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Surprisingly Solid
milesmama-1356630 April 2020
Watched during pandemic lockdown, and have to give credit where it's due! Didnt anticipate it to be so good. And though I wanted to binge this, I watched over a few weeks and it really was awesome. Bummed I dont have any more to watch! Probably going to join the select few I have in rotation for rewatching. Give it a shot
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This show deserves a better review and a lot of love!
ohkcomputer5 October 2011
The 1 star review that shows up when I looked this up on IMDb is ridiculous! I watch quite a few shows (way too many) and this one genuinely gets a smile on my face without cheap tricks, fake laughter, annoying punchline tunes trying to convince me what just happened was funny.

The main characters in this show are already memorable in the pilot, they just have chemistry straight away. A lot of shows that I really love now didn't start off as well as 'New Girl' has for me.

The 'formula' feels fresh to me, I haven't seen this show before in another form and I absolutely love Zoey in this. Her personality in this show is exactly why I fall in love in real life. Just watched the third episode and I'll be sure to tune in next week!
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Surprisingly Great
rubenvanbergen23 February 2013
Contrary to my expectations, this is not the Zooey Deschanel show. Because that is what I thought it would be when my friend told me about it. I mean, the premise of this show is that she - Zooey Deschanel - plays a bubbly, quirky-but-cute girl who moves into an all-guys apartment. Now, that's the same character she plays in every film and every series she's ever been in. It's also the same persona she uses when she sings in her band, or gives interviews, or (I imagine) blogs about baking Dr. Seuss-themed cupcakes for a company of lumberjacks.

Don't get me wrong - it works. For me. On so many levels. But the problem is that she is just so aware of it. She's a dazzling indie girl with a brain and a body, and my god does she know it. So a show completely focusing on that would be unbearable.

But surprisingly, this show isn't about that at all. It isn't even really about her character that much. Most of the comedy comes from the male characters, who are played by non-famous and extremely talented actors, and who find themselves in situations which as funny as they are fresh and relatable.

So, to reiterate, this is not a show about Zooey Deschanel. This is a show about life as a twenty-something in the twenty-first century. It's Friends except not set or made in the nineties. It's great and it makes me laugh a lot. And I highly recommend it.
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Genuine Comedy from a US TV Show
deepfrieddodo29 August 2020
New Girl is received a whole lot better than a lot of other US TV shows due to the lack of a laugh track. You're not directed as to when you should find something funny, it is just an easy watch to enjoy throughout. The quality fluctuates across the series but overall it ticks all the boxes for a sitcom, and Winston will easily become your favourite character by the end.
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3 times watched and counting
Countess_of_Horror28 June 2020
This is the only TV show I never get tired of. I started watching it shortly after it ended, and I don't think I've gone more than a month without watching an episode since. The whole cast brings a warm camaraderie to the show and the situations placed within make twenty/thirty somethings relate incredibly to. They start it well, they end it well, and everything in between has its purpose. I cannot think of any changes I would make (except for the whole Schmidt/Cece/Elizabeth debacle...Schmidt really hit a low likeability at that point, but he regained it slowly thankfully). I don't think there can ever be another New Girl and I'm okay with that. I'll just keep rewatching until I learn True American.
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Complete and utter goofballs together in an apartment are somehow quite heartwarming and funny.
Imme-van-Gorp18 May 2021
Season One: 8/10

Themes: Comedy, Roommates, Friendship & Relationships.

Top three characters: 1) Nick Miller, 2) Jess Day and 3) Schmidt.
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Standards dropped
topgunwilliams24 July 2019
Loved this show. Laugh out loud funny for a number of series and then at the end of s5 to the start of s6 it started to become a lot more cliche and lot less funny. I persevered and I'm glad I did just to see it through but it is almost like Liz Merriweather realised at the end of s6 that the show was just treading water with no real purpose so they bashed out s7 to put it all to bed. It comes off rushed and again a shade cliche. I just wished they had progressed the main themes a bit quicker or at least consistently to avoid this stagnation then rush rush rush end. Would still recommend it, some of the most loveable/hilarious characters and I did on occasion lose a manly tear. Also I much preferred the original titles.
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what the..??
hallveig-11 April 2012
what is going on in the heads of the people writing such bad reviews of this lovely little show?

I have to say as many of the others, this show is like a breath of fresh air, there are some great comedies out there these days like Modern family and HIMYM, but this one is a bit different.. it's sweet and endearing, a bit like Friends. And I'm laughing my ass of over every episode. Zooey does a great job here like usually, and I like the rest of the cast as well. The first couple of episodes were a little slow to start but the show has really found it's footing now. I really recommend it!
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Light, refreshing comedy
da_shmooze26 April 2012
From the first episode, I found New Girl to be my favourite new series. The premise of the show, a girl living with 3 guys and hilarity ensues, is not the most original, nor the most realistic. But I find the characters to be intriguing, so that I keep wanting to return to see what happens next.

After a few episodes, the characters become more relatable than in the pilot. Jess is totally awkward, and it seems half the time her head is in the clouds, and half the time she's the most down to earth character. Her extroverted nature becomes more manageable as the series develops, so don't let it put you off initially.

Nick is a 30-something drop out that still lives with a student mindset. He comes up with some creative ways to not spend money. He's portrayed as not living up to his potential, yet his manner draws you in, kind of like a helpless puppy that you find adorable and pitiful at the same time.

Other reviews are fairly down on Schmidt. Yes, initially, he reeks of douche bag. But he's an ex-fat-kid that now overcompensates for his lack of self esteem with douchey mannerisms. Given that, he's a fairly realistic character with a well developed history. His arrogance is always portrayed in a humorous way, and has become my favourite part of the show.

Winston had his 15 minutes of fame and now is dealing with just being a nobody in a big city again. Fair enough, token black guy.

There is a lot of awkward humour in this show - the kind of moments that make you cringe, yet you can't look away, and feel guilty about wanting to laugh. But every episode does make me laugh out loud. There's a touch of light drama, for those that just want a light hearted show that won't make you think too much.

Overall, I think this is a show about nothing. Every episode seems to be a bunch of intertwining events that happen, like in most sitcoms, but this reminds me most of Seinfeld (the ultimate show about nothing), in that there is no ultimate destination that the storyline needs to arrive at - no huge expectations or conclusions being hung on the season finale. It's just humorous interactions, some fairly plain and everyday events, and some totally wacky events. Just a bright, light hearted show, to be enjoyed for what it is.
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I want a spin-off without Jess
alexthompsoncarse3 February 2021
Yes she's the main character but she's just annoying. A spin-off set before Jess arrives starring Nick, Winston, Schmidt and Coach would be the bomb.
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Funny, intelligent, amazing.
mariajoaou271 April 2013
New Girl is the type of series that you won't want to stop watching. IT will certainly put you in a good mood and you'll find yourself laughing while watching it.

The characters are incredibly well-written, each one of them having a back story that is easy to keep up with and very believable. It doesn't take long for us to feel like we're also living in this apartment where Jess moves in after being cheated on by her boyfriend. Soon enough, you'll be feeling like these characters are your friends too and you know them well. Each one of them has their particularities; they all have different personalities and obsessions that make them unique and set them apart from each other.

The fact that there's some plot development throughout the series makes it an interesting show to actually follow and not just watch once in a while. We also see some character development, changes in the characters' personalities that make us either proud or disappointed.

Truth is, there's no chance this show won't leave a mark on you. It's funny, but still intelligent. It's not some dumb show that simply aims at making the viewer laugh. The jokes are not corny and the events are not random. This is one comedy show like no other: The characters are not stereotyped, and the storyline is not typical and easily foreseeable.

Give this show a chance. You won't regret it.
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Just Finished Season 5
jordyntsmith22 February 2021
I will say, the show's quality started dropping more significantly in season 5. The episodes were better written in earlier seasons and characters were more consistent. But season 5 does some character development. Nick and Schmidt became my two favourites - where Bishop became pointless (in my personal opinion). To me Nick and Schmidt have the most character development - they've learned and grown from their experiences (though they do regress in some-odd episodes).

The show does still make me laugh out loud, but you can certainly tell that the writers are running out of episode ideas.
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Finally a Series with some intelligent jokes
MantisTobagan2 September 2012
Now most of todays TV-shows are sitcoms, where the jokes 99 of a 100 times are cheap, cheap as ****.

The show is about 3 guys who let a girl move in and live them, which probably warns a lot of people that i think would like this show to not see this show.

But what it is about and what they do is far from anything important in a Comedy TV-Series.

The bottom line is, that this show has intelligent humor and another important ingredient is that the creators are spot on which characters that should have the most airtime.
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An Honest Review
generationofswine8 July 2019
It started out well enough, with special praise going to Max Greenfield who plays, well, I can't think of a polite word to sum up his character, but trust me when I say that whatever you want to call him he's hysterical.

Jake Johnson is a bit of the straight man, but the quirks he has fit perfectly with roommates we have all had in our lives, especially how he "fixes" things.

Lamorne Morris had the misfortune of being a last minute replacement... and then had the misfortune of getting who he replaced back on the show. It's explained in both cases but in both cases it's jarring for his character who becomes a reminder of a rocky start.

Zoey herself, however is a bit much as the season wears on. The charm both she and her supporting cast brought to the first few seasons wore a bit thin as it moved on and, eventually, became a little painful to watch.

But the first four are solid enough and they will make you laugh.
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Amazing show with a flat finish
brandonmckay810 June 2022
Warning: Spoilers
Just finished watching this in full. I had watched when it aired for the first 4 seasons & then life got busy & I had stopped. I've finally finished it & I totally love the first 6 seasons. The cast is incredible, the writing is strong & the comedy mixed with heart was always on point. I had to check why the show ended & judging by what Jake (Nick) said in 2021 they got unexpectedly fired. The ratings were still strong enough to continue, S6 did dip but was still a very strong rating for a sitcom. I can't say I understand the decision & then to only give them 8 episodes felt like it didn't give the writing much choice where to go. The season 6 finale was so beautiful, had me so excited for what was to come.. Jess & Nick finally figuring things out & most importantly the journey of Cece's pregnancy.. the thought of Schmidt throughout, especially the day their child was born would've been so great to watch... instead we got a 3 year time jump that, for me, sucked so much life out of the show. Overall the final season hit in some parts but it just didn't flow as much as other seasons.. & Winston's dad never meets him? Felt like a waste. I adore this show, especially those first 6 seasons. All the dynamics & storylines are so brilliant. I loved Coach when he was around too, added another dimension to it. I'm very happy with where all the relationships ended, everyone with who I thought they should've been with was nice. Prank Sinatra making an appearance in the final moments was actually a nice touch! Doubtful but hopefully one day there's a reunion special or maybe even a network revives it & they just pretend S7 didn't happen! One of the last good sitcoms I've seen overall! Not sure I'll see one as strong again.
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Hilariously inconsistent
taedirish26 October 2020
This show was one of the best, most long running productions that Fox ever produced. The cast had perfect chemistry and made mundane plots entertaining. That being said, they could not seem to settle on an opening theme song. It was either painfully long, super short, or just abandoned the song altogether in favor of a short musical clip. It's not something you'd necessarily notice unless binge watching, so it's definitely worth watching!
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Schmidt 10, Nick 8, Winston 6, CeCe 7, Jess 4
duckonthedam4 December 2020
The series after season 2 was basically carried by Schmidt and Nick and to a lesser extent Winston and CeCe. Jess became an annoying side part who at times seemed to put little effort into her performance. I loved it though. Max Greenfield is a fantastic actor.
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Probably one of the funniest series
crknt10 March 2012
I think it is a very good show. It's been a while since I laughed that hard. I'd like to address a lot of the other reviews saying that it is not funny and unrealistic.

I feel that people rating this show badly have just been formatted by all the other series and movies. They are expecting a deep story and realism... I think they may have been mislead by Zooey Deschanel thinking it was going to be a lot more mature. It doesn't differ much from the big bang theory or How I Met your Mother in term of style. If anything it is better. But I don't see how you can not appreciate these characters. Saying they are unrealistic is like saying the ocean is full of water... It's a comedy TV show, not real life. So it's not a valid point in my opinion.

You should take it for what it is. They are very caricatured characters but it doesn't stop you from getting attached to their unique personality. I hope people don't get discouraged from giving it a chance because of the low reviews.
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Can't believe I didn't into this sooner!
UniqueParticle24 August 2021
New Girl is so delightful and hilarious! I absolutely love the cast they're superb. The writers wrote everything so perfectly in my opinion I'm sure the series stays mostly entertaining. I'm glad IMDB's rating is 7.7 definitely deserves it!
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Jessica Day is the worst!
lvx5102029 January 2019
The main character 'Jess' is insufferable. Having said that, the show is very entertaining due to great writing & EVERY OTHER ACTOR in the series. They all have great comedic timing. If you can deal with Zooey Deschanel & her character, you can enjoy this clever sitcom.
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Friends for 21th Century
Bored_Dragon2 May 2018
At the urging of my dear, I agreed last night to watch the episode or two of the series that I have long been avoiding, just to get her off my back. And ... we watched the whole first season. Guys, this is so much fun and addictive that I could see all 150 episodes in a row. It's not some top-notch quality show, but in more than few occasions I laughed out loud, and it is quite rare for me. It's obvious that it's inspired by "Friends", but it's not a bad copy that steals old jokes and it really has a soul. Warm recommendation.

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Less Than What It Could Be
atlasmb27 March 2014
I have watched every episode of "New Girl", but sometimes I consider stopping. Why? Because this show take quirkiness beyond what is funny sometimes. The writers of this show apparently think that silly = funny. Sometimes it does, but if characters' actions and words seem to have no purpose than to be weird, the humor loses its edge.

I compare this to "Suburgatory" which is also a quirky show, but it retains its edge through clever writing that includes insight, parody, and critique.

I love the cast of "New Girl". I have always been a fan of Zooey Deschanel. Hannah Simone is beautiful and talented. Actually, all of the leads have talent. I just wish they were given roles that allowed them to say clever things, i.e. perceptive things, sometimes. Most of the dialogue is just silliness.
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Started Brilliantly
mcjensen-0592412 October 2020
This show started out so clever. I give it 6.5 but rounded down because I got so disappointed with the direction it took (directionless). It was quirky, and dialogue was sharp, and the storylines were innovative. Then, as with all sitcoms, the creativity took a nose dive once the main characters started sleeping together. It managed to keep things interesting and funny for roughly 3 and a half seasons, then started to get a little annoying. Mid way through season 4 it was nearly unwatchable. The characters were no longer behaving in credible ways, and the plots were straight out ridiculous. How it remained on the air for so many seasons is a mystery. It just testifies to the allure of vacuous sex obsessed shows so many seem to enjoy so much. Wayans should never have returned. He added nothing fresh or funny to show. I think he actually detracted from the overall charm the show had going for it at that point. It was a gradual decline, and all of a sudden I was thinking to myself, "Why am I even wasting my time watching this? For a comedy where are the laughs?" They were gone. Sorry, it went from one of the best shows to one of the dumbest shows in less than 3 seasons. It doesn't even work as good background while you're doing other things because the dialogue and character's voices did nothing but aggravate.
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I've tried to like it, I really have
thefensk5 January 2012
I've watched most of the first season ... and every episode has a chuckle or two, but almost every show (watching via a recording) I find myself pausing it to see how much time is left and I am always at about the fifty percent point. What's up with that? This is something I NEVER do with a thirty minute sitcom.

I think this boredom is due to the story lines ... they are tired and the pace is slow. So I find myself wondering, do I want to suffer through another episode for a chuckle or two?

She's cute and she's funny, and the rest of the cast seems adequate but there is obviously something amiss. Fox is usually pretty quick to pull the plug so obviously others are seeing something I am not seeing but I'll probably only watch it when there is a story line that strikes my fancy.
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not bad
angelorwez16 May 2022
It does get old as it goes on...

but it's exactly what you want from a doesn't take itself too seriously...

there are a few too many dumb episodes dumb moments dumb characters than should be...

the lead convincing...even though she too can be a little too dumbed down...

the black guy is the standout character I'd's a good ensemble though...the characters...although they could have done more with some...especially with cece

it's good though...not bad.
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