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A surreal trip
pcrawake9 May 2014
I guess since I am the first person to put a review up for this movie, I shouldn't dump all over it. I honestly do not know what to think of this film.

This is not the type of movie most people like, but that does not mean it can not be good.

On a whole, it came off much like a trip, drug or psychosis based, very unstable and peculiar; the fourth wall was broken. It is at times a comedy, a tragedy, a documentary; the focus shifts numerous times as does the cinematic style and tone and story.

It was narrated in parts and in some of the most confusing sequences, you are left to your own mind. I spend a lot of time analyzing things. This movie still doesn't make total sense to me and I'm not sure if it is because I am missing something or reading too far into it. I think it might be clearer in a few days, but I wanted to leave a positive review now to perhaps convince a few people to check the movie out if they get a chance.

The film starts with an idea: The 100th Monkey phenomenon, which states that after a certain number of people learn or partake of an idea, a critical mass is reached and that idea is pushed out into all of that species, instantly, and becomes universal. Everyone knows that thing once a certain number of people know it.

Warren (Dan Fogler), unemployed artist, pot head, has crazy dreams. That is the only remarkable thing about him until a day comes when a crazy homeless man confronts him on the street. From that day on, Warren descends into himself, insanity and a confusion of mind and body, spurned on by drugs along with Doomsday and conspiracy theories.

Searching for a purpose, he starts interviewing people on topics of the 2012 apocalypse, nwo, cia, illuminati, lizard people and every possible conspiracy theory--BUT, that drive and initial plan are lost and soon Warren loses control of himself, falling deeper into the trip and chaos of his mind.

What is real? What is actually happening? Are we seeing what Warren sees or is it the actual truth? Did he lose himself because he was touched by some random weirdo; was he always teetering on the line of sanity.


"Don Peyote" was written and directed by Dan Fogler. If I had more time this week I would find a copy of his first movie "Hysterical Psycho" just to get a sense of what his style is like.

One thing is for sure, this movie is important to him and whenever a person cares about something, us humans owe it them to give it a chance and show it due respect.

That said, I honestly don't know how to feel about the film.

1. IMDb's actor rating system is screwed up. Looking at the page of 'Don Peyote' you think the main actors are Anne Hathaway and Jay Baruchel. They make appearances, but they are not the stars.

2. This is Dan Fogler's movie and since I find him hilarious, I did not feel slighted checking this movie out.

I had a couple of feelings and theories regarding the story, but I am not sure whether they should be said; or if they constitute spoilers.

There are people out there, we all know them. The one guy who thinks the world is going to be over by the years end. The girl who thinks mercury in fish is poisoning everyone; the couple who hordes food; the pot-head friend who always talks about the illuminati.

We live in a world where people have little purpose outside of themselves and there are so many shaded 'threats', dangers lurking behind buildings and in the empty places of cut down woods.

As people, do we feel the need to speak of these things, to convince people of what we believe, make sure enough know to trigger the '100th Monkey Phenomenon' and help this world?

"Don Peyote" was a descent, the visualization of a man going crazy, seen from his perspective. It was a crazy movie. It was supposed to be crazy and I liked it. But I like surreal and weird and new stuff. I have never seen a movie quite like Don Peyote.

If you decide to see this movie...see it. Actually watch it, rather than compare it to other movies you like the entire duration.
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Not what you think. More than you could expect.
jameslzappie-118 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Don Peyote is not a stoner comedy with apocalyptic undertones. As a matter of fact, it's actually a rather sweet, vulnerable, and personal film about life, maturity, and ultimately manhood. Now, when you first watch the film none of this may be clear, and maybe it was only so obvious to me because I had my own Don Peyote moment when my wife was pregnant for the first time, but I'll get to that later.

The secret to the truth of Don Peyote is to not let your mind drift, simply listen and watch everything as it is laid out. Take the character of Balance. Balance, a childhood friend who is never there when you want him to be, but always when you need him to be. Now think back to your childhood and for most of us balance was there. Stress and drama didn't exist. Our lives revolved around playing baseball, watching Star Wars, and hoping to one day touch a boob. Then came responsibility and bills and jobs and relationships and roles that we are told we have to play. Like a tidal wave crushing us over and over and over every minute we think we have our head above water. Back to the film, Warren has been engaged for 3 years to a woman who desperately wants to have a child right away and wants Warren to finally gain direction and get a job.

Don Peyote isn't a film about conspiracies and mind altering drugs, it's a manifestation of all the anxiety and fears that the Warren's of the world feel at times in their lives. I always wanted to have a child with my wife. In fact, I was the one who pushed for it the moment we got married. When my wife got pregnant I was over the moon excited, couldn't wait. Then one day my mother in law, my wife, and myself were at a Babies R Us getting some last minute things for my upcoming daughter. We stepped into the store and I don't remember what preceded it, but my mother in law said to me "You are going to be a dad after all." And like that, I went numb. They walked off to shop and I staggered over to the recliners, sat down, and had a full blown panic attack. I wasn't a father, I was going to ruin this child's life, I could barely go the day without stubbing my toe and this thing was coming into the world who's life and future depended on me. Now, I didn't go on a vagabond drug fueled walkabout, but had you peeked into my mind at that moment it was full blown Don P.

This is what independent filmmaking is all about, artistic and fantastical representations of universal experiences. What is more apocalyptic and world altering than getting married, or having a child, or disappointing someone you love? There's a moment in the film, before Warren makes his full turn, where he realizes that all the chaos and anxiety in his life is tempered by Karen. She was the only thing in his life that was true and good and made sense. His biggest fear then, is the total destruction of her in that image, so the next scene we see is just that. Again, it's the manifestation of his biggest fears. And in the end, after dance numbers, mental wards, and tripping with Josh Duhamel, the final scene of the film damn near brought me to tears. A wordless exchange between Don Peyote (formerly Warren) and someone he didn't even know his life was missing.

There's no telling how much, if any, of the film is really happening to Warren/Don and no real way to know what his future holds, but the peace and serenity in that scene make all the chaos he goes through worth it.

Watch Don Peyote. Whatever your expectations or preconceived notions are going in, just chuck them aside and take a glimpse into the mind of a man processing life's crossroads.
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That was weird!
I feel like I was not in the right state of mind to really enjoy this movie. Then again, the three kids in the back of the theater where in the right state of mind, I could smell if from the front row, but even they left before the movie was over.

The movie was real psychedelic in that 1960's sort of way, but rather than an acid trip the filmmakers get high on the chronic. A different experience that I feel makes the movie suffer.

High on weed, the movie is more strange than funny. Too strange to really justify me sitting in that theater for 90mins. The jokes I more just got than found funny.

The movie's value is increased by what I'm guessing is the filmmakers many friends making cameos. Topher Grace,and especially, Josh Duhamel who plays a wondering hobo were fantastic. Other stars made cameos but not as impressive.

I went in wanting to enjoy this and I wish I did but I can't.
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For a select audience
lmfaosimba11 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I read all the other user reviews and was afraid this might be a weird rehashing of fear and loathing or something. Not at all.

This film is about exactly what it portraits in the film, no metaphors about coming of age or anything. This film is about a man who begins to see through the illusion of society, and loses his grip of what is both real and important.

Our protagonist does ayahuasca during a bout of hallucinations, and ends up in a mental hospital. after escaping he does it again with a homeless couple and relinquishes his grasp on society.

This is the first review I wrote, I signed up just to review this movie.

If you have never partaken of ayahuasca or dmt, it may be very hard to relate to the main character, and this is how these other reviews struggle to find meaning g or lessons in the movie. Take it at face value: this is a story about how those who see through the veil of society are often rejected and cast aside as mentally ill or unstable, all for not following the school, work, buy, die mentality of our times. Extremely well executed bravo.
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What a TRIP!!!!
just got finished watching this movie. I don't see how the title fits the name. However, I really enjoyed it. It's not that their were many famous actors throughout the film, but, I really liked it.

This film reminded me of the film Train Spotting. It was a very drug induced movie from start to finish. I watched it with an open mind and it ended nicely.

Two thumbs up in my book. I really enjoyed it. I too am someone who believes in a lot of the messages that permeated through most of the film.

I can't wait to read what other people write as a review. I won't give any spoilers out as you really need to watch this film with an opened mind. You might find some parts of the movie to be confusing, just go with it. Everything will be answered in the end.

Ultimately, you will enjoy this movie as much as I had. The message that I got from this movie is that YOU the sheeple need to wake up and stop listening to the main stream media. You need to SEE what our government is really doing. This film solidified my research that I have done about the NEW WORLD ORDER. We need to stand up to the Tyranny and stop being part of the 99%. I faithfully listen to Alex Jones of Info Wars and between this movie and my research......WOW!!!! It's time to start stocking up for the end of the world.

I'm glad I saw this movie. Yes, you may think I'm crazy, but, someone had to write this movie and they too had to do their research. Whatever you do, you must SEE THIS FILM!!!
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Turgid mess
funkyfry29 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
One thing you can say about "Don Peyote" is that it's interesting. The story is fairly dark, there are a lot of "tripped out" sequences -- unfortunately, the directing doesn't rise to the challenge, so you don't really feel immersed in the weirdness but rather like an unwelcome and unwilling spectator of it. The scenes, for example, where he's taken to an underground lair of homeless people or when he finds his fiancé having a sex party at their apartment, are supposed to feel like Fellini but they feel more like Andy Warhol on his worst day (and that is something terrible to behold). It's as if the director invited a bunch of his friends, told them to bring the sexiest date they possibly could and to wear an odd costume, and just shot the results.

Weirdly, Anne Hathaway shows up halfway through this film in which almost every other actor is obviously non-union. Supposedly Topher Grace is in it too but I didn't spot him; perhaps he wore sunglasses or some fake hair to make his appearance here less embarrassing and noticeable. And yeah, when Topher Grace is embarrassed to be in your movie, you have a problem.

I did make it to the end of the movie, because I wanted to see if anything interesting would happen: it doesn't.

If you think about it, the plot is the same as the Hangover: guy's about to be married, goes on a wild drug experience wit his friends. But this guy Dan Fogler -- who's billed 7th despite the fact that his mug is in a close-up in nearly every shot of the entire film -- actually makes Zach whatshisname or Jack Black or any of those people look like Peter Sellers. He's not a horrible actor, but he can't sustain an entire film, and he's not very funny.

Leave this one alone if you can. Unless one of your friends is in the movie, then it might be worth watching if you can spot them in the middle of this madness.
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Disinfo movie, reptilian director/actor
LiamBlackburn10 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
If you watch alex jones too long, you will start to die inside. We're all dying inside. We don't understand that there is nothing to understand. We do not exist. The Piper's calling you to join him. Dear lady can you hear the wind blow, and did you know. Your stairway lies on the whispering wind. Follow the Pied Piper (reptilian entity) to your damnation. We all know who the reptilians are. They control the media, the lobby, the judicial system. The reptilians exist in the next density, occupying the bodies of their "chosen ones". They thrive off of hurt and pain, they bathe in pools of gold, sterling, and silver. They run the racket. They aren't a Model T. They are the bloodsucking ism. The lecherous mob of traveling swindlers, waiting with baited breath to infiltrate the next unsuspecting society they come across. They are the Pied Pipers casting spells with wands made of Holly.
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Don Peyote
mach-mcm28 October 2014
Dan Foglar. I enjoyed your film, but it made me sad.

Sometimes I am not sure if this movie is real or not. because if not. it might actually be what is real, and this is a figment of my imagination. But how would you know, my dreams are never remembered. But in my dreams I'm never remembered. Who is telling me the truth My eyes which swear with every bit of their worth that they tell trues. My Brain which sits on the fence because logic has gone. My heart which sides with whoever treats it kindest. My body which moans one moment but can feel the polar next. Or My mind who looks at the two paths and takes both simultaneously but only to realize when they both reach summation that it was only a thought, that the mind was sitting at the fork and had wasted 2 lives only to collapse from fear of the unknown.

It is a real invisible bridge of the last crusade?
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