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If you have a chance....see Johnny Ghost!!
bammcguire5 January 2012
I saw Johnny Ghost at a festival in Minneapolis and loved it! The film is moody and atmospheric with a fantastic soundtrack. Without giving much away, its about a woman (a music teacher and performer) haunted and hindered by people and events of her past. The opening sequences are exceptionally strong; they draw you in and set up the film beautifully. I really liked the pacing and storytelling which worked perfectly to reveal the story and the main character's complexity and torment. The lead actor gives a really strong performance, she wears a lot of her struggle on her face, and it's an interesting, emotive and watchable face. I found myself immersed as the film moved between scenes of her daily ritualistic repetitions, to small interactions which give us a clearer picture of how she copes, to hypnotic flashbacks. It weaves back and forth from the past to present, the past being played out in the music scene in the post punk era, which lends an unexpected edge and mystery to our protagonist. I found the film to be surprisingly beautiful and emotional, an uncommon mix of subtle and strong, and would recommend it highly.
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Not Skin Deep
cercamon87 February 2013
Is the vast stillness of the bay in Saint-Kilda very peaceful or simply deadly ? The past can weigh so much on the present that it becomes a burden and a tattoo can be as heavy as a corpse to carry on your shoulder. An astounding movie that will linger in your mind and senses thereafter. There is a classical Melbournian elegance in the beauty of the cinematography and the moments of suspense are so finely directed and edited that they are near unbearable. The original music and the visuals complement each other to great visceral effect. Lead actress Anni Finsterer expresses beyond "playing" the drama of high solitude that reigns supreme on the doomed mind.. ...And as cult wants it, we are offered -as a flashback and thanks to Mick Harvey- a never seen before footage of the Birthday Party live at the Crystal Ballroom.
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