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25 Feb. 2013
Research & Annoy
Because Chelsea inadvertently leaves it lying around, Jiffy finds the latest report on the focus group testing of the regular round table panelist/writers, he who shares it with his affected colleagues. The news is not good. They all believe Chelsea will use this information to fire them. So they all do whatever it takes to change that public perception as outlined in the report. They also feel they have to kowtow to Chelsea even more so than usual, including mentoring in the network's intern program, and attending a fundraising event hosted by Chelsea. It's not so ...
4 Mar. 2013
Gay for Jiffy
Jiffy's fellow writers believe that Hank, the studio's aging maintenance man, has a gay crush on Jiffy, based on Hank doing little favors for him, admiring a photograph of him in a woman's brassiere, and giving Jiffy an extra ticket to a Clippers game to attend with him. Jiffy's colleagues want him to use his influence on Hank to get work done for them. But Jiffy may be able to take his and Hank's supposed gay romance so far. Hank may have some say in the matter as well. Meanwhile, Sarah doesn't like that Chris has jumped on the bandwagon to give himself a fake ...
11 Mar. 2013
How Chelsea Got Her Groove Back
Chelsea is in a bad mood since she is horny, but refuses to masturbate to relieve her sexual frustration since she doesn't believe in masturbation. Since Chelsea's relationships with celebrities have all ended disastrously, the writers convince her that she should have a sexual dalliance with one of the crew members to relieve her sexual frustration. The person they collectively choose is Andy, one of the assistant directors. Chelsea refuses to approach Andy herself, so her staff have to arrange for Andy to come to a party at Chelsea's house. The process of getting ...
18 Mar. 2013
Mrs. Handler, Are You Trying to Seduce Me?
Chelsea asks Jiffy to work on a project ghost writing a book for her new dog, Jackie. This project entails Jiffy spending more time with Jackie and by association Chelsea at her house. As Jiffy's initial visit while working on this project progresses, Ben, also visiting Chelsea at the time, comes to the conclusion, based on what he sees, that Chelsea wants to have sex with Jiffy, despite she knowing that Jiffy is married. Jiffy has to decide if he will give into Chelsea's seeming advances, and if he doesn't whether that will affect his personal and professional relationship...
25 Mar. 2013
Hey Tay-Shón, It's Me Chelsea
After show guest Kate Beckinsale insults Chelsea for her lack of physical fitness, Chelsea decides to dictate part of Kate's health regimen to her writing staff: a five day juice cleanse, where they are to consume nothing but. The questions become not only if they can survive purely on juice for five days, but whether they can stand being around each other surviving solely on juice for five days. Meanwhile, Heather receives a largely inaudible voice message from Chelsea, who is berating the intended recipient of that message. Heather does whatever she can to figure out if Chelsea is...
1 Apr. 2013
All Dogs Go to Heather
The writing staff is excited by the news that Ross will once again be hosting the show tomorrow because of Chelsea's scheduled absence... a little too excited for Chelsea's liking. Chelsea does whatever she can to make her staff like her as much as they seem to like Ross, even stooping to such abhorrent behavior for Chelsea as being nice to them. It may be difficult for Chelsea not to show her jealousy, which may affect both her staff and Ross. Meanwhile, Brad and Jiffy, in viewing the daily rushes of a just filmed skit, notice that Chelsea's dog Jackie seems to be going ...
8 Apr. 2013
Tased and Confused
Chelsea has arranged for a writers' weekend retreat to Cabo San Lucas, about which all the writers are excited. The one exception is Heather, who has an important conflicting engagement, and Chelsea refuses to change the date of the retreat. Heather decides to ditch her previous engagement to go to Cabo. Chelsea ultimately downgrades the weekend to another locale, so Heather tries to make the best of the slightly worse situation. But subsequent further downgrades by Chelsea leads to Heather making more changes of her own. Heather may wonder if the weekend is ...
15 Apr. 2013
Putting Up with the Kardashians
Chris being old and single makes the other staffers talk about what would happen if he figuratively fell down and couldn't get up. Chris later mentions that he has an ICE (in case of emergency) contact on his cell phone, that ICE who would be contacted by any first responder upon finding a debilitated Chris. This news brings up the fact that Jen had long replaced Sarah with Heather as her ICE without Jen ever having mentioned this fact to Sarah. This news could forever change the nature of Jen and Sarah's friendship. Meanwhile, the staffers treat Mike the announcer ...

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