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Sex & Nudity

  • There are two books in the game that contain numerous innuendo, but don't directly mention anything sexual.
  • If your character is married then when they sleep, they receive "Lover's Comfort," implying their spouse slept with them
  • You can strip your spouse down to their undergarments
  • Some clothes are pretty revealing
  • A couple of characters state that a specific character is "out of control", and mentioned that the character slept with 3 men in one month. There's a miscellaneous quest that revolves around that character, where you have to confront the 3 men she slept with.
  • Characters wear underwear when their clothing are removed. When the protagonist is in his/her underwear, other characters may comment by either telling the protagonist to put on some clothes or simply stating the protagonist is naked.

Violence & Gore

  • More violent than the Fable Trilogy and The Witcher 1+3.
  • In one especially brutal quest of the dark brotherhood, the player has to shoot 3 helpless people who are tied up. This may be disturbing but however, you can cancel doing the quest.
  • You can decapitate people in combat. Very graphic. Shown in great detail.
  • You can engage in violent conflicts whenever you want, which is cool for gamers but horrible for parents.
  • You can kill animals (deer, wolves, rabbits, chickens, etc). You can also kill other fantasy creatures(skeletons, giant spiders, etc). When an enemy is killed there is a short splash of blood. When killing some creatures, the blood will be a different color. There is occasionally blood on walls in dungeons. The blood can sometimes stain melee weapons.
  • After upgrading skills to certain levels, it is possible to decapitate and brutalize enemies in various ways. These may be disturbing to some viewers
  • Two public beheading take place each at separate parts of the game this may disturb some people. The first is at the very beginning of the game, and is seen up close, with blood spurting out of the victims headless body as the head drops into a box. This only lasts for 3 seconds, but is brutal.
  • Necromancer caves sometimes have skulls on spears.
  • Although the game can be violent, the enemies that you will be fighting most often (e.g. dragons, draugr, giant spiders, and the such) will not spill much blood, and it's usually a greenish color. Keep in mind that the point of the game is to kill dragons, which is more fantasy like than violent and that most if not all violence is done out of self defense.


  • Damn is used moderately throughout the entire game, Ass is used once, Whore is used twice, and Bitch is used twice. Bastard is used too at the beginning of the game and other times.
  • Most swearing will not be heard due to the vastness of the game and the multiple dialogue options.
  • Keep in mind that the main story takes over 20 hours to complete and the rest of the game could be played for easily over 250+ hours to complete everything the game has to offer. So, in the end, there is a small amount of language compared to the vastness of the game.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • The player can drink many forms of alcohol, including mead and wine.
  • There are also many potions that enhance the players abilities. Health, stamina and mana potions are the most common. They simply give a boost to a certain attribute.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • If this game were a movie, it would be rated R for Intense Sequences of Fantasy Violence, Sex Related Material and Disturbing Images
  • It is a fantasy game with multiple enemies and allies. Many may be found scary to young children (skeletons). Some of the tombs that the player must go through are dark and claustrophobic. They can also have traps. There are many extremely creepy moments, sometimes giving you the feeling that you are watching a horror movie like draugrs sneaking up on you and scaring you or spiders making terrifying sounds while you don't see them.
  • Skyrim is very violent and contains some disturbing imagery and characters. It is best for children between the ages 14-17.

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