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This show deserves a better review and a lot of love!
ohkcomputer5 October 2011
The 1 star review that shows up when I looked this up on IMDb is ridiculous! I watch quite a few shows (way too many) and this one genuinely gets a smile on my face without cheap tricks, fake laughter, annoying punchline tunes trying to convince me what just happened was funny.

The main characters in this show are already memorable in the pilot, they just have chemistry straight away. A lot of shows that I really love now didn't start off as well as 'New Girl' has for me.

The 'formula' feels fresh to me, I haven't seen this show before in another form and I absolutely love Zoey in this. Her personality in this show is exactly why I fall in love in real life. Just watched the third episode and I'll be sure to tune in next week!
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Light, refreshing comedy
da_shmooze26 April 2012
From the first episode, I found New Girl to be my favourite new series. The premise of the show, a girl living with 3 guys and hilarity ensues, is not the most original, nor the most realistic. But I find the characters to be intriguing, so that I keep wanting to return to see what happens next.

After a few episodes, the characters become more relatable than in the pilot. Jess is totally awkward, and it seems half the time her head is in the clouds, and half the time she's the most down to earth character. Her extroverted nature becomes more manageable as the series develops, so don't let it put you off initially.

Nick is a 30-something drop out that still lives with a student mindset. He comes up with some creative ways to not spend money. He's portrayed as not living up to his potential, yet his manner draws you in, kind of like a helpless puppy that you find adorable and pitiful at the same time.

Other reviews are fairly down on Schmidt. Yes, initially, he reeks of douche bag. But he's an ex-fat-kid that now overcompensates for his lack of self esteem with douchey mannerisms. Given that, he's a fairly realistic character with a well developed history. His arrogance is always portrayed in a humorous way, and has become my favourite part of the show.

Winston had his 15 minutes of fame and now is dealing with just being a nobody in a big city again. Fair enough, token black guy.

There is a lot of awkward humour in this show - the kind of moments that make you cringe, yet you can't look away, and feel guilty about wanting to laugh. But every episode does make me laugh out loud. There's a touch of light drama, for those that just want a light hearted show that won't make you think too much.

Overall, I think this is a show about nothing. Every episode seems to be a bunch of intertwining events that happen, like in most sitcoms, but this reminds me most of Seinfeld (the ultimate show about nothing), in that there is no ultimate destination that the storyline needs to arrive at - no huge expectations or conclusions being hung on the season finale. It's just humorous interactions, some fairly plain and everyday events, and some totally wacky events. Just a bright, light hearted show, to be enjoyed for what it is.
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Probably one of the funniest series
crknt10 March 2012
I think it is a very good show. It's been a while since I laughed that hard. I'd like to address a lot of the other reviews saying that it is not funny and unrealistic.

I feel that people rating this show badly have just been formatted by all the other series and movies. They are expecting a deep story and realism... I think they may have been mislead by Zooey Deschanel thinking it was going to be a lot more mature. It doesn't differ much from the big bang theory or How I Met your Mother in term of style. If anything it is better. But I don't see how you can not appreciate these characters. Saying they are unrealistic is like saying the ocean is full of water... It's a comedy TV show, not real life. So it's not a valid point in my opinion.

You should take it for what it is. They are very caricatured characters but it doesn't stop you from getting attached to their unique personality. I hope people don't get discouraged from giving it a chance because of the low reviews.
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Surprisingly Great
rubenvanbergen23 February 2013
Contrary to my expectations, this is not the Zooey Deschanel show. Because that is what I thought it would be when my friend told me about it. I mean, the premise of this show is that she - Zooey Deschanel - plays a bubbly, quirky-but-cute girl who moves into an all-guys apartment. Now, that's the same character she plays in every film and every series she's ever been in. It's also the same persona she uses when she sings in her band, or gives interviews, or (I imagine) blogs about baking Dr. Seuss-themed cupcakes for a company of lumberjacks.

Don't get me wrong - it works. For me. On so many levels. But the problem is that she is just so aware of it. She's a dazzling indie girl with a brain and a body, and my god does she know it. So a show completely focusing on that would be unbearable.

But surprisingly, this show isn't about that at all. It isn't even really about her character that much. Most of the comedy comes from the male characters, who are played by non-famous and extremely talented actors, and who find themselves in situations which as funny as they are fresh and relatable.

So, to reiterate, this is not a show about Zooey Deschanel. This is a show about life as a twenty-something in the twenty-first century. It's Friends except not set or made in the nineties. It's great and it makes me laugh a lot. And I highly recommend it.
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Great Show!!!
macful5 October 2011
I really enjoy this show so far, only 3 episodes in, I can't believe the bad reviews people are giving it. Jess(Zooey) is so endearing and funny, some people are saying it's same show different actors, but really what show is this like? It's similar to three's company from 30 years ago. I really hope this show makes it, Zooey Deschanel is perfect for this character. This is the first review I've written, I check out a lot of shows but I really only enjoy a few and this is one. I was just appalled at what people were saying about this show. Sure I could take or leave the other guys in the show but maybe with time they will grow on you. Nick isn't so bad.
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what the..??
hallveig-11 April 2012
what is going on in the heads of the people writing such bad reviews of this lovely little show?

I have to say as many of the others, this show is like a breath of fresh air, there are some great comedies out there these days like Modern family and HIMYM, but this one is a bit different.. it's sweet and endearing, a bit like Friends. And I'm laughing my ass of over every episode. Zooey does a great job here like usually, and I like the rest of the cast as well. The first couple of episodes were a little slow to start but the show has really found it's footing now. I really recommend it!
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I tried to like this, so so hard
biba_yu26 August 2018
I watched every episode, and while first couple of seasons were kinda fun, later it became more and more annoying. Characters are awful, they behave like toddlers and they are all close to 40. Jess and Nick are just the worst, their behavior is so illogical, so creepy, so immature and they are so loud and plain stupid I just wanted to slap them so many times. I get it they wanted silly and quirky comedic characters, but please, watch Ally Mc Beal and learn how to do it right. Those characters were just the right amount of silly and quirky and sometimes borderline crazy but you just love them all. And they were gorgeous to look at too. New girl is just a bad attempt of silly quirky characters who would mostly look psychotic and disturbing in real life. If you need that to be funny you are doing it wrong. Everyone can be funny if they behave like toddlers in their late 30s. From other characters Cece is boring and her characters is mostly flat and without any charisma, Smith is totally unlikable (though I loved this actor in his other roles, especially in AHS), Winston is most likable but treated like crap by other characters most of the time. Coach started great then got boring later in series. Not one character behaves like normal or at least close to normal likable person. They are just loud, silly, annoying ,selfish, not responsible and immature. I tried to watch it but they were driving me crazy. I gave it 5 though because first 2 seasons were better and it had some promising start. Also, production is high and it looks nice but that's all for me.
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A show that just keeps getting worse..
TerribleKatherine22 August 2018
I actually liked the first season, it was funny and fresh, even though the hipster-bs kinda started to bug me. But after that it just turned in to something so un-funny and REPETITIVE. Off/on- relationships rarely work on series but after the Friends hit jackpot with Rachel and Ross, every mediocre dating show have tried it. And it is booooring. I had to stop watching New Girl at the end of season 3 because I cannot watch that anymore. The only reason why I give 2 instead of one, is like I said the first season was funny.
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New Girl......refreshing at some times...desperate at others.
dreams_dhruv22 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
okay...another sitcom.....let's try I thought.23 minutes doesn't hurt...and after watching a full impression of the show changed!! So this is the story abt a girl who lives on rainbows and rides unicorns,story of Jessica Day.The central character of the show has to be a fabulous actor,and the creators got that right...Zooey Deschanel does full justice to her role and is nothing the TV world has ever seen before,she comes like a breath of fresh air that passes after a few episodes,she herself does fine buy the world around her crumbles!! We have supporting actors as Schmidt,Nick,Winston and Cece....

I have seen many sitcom like two and a half men and FRIENDS....and after watching a whole season you are left with iron clad impressions about the characters like Charlie is a drunk sex-addict,Alan is a gold digger Chandler is funny and phoebe is weird.Well Except for Zooey,i don't have any such impressions about any of the characters after watching 20-odd episodes.

SCHMIDT-After Jess, Schmidt is the only decently thought out character,i say decent not good,good enough that you can write 5 lines for your homework.He has acted well throughout,and has been given enough scope for the same.

NICK-He seems to be the troubled one of the group and the underdog ,law school dropout and a pathetic bartender.He has been shown crying and drinking a lot while talking to his ex girlfriend,but in normal life he has been shown as most emotionally stunted and sober....clearly his personality is hazy as there is no link between drunk and non-drunk state.Alcohol heightens normal tendencies,it doesn't change ur DNA and make you a mutant.He doesn't have much scope of acting and hasn't made full use of whatever given to him.Seems un-natural and not at ease at times.I still cant make a STATEMENT about nick.

WINSTON-minimum scope of acting among guys,does a decent job but still isn't memorable.Just a normal guy,nothing special.

Cece-She is HOTT!!!....and soon after u think that,you don't see her in rest of the episode.She has done a decent job acting and successfully poses as a strong ally and the only girlfriend for Jess but as her character started to take shape towards the end of the season,and Schmidt realizes there is more to her than a 'hot girl i'm having sex with',when she meets her old relative and shows a family oriented side of her character,after some episodes Schmidt reads a message on her cell indicating her sexual involvement with another man.So the creators ruined her image as well,and left people thinking what her true nature is!!

FACTUAL 4th or 5th episode Jess has trouble saying the word pen*s,due to her immature and childish character.Creators probably forgot that she said the same word sitting by a bar in the 1st episode itself. ...also it has been showed that she used to live with her boyfriend Spencer before she moved in with the guys in 2nd episode,but in another episode its said that she used to live with Cece and she got bored of living with models that's why she moved....maybe we have twins....that would spice up the plot :P

As it is clear most characters lack a good personality because of which i don't see this show making a lasting impression on the TV world,nor do i expect this to go on for more than 3-4 seasons.It gets pretty clear that the writers are struggling and picking up random stuff to make episodes,they will run out of ideas pretty soon.This show despite of Zooey's charm and few thing's here and there about additional characters,does need something dramatic to survive.First 3-4 episodes are magical....straight downhill from there.!!
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Finally a Series with some intelligent jokes
MantisTobagan2 September 2012
Now most of todays TV-shows are sitcoms, where the jokes 99 of a 100 times are cheap, cheap as ****.

The show is about 3 guys who let a girl move in and live them, which probably warns a lot of people that i think would like this show to not see this show.

But what it is about and what they do is far from anything important in a Comedy TV-Series.

The bottom line is, that this show has intelligent humor and another important ingredient is that the creators are spot on which characters that should have the most airtime.
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Funny, intelligent, amazing.
mariajoaou271 April 2013
New Girl is the type of series that you won't want to stop watching. IT will certainly put you in a good mood and you'll find yourself laughing while watching it.

The characters are incredibly well-written, each one of them having a back story that is easy to keep up with and very believable. It doesn't take long for us to feel like we're also living in this apartment where Jess moves in after being cheated on by her boyfriend. Soon enough, you'll be feeling like these characters are your friends too and you know them well. Each one of them has their particularities; they all have different personalities and obsessions that make them unique and set them apart from each other.

The fact that there's some plot development throughout the series makes it an interesting show to actually follow and not just watch once in a while. We also see some character development, changes in the characters' personalities that make us either proud or disappointed.

Truth is, there's no chance this show won't leave a mark on you. It's funny, but still intelligent. It's not some dumb show that simply aims at making the viewer laugh. The jokes are not corny and the events are not random. This is one comedy show like no other: The characters are not stereotyped, and the storyline is not typical and easily foreseeable.

Give this show a chance. You won't regret it.
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Addicting Show!
Sd233830 March 2013
I saw a trailer for this show when it first aired and I thought it looked "cute" but not super interesting. I WAS SO WRONG. This show is spectacular. The humor is unbelievable. I really hate stupid awkward moments that make people uncomfortable, but the awkward moments in this show are so laughable it makes it so funny to watch. Each character has their own crazy personality. The characters remind me of The Big Bang Theory characters, each one is super important, has their own humor, and the chemistry is fantastic. I like how they make it OK to be adults in their 30s and not have their entire lives figured out and it's really relatable to a wide category of viewers. the main character Jess is adorable, hilarious, and so likable. Its great fun and super entertaining and you'll surely laugh out loud.
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Got Old.
sagei1 April 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Really fast.

Always liked Zooey. Just didn't realize it was in small doses. No doubt about it now however because she got really annoying really quickly.

And if ever a pair of legs were made for jeans not skirts, they're hers.

The guys are bland and trying so hard not to be. Schmidt is suitably cringeworthy but he does have his moments.

The writing too is repetitive. Awkward sex, conversation, singing and on and on and on...

Just how much awkwardness can you stand.

Broke girls is unfailingly obnoxious but still manages some real chemistry. New girl has none of that. No really watchable characters to speak of.

Will stick to watching her movies.

Wish them well.

Thank you.
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What happened to this show?
wallyci8 May 2014
I am writing this in hopes that someone who matters may listen. New Girl used to be hilarious and enjoyable. Over the past season, I have noticed that many changes have happened and each one sucks: New writer or new writers because the content has changed; Damon Wayans Jr is not funny and this seemed to coincide with his appearance; The show has essentially become an advertisement for sponsors - last week it was Target and this week it was Tommy Hilfiger. Oh yes, and they just started doing the corny ending to most episodes where everyone sings together..... Gah!

This show now sucks and I hope I am not alone in this thought.

Hopefully some changes happen and if not, hopefully the axe falls sooner than later.
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Maybe Maybe Maybe
izmadonna25 October 2011
Let me start this review off first by saying that I am a huge fan of Zooey Deschanel. Honestly, I'm a fan of the whole Deschanel clan including Emily Deschanel in "Bones" and even the mom, Mary Jo Deschanel in "Twin Peaks" from the early 90s.

The first episode started off pretty great. The concept of the show while not original in itself (one girl and several guy friends - "My Boys," "Two Guys, A Girl, and a Pizza Place" etc.) still manages to show a unique perspective. This girl with her many guy friends, while a typically weird Zooey Deschanel character (she got a show because we love this about her) is oddly quite feminine as are the guys that surround her. The initial scenario of the break-up while in the midst of a surprise seduction was hilarious and fresh at least for television.

There was a change-up with the cast where the token black roommate ("Coach") was replaced with another token black roommate ("Winston"). This was done early enough that it didn't phase me all that much when it happened.

The pilot being a great beginning, what I've noticed with the latest episodes is that Zooey Deschanel ("Jess") doesn't seem to have any character depth. There's no explanation or deeper understanding of why she does what she does or is the way she is. I'm not even sure she has a job. All of her relationships with the current boys, her friend or her ex seem to be superficial and mere affectations of her quirky persona rather than in anyway real or relatable.

The character of "Nick" seems to be sucking all of the character depth. He's obsessed with his ex (ok we've all sort of been there though not to his level) and his behavior is understandable, and relatable. This also gives him a back-story and explanation for his actions. I actually am starting to like him more than "Jess" at the moment.

I'm putting five out of ten down because I expected more from this show. I'm also putting five out of ten down because I am desperately hoping that when the show comes back in November that it will add more depth to Jess and the other guys. What does she do for a living? Was her mom an agoraphobic shut-in? Was her dad a narcissistic workaholic that wouldn't pay attention unless she sang? How did she meet her model friend? Why did her ex cheat on her? Was it because he couldn't take any more of her quirks? Has this happened to her before?

This show has amazing potential. I think to be successful to Zooey fans, its got to give us more. Here's hoping!
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Can someone explain to me why this show is funny AND still on the air?
borgoneohone3 May 2012
I like to think of myself as very open and forgiving when it comes to most things in life, including entertainment. I get why some people like "Rent" and I do not. I get why "MST3K" went on for so long even though my wife and I don't like most of the movies (too boring.) they were making fun of. But what I absolutely DO NOT understand is why on Earth, everyone and their mother "raves" about "New Girl." Now, I've liked my share of flops, either from fandom (yes....I did like the Dare Devil movie....flame now or forever hold your peace.), or because it was catchy in the beginning.....Kyle XY season 1 was so well written and reasonably acted, I watched until the show's demise, and even petitioned a return, which seldom works...I know.

After the upcoming new show commercials aired to promote newbie shows I thought....this does not seem funny. I thought "hey...that chick from 'Cloverfield' is kind of cute" realizing later it wasn't her. But that's about it. Beyond her cute appearance and mannerisms (reminiscent of Dharma and Greg....which at least had some redeeming moments), there is nothing good about this show.

I watched the pilot.....did not laugh once. Episodes 2 and 3....barely got smiles from me....and I'm often told I'm the guy who is always laughing at everything, even the unfunny stuff....which is true, I love comedy. That makes it even more disturbing....that I'm not laughing and all my friends are. The humor isn't high-brow Dennis Miller/Bill Maher type of comedy (which I do enjoy). It isn't Beavis and Butthead stupid (which I also enjoy). It's mildly amusing situations. A girl having a crush on an older man....teehee, how cute. Oh and the mother walks in to find her wrapped in cute. And that's about every episode....."awww, how cute...the character grew a little." I saw more character growth in the movie "Tank Girl," which actually got a few laughs from me.

The friends are a group of people whom you find living together in a million years. I mean how many guys in their 30's do you know sharing a loft with 3 other guys. They all have decent career paths but somehow can't afford to live alone. The cast is what Seinfeld would have been if they had all lived together....the show wouldn't have worked and been dumped by the network after a few episodes. Meanwhile, I see shows that are good getting canceled.....most notably "ManUP"...I've noticed almost every title Dan Fogler is in either does moderately well or goes belly up. The sad part about that is, everything he's in is almost always a riot. The dude has such a comedic presence....whether it's his delivery or a quick look. Just looking at him almost provides a chuckle. "ManUP" wasn't ground-breaking, or "new" in it's style....but it worked. Character's constantly conflicting, growing, and building off one another while being humorous. These are all the adjectives I cannot use to describe "New Girl." I'm almost afraid it's so popular and liked because a group of people started liking it and now everyone has to. see American Idol/Survivor/Any "reality" t.v. show.

At least "Arrested Development" will be back next year....I do have that to look forward to.
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New Girl: Is There Anything New Here?
shatteredrifle2 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
TV comedies --- they're so many that you can't possibly watch them all unless you're unemployed and don't sleep regularly. The real question right now is which one has something new and exciting to offer.

How about New Girl? New Girl is about Jess (Zooey Deschanel), a woman who moves in with three guys to deal with her break-up issues.

It is not every day that someone as well-loved as Zooey Deschanel gets her own TV series. She may not be up there with the Oscars people but she has legions of fans that will support whatever material she appears in. Thankfully, these fans will not be disappointed. She takes on her character Jess with such familiarity. Jess is without a doubt one eccentric lady, but one whose innocence and frivolity get to you. I find it odd that she would be dumped by her ex Spencer (Ian Wolterstorff), but let us just assume that he was intoxicated during the time he made the decision and was not thinking very clearly. =)

The show relies on awkward humor to keep you watching, and for the most part, it works. I am happy to say that it doesn't have a laugh track. I think we have enough of those already and it gets in the way of determining whether a comedy is actually funny or just supposedly funny. Regarding Zooey's support, her crew of guys seem to have interesting personalities, but given that the pilot is only 20 minutes long, it is not enough to determine whether they will be a good complement or just bring disaster. The concept of the show is likable, although not the most original. Somehow, I can't help but think about Ryan Reynolds' Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place in the late 1990s. One thing that I hope New Girl can overcome is becoming repetitive. Aside from Jess going on random dates and the guys helping her, what else can happen?

To answer the question I posted earlier, no, there isn't something new about this show except we get to be treated to a regular dose of Zooey Deschanel (which is good if you're a fan but sort of worthless if you aren't). However, don't get me wrong. I liked watching the pilot episode of New Girl. I didn't find myself gasping for breath or falling off my seat, but it definitely has its funny moments. Jokes were not as flat as I expected them to be. Many people were skeptic about the show's future but since that it has already been given a full season order, I expect it to at least last another season.

Give it a shot, folks. And keep your fingers crossed. We want more of our Zooey!
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Just a bunch of people doing weird stuff for no reason
kate16226 September 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This show is full with the most unrealistic and unrelatable characters I've seen. none of them makes any sense, and they do weird stuff just because the writers think weird is funny.

Zoey, is pretty and cute, and doing the all awkwardness thing. but she is not awkward in the way you can relate to her and think "oh, I do those embarrassing stuff too". instead, she just sings for no reason, which is not funny and just plain annoying. also doing all those "talking in a funny accent stuff", like it some show for 5yr old kids.

then Schmidt, who is just a not very attractive douche bag, and not a funny douche in a barney stinson‬‏ way, just weird awkward and very pathetic.

Winston, after watching many episodes, I'm still don't know what his personality is, and what he is doing on this show. It like he's there just to say lines they couldn't put on any other character.

Cece, being a model and always looking like she's in a prom, makes her the most unrelatable character in that show, they also gave her some very basic and boring personality, so it seems she is just there for the pretty face. Then she starts sleeping with Schmidt, who I couldn't found a one thing attractive about.

The only one who was quite fine was nick, but as the show progressed, he became more awkward and weird for no reason like zoey.

I have no idea how this show passed the first season.
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un realistic, unoriginal and very try hard
b439689920 January 2012
1. The jokes are like they are written by Compute Science majors with no sense of originality. These jokes are 10 years behind when they not funny then either. It's very painful.

2. I understand that the writers are trying to capitalize on the 'Zooey is eccentric but good looking' thing and the awkward unrealistic comedy routine that has been done to death and better by 1 million other films we had to sit through. By the way, Zooey sounds like drunk pee wee Herman.

3. Check this out:

Comedy character financial and social status by country:

UK - Low income families in small town houses. Realistic lifestyles.

Australia - Middle class families in average houses by the beach. A little unrealistic adventure lifestyles.

USA - Massive apartments or mansions. Every character is beautiful unless they want to roast some unfortunate less attractive person. Chorus lines in public places (zzzzzzz) hooded clean jumpers lounging in 4 million dollar apartments when they have no job. People that have jobs are advertising executives and high power lawyers about to make partner and all these completely un-realistic demographics to make the audience envy people that have 'better' more affluent lives. Ego.

4. So, basically, a TV series that tries way to hard and I bet gets pulled due to its unoriginality and blatant saturation of the ego centric rich kids living in massive downtown apartment stereotype combined with micromanaged social problems based on the characters plain stupidity and lack of awareness of what is important in life.

I would give it a 0 (zero) but I am not allowed to vote that low. Maybe even a negative double digit number.
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this is so bad, i wanted to like it but...
msveloso4 December 2011
First off, I love Zooey Deschanel, so I was really looking forward to this airing. I've seen her in a few movies and she's always been a great supporting actress. Perhaps she cannot pull off a leading actress role. Even her acting in this series is terrible. I was so disappointed after the first episode. Even more surprising was the rave reviews it was receiving. So I thought, OK maybe I missed something. I tried to watch the second episode but i felt like i was insulting my intelligence and had to change the channel. I think Zooey should stick to the big screen.

The entire storyline is beyond ridiculous, I cannot relate to anything in it.

The only thing funny about this show is that they are still on the air.
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Don't waste your time watching this show
viviannepontes3 November 2011
I love Zooey Deschanel looks and personality. So I have watched all three episodes of this show, trying to give Zooey a chance.

Zooey plays Jess, and the character is less than shallow, is empty- headed and nothing interesting. What is the fun thing about start singing at everything? This is a common joke about what is NOT funny. Not the other way round.

The only scene fun, up to now, was on the first episode when she dances naked. Fun but not enough to make me remember all about.

And Schmidt character? Nobody is that flat stupid. Big stupidity comes in layers.

A comedy with no fun, a story full of clichés, and characters with no depths. This show doesn't worth even the time I spent writing this review.

I wasted my time. You don't need to waste yours.
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Not a show for people with brains
ahahn15-575-32947627 February 2013
I started out an enthusiastic viewer of New Girl. Zooey Deschanel is pretty darn cute and I was a fan of Max Greenfield since Veronica Mars. That said, as the episodes go by, the characters are becoming two dimensional caricatures of their former selves.

I think this is an eventuality for any show as it progresses, but it's a phenomenon that shows like the Office have managed to stave off for at least 7 or 8 seasons. Seems like it's happening to New Girl in season 2.

When I say it's not a show for people with brains, I mean you can't expect it to stimulate your intellect. Even as entertainment, for me the show is becoming an energysuck and a waste of time. I keep watching to see if it will get better, but I'm disappointed every week. I'm surprised that the showrunner (and purported feminist), Liz Meriwether, has created such vapid female characters. Jess and Cece (the two core female on the show) are in their 30s and have no drive, no direction, no ambition, and no wit. The males fare a little better with Schmidt, but not by much. Above all, none of these characters seem to advance in any way from episode to episode and the storyline is never remarkably original or intriguing. It's like Groundhog Day every week.

I can't help thinking that if weren't for Zooey and her giant eyes and Hannah Simone in general, no one would watch this show. I wonder how far New Girl will go, riding on the American audience's naivete. Probably quite far.
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Show About Mentally Challenged Girl-Child
nantyglopa13 October 2011
I have watched all three episodes of this show and have figured out what it's about. A differently abled lady moves in with an gay man, a grown a** 30 year old and a black guy who gets replaced by another black guy. The most played joke is about a jar named after a feminine product. Jess is a "girl" even though she is also 30 years old.

All of these people are supposed to be older than me and they all act like they are about ten years younger. I will give it an extra star for the hotty, Zooey Deschanel. OK I might even watch it one more time for Zooey Deschanel, but the whole time I will be pretending that she is her character from (500) Days of Summer instead of Jess.
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I've tried to like it, I really have
thefensk5 January 2012
I've watched most of the first season ... and every episode has a chuckle or two, but almost every show (watching via a recording) I find myself pausing it to see how much time is left and I am always at about the fifty percent point. What's up with that? This is something I NEVER do with a thirty minute sitcom.

I think this boredom is due to the story lines ... they are tired and the pace is slow. So I find myself wondering, do I want to suffer through another episode for a chuckle or two?

She's cute and she's funny, and the rest of the cast seems adequate but there is obviously something amiss. Fox is usually pretty quick to pull the plug so obviously others are seeing something I am not seeing but I'll probably only watch it when there is a story line that strikes my fancy.
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New Girl, Old Story
SusanSp30 September 2011
This sitcom has also been played out many times before. It's been done, and overdone, and we are tired of seeing it. First, why would these three men need a roommate? Why would she move in with three strangers? Too contrived to be convincing. Zooey is cute, but she is exactly the same in every single thing she is in. I kept thinking of the movie Elf and that naiveté that was at once cute and annoying. Here it is more annoying than cute.

This one will be cut from the line up soon and with good reason. At any time, on many stations, you can find similar situation comedies playing out before your eyes. Most are done better.

I don't think there can ever really be a workable remake of Friends. I truly wish they would stop trying. It is the ruin of many careers.
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