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Season 1

5 May 2010
This pilot profiles four addicts - a compulsive runner, an excessive tanner, a shopaholic and a chalk eater - and examines how their addictions are slowly taking over their lives.
29 Dec. 2010
Eats Toilet Paper/Blow Dryer
Lori has been sleeping with her blow dryer for more than 20 years, despite the risk of burns and fire. Meanwhile, Kesha's family is concerned that eating half a roll of toilet paper a day is causing health problems.
29 Dec. 2010
Thumb Sucker/Bodybuilder
Lauren was once addicted to drugs and alcohol, but now is addicted to body-building. It has left her body muscular and fit, but she may have long term health problems. Meanwhile, Rhonda has been addicted to sucking her thumb ever since her parents divorced when she was a child.
5 Jan. 2011
Eats Cleanser/Tanner
Crystal was once abused as a child and ever since she was twelve she has been obsessed with eating household cleanser. Samantha is a young woman who is addicted to tanning. She will sneak into multiple tanning salons in order to spend up to an hour a day tanning.
5 Jan. 2011
Ventriloquist/Cat Lady
April's addiction to her puppets has gotten so strong she can't go anywhere without them, practicing up to 12 hours a day. Meanwhile, Debbie is severely allergic to cats, but has over twenty of them, leaving her in isolation from the outside world.
12 Jan. 2011
Eats Detergent/Strongman
19-year-old Tempestt eats detergent up to seven times a day, not to mention the soap she eats in the shower. Meanwhile, Jeff is addicted to strongman competitions training up to six hours a day.
12 Jan. 2011
Hair Puller/Shoe Fanatic
Showcases a woman addicted to shoes, while another is addicted to pulling her hair and eating the follicle.
19 Jan. 2011
Eats Couch Cushions/Furry
While battling her addiction to eating couch cushions, Adele has destroyed 7 couches and 2 chairs. Meanwhile, Lauren is more comfortable in her fur suit than in her own skin.
26 Jan. 2011
Married to a Doll/Picking My Scabs
Davecat has been married to his synthetic wife for 10 years. Meanwhile, Rachael hopes that her compulsive scab picking will stop by her wedding day.
2 Feb. 2011
Can't Stop Cleaning/Loves Rocks
Cyntrelle dropped out of high school because of her addiction to cleaning. Belinda's obsession with rocks has taken over her life, with more than 100,000 scattered around her home.
9 Feb. 2011
Eats Glass/Bleaches Skin
Josh has eaten more than 250 light bulbs. But is he really addicted to the attention that he receives when eating them? Candice thinks dark skin is ugly and has resorted to using dangerous bleaching creams every few hours.
9 Feb. 2011
Makeup Addict/Obsessed with Death
Maureen won't go out of the house with a full face of makeup. Meanwhile, Barbara is so obsessed with death that she's planned her own funeral.
16 Feb. 2011
Laxatives/Pottery & Ashes
Kimberly takes hundreds of laxatives a day in an attempt to lose weight. Meanwhile, Bianca prefers to eat pottery and cigarette ashes instead of food.

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