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A Milestone in Gaming History
dekkar521 November 2011
I have been playing video games for almost 20 years now. I have played games in every category imaginable and have had countless favorites over the years.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim surpasses all of these with flying colors.

It is a giant play place. A beautifully crafted sandbox filled to the brim with HUNDREDS of hours of action, dialogue and epic quests. You will climb the highest mountains, crawl the deepest dungeons, wield the greatest weapons and fight the mightiest creatures.

The game is gorgeous. It's landscapes, cities and towns are lush and vibrant with detail.

Skyrim features professional voice acting talent by greats such as Michael Hogan, Joan Allen and Max von Sydow.

Skyrim's main storyline is but a mere fraction of its content and you will easily find yourself enraptured in it's fantastical world; unable to break away as you pour your time into it almost unwillingly.

It is simply marvelous. Words do not do it justice.
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Possibly the best game ever created...
harryparker4213 November 2011
I'm going to start off by saying; this is the best game I've ever (and I mean ever) played. And I've played lots of games.

The graphics are phenomenal - that's possibly thanks to the designers who drew every bit of detail in the game. The map is enormous - approximately twice as big as Oblivion's. An endless list of weapons, characters and missions. You can combine; magic and weapons, or combine magic and magic, or combine sword and sword etc. You can now get married. The lock picking has significantly improved since the previous game. Smash an enemy repeatedly around the head in an epic, brutal manner - and if you're lucky, you get to witness an incredibly brutal, cut-scene take-down. You can cook, create weapons, find an infinite number of locations. The story is fantastic - and is genuinely gripping. Everything about this game is excellent - and has improved a lot since Oblivion.

People say you can't have the perfect game... I honestly can't think of any improvements. I seriously recommend this game. And hopefully (just hopefully) this game will defeat "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3" in the game of the year awards... because it really does deserve to.
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Enter the World. And say goodbye to a real life.
85122226 November 2011
Greetings from Lithuania.

I'm writing this review, while meantime on the other PC i'm playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. WHAT a game! Can't remember the last time i was SO ADDICTED to a virtual game before. I'm playing for almost 80 hours already (!), and i'm not even in the middle of it yet! The graphics are gorgeous. Writing is top notch. But the game play, the open world, the hundreds of interesting quests, dungeons, dragons, bandits, magic, armors, castles, battles, wars, vampires, werewolves, mags, warriors, ... and so on and so on - it's just UNBELIEVABLE, how in the world creators have put all this stuff in one game! My favorite game before Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was "Fallout 3" but i thing it's time to say that i have a new king of games - SKYRIM. Buy it, play it, LIVE IT - because this is the game for the ages.

Hands down, this a Milestone in Gaming History!
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Accessible, huge, addictive, attractive and great value for money in terms of £ per hour!
bob the moo23 January 2012
"I'm not really into all that wizards and dwarfs nonsense" I told a friend when he talked about the new Elder Scrolls game, a series I had no interest in and even less knowledge of. The connection to the Fallout games though meant that I knew the basic gameplay would appeal to me since I like the idea of RPG but not the incredibly detailed stats packages that most come with – selecting equipment, taking notes and digging in menus I'm fine with, but too much detail I'm not. As a result I picked this game up, still not totally sure that I would like the loss of guns and dark comedy that I got with Fallout 3 and NV.

Very quickly I was into the game because I love getting caught up in the exploration, getting quests, finding stuff, building up my character and so on, all to the point where I really didn't progress the story very much until I had already played about 100 hours. The amount of quests is ridiculous and most of them do actually give you something to do other than just travel somewhere and come back. There are quests like that (the Thieves Guild "job" quests get tedious before you complete them) but they are the minority. The actual story is probably too short (ironic complaint for a game that I put down after filling the last few months and eating well over 100 hours); I left it at the end of Act 1 and when I returned to it I was surprised by how quickly I moved through the remainder of it to the end. I was also a little bit disappointed that the story did seem to stand alone and that it was easy to lose the plot if I spend ages doing lots of side-quests which rarely seemed to connection. Fallout NV got the mix better in terms of the storyline as so many side quests supported the story. It still engaged me because the vast majority of the quests were really enjoyable and provided lots to do and experience, just that they did fragment the story a little for me.

In terms of the gameplay, it is accessible to the majority, which means lots of fringe players will be upset. So, for example, I would have liked the dungeon puzzles to have been harder, but I know they were still OK so as to be fun for me but not frustratingly hateful for those that don't like puzzles! The levelling up system makes a lot of sense to be – if you keep doing something, you'll get better at it – works really well as an idea and in practice. I know it upsets "proper" RPG players who prefer limits on who you can be and lots more stats, but I felt it worked – I didn't pick who I was at the start, my character grew based on how I played – so my magic stayed weak because I never used it, unlike other games where you just assign points to a skill to make it better. The gameplay is varied but well balanced – so yes there is trading and making potions, but there is exploring, battles, talking to others, puzzle-solving etc – nobody seeking just one thing to be perfect will be happy, but again this is why the game is accessible and enjoyable to more players.

Graphically the game is beautiful. The load screens when entering a new area are fine until you're doing lots of rapid travelling, but in the open world of Skyrim you can walk for hours and hours and hours without ever seeing a loadscreen. The world ranges from snowy mountains to open green pastures and it all looks great. I did miss the humour of Fallout with this and the rather worthy talk of gods and kings didn't always win me over, but it still worked. The voice work is good and I accepted things like "all guards have the same voice" because such compromises makes room for more detail in other more important ways.

Overall Skyrim has good variation in gameplay and is engaging. The world is full of quests and experiences, with so much to do and explore that you will be playing this for days, not hours. Perhaps not for everyone and perhaps not as perfect as the hype suggests, but this is still a very good and very engaging and once you get into it, you'll be playing it for a good long time.
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Greatest Open World RPG Made
john_jaxs14 November 2011
Presentation: An elegant menu system and a huge amount of story content to dig into.

Graphics: Stunning environmental detail make exploring Skyrim all the more rewarding. Some character models and animations look unnatural.

Sound: An incredible soundtrack and great sound design help make Skyrim feel like a real place.

Gameplay: Though the up-close weapon combat is still a little awkward, customizing your character and conquering all Skyrim's challenges is consistently satisfying.

Lasting Appeal: A game of staggering size and filled with content, so there's always a reason to return.

The game is amazing and you will spend hours upon hours finding every mystery of Skyrim, the guys behind the Elder Scrolls series are the true masters of open world RPGs, so you can't go wrong when you buy one of their games.
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A must try game, for any person
thegreatcory5 December 2011
It's been the better part of a year since they first announced that 'Skyrim', the sequel to The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion, was in production. I was pretty darned hyped, because I absolutely loved Oblivion and thought it was a great game, despite some problems it had.

But as the release date for Skyrim neared I grew a bit apprehensive... I've played enough games from Bethesda that I knew it was gonna be great, but I started to worry it wouldn't live up to the massive expectations I(and many others, it seems) had for the game. Everything I had seen, from trailers to game play snippets to early reviews from those lucky enough to try the early demos all fueled my expectations, and I know from experience that even if a game turns out to be pretty darned good you can end up somewhat disappointed if it's not the masterpiece you envisioned it would be.

Well my friends, three and a half weeks after launch, and some 109+ hours of time spent playing it I can safely say my fears were unfounded. Skyrim is easily one of if not THE best games I've ever played, and I've played hundreds.

I will note that it is not without fault.. like pretty much all massive sandbox games from Bethesda it does have some bugs and glitches, but so far in my experience they are few and far between, and nothing that has distracted me much from the immersiveness and incredible scope that the game has to offer. I debated whether to give it a '9' rather than a '10' because of the very minor issues that have arisen, but I finally decided that the problems with the game are so tiny compared to the positives, that I would be nitpicking if I deducted a whole point; But to be fair, if I could score it out of 100 I'd give it a very solid 98.

Todd Howard may be a genius, but he has some serious work ahead of him if he plans on eclipsing his own high water mark with this work of art. I for one wish him the best of luck. ;) In my 25 years of gaming I've found that it's easy for a well made video game to keep your interest level high enough to be more enjoyable in hour ten than it was in the first hour of playtime, but it's a very rare game indeed that is more fun and more engrossing in hour 100+ than it was in hour 50. Skyrim is that game.
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Does this game ever end?
neverteller335 July 2012
And I'm not talking about the quests, but the atmosphere, the feeling it gives, the sheer joy of being there. Skyrim takes what is great from both Morrowind and Oblivion, improving on it tremendously, becoming in itself a huge epic. Nevermind the bugs, the glitches. It is simply breathtaking. I must admit, I am what one would call a hardcore fan of the series, and very pretentious about my fantasies... This is a game in which the hero is a Hero in everything he does. As a player, you will never stop fulfilling prophecies. It is rewarding every step of the way, like no game before it. I have been playing Skyrim since November, finished it in December. Fan or not... I ask you... Why can't I stop (July the following year)? I have my own supposition. Maybe it's because this game never ceases to amaze me. It never ends. Just like the world.
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The best game of the 21st century?
jayjaymadigan13 January 2012
This game, really is one of the best games you'll ever play, a massive open end world, hundreds of quests, complete character customization, amazing story lines, you'll have trouble putting your pad down, I genuinely get excited every time I play this game, because of how massive the world is, every play through brings new adventures, new characters, new places, new stories and new rewards, you could play this game for months and find new things you previously never knew about, the graphics are out standing, immense game play, challenging boss fights, amusing dialogue, and a beautiful soundtrack really makes Skyrim stand out from all the rest, all I can really say is, if you're and RPG fan, and a fan of sandbox games, and want a game that's actually worth the price tag stuck to it, buy this you will not be disappointed! If i had to summarize it in a few words I would simply say, you need this game in your life!
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This is My favourite game ever and i LOVE the elder scrolls series
tp-evans6 January 2012
Skyrim has got to be the best game ever it has everything you could ever want in an Rpg it has OUTSTANDING! Graphics and is practically limitless and endless from fighting dragons to bar brawls this game has everything with a incredible amount of customisation you can do anything and go anywhere in its massive area comparing this to call of duty would be like Pluto to the sun with skyrim obviously being the sun skyrim is the masterpiece of the a new generation of games and will stay at the top for a very long time The great and famous game developers at Bethesda have delivered a masterpiece and I'm certain they will do it again and again I'm very pleased with this amazing game i take my hat off to you Bethesda you have done it once again.
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An epic fantasy within an epic game!
mallen925067 June 2013
Normally I do a Good, Bad and Verdict on my written reviews but in the case of this game, aside from a few minor bugs and nitpicks, I can't think of any complaints about this game. This is pretty much my perfect game!

There are so many stories in this game, all of them really work well and in no way conflict with one-another, and with a game this big with so many stories within it, that must have been really tough. The main quest is very intriguing and builds to an awesome finish. Even the side quests and the downloadable content is very good, my personal favourite of these being the Dawnguard questline, though that is largely due to the new characters but will mention that in a bit.

The world is absolutely beautiful, from the snowy environments and forests to the dungeons and caves. The detail in the world is immense and you could tell the team behind the game put everything they had into it, creating a unique land and filling it with unique characters and creatures. The Dawnguard expansion had some of the best environments not just in this game but in any game. The Forgotten Vale is unbelievably beautiful and it's extenuated by the musical score. I've heard that Jeremy Soule is the John Williams of video games and before this game I didn't think much of him. But in this game I'm completely sold on him and it feels like the timing and mixing is spot on. When you see something beautiful or threatening you get the perfect musical accompaniment for it. Obviously the main theme is epic, one of my favourite pieces of music of all time.

As for the characters, despite having a lot of the same voices, they make up for in creating distinct personalities, including Lydia, the character everyone remembers. Though there are very unique characters with big name voice artists, like Christopher Plummer as Arngier, Joan Allen as Delphine and my favourite character Serana played by Laura Bailey. She has one of the best (if not THE best) back stories in the entire game, she has a great conflict and I love her interactions and reactions in the world. The enemies are awesome too, I love Alduin as the main villain, I love the Daedric Princes (Sheogorath and Clavicus Vile are my favs), I love Miraak and the other dragon priests, and even the dragons you fight can provide a major challenge.

As for the character you control, he's anything you want him or her to be. You can just ignore the main questline and do your own thing. You don't even have to kill things, you can just go around and help people out and build your own house (with Hearthfire). Or you can even go around and literally do everything in the game and that's what a great sandbox game should do in my opinion. I love the enormous variety of weapons and armours and general clothing you can get in the game, my favourite combo being Ebony Mail, ebony gauntlets and boots, Zahkriisos the dragon priest mask, Nordic arrows and either the Ebony Bow or Ebony Blade. Kickass dark assassin look!

I only have two issues with the game. One is the bugs and there are quite a few of them but with such a huge game there's bound to be a few. The other is the dragon riding mechanics they introduced in Dragonborn. It doesn't give you the freedom I wanted, and it's something that another one of my favourite games, Drakan the Ancient's Gates, trumps Skyrim. I desperately wanted something like that in the game but for what I got I liked it fine, especially seeing the world from that height.

My verdict: It's my all time favourite game, I can't praise this game enough. I love it so much I'm actually gonna buy the Legendary Edition on PC so I can have everything for the game plus the Creation Kit so I can put my personal mark on the game. I haven't stopped playing it since I got it and I ain't slowing down now!
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A tricky one.
doesitreallymatter28 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
The Elder Scrolls franchise has been a staple for the RPG genre for quite some time now. Skyrim builds on top of what made the previous titles great while reworking some core features.

The game is good. From a strictly objective point of view, the sheer amount of production value that's gone into it makes it a Class-A title. It looks fantastic, the game world is huge, the voice acting is overall very good and it's just easy to get into.

There's a catch, though.

What Skyrim offers is not for everyone. Any TES game attempts to diffuse the line between video game and roleplaying, and it does so by creating an open world with tons of content and dropping the player into it.

Most games don't take much from a player, other than his/her presence and control input. It might be more or less challenging, surprising or rich, but the story and everything else in the game is scripted, rendering the player more of an observer than an actor in it. Skyrim tries to fight this linear approach by letting you do whatever.

The flipside is that in order for the player to achieve that much freedom in the game, there aren't any solid structures in terms of story, gameplay, decision-making, character development or consequences.

This pattern applies to every aspect of Skyrim, such as quests. With a few exceptions, there's not much in the way of awesome scripting or storytelling. Just a bunch of people asking you to kill someone or fetch an item from some ancient ruins. Even the main quest feels underwhelming and short, when it should be an epic tale of dragons and chosen-one-ism.

To sort of illustrate how the game does not hold your hand, there's the nowadays very popular moral choice bit. We're used to games presenting us with a moral dilemma that will have some tangible consequence. Choose to save Jack, get him as a companion, but Jill dies. Save Jill, Jack's Guild of Awesome Peeps will become hostile towards you. Kill both, get the gold and unlock the bad ending. Skyrim does not work this way at all. At one point, I was jogging along in some city, minding my own business, when a guy walks up to me and asks for my assistance investigating a house. We went in and I got myself mixed up with some sort of demonic lord that forced me to kill this guy. Then, he sent me to look for some kind of priest and lure him into a trap. He died too. I got a cool mace as a reward. Never heard from the demon dude again. Now, in the eyes of a traditional gamer, this made me evil. I killed at least one innocent person. But in Skyrim, there was no consequence. No negative karma points. No bad ending. No Jack becoming hostile towards me. Likewise, there was no dialogue choice to let me back out of the quest. No way to not kill the innocent guy or kill the demon instead. No way of concluding the quest differently. So how does that work? Well, if I really wanted my character to stay good and pure, I had the possibility to just not do the quest. I'd still have it in my quest log and I wouldn't have gotten any sort of reward for being "good" but at least I wouldn't have done the demon's bidding.

Again, freedom vs. structure.

The point is, what your character becomes, the reasons for his actions and how he is judged, is up to you and you alone. The game will not slap you in the wrist for being bad or reward you for being good.

Thus, Skyrim turns out to be a conflictive, confusing and boring game for some and a very enjoyable blank canvas with endless possibilities and replayability value for others.

One other anecdotal illustration. Since I'm really bad at real roleplaying, I decided to keep somewhat of a journal in a .txt as I played the game as if my character was writing it. During the time I was doing this, I enjoyed the game immensely. I made up a story for my character and it was heaps of fun. At some point, due to poor writing skills and lack of creativity, I couldn't follow through with it and just kept playing the game. After a while, the game just became absolutely tedious and repetitive. To me, this made very clear that the more creatively, intellectually and emotionally invested you are in the game, the more rewarding the experience will be. Skyrim is a clean slate. If you can make it work, it's going to be one of the most rewarding RPG experiences that you'll have, but it does take some effort and imagination getting there.

As I approach the end of this review, I realize that reviewing a game like Skyrim is pointless in itself, because there's not much to review. Every player should have a different experience when playing it, because the game bets on the player to do just that: be whoever he wants to be and do whatever he wants to do.

If you're looking for a game that gives you the freedom to do anything and actually *roleplay*, give it a go. If you want solid storytelling, structured content and to be awe-struck by what you're seeing on the screen, try something else.
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Could be epic if it wasn't for the bugs.
nemod124 May 2015
I picked this game up a bit later than the most people. i didn't played Oblivion and i was very new to the series. I played Fallot 3 later than Skyrim , and i am going to come back on than in a minute,

Where to start>! I have 510 hours of game play into my 360 file on the xbox, and i enjoyed a good 500 of them. So there is a real good game in here. It's big. It's open. Apart from a little clumsy fighting control with melee, i got along without any frustration. Maybe some negative reviewers felt the story was lame but if you're new to the genre it's very amusing. There is so many to do and to explore. And i think that did a bit too much. You can have so many different quest at a time. And i have at least 4 quest that i cannot complete. Cannot get the achievements for them. And after 510 hours game play its frustrating. Playing Fallout a while ago made me very happy to pick this up once more. Nearly not as many quests but the solid cracking game play was just refreshing. A little step backwards from Bethesda in my opinion. I cannot recall a bug in the whole game. Still love skyrim though. It has great replay value. I see myself playing it again. I am however afraid quest glitches will be around on the console and we have to deal with it. On the other hand. If you do not care too much about achievements there is plenty of content here that keeps you busy for many many good hours of game play. Decoraating my house was just amazing imo. Even with th bugs. If not for the bugs i gave it a 9.8.
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I used to distrust Bethesda, but then I took a Skyrim to the knee
petra_ste26 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I wasn't a fan of Bethesda before Skyrim - their "quantity over quality, freedom over narrative" philosophy rubbed me the wrong way. Still, this sandbox RPG is a colossal achievement.

Game world is amazing: rich, detailed, meticulously crafted. The biggest surprise is the greater attention to storytelling this time around (see the compelling prologue, as the protagonist is escorted towards his execution before a last-minute escape), and a strong main quest.

Also, dragons. The stroke of genius was making their attacks mostly unscripted, which adds unpredictability. One of the highlights of the game had me leaving all equipment behind for an undercover mission in an enemy base, only to be assaulted by a dragon as I was crossing the courtyard; another memorable moment had my character hiding in a frozen tundra in the middle of nowhere as a dragon and a giant furiously fought each other.

The game still spreads itself too thin - countless subquests are still of the "go to dungeon X and kill this/find that" variety - and once again total freedom gets in the way of narrative and choice&consequence: see for example how you can become Arch-Mage with a relatively untrained protagonist, with everyone else in the guild still a better wizard than you, or how most subplots don't affect each other in any major way.

Still, it's hard not to be intrigued by Skyrim's sprawling scale and scope.
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A masterpiece
nader-mahmoud3 September 2013
OK look I have been playing A lot of video games but I never found the perfect 1 until I came across this...this game is your chair because the amount of stuff u can do r awesome! you can be a werewolf,vampire,dragon hunter. And its graphics r the best I have seen look if I have to describe the greatness of this game it will take me hours so i don't know what r u doing right now and u haven't bought the game yet because you should buy some tape with the game so u can strap yourself in your chair because believe me you wont want to get out and, the story of the game is that dragons have returned to sky rim lead by an evil one so u were summoned to slay that evil dragon so prepare for a path of adventure you have never seen before!
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My Personal Experience of Tamriel
george-dobris1 August 2013
Skyrim is not than just a game , it is a multi-role-playing experience friend recommended I try the elder scrolls and to be honest I started with oblivion but when I started Skyrim I was shocked ,I never even imagined that a game could ever be so addictive(in a good way).

I mean that just the story and only is enough to blow your mind. I have been playing Skyrim for as long as it was released and to be honest I got bored with it from timed to times but then I found out same sites as the "SKYRIM NEXUS" and the thrill was back!

And above of all that Bethesda never stops to surprise me with the constant add-ons it creates.
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A masterpiece
kattserver25 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Skyrim is one of the best games ever made. The story is perfect, the music is epic, the Graphics are beautiful, and finally a game with Scandinavian nature and mythology!

Skyrim is a open world game. If you want to make a deadly potion, you can do that. If you want to explore a ruin, you can do that. If you want to slaughter a village, you can do that!

The story send you out on an epic mission. The mission to stop the black dragon Alduin from destroying the world. The missions are everything from hunting dragons, explore tombs and learning new shouts!

If you don't want to do only main missions, you can also join other guilds! Some of them are The dark brotherhood, thieves guild and the college of Winterhold.

Other great things you can do in Skyrim is to become a werewolf/vampire!

There is only one thing to say:

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One of the greatest RPG's ever made
Big_Boar18 May 2015
Once again on here, I had to pinch myself when I seen some of the user 'reviews' saying that Skyrim, without any shadow of a doubt one of the greatest games ever is 1/10 awful. If you sort reviews for 'hated it' first, read the very first review by Keydria, it is actually hilariously bad and inaccurate. My personal fav statement is 'It doesn't even have multi-player' which obviously shows just how clueless this person is; why the hell would an offline ES game have multiplayer? As anyone with a brain knows, 'critic' reviews are not worth reading, a fact that, if there was ever any doubt in, was blown away by nearly all of them giving a piece of crap like gta5 10/10. Anyone who really is a gamer though, will have scored Skyrim 9/10 or greater.

The game achieves a level of immersion and replayability that other games can only dream of. You can take a character, one that you have designed and do anything in the world, the role play element is very, very strong. The game looks good and 'feels' authentic, like you really are in Skyrim, land of the Nords, up there with the atmosphere of Morrowind.

For anyone who has yet to play this awesome game, you will love it, but make sure you go back on here and have a laugh at some of the negative 'reviews'.
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Just terrible
thefly503 December 2014
Now, now, I am not trolling here, nor am I some hipster who hates everything popular. I do not have a problem with somebody liking this game, but it's still an objectively awful game. Allow me to explain:

1)Presentation is pretty lacklustre all around. While the graphics are pretty okay, the visuals are some of the blandest I've ever seen. While justification is given for the brown and grey you see, it's still very much uninteresting and unpleasant. Music is great. Voice acting is quite poor though, and sound effects lack "oompf".

2)Plot is poorly written, you have no bearing on the world whatsoever (guys, we've had persistent world RPGs since 1989's Wasteland!), it blatantly retcons the lore established in the previous games (which I also don't think are the greatest games ever, but this is just terrible) and the only "choice" you make is whether you join the Imperial army or the Stormcloak. Both are awfully written and pointless, besides having little to no relevance to the world and, for God's sake, can you tell me why would you join a faction that tried to kill you?

3)Combat is depth-less. I don't consider Skyrim to be a role-playing game because your choices don't affect anything, but rather a dungeon crawling hack n' slash. Is it a good hack n' slash? NO! Your equipment boils down to:a)It's so ridiculously over-powered it breaks the game completely. The game's enchanting system allows your stone sword to be better than the best sword in the game, or b)It's so under-powered it is virtually useless. Magic, for example, is pointless beyond healing.

4)I like dungeon crawlers, but this is one of the worst! The dungeons are all linear and their puzzles are laughably easy. They are samey and repetitive, usually it's some cave or cavern where you just move from point a to point b, and get some useless loot at the end.

5)Factions make no sense. This speaks for itself-how did I manage to be leader of the mages' guild, barely putting any points into magic? All it takes to become a guild member is to enter some dungeon and whack things in the face.

6)The game treats you like a moron. It gives you quest markers everywhere, even though the instructions you are given are so vague your character can't possibly know the exact location.

7)It's painfully easy to break the game using the enchanting system and perk tree.

8)What people like most about Skyrim is the exploration. But here's the thing-the exploration aspect sucks! You move from point a to point b, enter a dungeon, whack things in the face, repeat however times you want.

9)Your main villain is a dragon, and while this is cool on paper, it's laughably easy to beat, and it again has no bearing on the game's world.

10)Then you have the stuff that's there but has no point, like marriage.

Ultimately, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a terrible game. It's not a good role-playing game, not a good hack n' slash, not a good dungeon crawler and not a good game. 2/10-terrible.
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The king of fantasy games
marcolvt24 February 2018
Few games are able to entertain you like TES V: Skyrim. A game that hardly will be forgotten in gaming history.

Bethesda in this chapter of TES series (magnifically) managed to create a perfect fantasy environment full of elements that give to the player an immersive experience, some of these new features include cooking, mining, marrying and, with a DLC (Heartfire) the possibility to build your own house.

Storyline quests are few but well developed, however, one of the strenght points of this game are the tons and tons of secondary quests that will make you forget about storyline quests and that can potentially keep you on the game for months. In the end i always asked myself if a plot was really needed for this game...

What makes Skyrim a great game is definitely the open-world feature, a vastly explorable world, at this, add a superb ambient soundtrack in addition, the game also possesses a very good character creator (which i particularly love in videogames, especially in rpgs) that gives more immersion. The gameplay allows you to play your favorite style, be it by cutting in half your enemies with the classic warrior, crushing your enemies with magic as a mage or killing your enemy from behind using stealth moves as a rogue, or, if you prefer, even mix between them. You can also equip different one-handed weapons ex: a knife and a sword or two one-handed swords or one one-handed weapon and a magic spell and other combinations. Among the weapons available there are one-handed and two-handed swords, maces, war hammers, axes and war axes, bows, knives, crossbows, magic staffs and shields plus many and many spells and abilities available most notably the so called "shouts", new powerful spells that can be unlocked during your travel through Skyrim.

Last, but not less important, is the incredible replay value this game has, probably this is one of its best features imo. I'm still playing it since 2012 (when i bought the PS3 version) and i'm skipping games such FFXV (that was one of my most awaited games) in order to play Skyrim, just saying.

However, even a game like Skyrim has its amount of cons. for example the many bugs and glitches (some of them still not fixed) that will ruin this game experience and, sometimes, even bringing you to frustration.

That being said, Skyrim is a must play for everyone who love fantasy western rpgs but in this case even for those who don't because this game has a good potential to entertain every kind of player.

This is what i wanted to say. Skyrim doesn't really need a review. It's useless wasting time trying to describe this masterpiece. Skyrim must be played.
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The best game I have ever played.
Hector Alvizo8 October 2017
Skyrim is one of those games that reminds me why I love videogames, while the graphics might not be amazing, they're still pretty decent, lots of detail, decent lighting, a variety of locales, and great detail on the dungeons, weapons, and enemies. The story is great, it has that classic "you are the chosen one" story, there is a ton of lore and really interesting stuff in it, and you get to know some really cool characters, the main quest line can be beaten in like 8 hours, but here's the thing, you don't have to do the main quest line, you can branch off and do side content, and not notice it for hours on end, the world is huge and open, want to go discover some place you haven't been to, go there, and there is a ton of stuff to do, there are dungeons, side quests and questlines, etc., the gameplay is fantastic, it's fun, satisfying, and rewarding, not to mention that it's not just set to one character class, you can be a warrior, and fight with magic spells from time to time, and the weapons aren't just some boring weapons, most of them have really interesting stats, and the armors have really good stats and buffs as well, and this game is massive too, you'll get hundreds of hours from this game through dungeons and side quests, which is a great bang for your buck, all I can say is, get this game, YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED TO!
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Excellent Game, Despite the Bugs
B Decker13 July 2017
This single-player open world adventure is one game that totally lives up to the hype. Everything from storyline to combat, environment to NPC relationships, is executed to a level I have never experienced before in a game. Immerse yourself as hero or villain, thief or royal squire in your own otherworldly life story from the cold landscape of Skyrim. The accompanying music from Jeremy Soule is so good, I keep it just as a soundtrack.

This game is all about choices. As each decision is made, you begin to develop your own storyline within the game that is unique to you. You can choose to own land – or not. You can choose to save people – or not. It is really hard to get more into this aspect without spoilers, suffice to say the way you play will teach you something about yourself while experiencing interaction with many mythical cultures and races. There were emotional moments in this game that touched me deeply, to the point of practical tears.

A player's character is built on many different skillsets – some you may choose to develop – or not. Levelling a character opens new game options and opponents. But if you are content to play with a single style and combat method, the game will run for as long as you want to play it just like that. You can also adjust the difficulty. I played levels thirty through to eighty two as legendary (maximum), but you can tune it down as far down as novice. I would give this game a ten if they would officially fix the many remaining bugs, but the game is still certainly playable and enjoyable. Again - hard to go into specifics on bugs without spoilers - but the game plays well enough.

A very definite BUY and PLAY.
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Good Game
veggiedude11 June 2016
Skyrim was a good game. There's no doubt about it. It has great graphics and a massive world. It's just my least favorite Bethesda game so far. Don't get me wrong i love it, but I had trouble getting myself motivated to do the main story line. And the game had a lack of easily accessible mini quests. This was a bit of a disappointment to me as Bethesdas games like Elderscrolls: Oblivion, Fallout 3, and Fallout 4, are jammed packed with mini quests to do.

On the other hand, i loved exploring the world of skyrim and it was the most diverse, beautiful, and complex world Bethesda has made so far. It was fun to walk the roads and explore, I just would love more mini quests to do that i can find while exploring. So bottom line, phenomenal game, just give us more mini quests to do while exploring. 8/10
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Tiago Oliveira28 May 2016
It's an excellent game, made by one of, if not, the best video game company's of all time - Bethesda. Bethesda has been working very hard on their releases, being the major title the series of The Elder Scrolls which saved the company from nearly bankruptcy. TES:Skyrim become a best- seller and impulsionated Bethesda into other major titles such as Fallout. Skyrim is the best because it's different and more beautiful than other TES titles, inovating in detail and fast travel, among other things, Skyrim become a worldwide title and it still is selling today. We all hope Bethesda does the TES 6, we just have to wait, we trust you Bethesda, keep up the good work. My name is Tiago, and i love movies and video-games. Farewell.
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A Very good game that can suck you into the game world if you let it.
grumpyconstable17 May 2016
I am 100 hours into this game (as of when I am writing my review) and I feel I have barely scratched the surface. This game has hundred of in game books to learn about the world and the lore behind it. At a first glance, it appears to be a generic fantasy world. This may be true to an extent, but once you dive in, you meet a world full of characters and lore that I have spent many a night learning. The in game civil war has real people debating in favor of their favorite side, as if was real politics. From my countless hours on the wiki, to my play time as of now, this game will cease to be interesting when the world ends. Much is to be said about this game and it will be easier to do a pros cons list.

Pros: Many in-depth characters you will become connected too

Amazing atmosphere and game world The food in this game looks delicious (Adding Immersion) Really nice background music You can do almost whatever you want

Extremely Lore-Heavy

Well-Optimized for lacking computers (I have a $500ish laptop and I can run the textures on high and almost everything else on medium) Combat can be a challenge if you have it on hard mode

...And so many more that I didn't bother writing down

And now we go on to the...

Cons: Several "essential" characters (you cannot kill them) A few invisible walls here and there A few glitches sprinkled throughout The mouse cursor problem, in which you can see your mouse cursor alongside the games cursor which, if double clicked, will put you out of the game. (fix by Alt-Tab and enter the game again)

All in all, this game has provided me with several sleepless nights of adventures. I have not bought the DLC Dragonborn (yet) and I already feel like I have a few hundred hours worth of game play ahead of me. Because of this, I will give it a 9/10.
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Where is the movie at?
animatorme113 May 2016
I am a Video Producer myself and wonder with so many original stories out there, Why can''t Hollywood make stories such as these into a movie adaptation instead of trying to re-boot older classics? It makes it look like that Hollywood is either lazy and/or wants to just cash in again on older films with new actors instead of looking into new fresh and unique story plots and characters in which the audience have not seen before.Characters and plots drive off of other stories most often, but to build a film from a new idea in which people today can connect with seems become evermore extinct in Hollywood.Creativity and film are born from original stories driven by great writers into a vision.
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