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  • We have a list of TV shows and movies that feature con artists Edit

  • Rumors of it being cancelled have been spread and later confirmed by James Van der Beek: Edit

  • It is unknown why ABC didn't air the episodes in their actual order. The remaining six episodes of season one aired as part of season two bringing the total to 19 episodes for the second season. ABC elected to air these episodes out of order, interspersing first and second season episodes without regard to continuity. As a result, some multi-episode plot arcs (particularly James' appearance on Dancing With The Stars and June's travails at a new job outside the coffee shop) are almost incomprehensibly jumbled in the original broadcast order.

    The correct order, as confirmed by James Van der Beek in his Facebook account, is stated below, after a message from Van der Beek himself:

    "For anyone looking to enjoy the demented, very wrong Don't Trust the B in Apt 23 in the actual right order, I've just posted the order in which they were written, produced, and meant to air - straight from the desk of Nahnatchka Khan. Hulu, iTunes and all have them in the random order in which they were aired."

    SEASON 1

    Pilot - Episode 100 [aired as 100] Due to circumstances beyond her control, June Colburn, an earnest, honest, optimistic girl from the heartland, is forced to move in with Chloe, a sexy, unstable, New York City party girl who has the morals of a pirate.

    Daddys Girl - Episode 101 [aired as 101] With Junes life plan in shambles after breaking up with her fiancé, Chloe decides to help her get back on her feet by setting her up on a blind date; James teaches an acting class at NYU.

    Mean Girls - Episode 102 [aired as 210] Discovering that Chloe doesnt think of her as a friend, merely a roommate, June makes a new group of friends; James tries to gain publicity by mentoring an underprivileged girl.

    Making Rent - Episode 103 [aired as 105] Under-employed and with the rent due, June goes into business with Chloe, only to discover Chloe has been running a troubling business on the side; James creates his own line of jeans.

    The Wedding - Episode 104 [aired as 104] Chloe teaches June about confidence after June receives an invitation to the wedding of some old friends.

    The Scarlet Neighbor - Episode 105 [aired as 209] June is determined to stop Chloe from ruining Junes reputation with her neighbors, as James struggles when he loses his best wingman.

    Whatever it Takes - Episode 106 [aired as 205] June attempts to land a Wall Street job, but things get complicated when Chloe sleeps with someone from the same company; James strikes up a relationship with Junes mom and meets his Dancing With The Stars partner for the first time.

    Its Just Sex - Episode 107 [aired as 106] James convinces Chloe to reshoot some scenes from their sex tape as June tries to have a purely physical relationship with a guy for the first time.

    The Leak - Episode 108 [aired as 212] June tries to show Chloe how to be a good friend; James gets in his own head as the premiere of Dancing With the Stars approaches.

    Parent Trap - Episode 109 [aired as 103] Chloe brings in some help for her busy season and June ends up cleaning up the mess Chloe has left behind.

    Shitagi Nashi - Episode 110 [aired as 107] Junes attempt to keep up with Chloe leads to the discovery that they might have something in common aside from partying. Meanwhile, the rivalry between James and Dean Cain heats up.

    Bar Lies - Episode 111 [aired as 206] Chloes constant lying troubles June; June prepares for her mothers visit until she realizes that its not only Chloe who lies; James goes to LA for the Dancing With the Stars premiere.

    A Weekend in the Hamptons - Episode 112 [aired as 207] The gang goes to the Hamptons! Bender! June waits anxiously to hear about a job; Chloe struggles to keep the bender going after old friends have changed; James attempts to recover from the Dancing With the Stars debacle with the help of Mark.

    SEASON 2

    A Reunion - Episode 201 [aired as 201] June, thinking about whats best for the fans, convinces James to reunite the cast of Dawsons Creek. But Chloe, knowing whats best for James, does everything within her power to stop the reunion from happening.

    Its a Miracle - Episode 202 [aired as 204] June helps Chloe get through a rocky Thanksgiving with her parents in an unexpected way; James is in for more than a photo op when he volunteers at the homeless shelter.

    Love and Monsters - Episode 203 [aired as 202] June comes to terms with her role in her roommates life when Chloe meets a man who might beat her at her own game; James throws a positivity party to combat the evils of Halloween.

    Sexy People - Episode 204 [aired as 203] Chloe takes over People Magazine to teach June a lesson about thinking for herself; James gets June hot and bothered when he proves himself worthy of Peoples Sexiest Man Alive.

    Paris - Episode 205 [aired as 208] June enlists Chloes expertise with an office nemesis at her new job; James uses his skills as an actor to help Mark tell June how he feels about her.

    Teddy Trouble - Episode 206 unaired, programmed to be aired by ABC as 214] June tries to keep up when Chloe brings in a ruthless friend from her past to help her take on the years biggest warehouse sale; James designer jeans label isnt selling as well as hed hoped.

    Monday June - Episode 207 [aired as 213] June goes too far when she tries to prove to Chloe that she can be a party girl and a professional; James takes his first pregnancy scare too seriously.

    Dating Games - Episode 208 [aired as 211] Chloe skirts the rules when she and June compete for the same guy in a real-life dating game show invented and hosted by James.

    The D - Episode 209 unaired, programmed to be aired by ABC as 215] Chloe gives June her first annual living-in-New York evaluation: its a D. To prove her wrong, June accepts Luthers offer to set her up with James assistant, which gets in the way of James big Woody Allen audition and Chloes selfish antics.

    The Seven Year Bitch - Episode 210 unaired, programmed to be aired by ABC as 216] After Chloe and James have a falling-out over his new girlfriend, June tries to repair their friendship and the negative side effects their break-up has caused.

    Using People - Episode 211 unaired, programmed to be aired by ABC as 217]

    Ocupado Episode - 212 unaired, programmed to be aired by ABC as 218]

    Original Bitch - Episode 213 unaired, programmed to be aired by ABC as 219] Edit



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