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Dane DeHaan: Jason



  • Robin : you are standing right where your Dad used to stand and we used to talk. He was a good guy, your Dad.

    [Jason picks up some sunglasses] 

    Robin : Oh wow. Yeah, those glasses. I haven't seen them in a long time, they're his, those goofy glasses.

    Jason : These were his?

    Robin : Yeah. You keep those. He would have wanted you to have them.

    Jason : Was he good at anything?

    Robin : Yeah. He was the best motorcycle rider I've ever seen in my life. Best.

    Jason : Yeah?

    Robin : Best. Never seen another one like him. Best.

    Jason : You guys good friends?

    Robin : Yeah I think we were.

    Jason : You still got his bike?

    Robin : [shakes his head]  No, his bike's gone. Police took it. I think they cut it up. They're angry with him, I know that. They're real mad with him.

  • Robin : [Robin sees Jason holding Luke's old glasses]  Why don't you put the glasses on?

    Jason : [shyly]  Nah...

    Robin : For sure! He would have said they were left there for you. No doubt. Put them on if you want. Go on. Put em' on.

    Jason : Yeah?

    Robin : C'mon, I'll tell you.

    [Jason puts them on and Robin smiles] 

    Robin : Yeah. Yeah!

    Jason : [smiling]  Yeah?

    Robin : Yeah! You're callin' him back!

  • [last lines] 

    Jason : How much do you want for it?

    Mr. Anthony : I was thinking five.

    Mr. Anthony : [Jason climbs onto the bike]  Have you ever ridden one of these things before?

    [Jason rides away silently. Fade to black] 

  • Robin : [Passes Jason a newspaper clipping and points to a photo]  That guy's your Dad. That's him there.

    [Robin points to another photo] 

    Robin : And that's the pig there, the one that pegged him.

    Jason : What happened to him?

    Robin : Who, the cop? Forget about him man. Don't start there, I'll show you good things. I'll show you good things...

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