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Season 2

19 Feb. 2012
A Fine Bromance
In the season premiere, Khloe and Lamar's marriage is stronger than ever, while Rob and Lamar's relationship takes a complete nosedive. Busier than ever with his "Dancing With the Stars" gig and other projects Rob decides it's time to move out and get his own place. But now that Rob is out of sight, he's out of mind to Lamar--and their once close and brotherly relationship becomes strained when neither one wants to "man up" and meet in the middle. Can Khloe get her baby brother and the love of her life back on good terms?
20 Feb. 2012
Rock-a-Bye Lam Lam
Regardless of the fact that Lamar misses playing basketball during the NBA lockout, what Khloe misses even more is sleep! Because Lamar can't burn off energy shooting hoops, he has been staying up all night playing video games, snacking and chit-chatting with Khloe which is starting to throw her off of her game. In an effort to get some sleep herself, Khloe tries every remedy in the book to try and get Lamar to doze off--even drugging him! Meanwhile, Malika starts dating a professional football player--but he comes with a lot of baggage that she might not be prepared ...
4 Mar. 2012
After an embarrassing photo shoot, Lamar gets fed up with Khloe treating him like a baby and decides to do something about it. Meanwhile, Rob tries to step outside of his sisters' shadows and start his own designer line of socks, but Khloe squashes his dream thinking he won't follow though with it. Will Rob brush the naysayers off, and will Khloe learn to let her man be a man?
11 Mar. 2012
No Turkey for Khloé?
With no end in sight for the NBA lockout, Lamar is left antsy at home--but a rare opportunity gets thrown his way when his agent asks him to play basketball in Turkey. However, Khloe's Armenian heritage makes it hard for her to support his decision to go abroad due to a disagreement between the two countries on a tragic historical event. Meanwhile, Lamar's best friend Jamie wants to jump into acting--but even with Malika's help, he can't grasp the concept that being an actor is still work.
18 Mar. 2012
Malika is still reeling from her breakup with Adrian and decides to make a drastic change--by getting a breast augmentation! But Khloe takes it upon herself to convince Malika that she has a distorted view of reality in regards to her appearance. Meanwhile, Lamar and his dad Joe make an attempt to mend their rocky relationship. Can they get back on the path to having a healthy father-son bond?
1 Apr. 2012
The Trade
The NBA lockout has come to a close and Lamar is more than ready to get back on the court--but there's also chatter his time with the Lakers may be over. After a trade to New Orleans falls through, Lamar goes into hiding, all while Khloe is taking care of business in New York and unavailable to be there for her husband. When the trade finally does happen, Lamar is transferred to the Dallas Mavericks, and he and Khloe must come to terms with uprooting their lives in Los Angeles to move to Texas.
8 Apr. 2012
Alone Star State of Mind
Now that Lamar has been traded to the Dallas Mavericks almost overnight, it's up to Khloe to quickly pack up and move their entire household to Texas. Plus, she has to find digs that will help Lamar feel at home. While Khloe falls in love with Dallas' southern hospitality, Lamar has a hard time adjusting both emotionally and physically to his new team, and his attitude threatens their house hunting and even their rock-solid marriage.
15 Apr. 2012
Under Pressure
Everyone has babies on the brain and it's driving Khloe crazy! Family members and even complete strangers can't stop asking when she will get pregnant, and with Lamar struggling on and off the court, she doesn't need any more stress. To Khloe's delight, Kim flies out to Dallas to offer some sisterly companionship, but instead offers unwanted fertility advice that sets Khloe off. Meanwhile, Lamar continues to sink further and further into a deep depression. Can he pull himself out of his funk and get it together on the court?
22 Apr. 2012
Lamar vs. Lakers
Still on the fence about playing for the Dallas Mavericks, Lamar feels uncomfortable when his new team gets pitted against his old team, the Los Angeles Lakers. And to make matters worse, the match-up is back in L.A. where all eyes will be on his homecoming. Meanwhile, his best friend Jamie is more focused on himself and building a reputation than he is about Lamar's feelings about being back in California.
29 Apr. 2012
Family Reunion
Without family around, Khloe and Lamar are still having a tough time adjusting to life in Dallas. But that doesn't last long when Kris and Rob come to visit--and even bring along a huge surprise for Khloe! However, when Khloe and Lamar find out that Rob won't be hanging around long, they give him an offer he can't refuse. Or can he? Meanwhile, Kris starts rubbing shoulders with the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, and Khloe's not happy about it.
6 May 2012
Compulsive Behavior
Now that Rob's decided to stay in Dallas, Khloe gets a firsthand look at how out of control Rob's OCD has gotten. When he receives news that his living situation in LA is compromised, his repetitive compulsions quickly go from amusing to downright scary, and Khloe's attempts to make him realize that he has a problem fall on deaf ears. Meanwhile, Malika pays Khloe a visit only to find that she has to share her bestie with NBA wife, Porschla Kidd.
13 May 2012
The Truth Will Set You Free
Khloe receives the shock of her life when reports circulate that she is not the biological daughter of Robert Kardashian, Sr. Determined to put an end to the rumors about who her father really is, her family urges her to take a DNA test. But their insistence has Khloe feeling even more uneasy, especially since it times with her mom Kris' admission of an extramarital affair around the time that she was born. Meanwhile, Lamar finally expresses the painful emotions that have been holding him back.

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