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One joke but pretty well done (TOTAL SPOILER)
bob the moo17 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This public service film is basically one joke. A very solemn style video is delivered by a handful of women in the style of "millions of people are affected by x, each year" films and the joke is simple – the point of the film is "don't send us pictures of your penis". I have just spoiled it for you (hence the warnings) but this is the single joke of the film. It works pretty well because it is sudden, delivered well within the style of these types of films and the delivery is mostly good.

The cast feature a surprising amount of faces you'll recognize but not A-list stars (I came to this film from Nadine Velazquez's IMDb page). So you have a few people from Always Sunny in Philadelphia, her from True Blood and so on. They all deliver well but simply and it is the mix of their delivery and the capturing of the film's tone and style that makes it amusing. That said, the shock value of the gag wears off very quickly, so I was glad that it was only a 2 minute film because it got in and out before it couldn't do more.

Simple but effective for what it is.
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