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The 7 Best Movies Coming to Netflix in November 2017

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The 7 Best Movies Coming to Netflix in November 2017
It’s a good thing that Netflix already has the “Gilmore Girls” for all of those sweet Thanksgiving vibes, because the streaming giant is coming down from that Halloween sugar high in a bad way and following last month’s blockbuster slate with a relatively unremarkable roster of new additions. Proving that there isn’t much rhyme or reason behind when they’re able to upload new movies (it’s hard to curate around contract rights), the platform’s latest batch of titles is heavy on horror movies and light on seasonal fare.

Still, it’s not all bad news for those of you who might be looking for something to stream while you’re home for the holidays. Comfort watches like “Casper” and “Field of Dreams” are perfect things to put on when you’re immobilized by a stomach full of turkey, and you can even go for an
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Exclusive: Thomas Middleditch Puts Physical Comedy on Display on ‘Silicon Valley’ Season 4

Exclusive: Thomas Middleditch Puts Physical Comedy on Display on ‘Silicon Valley’ Season 4
“Shooting anything physical is so funny,” Thomas Middleditch tells Et about filming Silicon Valley season four, which premieres Sunday, April 23 on HBO.

As Richard Hendricks, the creator of a data compression start-up, the actor often had a thankless role to play in the first couple of seasons. While the center of the series, Richard is a constant worrier and very much a straight man to louder characters, such as Erlich Bachman (T.J. Miller), an arrogant entrepreneur and partner in Richard's company, and the increasingly zany and subversive Donald "Jared" Dunn (Zach Woods).

More: How Thomas Middleditch Got Physical (and Funnier) on 'Silicon Valley' Season 3

But as season three proved with a first-ever Emmy nomination for Middleditch (and season four will expand upon), Richard can be very funny -- especially when the actor gets to put his physical comedy chops on display. Last season, the character was very much at the center of the laughs, thanks
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Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk Talk 'Reviving' Firefly in Con Man and Gunning for Adam Baldwin in Season 2

Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk Talk 'Reviving' Firefly in Con Man and Gunning for Adam Baldwin in Season 2
Alan Tudyk hatched the idea for his meta-drenched Firefly sendup Con Man in Nathan Fillion‘s kitchen.

“That’s where I make all of my deals now,” Fillion jokes of the Tudyk-created project, which debuts on Vimeo in September and features the Castle star in a recurring role.

VideosCastle‘s Nathan Fillion Talks Season 8 Rick & Kate: ‘Things Have to Change’

Con Man finds Tudyk playing a down-on-his-luck actor whose claim to fame was a short-lived cult series titled Spectrum. Since the show’s cancellation a decade ago, he has made a living attending regional sci-fi conventions and trying (unsuccessfully
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NBC Announces 2015-2016 Fall TV Schedule with Trailers

As it closes in on its second consecutive season-long victory in the key adult 18-49 demographic, NBC unveils a new 2015-16 primetime schedule that combines popular returning series, edge-of-your-seat new dramas, inventive new comedies and season nine of the Emmy Award-winning musical competition series The Voice. NBC is on track to win the traditional September-to-May primetime season in adults 18-49 for the second year in a row after having gone the prior 10 years without an 18-49 win. Through 32 completed weeks of the season, NBC also ranks #1 or tied for #1 among the Big 4 networks in adults and men 18-34 and men and women 18-49.

In total viewers, NBC is running #2 for the season and within 7% of its year-ago Olympics-boosted average (8.8 million vs. 9.5 million), making this season and last NBC's two top-scoring seasons in total viewers since 2006-07. NBC has won the last three November sweeps in adults 18-49, as well as
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The 20 most exciting Games at E3 2014, and everything that might be wrong with them

The 20 most exciting Games at E3 2014, and everything that might be wrong with them
There were no new consoles at E3 this year, no expensive new peripherals. Nothing, at long last, to distract from the videogames. And what games! The 2014 videogame megaconvention found the three major companies adjusting to a new kind of normal: a kinder-gentler Microsoft, a swaggery Sony, a Nintendo that suddenly realized it was time to throw a Hail Mary on the Wii U. Across the board, there was a sense of experimentation. Major developers iterated old franchises in new directions. Smaller developers made bold splashes with highly independent visions.

E3 lives in a vortex of hype. Most people only get
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Beverly Hills Cop TV Series Confirms Brandon T. Jackson as Aaron Foley

Beverly Hills Cop TV Series Confirms Brandon T. Jackson as Aaron Foley
Last month, we reported that Brandon T. Jackson is in final discussions to portray Aaron Foley in CBS' Beverly Hills Cop TV series. Today, we have word that the actor has officially signed on for the coveted role.

The story will center on Aaron Foley, the son of Eddie Murphy's Axel Foley, who is trying to break out on his own merits and escape his father's looming shadow. Eddie Murphy has agreed to return as Axel Foley in the pilot episode. If CBS places a series order, the actor will recur as Axel, now the Detroit chief of police.

Eddie Murphy reportedly suggested Brandon T. Jackson for the role, since he is a fan of the young actor's work, particularly his stand up comedy routines. CBS had previously cast Brandon T. Jackson in the pilot Hail Mary, alongside Minnie Driver.

Shawn Ryan (The Shield, Last Resort) is writing the pilot script,
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Sony Pictures Grabs the Rights to Valiant Comic Series Bloodshot

Back in March of 2010, we brought you a rumor about director Matthew Vaughn (X-Men: First Class) reportedly gearing up to direct the comic book adaptation of the Valiant comic book series Bloodshot as his next film. That seemingly bogus report stated that Vaughan was writing the script alongside Jane Goldman (Kick-Ass, The Woman In Black), and fully financing the film himself.

Now, Deadline reports that Sony‘s Columbia Pictures has grabbed the rights to the Valiant comic from a spec script penned by Jeff Wadlow (Hail Mary), and the project will be produced by Neal Moritz of Original Film, alongside along Jason Kothari and Dinesh Shamdasani of Valiant Entertainment.

The Valiant series Bloodshot focused on mob assassin Angelo Mortalli, who was forced into an experimental procedure where his body was injected with nanites that enhanced his strength and skills but erased his memory in the process.

No director, production schedule
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Minnie Driver to star in new ABC show?

Minnie Driver to star in new ABC show?
Minnie Driver is being lined up to star in a new ABC show. The actress has signed a talent deal with the Alphabet network, Deadline says. ABC is now expected to find a suitable hour-long or half-hour project for her to appear in next fall. Driver reportedly signed the deal despite being asked by NBC to star in a pilot. Earlier this year, Driver starred in CBS pilot Hail Mary, but the project was (more)
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McG's Wonderland sells 5 TV projects

McG’s Wonderland Sound and Vision has continued it's streak of prolific TV development. Deadline reports that the company has sold three projects to ABC, NBC, Fox and the CW, and also has several comedy and reality pitches in the works. McG is also set to direct his first pilot since 2007's Chuck. The company has 3 series on the air this coming season, with Chuck, Supernatural and Nikita. The company is based at Warner Bros. TV, after renewing it's deal with the studio through 2013.

Here is what McG had to say about the deal and his parnter Peter Johnson:

“Warner Bros. bet on us 10 years ago and has helped us build an amazing business. Peter doesn’t chase the same writers as everyone else: we look for people on the verge, and for people who can tap into the youthful vibe of our company as they approach storytelling for broadcast TV.
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Jeff Wadlow to Direct Airplane Thriller Non-Stop

Jeff Wadlow to Direct Airplane Thriller Non-Stop
Jeff Wadlow has signed onto direct the airplane action thriller ‘Non-Stop’ for Dark Castle, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Details on the plot are still scare, but the the movie will reportedly focus on an air marshal who experiences an ordeal while flying on a domestic flight. The ‘Never Back Down’ director discovered first-time writers John Richardson and Chris Roach, who have been hired to pen the script for ‘Non-Stop.’ Joel Silver, Andrew Rona and Alex Heineman are producing the thriller. Silver previously worked with Wadlow on ‘Hail Mary,’ a pilot the director-screenwriter created and scripted for CBS. The two also worked together on the CBS pilot ‘The Odds.’ Dark...
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Dark Castle Acquires Airplane Thriller Non-stop for Jeff Wadlow to Direct

Following on the heels of the international success of Unknown, Dark Castle Entertainment has acquired the airplane thriller spec Non-Stop. Jeff Wadlow (Never Back Down and Cry Wolf) is attached to direct the pic which is co-written by first-timers John Richardson and Chris Roach. Per Heat Vision, Non-Stop is being developed as a gritty actioner that follows an air marshall who encounters some sort of unexpected turbulence while on a domestic flight. Joel Silver will co-produce the film alongside Andrew Rona and Alex Heineman. Silver and Wadlow previously worked together on the CBS pilots Hail Mary and The Odds.
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Laurence Fishburne leaving 'CSI': 7 possible replacements

The news that Laurence Fishburne is leaving "CSI" after two-plus seasons took a lot of people by surprise -- but it could end up being an opportunity for the show to reinvent itself a little bit.

When Fishburne was hired to replace the departing William Petersen in the 2008-09 season, it seemed like the right move: When the star of a series leaves, the next move is usually to find an actor of roughly equal stature to replace him. Fishburne, an Emmy-winning and Oscar-nominated actor who hadn't done a TV series in more than two decades, fit the bill perfectly.

For whatever reason, though, Fishburne's character, Dr. Raymond Langston, didn't strike the same chord among "CSI" fans that Petersen's Gil Grissom did. Petersen  seems unlikely to take his old job back full-time, and Marg Helgenberger is reducing her role as well, so the show will be looking for another lead
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New TV Season Breakdown: CBS

The Fall TV Season presentations for all the new network shows take place this week with the fourth announced today. Here's a full breakdown of which concepts have made the final list over on CBS.

Still faring well, though not as indomitable as it used to be, CBS made headlines more this year for the antics of "Two and a Half Men" star Charlie Sheen than any of its other shows. With Ashton Kutcher now replacing Sheen, the new look 'Men' is staying in the same time slot and you can bet the network is desperately hoping it'll perform as well.

In any case, CBS is actually making some significant changes this year in terms of scheduling. Most notably the new J.J. Abrams series "Person of Interest" is getting the highly coveted Thursday 9pm slot which has been the home of the original "CSI" for the past decade,
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CBS Passes On Minnie Driver In 'Hail Mary'

This will surprise approximately nobody, but CBS has passed on the Minnie Driver pilot Hail Mary. The show had been floating around way before upfronts, and it just seemed to lose momentum in favor of other pilots. Still, it's like, really, CBS? You pass on Minnie Driver for A Gifted Man?

Check out CBS's final fall lineup!

Minnie Driver joins CBS pilot Hail Mary

read more
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CBS passes on 'Hail Mary' pilot

CBS passes on 'Hail Mary' pilot
CBS has reportedly decided not to pick up drama pilot Hail Mary to series. The project starred Minnie Driver as Mary Beth, a single mother who teams with a streetwise conman (Brandon T. Jackson) to solve crimes. Deadline reports that Hail Mary had emerged as an early favourite at the network, but was eventually passed over. However, the pilot is still said to have the support of producing studio Warner Bros. Television and is currently being (more)
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W.G. Snuffy Walden Scoring Pilots for ‘Hail Mary’ and ‘Good Christian Belles’

W.G. Snuffy Walden has recently scored a couple of new pilots for the upcoming TV season. The crime drama Hail Mary centers on a suburban single mom living in Atlanta who teams up with a hustler to solve crimes. The pilot stars Minnie Driver, Brandon T. Jackson, Stephen Tobolowsky and Enrique Murciano. The project is created by Jeff Wadlow (Cry Wolf, Never Back Down) and the pilot is directed by Brad Silberling (Casper, Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events). Joel Silver and Ilene Chaiken serve as executive producers on the project. CBS is expected to announce next week if the show gets picked up.

The Emmy Award-winning composer has also scored the pilot for ABC dramedy Good Christian Belles (originally entitled Good Christian Bitches). The show centers on a recently divorced mother of two who moves back to the affluent Dallas neighborhood where she grew up to find
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CBS fall TV 2011 schedule predictions: 'Two and a Half Men' and a few new shows

CBS made a couple of bold scheduling moves last year by shipping "Survivor" to Wednesday nights and starting a new comedy block anchored by "The Big Bang Theory" on Thursdays.

This year? We're guessing less of that.

The biggest shakeup will come within a show when the network and Warner Bros. TV announce how they plan to reconfigure "Two and a Half Men" post-Charlie Sheen -- and with the news that the show unsuccessfully courted Hugh Grant, any such announcement is likely to be a pretty big one.

As for the schedule as a whole, CBS is once again working from a position of relative success, which means that we won't see more than a handful of new shows in the fall, and most of the newcomers will likely be protected by established lead-ins. Here's our best guess as to what CBS will unveil on Wednesday, May 19. (You can
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Fall 2011-12 drama and comedy pilots: What's the next hit (and what's headed to the trash bin)

Fall 2011-12 drama and comedy pilots: What's the next hit (and what's headed to the trash bin)
After spending untold amounts of cash on hundreds of dramas and comedies — most of which will never make it to your living rooms — the five broadcast networks will begin announcing in New York next week which projects are good enough to earn a coveted fall pickup. (NBC and Fox will present their fall schedule to advertisers on Monday, followed by ABC on Tuesday, CBS on Wednesday and the CW on Thursday).

Buzz is already strong for several projects (for more on the hot ones, click here). But every year, we always wonder what diamond-in-the-rough was left on the cutting room
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Fall 2011-12 pilots: What will make the cut for fall?

Fall 2011-12 pilots: What will make the cut for fall?
And they’re off! Casting is all but completed and production has already begun on scores of pilots for the five broadcast networks. But not every comedy and drama will go the distance. Which project has the right stuff? What pilot already has you feeling like you popped a Lunesta? Check out the mammoth slate for fall consideration. (And remember, all projects are whittled down in late April/early May before the nets present their fall slates to advertisers in New York):


The Doctor (Rina Mimoun, David Nutter). A mother (Christine Lahti) reconnects with her adult children when
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Fall TV Pilots: CBS

Here is the full list of the CBS fall pilots. Any new additions/updates are in bold. What looks good? What looks bad? Tell us what you think in the comments below. The Doctor Format: One-Hour Drama Network: CBS Studio: Warner Bros. Television Producers: Rina Mimoun, David Nutter Writer: Rina Mimoun Director: David Nutter Logline: A mother reconnects with her adult children when she joins the family medical practice. Cast: Christine Lahti as “Emily” Eva Amurri as “Natasha” Michael Boatman as “Dr. Brody” Scott Foley as “David” Kyle MacLachlan as “Jason” Hail Mary Format: One-Hour Drama Network: CBS Studio: Warner Bros. Television
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