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Best new show in a long time.
scouter-110 April 2011
I'm not sure what you other people are watching but perhaps you all are the reason there are so many lame shows on TV. I think that the people who do not like this show do so for the same reasons I LOVE it. It's NOT like everything else out there! For one, this is one of the most intelligent shows on right now. I love that they have not dumbed this show down. They use correct grammar and use some words that one would expect people of their education to use. I have NEVER seen a cast gel so fast in my life. I was afraid that I would have trouble not seeing Roy from the Office, but that was put to rest right away. There have been so many times that I could see the predictable turn of events coming a mile away and it DIDN'T happen! I LOVE that this show eschews the clichés.
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"Sex in the city" but with guys, and not so much sex, yet funny
mikealike23 February 2011
The show is uncomplicated and funny. So far, the lines have not had fake, awkward moments, and the dynamic of the actors is good. I like the easy action, and the cheerful vibe that these episodes so far are sending out...

We have three buddies, one of them married and having a child, one with a just-moved-in girlfriend, and the other having short term relationships. They talk about whatever happens in their everyday lives and try to sneak a thing or two pass their partners, but without being douches. They manage somehow not to be boring either. The girls are also OK, not the main characters, but the permanent ones are well-drawn, and attract sympathy.

It's more a "relationships in the city" sitcom, but the dialogues and the friendship thing do remind of the SITC series. The writers have experience in good-rated comedy shows, so that explains it. Actually, this here Traffic Light is the American version of an Israeli sitcom, Ramzor,created by Adir Miller. On the other hand, Bob Fisher co-wrote Wedding Crashers, which had the same guys-talking-about relationships-without being too nasty air.

I hope they manage to keep this one going well, and not make artificial efforts to pump it up. The latest sitcoms on TV are following a "forced" tendency, that I cannot yet put into words, but I do not like. This one is not in the same batch.
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Traffic light is the perfect metaphor for the show
RCBVan13 April 2011
Traffic light is the perfect metaphor for the show. It takes a while to get up to speed after it starts, but once it gets going, it is full of smart humour, fun characters and a solid 20 minutes of smiles if not outright laughter.

Sure you can compare it to other ensemble comedies, such as HIMYM, Rules of Engagement, or the up and coming Happy Endings. But what I like about this show the most is the characters are normal...not eccentric. They are just a trio of three friends, bonded perhaps more than most with the lost of their fourth amigo Ben. They find a way to balance their own lives, whether stopped, slow or on the go with the connection of friendship that often wanes as we move into our thirty and forties.

That said, I do admit, it took me about three episodes to really start falling for this show, but I am glad I invested the time. I really enjoy tuning in each week for the antics of the boys. I hope Fox gives it a chance to shine because I do think it is a diamond in the rough.
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kirannv-126-1549036 August 2011
awesome-st show.. make more TV shows like this or definitely another season i cant believe its over.. totally funny and catchy make sure you don't miss out on watching it best new TV show, these guys are funny. its pretty well thought out i must say.. good way to spend your time. hated waiting for the next episode to come out but was so excited when it did. I'm only 19 and loved it ! loved what they did with the traffic lights and stages of relationships is pretty epic.. so relaxed yet intense.. i had to write a review so people will send time watching this because i reckon its totally worth taking 20 minutes out of your day to catch up and just relax.
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My 395th review: Occasionally laugh out funny but mostly you want to punch 'em
intelearts30 March 2011
Traffic Light based on the hugely successful Hebrew hit Ramzor about three guys, one married, one in a live-in relationship, and one a player, is not bad per se, but I can't really love the idea of guys who constantly talk ALL THE TIME to each other - friendship is one thing - being pseudo-girly is a bit much.

When its truly sarcastic it's laugh out loud funny, but the conversations are too much, though situations are good and occasionally this show delivers stunning one-liners, but the payoffs are few and far between.

All in all if your over 30 it will make you smile wryly but it probably won't be the show you're going to want to become your absolute favorite.
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when u adapt a bad show it will still be a bad show
Lisbeth Castro9 March 2011
this is is an adaptation from a show in Israel that goes by the same name Israeli television is bad and this is not an exception even if it is being made by Fox. the show just like its counterpart is bad by all accounts. the characters are awful' the writing feels as if it were pulled out from a sitcom in the 80s, and it plainly makes you feel sorry for actors who need to play those roles. i tried watching the original and it was 30 minutes i will never get back , and sadly perhaps even moronically i watched Fox's remake and there you have it another 30 minutes that i will never get back. my advice if you don't have anything better to do with your time believe you me, you would rather flush down the toilet for 30 minutes and watch the water swirl down.
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Traffic Light is a show about three everymen who each have their own form of a stereotypical relationship, and that's pretty much it
Scaly Bonniventure22 February 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Traffic light is about three men who have different relationship lives, and each one is supposed to represent one of the three colors in a traffic light. The green (always on the go, I guess) is Ethan a bachelor played by the guy that goes to America to get laid in Love Actually. I guess because he never settles down he's green, even though you could just as easily make the case that because he doesn't move forward in any of his relationships he's red, which is a perfect example of why this metaphor is contrived. Yellow is the guy moving in with his girlfriend (taking things slow, maybe?); his actor is best known as the guy on New Girl that says "White Guy Power". And Red is the married with child guy, played by Roy from the office. I wouldn't hold a show strictly it's casting choices unless the actors clearly can't relate to their script, which, in this case, they absolutely cannot.

The traffic light "metaphor" is pretty obvious, yet they still feel the need to have a character literally explain it word for word at a *memorial* for... Someone barely featured in the show. It's supposed to be a twist that we find out a character mentioned *once* in the pilot is dead at the end... Literally could not believe how poorly half-assed this attempt to create a sentimental moment is. The memorial scene is so far out of the narrative of the show that it just reeks of a producer going to the writers and saying "all comedies nowadays have *sentiment*, write some in or you're fired". All a viewer can do is stare and ask, " why?" This dead character is not brought up again.

The humor is pitting gender stereotypes against each other, featuring the relatable plight of "I love my wife, but I want to hang out with my friends and have *man time* and I don't know how to ask for it!" In basically every episode. The humor is entirely predictable, though, to be fair, there's at least one witty one line in each episode. The situations of this "sitcom" are *so* believable that they're... Not funny at all. Neither are the actors, neither is the show.
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