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Will this fairy tale have a happy ending?
kolatspy-683-22001424 October 2011
After viewing the pilot of this show, I think it has a lot of potential. Yes it follows the tried and true formula of expose modern individual to some sort of secret war/history/duty/etc, but there is a lot they can do with it from there. It did its job as a pilot: introduce characters, introduce conflict, and give you the general idea how the episodes will go. I think it is about time we had a new show that runs the good old man vs. monster bit, especially one that isn't prone to becoming some touchy-feely WB-esque teen drama. While its too early to judge the show as a whole, it promises good things. I hope it delivers.
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nandi10239 December 2011
This is a GREAT show!...Cleverly written and the actors are wonderful! Our Family LOVES this show! The way the writers mix the Grimm's Fairy tales into present day plots are very interesting. Seeing Portland,Oregon in all it's beauty and lushness is quite breathtaking. We especially liked the refrigerator repair man on "Danse Macabre". Of course Monroe is always fun. Kate Burton was a wonderful surprise on the pilot episode. David Giuntoli and Danny Bruno are AWESOME!!!!!!! The special effects are amazing. We like the autopsy scenes too even though pretty gruesome! It's way cool! I hope that NBC does the smart thing and keeps this one going... It's certainly a HIT in our house. Sincerely, Nancy Di Leo and Family.
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Not Your Momma's Fairy Tale
jecreath-235-94134710 December 2011
I was skeptical when I heard of a cop procedural meets fairy tale show. We've already got something pretty close to that (or we used to) with Supernatural. But while in the folktales course I took this year, my TA suggested it and gave it good reviews so I figured why not. And I'm so glad I did.

This show gives a refreshing spin to the stories we all grew up hearing from our parents and grandparents. For once, they weren't being spoon fed to us as these colorful tales that always had a nice, neat happily ever after. They're dark and menacing and a bit terrifying just as they were intended to be when the Grimm brothers wrote them down in the first collections. The portrayals of the "monsters" is a great blend between scary and amusing that brings back the nostalgic Buffy fan in me (which makes sense seeing as David Greenwalt helped create this). There are some rough spots and the characters need some more development (more Monroe, please!) but that's nothing a bit of time can't remedy. A lot of shows are a little shaky during those first few episodes and start to get their stability once they've found their voice. Seeing as we're only six episodes in, I think things are going pretty well.

As for all the negative feedback from various sources saying it isn't as good as Once Upon A Time, the two are completely different entities. Despite the fairy tale connection, they barely have anything in common. Once Upon A Time is to Grimm the way that Disney is to Horror films. They aren't even in the same drama. Not that there's anything wrong with Once Upon A Time but to constantly compare the two and debate which is better is a waste of energy and time. Hopefully, Grimm can pick up a bit more favor or reviews with a little less bias in favor of OUAT. Either way, we've got till May to see if these fairy tales have happy endings for all.
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A fun new twist on crime drama
Nysa119 November 2011
Grimm largely follows the line of most crime dramas, but with the fun twist that the bad guys are characters from fairy tales and folk-stories. The main character is reasonably interesting, his partners (one his human police partner & a new friend that is basically a big bad wolf) are mildly amusing, and the crimes are intriguing. Only time will tell if it can stay interesting, but for now I am extremely optimistic. It is a show that can appeal to fantasy fans (like me) and crime drama fans (like my husband).

Being one of two fantasy themed new shows on network television, Grimm is inevitably compared to ABC's Once Upon a Time, which is a bit more fantasy. I am enjoying Once Upon a Time a great deal (my husband hasn't watched since the first episode), but frankly it seems more like a mini-series. It has an end written into the story & if they try to drag it out too long it will start to seem ridiculous. Grimm on the other hand, can last as long as the writers keep finding more folktales & there are thousands of those.
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Plesantly surprising, and engaging show!
jdslider1224 February 2012
This show has appeal and intrigue, which is why I really like it. In many ways, it is believable, or makes a solid attempt to be (although elements of fantasy might not be a match for some peoples limited reality). It awakens your imagination and pushes it a little further. It is exciting and the action is constant in its delivery, which keeps your interest. You don't always know what to expect, while at other times, you may try to solve the mystery and prove yourself right, or wrong.

The characters are engaging and likable, for the most part. There are some that are waiting in the wings to make their "big move", but you kind of assume that…and wait for it. You may not be certain as to their "true" role in the grand scheme of things.

While some "horror" elements exist, they are limited, appropriately concealed for network TV, and easily digested. This does not, in my opinion, take away from the x-factor that this show delivers. The show makes you feel as though you are a part of it, and allows you to put yourself in one of the roles, if you dare to imagine.

In the beginning, I thought that it was a blend of CSI and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. However, after watching all the episodes, it has made its own unique mark. Therefore, the GRIMM has a "thumbs up" from me. Keep it going, or at least find a good adoptive station to carry its flag.
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Good show
dwust15 September 2012
Grimm is a really good show where you basically learn that Grimm's fairy tales was not really fairy tales after all. Nick, the main character, is coming to terms with this whole new world and the fact that he is a Grimm. I like that this is the type of show that you can watch with friends, kids, and even your grandmother because it's good for all audiences. I love supernatural type shows and this is a really good one. The only real complaint that I have about the show is the acting, mostly, Juliette's acting. She is just not a real character that you learn to grow and love like most shows typically do. When things happen to her it's pretty much just like whatever, he's better off because her acting or lack there of can get pretty annoying. Anyway, really good show and do recommend.
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Great show with a well written characters and story.
JohnSmithNot18822 February 2012
Grimm is one of a few shows with realistic characters who are neither perfectly benevolent nor malicious. The lead character is a detective who is sent on a mission by his dying aunt to rid Portland, Oregon of evil people who are actually not completely human. The protagonist is not perfect as he frequently looks out for many of his own needs taking advantage of other people in the process. He is mostly good, but not perfect which is exactly what the show needs. Furthermore, I enjoy role of the protagonist's girlfriend. She is aware he has a secret and she wants to help, but he knows telling her about who he is will place her life in danger. The protagonist has an official and unofficial partner which is a great twist in the show because it divides the show into two halves. Part of the show is dedicated to solving the official crime and the other part of the show is dedicated to catching the evil partial people. The unofficial partner is possibly the best character in the show because he believes he should assist the protagonist to make up for his troubled past. The reason I am not giving this show a 10 is because I am getting tired of the show taking place entirely in Portland, Oregon. How does the protagonist find so many of these partial human creatures, which are supposed to be fairly rare, just in the city of Portland alone? It is starting to get a little silly when the "rare" creatures account for about 1/10 of the population. However, this is the only major flaw of the show and it is easy to overlook. In a scale of 1-10 in which 1 is the worst, 10 is the best and 5 is average. This show is a 9/10 Great and highly recommended.
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A Great Show In A Time Of Great Shows
ericsaxon252 December 2011
I'm glad that the networks are finally competing for an audience again. A lot of TV series keep rehashing the same old stories and people are turning away to Cable TV for original shows.

I think "Grimm" is NBC's way of saying, "Hey there now, we're not giving up." Love the show, love the stories, was waiting for the next episode during Thanksgiving Weekend and now I'm waiting the week after and I have yet to see the next episode. I don't know why NBC is trying to kill this show by making its audience go somewhere else for entertainment.

Either way, the show is great, the stories are hella weird and this show is out there, along with American Horror Stories, the only two shows I'm currently watching on TV.
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alfred-150-9593513 November 2014
Why do the writers turn every show that I love into a soap opera? Is this type of writing really that popular? I cannot imagine how this writing is liked. I must be different from other viewers.

Another thing I do not like that seems to be popular with other viewers and television script writers is to make the characters in the show periodically so stupid that you sit in your chair and say, "can't they see that?" over and over again. I do not consider this process enjoyable.

Eventually, I am forced to stop watching a show that started out really well but descends into cliff hangers and main characters who seem to suddenly turn stupid for no reason at all. The writers then draw out the time that it takes for the actors to figure out the problem until the end of the show, arc or season or until you have a coronary.

I do not enjoy watching main characters who are suddenly stupid and then turn smart only at the end of the show, season or arc. I like my main characters to be smart like Sherlock Holmes. When the main characters I like get fooled or out thought, I like it to make sense, not just periodic episodes of mental deficiency.

I do not see this type of writing in Harry Potter, Star Wars, The Hobbit, Castle, NCIS, Lee Child, the late great Michael Crichton, etc. I enjoy reading and watching stories written cleverly and not dependent on cheap devices like periodically stupid characters or suspense that is drawn out just to fill up the time required for the episode and does not enhance the story. This type of story just costs the viewer their health and does not entertain.

Perhaps I just misunderstand the genre. Maybe the show is a comedy and not a drama.
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"...If you like shows that have the main character chasing after monsters that were written about in old folklore just to save someone they don't even know..." Give it a shot!
loving-the-music28 October 2011
I'm not the best at giving reviews, I am only sixteen, so bare with me. I found the pilot interesting, to say the least. It did a wonderful job at introducing the main characters and the main gist to how every episode will go. I think this idea the creators came up with has a lot of potential. I enjoyed watching this and hope it will be continued on for more than just that, a pilot. I can seriously picture myself sitting down every night to watch this. I have yet to find a series that I can follow with for more than a few episodes, and I do believe I can sit down and watch this through out the entire series. I'd definitely give it a shot it I were you; depending on if you like shows that have the main character chasing after monsters that were written about in old folklore just to save someone they don't even know. I can't wait for more episodes. Definitely worth ten stars!
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Great show
jtamezf28 November 2011
I really don't understand the 7.5??? Why is it bad? This show is gutsy.....not many shows deal with, or show the kind of things this show does...I watched it in Sweden,(where I live...yeahhhh)all four episodes, and didn't realize until the 2nd episode that it was run on NBC.I really thought it was a cable produced show.......not only does it deliver sweet looking co-ed dismemberment after attacking werewolf basically eats her to death,but also shows pedophiliac monsters,action and arm ripping jokes....I mean yeah, sure, somethings are off..... this city is crawling with blödbaden seemingly running wild,yet every single case is assigned to the same detective(are there any more detectives?and why is that specific Chinese cop always fetching what they need?I'm guessing they're his superior but he dresses like the rest of the cops.....,and the model looking vet girlfriend who makes me wonder if the next episode is the one where she dumps him.....other than that........ It's funny,scary,creepy,interesting,and not very politically correct,which is great....I don't know maybe I'm exaggerating ,but I can't wait to see what new Blödbaden they come up show...even more so after a smoke....
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Detective Harry Potter the Vampire Slayer. Sigh.
kershmey_baker7 September 2012
I seriously fail to understand how this show manages to appeal to anyone. The plot is a mind-numbing mish-mash of other successes, using the painfully ever-present 'cop show' format, but squeezing in a Buffy- style fantasy element and a Harry Potter-style lead. The main character is your average way-too-young-and-pretty TV Detective, living a seemingly normal life, until his sickly aunt shows up and informs him he's inherited the role of a Monster-Slayer (cough-Buffy-Cough) and that his parents, who he thought died in a car-crash, were actually killed by 'Him', a mysterious figure who's also now hunting the main character down. (cough-harrypotter-cough)

Every episode begins with a loose quote from a fairy-tale that has vague connections to the episode itself, but more than anything this is a Cop show; an entirely standard (if not sub-standard) CSI style program only with the fictional forensic science CSI employs every episode replaced with junk mythology/fantasy elements. All the various 'criminals' introduced episode from episode are monster-people of some sort, more often than not animal hybrids, I.E Wolf-people, snake-people, beaver-people, etc... with the occasional ogre-person or dragon-person. Every episode one of these monster-folk commits a wacky murder of some sort, and our young monster hunter/detective seeks to solve the crime and resolve monster-person issues as peacefully as possible. Not all these monster-folk are bad, but all bad people in the world seem to be monster-folk in this universe. Even Hitler was just a wolf-man.

Of course, no one but our hero can actually see or identify these monster-folk (who are each portrayed by brief glimpses of bad and terribly repetitive CG face-effects), and not wanting to seem crazy he keeps it a secret from his thoroughly unlikable girlfriend and his ridiculously thick-headed partner. Wacky crime after wacky crime is committed by these monster folk in our detectives area, and his partner is ludicrously oblivious too/accepting of the 'supernatural' elements of these crimes, never bothering to ask what happened to normal police- work, which seems to no longer exist in the area.

This is a bad show. The lead is bad, his complimenting cast is bad, the one likable character, a wolf-man the lead befriends, is a decent actor but badly written. The story is vapid and doesn't know where its going, and the world the characters are living in is entirely unbelievable. I watched almost every episode of the first season, and entirely regret the time wasted. Stay away from this one, unless CSI Miami is your idea of excellent television.
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Juliette ruined it for me.
kuashie2 July 2014
Where should I even begin, Juliettes character was so annoying that I quit watching it mid season 2. She adds nothing to plot and is only in movie to serve as a love interests. She is stubborn, acts like a know it all but knows nothing. She asks for explanation and when an effort is made to provide her with one, she starts acting all knowing. I mean what does she expect. The one playing her role even makes it worse with her bad acting and bad voice. Oh God if that is her character in real life, I would stay away from her, because she is boring and annoying.

I do not know who wrote her character or casted her, but that person did a very bad job.

Summery, Grimm without Julliete is 7/10. Grimm with Juliete is 0/10. When she appeared less in an episode, we had a very interesting series. But when she appeared more, the series was boring and annoying.
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kikkapi2020 May 2016
When the previews first aired for Grimm on NBC, I thought this would be my kind of show - Dark, Supernatural, Fairy Tales. Sounded good. However, during the first episode spending a lot of time yawning. I was bored. The idea is great - Nick discovers that he comes from a long line of "grimms" that police the supernatural creatures of the world. And the show imploys that the Brothers Grimm where such hunters, and that is how they gained material for their much-loved fairy tales. So, yeah, cool idea. The problem is the execution. The acting is wooden - especially from David Giuntoli, the actor who plays "Nick." Giuntoli is one of the most boring leading men - I have no idea why anyone would cast someone with so little charisma. The production value is low, as most of the monsters look ridiculously fake, but worst of all the show lacks any real wit or charm. For "hunters"-of-evil type shows, stick with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Supernatural and The X-Files. Grimm offers nothing new or fresh. Truly disappointing.
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Waiting for my gals Snow White and Goldilocks to make anappearance!
Andrew Biz30 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
—– 'Grimm' shares the same premise as 'Once' – fairy tales are not just fantasies your learn as a child but real stories about a supernatural world blended into our own.

'Grimm,' is the darker and more dramatic of the two, while 'Once' plays on the twisted Disney take on the stories. The show's hero is Oregon homicide detective Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli) who is new to the force and fears he could be suffering from a mental breakdown. Nick starts to see creepy hallucinations of random people whose faces morph into demons, goblins, wolves and worse. At least I think they were some sort of demon.

Nick's aunt (Kate Burton), whom he loves like a mother, arrives for what seems like a normal visit. Instead, she's come to tell him he's about to inherit the family curse. The good news is that Nick isn't crazy; the bad news is now he has the ability to see evil in true form.

Nick is a descendant of the Grimms, who are demon slayers fated to battle with werewolves, demons and witches, oh my! Now it makes sense why the producers of 'Buffy' and 'Angel' would get involved with a show like this. So far, the choreographed fights and demon make-up are reminiscent of 'Buffy.' Nick's aunt ends up in the hospital after battling a demon, who tries to kill her and Nick with a scythe bearing the inscription 'Reapers of the Grimms.' "We have the ability to see what no one else can," Nick's aunt says. "When they lose control they can't hide, and we see them for what they really are." The nurse in the hospital later says to Nick, "What kind of work was your aunt in? She has knife scars all over her body." Nick's response, "She's a librarian." Well, time to wake up Nick and face the demons of the world! (Also sounds similar to Buffy?) Nick pairs up with reformed Blutbad (in our words, a wolf) named Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell, the best character in the pilot) and the two venture off to find the bad guy of the moment.

Russell Hornsby is cast as Nick's partner Hank, who hasn't been given much to do yet save some slight comic relief. Bitsie Tulloch plays his soon to be fiancée Juliette, who hopefully will be given more than just staring out the window looking worried.

Grimm's first episode played with the tale of 'Red Riding Hood' and had certain scenes that made you cringe and gasp. As the show progresses, I hope we see more underlying Grimm tales like 'Goldilocks,' 'Hansel and Gretel' and 'Snow White' come out to play.
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Mediocre and unoriginal
ratatatuff11 April 2014
Another one of these shows about monsters and fairies. At least there are no vampires... But it's always the same, at the beginning of the show there is some "hunter" who discovers that he has some hidden destiny and then he tries to fulfill it. Here it is a police-officer who discovers that he is a "Grimm" and his destiny is to hunt down monsters. Oh yeah, like we haven't seen stuff like this in hundred other shows... So, what makes this show different?

First it's the language. They decided to let the characters talk in German and in French in certain situations. Actually that's not a bad idea and I give kudos to Sasha Roiz (Captain Sean Renard) for his French. It sounded really okay to me. But the German!!! Who translated or invented these names??? My native tongue is German and although I had no problems to understand the English I needed subtitles to understand the "German" words!!!

But, no wonder... They are not German. They are just stupid. For example, they introduced some goat-people and called them "Ziegevolk". And the actors pronounced it like no German would ever pronounce it. Okay, maybe they weren't eager to play their role properly. Some of the actors made really bad performances anyway... But who came up with the name "Ziegevolk"??? This is ridiculous. You can't just take goat = Ziege and people = Volk and combine it into "Ziegevolk". We have cases in German and it should be "Ziegenvolk". If you think I'm nit-picking, no, I'm not. Because this is not the only mistake they made. How could anyone pronounce "Wesen" the way the actors do in that show??? Names like "Hexenbiest" are just dumb and what the hell is a "Blutbaden"??? And really, why should the resistance call itself "Verrat" (deceit)... These names are just gibberish and sound like a four year old child invented them. Sorry, but I expect a certain amount of professionality from a TV show, even from a low-budget show like this. So, if you watch this show and think that they talk German: No, they do not! (there is one exception: one guy is actually German, so his pronounciation is good, but the others all suck)

And, btw, if these "Grimms" and these "Wesen" came from Germany long time ago, they would either know how to pronounce the words correctly or would have changed them into the language they use in everyday speech. In this case, as the show plays in Portland, English. So, these dumb names are just an attempt to gather some exotic flair. But it's so poorly done that it's just an epic fail.

Okay, the next thing is the storyline. Nothing extraordinary. Same storyline in every episode, just the name of the monster changes. And why does every case have to involve a supernatural being? It seems like there are no normal humans in Portland anymore. Don't get me wrong, it IS possible to constantly thematize the supernatural beings. After all, it's part of the premise of the show. But in that case they should not interfere with the normal world the way they do and the show would have to come up with a believable concept for a parallel society. "Monster kills human, Grimm kills monster" gets really boring after a few episodes. And they produced three seasons like this... And there are other things which I don't like. Like all the events around the Royal Families, the "Wesen" council and things like this. To me it is just too obviously plagiarized. Things like that already appeared in too many bad novels and series. Seen it all and seen it done much better.

Cast: uh, don't get me started... Nick, the Grimm, is mediocre at best. His acting is shallow and boring. His girlfriend Bitchy...oh uh, I mean Bitsie... I wonder what her purpose in this show is, because she's completely useless. And IF she is acting then she is overacting in some weird way. And she is highly unsympathetic. The better ones are Silas Weir Mitchell as Monroe, the werewolf, and Bree Turner as his girlfriend Rosalee. And, of course, Danny Bruno as Bud (the beaver) is really good. It's a shame that he only got a minor role.

Script: Even worse than the overall story is the scriptwriting. The dialogues are boring and sometimes I found myself thinking: "How could you talk like this? No normal person in the world would ever talk like this!"

I don't expect much from TV-shows. I don't care for effects or big- budget productions. But I want to see good actors, a good script and good dialogues. Grimm is a mediocre series which shamelessly steals ideas from every other series and book in the genre. If you like this show I suggest you try and watch "Buffy" or read the "Dresden Files". You will see how this genre is done properly. With good character arcs and good dialogues.
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Well....not too bad, BUT...
Katherine Byers16 April 2017
...I think the writers either got VERY lazy towards the end of season 3 or there was a case of mass insanity among them. I would tend to believe it was more of the former and they got LAZY! The stories became predictable, totally ridiculous stories ranging from super zombie grimm to goth girl grimm, with overly gooey, lubby dubby, couple smooch face, middle of the season stories. They should have canned the writers and brought some in that would delve into the separate character's backgrounds and story lines and histories. Too bad, this series had some possibilities and could have ran longer and the actors would still have work. Hope the writers suffered the same fate, employment-wise...In the future, remember Lazy=Unemployed.
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Never Knew Portland was so Dangerous
view_and_review12 March 2015
So far I've seen two full seasons so I have a large sample size for my review. Grimm immediately reminded me of Supernatural. For those who haven't seen that show, it is about two brothers that chase down ghosts, demons and monsters from legends and otherwise. I liked Supernatural for a few seasons then the characters kept coming back to life too much for me and they started introducing angels and other religious esoteric stuff.

Grimm has the same feel. Obviously loosely based upon the Grimm brothers' fairy tales, we are led to believe that the fairy tales are depictions of real creatures. Most people cannot see these creatures, known as wessons, but the Grimms can. The main character, Detective Burkhart, is a descendant of the Grimms hence he has the uncanny ability to see the wessons that hide amongst us.

The show offers some excitement and tension. With each witnessed wesson we find out more about them and about the Grimms. Now that I've completed two seasons and started season three the show has reached a saturation point for me. Now they've had a ghost, a "god", a fairy and other creatures. Furthermore, everyone in detective Burkhart's inner circle knows about wessons, Grimms, the trailer and just about everything. So, essentially there is a wesson-busters/savers team that has been formed. Not what I care to see. It was good when it was just he and Monroe solving these wesson related crimes. It actually added some intrigue that he had to lead a double life and keep his true identity secret from everyone, even his fiancée. That intrigue is gone so now the show has just taken on a regular crime drama feel with wessons being the criminals and victims.

So far all of the events have taken place in Portland. This is where Supernatural was so much better. Portland has had dozens of murders and unexplained events that are all wesson related. Spread that over and entire country, as was done in Supernatural, and it can be overlooked or ignored... put that all in one relatively big city and you should have a LOT of unwanted attention in that city. I mean, we're talking about Portland not Detroit. I just think it's absurd that just about every type of wesson, even the rare ones, have made their way to Portland. If there are that many in Portland wreaking havoc how many are in New York, L.A. or Chicago??? Somehow the writers have to come up with a way to expand the area of activity. Either that or move it from Portland to a more believable area for crazy and savage murders.

The show was entertaining for the first two seasons but now it has lost its appeal. Every week is a similar situation with different wessons. I can see that the show is going toward an ever expanding universe of wessons just to maintain some type of freshness. They've been in water, on land and underground. They need only take to the sky to have all terrain covered.
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So much stupidity
ThirdLife6 January 2015
Its sad to see a series with a huge potential in terms of storyline and flair all go to sh** just because the script is plain stupid.

Its horrific how stupid each character is and doesn't get the slightest hints. Presentation is at times equally stupid always repeating stuff that has been shown over and over again so even the most dumb audience can understand it obviously.

If you want people acting just the slightest like an average intelligent human being - this is not your show. I am just hoping they're bending the plot so overly much to fit the script in future.

At times you just want to punch almost each character just in the face because of their unbelievable stupidity. The phenomenon is very common with a lot of series, i call it "tension by stupidity".

Having a script to become utterly stupid as soon as the writers feel that one party is getting too strong and them apparently being devoid of ideas.

So lets just make the characters do more mistakes and bend, bend, bend around the plot...hoping this makes it more exciting.

It doesn't. Its idiotic.
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Not great but Easy to watch
Jamie9 April 2014
Just finished watching season 2 of Grimm on Netflix, quite a feat since there's 20 odd 40 minute episodes in each season, But there was really nothing else on... Grimm is remarkably average, I'm only leaving a review since there's so many 8s 9s and 10s, inflating the score. The acting in Grimms really not that great, with Munroe being the only standout actor. Personally I think the writings probably the worst aspect of this show, it's so predictably cheesy including typical cheesy American lines, a kind of 'let's kick some butt!' Type cheese. If you like this though then go ahead! I'd say it's all round quality is fairly comparable to doctor who, but I think the real reason I'm disappointed in Grimm is because of it's missed potential. I mean I think the ideas great, the back stories of the Wesson can be cool even if they sometimes look really bad. Think Big Bird from Sesame Street. I just feel that maybe they could have casted the characters a little better and made them more relatable, I really lack any sort of feeling towards the Grimm, I'm always rooting for some dirty angry looking creature to pull his legs off, but instead episode after episode it's just run of mill, hero always wins bad guy loses. There's no real drama or suspense, the guys invincibly boring. But yeah I've given it a 6, which I think is fair, it's definitely not the worst thing on TV but far from being a standout, easy to watch with cheap thrills. I'd have to say its ideal target audience has gotta be kids, I've thought this from the get-go, it's the kind of show that kids would love, good mix of action & fantasy, it's today's Hercules or Xena warrior princess.
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Great concept, lousy storyline
absolutelycritical8 December 2011
I love the idea of fairy tales gone awry. Research shows that most of the fairy tales written in the last couple of centuries weren't so "fairy" to begin with. The Brothers Grimm stories are amazing, I have the complete collection. So when I heard they were making a show based on this, I was excited. But then after watching I was disappointed. I've really tried but I can't get through the second episode. It is so bad I feel sorry for the poor cast! The plot is terribly weak. This show definitely needs better writers. I was actually going to rate this as one, but out of loyalty to Grimm stories, it has earned an extra point.

You can tell the show has a big budget so invest in some worthwhile writers goddammit. What makes a successful show? It should be obvious. Witty banter (no. 1 in my book), brilliant rapport and at least some chemistry among the characters. Skip this catastrophe. It's almost as bad as ABC's "Once Upon a Time". Stop with the crappy shows already.
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Unique idea, ordinary presentation
itt-eler9 November 2014
Warning: Spoilers
So, where do I start? Grimm is one of the very few ongoing shows that I'm following. Though I was thinking about giving up on it several times now, I am still waiting for the new episode week after week. I wouldn't say it's addictive, but it's watchable if you don't have a better option. I don't like plain detective/police/CSI shows much, but with mixing in some humor or fantasy or adding some strange, new characters and focusing less on the scientific crime-solving, I am ready to give anything a try. I have to admit that Grimm has a pretty unique twist to the CSI-like story and if you're into that, you'll probably enjoy it. But here are some reasons why you might not.

First of all, I have to warn you, the CGI is plain horrible. I can't even imagine how low their budget must've been for the quality to be so poor. I think the monsters' appearance has improved some since the beginning but not the other bits. The most recent scene where I couldn't decide whether to laugh or to cry was the two-headed snake.

Then there is the general problem with nowadays' TV shows: too much drama on the expense of character- and plot development and/or deviating from the original "feeling" of the show. (Obviously, there are exceptions such as Game of Thrones or Hannibal - so far.) My problem with this phenomenon is that it's creating (or trying to create) a lot of tension, but I know all along that this is just a rather cheap attempt to make me stick with the show - and that's why I'm still relaxed about all of it. To clarify what I'm talking about: I knew Juliette would get her memories back. I know that Nick will get his "Grimmhood" back, simply because too many viewers would turn away from the show if he didn't. I didn't believe for a second that Sean would die for real - honestly, we've all seen this scene so many times before in so many other shows/movies that it has completely lost its power. A (new) character conveniently appears out of thin air just in time to save the other's life. That sounds familiar, doesn't it? To me, this kind of solution is not satisfying at all, and I can't help but wonder why there aren't more people demanding more innovative ways of resolving such situations. It's a shame that the makers of this show are limiting it to be yet another conventional fantasy series where, I boldly presume, the "good" will defeat "evil" without much collateral and in the end, Nick and Juliette will live happily ever after (and so will Monroe and Rosalee).

And yet, for some mysterious reason, I'm still watching it. Probably because it's still a notch better than the rest: even though I have problems with the presentation, at least I haven't seen the basic concept so many times. I will just stick with my previous statement - if you are in need of a new show to watch and you have finished the better ones, Grimm is fine.
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Another wasted opportunity!
cherocha29 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Gave it a chance with three episodes, found myself wishing I hadn't bothered.

Uninteresting characters that you have no reason to care about, clichéd dialogue, and fairly lame CGI by today's standards. Nothing about the show appeals or grabs your attention. The protagonist is two-dimensional and boring, there's no reason to care about him, or any other characters for that matter.

I think it was the first episode, and he's engaging the help of some sort of reformed but still clearly unstable werewolf guy, who casually remarks to a police officer that he "hasn't killed in years", but also explains how the Grimms are basically mortal enemies of his family and kin. Then the next episode he has this werewolf guarding his dying grandmother? And we're supposed to buy this assault on our intelligence, suspend disbelief, and throw all logic out the window for the sake of some cheap, shock-tactic scares? No. Just no. With the quality of so many other great shows out there - hell even True Blood with it's hammy and over the top lore and plot lines - I can't see any reason to invest any more time in the dish of utter mediocrity that is this show.
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Love this show!
blissfulxlife11 November 2011
So far, so good! With the pilot episode, I was pretty much instantly hooked. It was one of the best pilots for a show that I've seen in a while. It truly gave you an in-depth look at what the show will be about and so far, it's quite entertaining. As the episode progressed, it had me wanting more and more. If it keeps this up, It'll be truly sad if it's ever taken off the air. Love the characters and great choice of main characters, the acting is good, love the set and the overall plot is very different which makes it well worth the watch. Need I say more? If you're reading this, you should try to give it a watch. I can't wait for more!
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something addictive about this. (spoilers)
audrey-sondheimer30 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I watched this show out of pure boredom with nothing else to do. But I ended up enjoying it. The first 20 minutes were quite boring. spoilers: It didn't even get interesting until the cop and the wolf first went to the mans house. but after that is what drew me in. Too be honest I am not quite sure of what to make of the show just yet, but I am hoping something amazing does come of it. It has some weird seductiveness about it, that makes you think: whats a grimm, what type of show will this be, what the hell happened in the end of the first episode. I will definitely keep watching just to see what will happen later in the season. The main problem they have is the dull boring moments, I just wish they would explain more what kind of show this is going to be. Is it going to be a cop show, with criminals and solving crimes every episode, or understanding this guys special power and into his world of "magic".
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