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Excellent show that deserves a chance to continue its tale
ninjabert14 January 2013
This show has taken the themes lightly explored in the Tron Legacy movie and continued to build on them with a level of care that shows genuine commitment by the cast and crew of this production. Characters are fleshed out, links are formed to Legacy and the whole thing is knitted together with sneaky plots, a beautiful look and a soundtrack that evokes Daft Punks best sounds. Haven't felt motivated enough to review anything in over a decade on IMDb or other sites but this show made me dig out my login details and make the effort. It's tricky to find on TV (especially overseas), but make the effort and buy the episodes online or just buy the upcoming bluray (fingers crossed) and you won't be disappointed. Kudos to all involved. Hopefully Disney will look past the initial ratings and allow a second season to be made. Like Firefly, it would be a shame if this show were canceled based on ratings.
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The best product ever to come out from the TRON franchise.
Francisco Huerta3 November 2012
TRON was a very special movie - combining the earliest efforts of CGI with a storyline that was far too confusing for people of the 80's. It was good; could have been better, but I can't see much to complain. People still remember it three decades after it was made. Very few movies can boast such a claim.

The rest of the franchise has been hit or miss - mostly "miss". TRON 2.0 was a good game, although it was underrated and mostly ignored. TRON: Evolution was a mediocre game with a weak storyline. But TRON: Legacy was the worst of them all - millions of dollars spent on a completely forgettable story with some of the best FX ever made. It was a major disappointment.

Enter TRON: Uprising. I was very intrigued when I saw the teaser trailer on the "Legacy" Blu-Ray - and I was absolutely blown away when I saw the first episodes. This is TRON done right. The animation is nothing short of astonishing - the artistic direction, fluid movements, and incredible set design beat anything that came before on the franchise, and it's quite frankly, the most gorgeous cartoon made for TV I've ever seen. I'd probably not be disappointed if I saw a movie with this kind of quality.

The storyline actually makes sense. What took Disney 1.15 hours to tell during "Legacy", this show tells us in 20 seconds (no exaggeration) - Flynn is nowhere to be found, Clu rules, TRON is missing. That's the way it should have been done in the movies. Each episode is interesting and fills in the details of what happened to the TRON universe during all those years.

Each new episode brings a new surprise - be it story arcs, animation, special effects, music - it's just mind-blowing.

Disney finally did TRON right. It only took them 30 years!
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Wow. Tron done right.
palewook20069 June 2012
Upon seeing the teaser trailer preview for Tron Uprising around January 2012, I dismissed the series as being nothing that I would have interest in watching. Based off the favorable buzz generated from the first episode, I decided to give the show a chance. Thank god I did.

This version of Tron takes the best parts of the Tron movies, combines stylized CGI graphics that capture the heart of Tron perfectly, mixed up with a wonderful collection of sounds that would make DaftPunk proud, and balances the delivery with a sensation cast of voices.

Give this series a chance, easily one of best American made Sci-Fi series of 2012.
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Everything I Hoped It Would Be
RaGeNyC17 June 2012
Disney chose to take the kiddie-route with their new Spider-Man series released earlier this year, making it appeal more to children by adding silliness. I figured there was a good chance they would do the same with Tron Uprising as well.

I've watched three episodes of Uprising so far and I can safely say that they did not take the kiddie route. Actually, it's the total opposite. The show is kind of "dark". It's definitely geared towards teens and adults. The stories are engaging, with just a touch of humor.

Light Cycle battles, Disc wars, Recognizers and everything in between..the action is amazing.

The animation looks incredible, silky smooth, with plenty of detail in the environments. That attention to detail helps to bring this new animated Tron world to life beautifully. I found myself captivated and totally drawn into each episode until the credits rolled.

The sound, wow. Crystal clear audio and sub-woofer-worthy bass that will rumble your walls. If you have a stereo hooked up to your TV, turn it up.

Lastly, the voice talent- All excellent, but especially Elijah Wood. He nails his role, bringing forth a strong, likable main character. And Bruce Boxleitner...need I say more!?
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if you are a Tron fan watch this!
kingdavi-384-10547831 May 2012
After watching tron uprising i am glad Disney decided to do it. Good they kept the soundtrack and having Bruce Boxleitner reprise the role of tron was a smart idea, not sure on Elijah wood or Mandy Moore as voices but who knows.

Can't wait for next episode. The anime plus cg works well. Lets hope this series continues for more than one season, the story lines always get better as a series goes on so if you are not sure yet keep watching. Hats off to the creator an A+ job once again great to hear the soundtrack as it suits tron well.

Looking forward for new episodes as they are made.
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octopedal-horse20 May 2012
I just can't find enough words to express my first impressions of this show. if the entire series keeps up the caliber and quality of this first episode then this will be a phenomenal mini-series. The animation is finely done, seemingly with great attention to detail and a treat to watch over and over again. Voice acting that exceeds all expectations from top-notch names and a carefully crafted script round off this show, making it the total package. Anyone who is a fan of Tron or just a fan of beautiful animation will be able to enjoy this show. In my opinion ten episodes is far too few but it should be an action packed spectacle to say the least. I'm looking forward to each and every episode eagerly.
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If You Like the Tron Universe, Watch It
paultaegel-3-9456609 August 2012
Like STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS animated series succeeded where its feature counterparts, EPISODES 1-3, failed the franchise, TRON: UPRISING surpasses the recent film, TRON: EVOLUTION, in nearly every way. The impressionistic art design is unique and evocative. The voice acting is first rate. The story lines are surprisingly layered for an animated series, and it does a good job of telling a complete story each episode while furthering the serialized plot. And I would be remiss if I didn't mention Daft Punk's original score and some of the best action sequences I've ever seen choreographed. At the time of this review, only 7 episodes of the first season have been aired. I have watched them all twice (being a dweeb, obviously) and look forward to seeing how TRON: UPRISING continues to explore and expand the Tron universe.
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Well thought out
Cory Ducey21 October 2012
The elements of the Tron franchise are present as well as a new twist in the making of Uprising. The cell-shading technique has been well done with what seems to be it's own and distinctive of other CGAs out there.

Although the story line has been well done in forming the characters up to this point, I think it is time to start blowing open the plot and increasing more battles with General Tesler as it does add more of a reason for him to get "The Renegade".

Beck's growth in the Tron role, by Tron himself, and understanding what Tron has gone through seems to make Beck stronger as time goes on. Beck increasingly understands that the lessons he learns from Tron is not just how to fight, but that every program in The Grid is not perfect...including Tron himself.

To sum it up? What makes Tron is legend and great warrior of the grid isn't just how many programs he defeats, but his actions in what he does for the programs of The Grid as well.

Looking forward to the second season.
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justinhenriks13 July 2012
I am an absolute fan of the Tron concept. I loved Tron Legacy and in particular I loved the special effects and Daft Punk tracks which were so perfect for the movie. To make an animated series was a bold decision. But... it paid off in a massive way. What an awesome way to bring a new, younger generation, to love the movies which are predominantly loved by those of us born in the 70s or 80s. I can't wait for the movie sequel. The animated series so far has excellent acting, superb animation and excellent story lines/plots.

I do have an issue with comments made by an previous user... firstly of course the series is going to be aimed at young adults... as this is the major audience for the Tron movies thus far it would make sense as they will be the main ones interested in watching the series (der!), and yes being animated it appears aimed at children as they are seeking to gain a new generation's approval in the movies and overall concept... plus it is cheaper than CGI animation. I think this all makes very good sense. Additionally, I didn't even realize that the bad guys are supposedly 'Asian'... what the??? Tesler is a bald white guy who is voiced by Lance Henriksen. The other characters do not seem to be portrayed as typical Asians either, particularly as the characters are voiced by actors such as Emmanuelle Chriquia and Paul Reubens!!! Once again I don't understand where this view has come from?

Away from these comments... it is an excellent series which has very little faults (none that I can see anyway). If anyone doesn't like it then they need I encourage them to make their own version and see if they could do better. I doubt they could... no... I know they couldn't!

Awesome job, can't wait to see more episodes.
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Absolutely Amazing Show
David Baran23 May 2013
I just finished watching the first season of Tron Uprising on Netflix.

I did not know what to expect but now that I have watched the entire season over 2 days I must say I am completely blown away.

This is the first review I have ever written for any film site, and I felt compelled to say a few words given the high quality of this product.

Tron Uprising is probably one of the best animated adult themed shows ever created. It takes the best from anime, and feature films and adult TV shows and removes all the silliness, cheese, stupidity, shortcuts, and crap that cheap animation aimed at children is riddled with. It transcends the genre by actually being on the level of a feature film or big budget TV series. Everything is presented with respect to the source material and the viewer which is so rare these days.

What the creative team at Disney has accomplished with this project is short of a miracle. They should pat themselves on the back for a job well done and be really proud of this achievement for creating one of the highest quality animated shows in existence.

Tron Uprising was a tour de-force (and no I am not a movie shill paid to say this)for me with every episode. It oozes quality out of every pore. The animation is top notch and something only seen in feature animated films in the past. Its actually better then most feature films and TV shows that I have seen in the last few years as far as story, character development, action, and special effects are concerned.

It has a very distinctive look that really fits the narrative. The attention to detail is astounding. The show never fails to deliver. It just keeps on giving one awesome scene after another, one twist after another one crazy set piece after another. This is one of few shows I have seen that just keeps on getting better and better with every episode.

The voice acting is top notch especially Elijah Wood, Mandy Moore who plays Paige, and Bruce B. Even supporting cast - characters such as Cyrus are exceptionally voiced. The soundtrack takes the best ideas from Daft Punk's album and expands on them giving us a truly epic and intricate film score. Sound design is excellent and adds to the atmosphere.

I cannot say enough about how much of a love letter this show is to the Tron universe and how much of a blueprint this has laid for what could be the beginning of a great universe for Disney if they choose to expand on it.

Every piece of tech from the light cycles, to even how transport trains or characters move and behave has been considered. The villains are believable and intricate, the writing is fresh and dark with a major focus on being an adult experience which is very refreshing and the main reason you get sucked into watching the series. This show does not insult you like the recent Star Trek Into Darkness did. It does not make you feel dumber and it does not settle for the lowest common denominator. It respects the audience and presents a world that is believable and mature. None of the characters act stupid or cliché. Silliness and kiddie crap are none existent. Humor is minimal and the show has a very dark and sci-fi tone to it which as I said before is very welcome. This is the direction where I wanted animated TV shows to go for years now. I hope Disney realizes that there is a huge audience that enjoys mature animated shows and a darker more complex story and tone that does not insult them.

You can tell that no shortcuts of any kind have been taken. From slow motion scenes and really complex angles, to wide panning shots and special effects nothing has been rushed, no frames cut and enough time is given to each set piece to animate. You won't find any rushed scenes as in Saturday morning cartoons or cheap tricks. This has big budget, feature quality written all over it.

It really shows how much the creators cared to capture not just the look but the feel of the Tron universe. While watching this I kept thinking how awesome this would have been in the theaters or how cool this universe might be as an MMORPG game or if everything from this show was expanded into other areas.

The show is great and it deserves your viewing if you enjoy a mature story that does not insult your intelligence, and if you want to see one of the highest quality animated TV shows in history. Its a total package and this has now become one of my all time favorite shows on Netflix and in general.

To add some context..I am in my 30s and have seen a ton of films and movies over my lifetime, Not a geek or hard core fan or collector. Just enjoy good films.

This show deserves a second season and in time it will become a classic for its mature story and respect for the Tron Universe. If you are paying attention Disney...keep this show going and market the hell out of it for adults and teens not for just kids! Pay attention how much its liked on Netflix. Partner with Lego as you did for Lone Ranger/Starwars and make some bricks. This has the potential to be huge! Don't throw away the foundation that has been laid by this amazing show.

favorite episode: The stranger #13
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Tron Uprising on the brink of cancellation? Impossible!
mtcet00725 January 2013
I've been watching Tron Uprising for quite a while now and each and every episodes never ceased to amaze me. Tron Uprising has an authentic style of visualization. The visuals,plot and fight sequences are equally awesome. But the character models aren't really likable by many,but if you could put the long-legged character design aside,you'll realize what a true masterpiece this show really is. Now regarding the title of this review,as you may or may not know,Tron Uprising is on the brink of cancellation due to the lack of viewers which is understandable due to the time slot being in the middle of the night on Sundays.Producer Edward Kitsis mentioned there's still chance for it to be renewed for a second season so don't lose hope,WE CAN DO THIS!So spread the news,friends,family members,pet dogs,doesn't matter,but we can't let a masterpiece like this perish. TRON LIVES! P.S. Anyone willing to volunteer to send an email to Disney regarding the timeslot of the show to be changed will be greatly appreciated.
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Incredible, heart-racing, fun
taylorownsu222 January 2013
This is one of the best animated series I have ever seen. The soundtrack is award-winning, the voice-acting is top-notch, the characters are brilliantly thought out, and the modeling/look of drawings and the way the characters and environment looks is absolutely beautiful and revolutionary. I truly hope that Disney will create additional seasons or continuations for this show, because it has touched my heart already more than the movie itself has. The uprising has barely begun, and I truly wish to see how Clu is brought to his knees. Throughout this season, I had an emotional connection to Beck, Tron, and the rest of the characters. The Tron universe has so much to offer, and the first season so far as only scratched the surface.

Absolutely brilliant show Disney c: Pleeeease make more!!
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Very good, and getting better
trobison74927 December 2012
This is an amazing show, in fact it seems like each episode outdoes the last in terms of dramatic tension, character development, action and just the sheer beauty of the show (and once you get used to the unusual character designs man is it good looking. Also unsurprisingly considering the outstanding cast the voice acting is beyond good too, all in all my only complaint about this show is that there is so much going on and so many plots that have be intrigued I don't see how they'll be resolved in just the couple of episodes left in season 1 (at this point season 2 hasn't been confirmed).

Also you have to love this show just for the fact that Disney has done their best to push this into the deepest, darkest corner possible to kill it off (its on at 12am on a Monday... is there a worse possible timeslot they had open?)and it just gets better and better. So yea, I'm telling you this show is the Rudy of animation right now.
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The Best Animated Series Ever Released by Disney
dcm_productions20 December 2012
Hopefully a sign of where Disney is taking some of their more mature properties, Tron: Uprising doesn't disappoint in telling the story that needs be told. I wouldn't dream of writing any spoilers here, my best advice is to watch the show and enjoy every moment yourself. Some of the best storytelling you'll ever see, sight & sound are top notch.

Taking place between the original Tron and the 2010 Legacy film, Uprising connects the dots between the two films with the pace of a well-crafted cyber thriller. In addition, all of the punches you'd expect to be pulled back by Disney are in fact shown with great result. It's as though someone just said, "let's roll with this one" and let the Uprising team just do their thing. Let's hope there's more like it in the future.
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Simple so far.. but Promising...
Sadern Alwis19 May 2012
After a couple of thoughts i decided to watch it.. was not disappointed at all.. Just the fact that stars like Elijah Wood and Mandy Moore are voicing the characters was a sign of an influential production..

The animations are very authentic to the ones that are on the movie, in a way, so is the story line. some how this Disney production have adapted the Manga type action scenes in a more impressive manner.. which is one of the biggest touch point..

the other is the Music.. they are sticking to the Original sound track.. which many will love.. but it could be much more impressive if the Daft Punk will release some new tracks for the series alone.. still the music is alluring..

the characters seem to promise a complicated storyline.. and they certainly better add more characters up as they go..
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The complete package
v_wishful17 July 2013
I'm a 30-something year old mother who, although quite fond of Sci-fi, doesn't really care for animation all that much. I was a little disappointed in the Tron Legacy movie - though I found it very pretty and I really enjoyed the soundtrack and impressive special effects - I was not compelled by the story or characters. So when Tron: Uprising appeared on Netflix, I skipped over it repeatedly.

One day we bought a new LED TV and were looking for things to watch that we though might be visually appealing. One of those things was Tron: Uprising. I've been close to obsessed every since.

This show is the complete package - stunning visuals, compelling story line and characters, gorgeous soundtrack. The pacing of each episode is perfect, the voice acting impeccable and the story-telling, through the combination of the visuals and script is thrilling and the attention to detail is just amazing. There are moments in the show that just couldn't be more perfectly crafted.

I haven't been so excited about something on TV since....well, I can't remember enjoying a show this much before. It seems that the show has likely run its course and isn't being developed anymore and thats a huge shame. I'm sure the incredible talent behind this show could have taken this story all the way to, and beyond, the Tron: Legacy story arc. I seriously hope Disney re-considers and considers more seasons.
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Excellently done
seshimaroo22 May 2013
Thi was an excellent show! The visual effects and animation were very well done. It was quite interesting as well. The character models looked like a mix of claymation and cartoon, and the environment seemed all Computer-Generated. The voice acting was great and the story, though it seems inconsistent with the films, was well-written.

This show managed to delve deeper into life and culture of The Grid, as the films used it as a side-story, just a world for the movie to exist. Elijah Wood did a great job of portraying Beck, and it was awesome how to guy who played Tron in the original film provided the voice in this show. Isure can't wait for season 2 and hope this show goes down as one of the greatest Disney shows ever created.
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This is one of the Best Shows Period and Needs to be Renewed!
stoler423 February 2013
Dear Disney, Tron Uprising has surpassed both movies which I truly loved, the show is just not being managed correctly. I have never watched the show live on Sunday at 12:00 midnight. I always watch the show on demand. It doesn't get a lot of play time I noticed and that needs to be fixed. You have a massive hit on your hands and your putting it on the highest shelf possible where only a few can reach it or even see it. If Star Wars the Clone Wars on Cartoon Network aired at the same time as Tron Uprising, it probably wouldn't be nearly as popular as it is today and It's not even that great of a show! Tron runs light cycles around Star Wars! Please Please, bring the show back and please when the third Tron Movie comes out, cast Elijah Wood as Beck, he's perfect for that role!
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Tron uprising TV SHOW
eitanshapir21 January 2013
Tron uprising

this TV show is awesome the first TV show that i really love it! 1.this show has most dramatic times i ever saw in my all life and real dramatic not like the others TV shows. 2.this show shows you the real relationship between friend even if you lied to your best friends that you are not who they think you are or who you are really is, this show shows you sad times, happy times, scary times, dramatic times, adult times (i mean adult times like someone died with a lot of cube blood or something like that and it's really awesome!), cool times (the technology of the cars, people and every thing in there) and a lot of other amazing times. to make it all in few words THIS TV SHOW IS AMAZING! KEEP THAT WAY!

From Eitan
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Like the idea of the show
thedarksteps9 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
While I like the storyline and the idea of the show as well as most of the art work and CG work, I hate the Aeon Flux character style. On the bright side for me, Bruce Boxleitner is actually doing Tron's voice. I know that sometimes Disney isn't willing to drop the money to get the original voices from a movie title for a series based off the movie title. If you can't get Nathan Lane to do Timon on the series, find someone who can do a really good version of Timon. And I know that Bruce hasn't done many big screen roles, but the two that he has done that I can think of, both characters were Tron. Plus it's good to see that while Captain Sheridan is gone, Tron is not.

The show has good action for a Disney Channel show. Great cast of some really top shelf voice talents. Never would have thought that Frodo Baggins would be in a TV series. Plus, ever since the first Terminator movie, I've liked Lance Henriksen in most roles he's played; I'm glad he's playing Tesler, he has that dark voice about him. I wish they could pull Keith David(known for many roles both voice and big movies(voice of Goliath(Gargoyles) and voice of Spawn(HBO Series))) or Peter Cullen(Optimus Prime, original series and all 4 movies.) in as well.

I'm sure Disney may even have a game title in the works for this show, although I hope it abandons the Mirror's Edge style game-play and goes back to first person(Tron 2.0 PC game, circa 2005) or third person(similar to Tomb Raider).

The show is dark, not just in environment, but in the storyline as well, as characters actually die... derez, but same thing as the character or back ground character is no more. Very odd for a Disney Channel show; killing off characters instead of writing them out. And I love it. And yes, it keeps the dark environment with neon highlights. I just hope they never use pastel neon, then it will feel like a grid done during the 80's influenced by Miami Vice.

The music is straight out of the movie and sometimes it seems it is placed better in the show than it was in Legacy. Also, the music track isn't overwhelming in volume as it was in the movie either. I realize that having Daft Punk do the music was a big deal, but sometimes it seemed like the music was a main character instead of just background. Which is where it stays in the show.

Prior to this show, I only watched 2 other shows and no other TV; Big Bang Theory and Hell's Kitchen. But I'm more than willing to break my no-TV embargo for this show. I'm glad to see that Disney is keeping the Tron universe alive this time.

I just wish they could have gotten Jeff Bridges to do some voice work for Clu when he occasionally appears.
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Ugly masterpiece
moonknight-423 May 2012
After the Legacy movie , I couldn't get enough of Tron and I really liked the idea of making a series that happen in between the 1st and 2nd movie. yet I always hated CGI animation in TV shows , it just looks bad compared to something you see in the cinema . and I'm in the belief that cartoons should stay animated in the old fashioned way ...

The Uprising didn't change my mind . but it doesn't change how much I enjoyed this show . it looks visually great , very detailed and while I hate the character designs I can't say that it's not unique and highly styled . plus , while the animation isn't the smoothest thing I've seen . all the action sequences were AMAZING .

But the true reason why this show is so great it's because of the revolution themed story , the great voice acting , and how you can see the artistic vision the creators had in every shot .

I will be watching this :) and the only thing missing right now in Tron is - a sequel to the movie
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An Incredible Experience
Walta Hill26 May 2013
I enjoyed watching the original movie of Tron as well as Tron: Legacy and I have to say, the staff for this show is what makes this show beyond superb.

I found the show out by babysitting for my little cousin as he likes to watch Disney channel often, and when it quickly took my interest by the characters and how they would develop. It's a great show for both young & old; while still being flashy & action packed for kids shows an almost more mature theme that teens and older can pick up quite well. Overall the story, characters, voice acting, theme are all fantastic and deserve praise for such a great show. I can honestly tell you by the end of season one it will literally have you at the edge of your seat wanting more.

I sincerely hope to see more of this show, it was a pity that it was moved to Disney XD after awhile, I was not able to watch it with my cousin since he only has basic cable. But I highly recommend seeing this on Netflix; whether you're young, old, or love the Tron series. You really will not regret it.
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Good, but it got old fast
Matt Otter20 March 2017
So, both Tron movies to me were like being hungry and getting to smell your favorite food but not eat it. They had good ideas, obviously great graphics, actors, music - but ultimately the story and characters just fizzled and did nothing really.

Now along came this cartoon, I will say the writing in this is far superior to the films, problem is tho, this show really should have been a movie, or maybe a few 1hr episodes. Many are complaining it was cancelled but I'm not one of them, the episodes were getting repetitive and suffering the fate of most shows.

How many times are the bad guys going to bounce back and forth "I've got a plan" "You failed, now listen to me boss, I've got a plan" "The Renegade won't escape - oh, whoops, he did, but uh, he won't next time....but he does".

The villains lost their menace about 6 episodes in and just became a joke. Not to mention the "secret identity" was starting to run in to the inevitable corn ball situations ("Why is so n so never around when the hero is here?").

Finally - the good guys won't de-res anyone? How are you going to win a revolution without killing any of your enemies? Sorry to say, but if this continued on it would have really been run into the ground.
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Disney, bring this back. Seriously . . . IT'S JUST TOO GOOD TO THROW AWAY!
Nintendo Picard15 September 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I know that the first two TRON movies have their fans. The first movie touched on some intriguing subjects and ideas, but it was still very bland and boring despite visiting an entirely new idea for the sci- fi genre. I cam find a certain amount of enjoyment in it due to its more intelligent nature despite its usual Disney campyness and forced "maturity" at times. Its sequel, however, showed just how boring a movie can be when it focuses purely on action and pays almost no heed to story. There's explosions . . . explosions . . . unlikable characters who try to sound like we should like them . . . and more explosions--the usual Disney action movie formula (at least there's a more clear-cut difference between good and evil). It took me a few times watching these movies to realize their problems, especially with "Legacy", because for a while I too had just jumped on the "impressive visual effects train" that makes one forget how bad a movie really is until we take a step back and analyze how the story and characters measure up to high standards of quality and just real life in general. Three years later, I was browsing on Netflix for a good sci-fi series and found this. I was a little put off by the maturity rating, but seeing as I had seen some impressively good "children's shows" in the past, I decided to give it a try. And it was amazing. First of, this series really should be rated TV-PG. It doesn't matter that it aired on Disney XD or that the programs die by breaking up into little bits of code so there's no blood. These are the representations of PEOPLE merely in the form of compressed energy. It doesn't need to be called a kid's show just because it's animated. In fact, being in the genre of animation fits the TRON series perfectly, not adhering the the rigid designs of reality. There's a lot of room for creativity and flourish in the character designs. With that point aside, this series embodies everything that the first TRON movies should have been; there's steady, well-done character development, surprising plot twists, and many diverse characters that you can't help but love even when they're the bad guys. Take Pavel, for instance. He's sadistic, selfish, and all- around insane when he gets into his "homicidal maniac" mode. But then there are smaller, quieter scenes where he's just planning for his schemes in the future--which can be extremely chilling when you see snippets of what he's done--or when the writers just decided to poke fun at his unstable quirks. Every character absolutely bursts with energy, from Pavel to Beck's hilariously introverted friend Zed who tends to get into more trouble than he really should. There are a few instances where the writers slipped and make it a little obvious that this is a kid's show--a couple of plot holes here and there or an awkward line or delivery, but those barely hampered my enjoyment of this complex, 3-dimensional series that anyone can enjoy. Sadly, at the moment you can only watch "Uprising" on Amazon Prime, but if you have the streaming service I highly recommend buying it. Show Disney what they've let go of and give it at least four stars and a good review for a job well done. Who knows, maybe the fans can help bring it back one day?
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They fail to realize this was their greatest success with TRON
asiasimaq1 September 2015
Warning: Spoilers
It's 2015 now i see this for the first time but this was an awesome series, the story the concept of it, it made an impact on a major audition not only for kids as Disney hoped for.The show was amazing in every point. It explains everything better than 2 hour long movie. This is TRON done better the the movies, it has an amazing storyline. Each episode is interesting and fills in the details of what happened to the TRON universe.What they fail to bring in the movies they bring only special effects the animation brings it all and its nothing more the perfect and well made. The animation is nothing short of astonishing - the artistic direction, fluid movements, and incredible set design beat anything that came before on the franchise, and is one of the best cartoons ever made.It deserves to go on. They waited 30 years but finally they did Tron right.
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