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Excellent Movie
gajen-lankan24 January 2011
A Heart touching love story after a long time in Tamil cinema. The first 80 minute are fast and very funny. Then the movie becomes a bit slow (in a good way). Park scene was very natural and emotional. I did not expect this much twist in a love story. The theater went crazy (screaming in a good way) every five minutes. Vijay was excellent. A movie to show his acting skills. He overshadowed all the other cast. Asin and Mithra looked older than he was. Asin changed a lot (for the worst). She has a plastic face. Mithras's acting was OK. Vadivelu was OK but his stay in the cine-field is definitely going to end very soon. Rajikiran was good. He should work with vijay in another movie with a meatier role.Roja did her part well. Step it up choreography could have been much better (considering vijay skills). Yaradhu was the best (of all the movies released in the recent time. Pattampoochi rocked. All the Songs were well placed in a Tamil movie. Overall, A very good movie after a long time.
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A Different Movie and Vijay's ComeBack Movie!
sreenivas198822 January 2011
The movie title itself says that it involves both Kaval(Guard) and Kadhal(Love)...tats y it is named Kaaval(Kadhal)an. The movie starts with Bhoominaathan(Vijay)'s respect for RajKiran and his ambition to become a bodyguard. His parents will send him as bodyguard for RajKiran as he is wasting time in just stunt and action. But he finally turns out to be bodyguard of RajKiran's daughter Meera(Asin). Meera dislikes him being coming behind her in uniform. She tries to change him by making anonymous calls to him. He falls in love with the unknown girl who calls him(actually Meera). She too falls in love. Finally whether he accepts her or not, when he comes to know its Meera, watch it on screen. Vadivel's Comedy is too GOOD! Music By Vidyasagar also ROCKS! The song "Step It Up" showing his usual talent and a melodious song "Yaaradu" are the TOP 2 songs. Finally for the Incredible CLIMAX, HATS OFF to the Director SIDDIQUE! Totally Ilaiyathalapathy IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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MyReviews (APS) - Old Lovable Vijay is back.
psarjun24 January 2011
Remake of Malayalam movie directed by Siddhiq, himself. 'Body Guard'. Plot: Bhoominathan (Vijay) is assigned to be the body guard of Meera (Asin) and Madhu (Mithra Kurian) by the person who he respects most, the person who has given his name - Muthuramalingam (Raj Kiran). Because of the restrictions of Bhoominathan, Meera get irritated and starts making blind calls to him. Story is not that great and the presentation too. But few aspects of the movie just helps the movie to score well - Vijay + comedy + a soft love story. Yes, film starts a twenty five year back just when Vijay's character is born. (Now a usual sequence in Malayalam films- may be because the writer com director is from Kerala). Story comes to the present tense. Vijay is introduced in a boxing championship but still a low voltage introduction scene for Vijay (Thanks). What followed was a poorly executed action sequence. Then a comedy scene with a dog and Vadivelu (Directly ripped from Priyadarshan's Malayalam movie - Minnaram). I lost complete interest with the movie. Then comes the first song - well choreographed one. The movie should have started from here. Movie picks up its pace well and what followed was a very entertaining first half. Vijay and Vadivelu hits bulls eye with their combo comedy scenes. Vijay's performance is highly impressive and you will watch a Vijay who was missing from theater for many years. First half is filled with comic sequences and second half with dramatic love story and few twists. Movies goes well. Movie works well - its a different Vijay movie, his charisma is back. Siddhiq stick to every Vijay formula but included many scenes which other directors of Vijay movies missed.

Vijay - one man holds the movie in his shoulder all the way. Vijay in a soft romantic role after many years and that works well and will easily reach his most dependable fans - Family and kids. This movie will attract them more than any of his last 10 films. As Bhoominathan, Vijay had 'acted' after a while. He delivers his best in Dance sequences (look out for - Step it Up..). Watch-out for his performance in the scene where he waits for his invisible lover in the park. Wow.. the old lovable Vijay is back. Asin - is just average. Something and many thing is missing in her face. She acted as if she is not interested and this feeling is not avoidable with a lot of close-ups scenes. Mithra Kurian - she looks very homely and does a good job. Rajkiran and Roja - good in their very limited roles.
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A good love story with an touching climax that is what an film need
sharmilla10026 January 2011
Kavalan movie starring Vijay and Asin is getting positive reviews from the critics. This film has faced lot of hurdles prior to release and there were so many doubts expressed over the film's release. Kavalan finally got released on 15th January and is getting decent feedback.

Remake of a Malyalam hit, Kavalan has everything in to woo Vijay fans. Vijay, who has been running through lean patch in his career post Pokkiri is back with a bang. Siddique, who directed Malayalam original Bodyguard, is the director of this film too. Vidyasagar's music is passable and is in tune with the story.

Vijay is seen in a completely new avatar in Kavalan unlike his previous masala films. He did a simpleton role which is different from his regular larger than life roles. Asin too did a fine job and has made her reentry into Kollywood count. Kavalan got the positive buzz of the all released in pongal. The trade experts and reviews state that it will reach the hit mark comfortably. Way to go Vijay.
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Feel good family entertainer
vikivignesh872 February 2011
Kaavalan is feel good entertainer....Truly speaking Vijay's performance was good in this movie especially in romance and Asin could have projected well(Like Nayan in Malayalam).Even though there are few changes made in Tamil to suit Vijay's image director did manage to maintains the hero's characterization consistently till the end.There are also some flaws in the story but can be forgiven since no movie is 100% perfect in Tamil cinema.... :) Raj Kiran , Roja, MS Bhaskar and Mithra lives up to their roles. Even though comedy is not like friends Vadivelu brings smiles whenever he comes in screen(Vijay and Vadivelu combo hits back after Sura). Vijay should have did this movie before Vettaikaran and Sura which was an ideal time but its not too late as it is evident that this movie proved in BO.Screenplay is quite slow and dragging in some places and Asin could have performed better. All the songs are perfectly placed except "Vinnai kappan oruvan" and the songs perfectly fit to the story.At last all the credits move to one man who made a tremendous comeback with this film and he is no other than "ILAYATHALAPATHY VIJAY", he carries the film on his shoulders from the start to the climax with his fantastic performance which is quite hard for anti Vijay fans to digest but we have to accept the truth that Vijay lived this role.
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Kaavalan A BlockBuster
arun-836-75656522 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Kaavalan (Tamil: காவலன்; English: Bodyguard) is a 2011 Tamil romantic thriller written and directed by Siddique. Starring Vijay and Asin Thottumkal in lead roles, the film is the remake of the director's own previous Malayalam film Bodyguard. The film features Rajkiran, Roja, Mithra Kurian and Vadivelu in supporting roles with a musical score composed by Vidyasagar. The film's principal shoot commenced in April 2010 and was completed by November 2010. Following several hurdles, Kaavalan released on 15 January 2011 with relatively positive reviews.

Vijay had back with his entertaining sense.This film was ended with unexpected twist.

Kaavalan was released during Pongal on 15 January 2011, a day after the release of Siruthai and Aadukalam, but it went on to rank first in online bookings in Chennai for the Pongal weekend.Kaavalan also received a good response from Kerala.

This movie will be a Great blockbuster and give a Grand name to Our Vijay
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Kaavalan complete family entertainment
santhosh_murugesan24 January 2011
excellent come back for our hero after 2 years. it's a romance and comedy film. especially actor-comedian combination gave great response in theater as well as vijay-asin pair made as ha-trick hit movies especially climax is amazing.unexpected twist is there in last 30 min. after watching this movie everyone should feel something different. it was a big treat for all fans not only for vijay fans also the people who like story and entertainment. vijay played innocent character in this movie and he carried the movie in his shoulder till climax. when seeing this movie we felt like watching old vijay movies. this one will be the best movie in 2011 according to my opinion.finally it was family entertainment watch it and feel it.
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Excellent Blockbuster Movie, Ilayathalapathy Rocks!!
boopathy-boops25 January 2011
Real great comeback for Vijay after 5 in row dull movies.. Vijay(Boominathan) and Asin(Meera)Hattrick victory, Asin done her character very well, even Vadivel(Ammavasai), Mithu(Maathu).. Thalapathy tried good acting. but it lacks someplace also full marks for him.. its worth watching in theater. First half looks little slow and second half and shocking climax is the great backbone to the Movie.. Siddqe done good job to vi jay after Friends movie.. This will be a good comeback for vi jay to done well next movies better... After many movies All fans in Tamil industry accepted this movie is good including Ajith fans... Rajkiran done the same roll suits with his character by Muthuramalinga Devar god of Semmanor village. Thanks. Hope Vijay will give again Mega hit movie..
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Kaavalan is family entertainer.
haikavin24 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Note: For People.. All are saying vijay comeback hit from past 5 film. Only Sura is miserably flopped at box office. Other films are hit only. ATM - Hit, Kuruvi - Super Hit (150 days), Villu - Average, Vettaikkaran - Super Hit (100 days). So, it is comeback vijay from 1 movie.

He gave good and clean family entertainer of d year (no double meaning dialogue, no sexy songs etc.). Vijay was show stealer. Vijay + Vadivelu comedy is very much appreciable. Asin and Mithra Kurian done good job. Raj Kiran and Roja were OK. It is a relatable love story shot in a cute and simple manner, rich with emotions.

Siddique's Screenplay was excellent. Vidyasagar done commendable job (especially in song Step Step, Yaradhu). The song placement are good. Last 20 minutes is heart touchable.

On whole, the Kaavalan is good family entertainer. A must watch movie....
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good movie must watch
aswineee00425 January 2011
Kavalan , remake of the Malayalam film Bodyguard, brings together the successful duo of Vijay and Siddique once again, not to mention the hit Vijay-Asin combination. Coming from Siddique, the man who gave us Friends, the expectations is of a Vijay starrer that would be rather different from the ones we have been offered lately. Kavalan is an emotionally narrated love story about a righteous and innocent man who is assigned the task of being a young woman's bodyguard. He puts full faith and confidence in anything that he does; his love story too blossoms because of these qualities. But, unwittingly, the faith that he shows is taken advantage of in a way that no one would imagine. It is not with malice or any villainy that this is done; but out of love and admiration towards such an innocent person. It is love and destiny that play hero and villain in this story of relationships. The movie also subtly tells us that it is never good to leave things untold for too long in love.

Overall, Kavalan is a movie that defies all the preset notions of a Vijay starrer that have been built over the last couple of years. It is his return to the romantic hero mould and also a call to all directors of the industry to stop pre-meditating 'over the top' scripts for him. A relatable love story shot in a cute and simple manner, rich with emotions.
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Poignant and Simple
ashram-aries26 January 2011
When mindless commercial pot-boilers rule the roost in TN and it seemed a decent actor like Vijay, who was acting only in these kind of run-of-the-mill movies, might go nowhere in his career with his last few movies not doing that great. But Kaavalan comes as a whiff of fresh air. A out and out cute and a little different attempt from Siddique, Asin and Vijay makes Kavalan an enjoyable experience. Vadivelu's comical ventures keep you in splits. The climax is a stunner and an unexpected twist makes Kaavalan tick and climbs up several notches above other recent soft movies. A sure winner . Family audience will surely lap it up.
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Kaavalan Blockbuster
vijay5361 February 2011
If you believe in the pain of love, then kaavalan movie is for u. . .Dont miss it. . Easily, its vijay's best performance over a period of time. . .

I was very much disappointed with d make up of Asin. . Didn't they watch Ghajini. .Vel. .Dasa. .Pokkiri and other Asin movies. . But her make up was a lot better in d second half. . .

Performance wise Asin is Asin. . .Chanceless. .She was just awesome. . . Minor changes to suit the tamil audience has been spot on and brings even better script than the original. . Vadivelu was so hilarious. . .Mithra had nothing other than being a walking doll. . .

Asin's screen presence and her cute expressions in all the songs were rocking. . Vijay looked young and vibrant specially in the yaaradhu song. . .Dance as usual, its just simple and stylish. . Song picturisation is perfect with Vijay and Asin. .Blockbuster written all over it. . .

When it comes to d pain of love, romance with vijay and of course her feelings will surely cannot be matched with anyone. . . Its a come back of sorts for vijay who will be focusing on rebuilding his carrier with kaavalan. .Was pleasantly surprised by his acting. .He made full justice to the role and of course not to forget Siddique to have given us a wonderful love story. . .

The senior actors Rajkiran and Roja made their presence felt and the music by Vidhyasagar was OK. .

Expecting an award for Asin and if there's no political issues in awarding her performance, then she will surely win it. . .
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Vintage Vijay.. Warning: Spoilers
Vijay is back to his vintage best in his latest flick "Kavalan" which has finally hit theaters after many hurdles. Movie is faithful to its original "The Bodyguard" which was a hit last year in Kerala directed by the same director , Siddique. This is the second one from the director- actor combo after the immensely successful "Friends". Though they were not able to recreate the magic of the former , "Kavalan" is better than most recent few movies of Vijay.

"Kavalan " is a reminiscence of those golden days of Vijay in the mid & late 90's with many such romantic movies of his which made him the most popular up & coming hero of those days. Seeing Vijay trying to change his track of sorts is in itself quite refreshing for Tamil Cinema needs heroes of his stature & charisma to be around to bring in the variety . Hope that he is not pulled into the muddle of politics & lost forever to Cinema.

"Kavalan " as a movie is not a path-breaking , artistic movie which can be classified as a classic. It has its share of downers like the patchy screenplay , poor editing with poor song placement , very average making , gimmickry in the form of stunts. Yet it is a refreshing simple romantic tale with the last 30 minutes of the movie having one of the best twists we have seen in the last few years.

First half has a meandering screenplay which is very wobbly & patchy with the comical duo of Vijay-Vadivelu providing the succor to the viewers in the otherwise below average half. The second half is where the movie's screenplay picks up steam & tightens leading onto a good finale. Its been a long time since the days of "Kadhalukku Mariyadhai" or "Thullatha Manamum Thullum" that a Vijay movie has such a poetic ending.

Vijay is good as ever showcasing his all-round talents be it in emotional sequences or comedy . He has tried to underplay with certain sequences not in keeping with his mass hero image & its the way forward for him. He dances like a dream & agile in action sequences. His combination with Vadivelu is rip-roaring & they bring the roof down with their comedy.

Asin looks jaded & disinterested in the movie though she is as chirpy & ravishing as ever in the song sequences. Mithra as the other heroine is adequate.

Rajkiran's character though bereft with confusion , his portrayal of the role is blemish-less. Roja , M.S.Baskar , Lingstone , Neepa , Bakru in the supporting cast don't have much to do.

Vadivelu is good once again with his combination with Vijay after their immensely successful "Friends" , "Vaseegara" & "Sachein".

Movie is technically not that great in fact very average in that aspect. Ekambaram is the cinematographer & it is a far cry from some of his earlier works.

In Vidhyasagar's music "Yaarathu" , "Pattampoochi" & "Sada sada" are delightful melodies while "Step Step Step it up" is a foot tapping number. It's been a very long time since a Vijay movie without a "kuthu" number . Background score is patchy with good work in between largely average work.

On the whole , "Kavalan" is a perfect decent family entertainer sans any violence or gore or vulgarity. Coming in the background of string of box-office duds "Kavalan" may help Vijay salvage some pride in the B-O.

If you are a fan of vintage romantic Vijay of the yore , then "Kavalan" is your pick.

Bottomline : Vintage Vijay..
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hats off vj
gopkrish884 February 2011
When i saw vijay's previous movies i can surely say that they were not the best of his movies in fact worse even for a die hard fan like me,but even then i can say that vijay's induvidual performance were good even in those films ,Kavalan comes with usual electric performance by vijay but what makes this film special is the performance of the director,story and the support cast whick makes everyone sure that ther was never a doubt on vijay's ability but its an issue of directors and script he chose before this film. it would be very difficult for any one who is 36 year old ,making only action oriented stories till now to come out of it and do a sensible romance but vijay has done that with absolute ease that many others could not have done
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vijay's kavalan a good film
vishnumjoshi4 February 2011
Vijay, the one man entertainment troupe has bounced back with Kaavalan. It's super fun, perfect Pongal family entertainer and fits in with the spirit of the season. What makes the film tick is that Vijay with the help of director Siddique has done something different within the constraints of the formula. The Tom & Jerry comic escapades of Vijay and Vadivel is a scream, song placements are perfect, romance is subtle but touching and the emotional climax twist is hard hitting. No Villain, no skin, no crass comedy, yet never a dull moment in the 2 hour 25 minutes movie.

Bhoominathan (Vijay) has been given that name by Semanoor Muthuramalingam (Raj Kiran), a wealthy and powerful feudal landlord. Bhoomi takes up an assignment to be the bodyguard of Muthuramalingam and saves him and his family consisting of his wife (Roja), daughter Meera (Asin), son Karthi (KK). He is given a new assignment by his boss to be Meera and her friend Madhu's (Mitra Kurian) bodyguard at the college where they are studying.

Bhoomi is some kind of a joke at the campus, with his peculiar mannerisms, security guard's dresses and dark glasses. Meera and her friends find his presence, often irritating. To poke fun at him, Meera starts making prank calls to him pretending to be a girl who is in love with him. After a while, things get serious, which leads to twist in the story.

One of the drawbacks of the film is the famous Asin-Vijay chemistry that has failed to work on screen. Asin looks too made-up, disinterested and sleep walks in a well written role. The film lacks a creditable storyline, but has been packaged keeping humour as its base, which makes it an engaging watch.

Vadivel who comes as Vijay's side-kick and his comic antics with the hero are genuine gut busters. Raj Kiran, MS Bhaskar and Roja have hardly anything to do. Mithra Kurian in second lead is OK. Ekhambaram's camera work is neat. Vidyasagar- Vijay combo works with some great melodies and fast beats like Pattamboochi and Step Step...At the centre of all the mirth is the magical Vijay. The film works purely on his star charisma and larger-than-life image. His ace comic timing, dance movements and subtle performance in the climax makes his performance absolutely knockout. He carries the film on his shoulders and is one good reason to watch the film.

Verdict: Family Entertainer,,vijay rocked all over the movie

Rated : 10/10
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Something Different
TheArthurFleck24 March 2011
After some average and below average movies from Ilaiya thalapathi Vijay gave good and cute love story. Director Siddque's effect is reflecting on screen in Vijay's performance. The story about Kavalan, Bodyguard becomes a lover of Meera(Asin). Bhoominathan(Vijay)has been appointed as a bodyguard for RajKiran and his daughter Asin. For some reasons Asin called Vijay's mobile as a lover. from that phone calls they developed their Love. Finally they joined or not is rest of the story. After Sachin Vijay gave cute love story. Rajkiran and Roja(Asin's Mother) have done a good job. for comedy track has been done by Vadivelu as a Ammavasai. he also done a Great job. Music is scored by Vidhyasagar. five melody songs, all are good not like previous movies. Finally Vijay is Back with "Kavalan".
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I use to hate Vijay, but
rampwalkvijay214 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I guess Vijay has changed a lot from this movie. He dropped all his stupid hypes and done a wonderful job after long time. I use to hate Vijay to the core. But this movie has changed my views. All credits goes to the amazing story line. In fact after so many years I had tears in my eyes for a movie. Vijay and Asin has done their role neat. Another important thing to be noticed here is that after long time, female lead has played a important role in a Vijay movie. Mithra Kurian has got a good start in tamil movies. She looks stunning in this movie. She has done a good job too. Rajkiran has been given a honorary role, but too short. Screenplay needs applaud too. Thanks Siddique for making it an interesting one.

Now, whats missing here. In the initial part of the movie, a villain role was introduced, but its totally forgotten. But may be if that role has come back to the story, it would have looked like just another movie.
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Vijay is back....
krishtheboss58 February 2011
I wanna say this is not a regular Vijay movie. After seeing a sting of flops and xerox in the name of movies, I went to kaavalan with just few expectations. Well I have to say I was more than satisfied. Vijay Asin combo rocks.

Movie starts with a "not so usual" type of Vijay introduction and it gave an first impression that this might be a different movie. Few minutes into the movie we have an basic idea what the movie is gonna be about. Rajkiran, a former some type of don, names baby Vijay. Vijay as he grows up he just loafs in the village. So his parents pack him off to Rajkiran's place as a bodyguard.

There enters Vadivelu. With Vadivelu and few fights and sentiment, Vijay is assigned to look after Asin and her friend Mithra Kurian in their coll. He walks behind them all the time with a security uniform, Since he is good in studies, he is made to teach the female leads. These scenes are hilarious.

After being frustrated by all these, Asin, on the advice of her friend, calls up Vijay from an blocked number ad flirts with him on the phone. He first thinks its a prank call but then he gets addicted to the calls. But at the same time she realizes that Vijay respects her dad and her a lot.

As the film progresses the love between Vijay and Asin progresses but vijay has no idea that the girl is Asin. As the movie goes on, Asin completely falls in love with Vijay. what happens after this forms the rest of the story.

Basically the movie is good. Even though its yet another remake hit, its better than original craps like atm, sura. Best positives from this movie is Vijay's awakening to the fact that people hate his stereotype movies. And Asin's return to Tamil movies. In short the movie is good and can be watched.
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Just an average movie
ratheesh-sahayaraj29 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Kaavalan,the remake of bodyguard is not as great as its predecessor.The movie has 2 action sequences which were not in the original,inserted perhaps on vijay's wish.

The first half is altered and somewhat OK.But a scene in which the hero chases the drug sellers from the school is removed in this film.If it had been placed the first half would have been better.

The second half is full of dialogues and drags a little bit.The climax is touching.

But is it necessary for vijay to pose as the original bodyguard(dileep)by even imitating his hairstyle,moustache and dress code in the climax? Asin looks old and unfit as a heroine.

Vadivelu carries the pace in the first half on his shoulders.Rajkiran scores in some places.

The background score by vidyasagar is good but only the opening song is good and the other songs are average.

All siddique films have a sense of humour but this one is a way down.It does not keep us entertained like his previous combo with vijay-friends and lacks both humour and concept.

On the whole this is a different film for Vijay and his fans......not for Tamil Cinema!
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one time can see
manithay24 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Movie is good. but this story already have taken in Tamil film in the name of PUNNAGAI POOVE, Nanda acted as a hero. same story. nothing has been changed. Director changed a little bit in climax to show the difference from that film. Vijay have done the job well. we can see the old Vijay who came in POOVE UNAKAGA. Totally Siddique copied . But that film dint get famous. The heroin name in that film also same Meera. I didn't expect this worst thing from Siddique. if u have not seen that movie, Kaavalan will be good. Otherwise u will be cheated. Asins friend who came in Madu character is very nice compare to heroin. And Vadivel track also very nice. In this film Nothing wrong with Vijay. After long time Vijay came out from flaps.Its worth to see.
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Just about makes the pass grade
Hurdy_Gurdy_Man11 August 2013
Kaavalan is the Tamil version of Bodyguard. It was the first Vijay starrer I saw in its entirety.

The first hour is intolerably bad, full of what I suppose is the typical Vijay film schtick. He looks quite funny when beating up a dozen or so thugs simultaneously, so skinny and harmless-looking he is in terms of attitude. Vadivelu plays one of the least funny and least necessary comic reliefs in the history of cinema. Tamil cinema needs to let go this obsession with comic reliefs. It's especially not needed in a film like this where the screenplay is so full of ridiculous characters and occurrences that it's impossible to keep a straight face anyway :D Once the love story begins, the film improves and the last half an hour does manage to make an emotional impact, even if only on a superficial level. Its treatment is like a Karan Johar film and is even largey lifted from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. Vijay sobers up and underplays his character, which made me think that he really has the potential to become a fine actor, but always chooses wrong scripts and bad directors like Dharani, Perarasu etc. He must approach some really competent directors like Mani Ratnam, Bala, Vetrimaaran etc.
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