. Some good one liners, I think Schneider is Drunk or high, some of the lines he gives are stolen. The yelling gag got old fast! The 3 D effect to think your looking through Shrew eyes is bad at best. Although Schneider's spoil ed star acting is very believable. I am not sure but I wonder if this is computer CGI or a bad piece of software used to edit the footage. Either way this flick is mildly entertaining but not for kids. B movie fans could have fun watching this and compare notes.
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nogodnomasters19 November 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The film is a sequel of the 1959 film few of us have seen and fewer remember. James Best of the original 1959 cast returns to the island to shoot a reality TV series. He is reunited with John Schneider and Rick Hurst of the Dukes of Hazzard. There are several references to the popular series.

The shrews are CG and not very good CG. They are inferior to the 1959 dogs in drag which doubled as the shrews. The sound track is done in the style of older films, and includes beach music. It is SYFy/ Asylum quality and is for lovers of bad campy films.

Not for serious viewers,

Parental Guide: No f-bombs, sex, or nudity.
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