"No Ordinary Family" No Ordinary Love (TV Episode 2011) Poster

Julie Benz: Stephanie Powell



  • Stephanie Powell : [about Katie who's been hanging out with the family lately]  Look, she just got out of a relationship. She needs to be around people.

    Jim Powell : Do those people have to be US?

  • Stephanie Powell : [assessing George's latest relationship]  Oh, it's not love. I mean, George has just fallen for something sexy and fast. Sophie may as well be a corvette.

  • Stephanie Powell : Jim, have you lost your mind?

    Jim Powell : No. In fact, I-I-I'm seeing things more clearly than ever. A-a-and Sophie - she's shown me what I've been missing all these years. I know this is hard for YOU to accept.

    Stephanie Powell : Whoa, "hard to accept?" No, Jim, you're abandoning me, your family, your kids!

    Jim Powell : Well, what can I say? The heart wants what the heart wants.

    Stephanie Powell : Then what about me? What? Am I just supposed to pretend that the past eighteen years never happened?

    Jim Powell : One day maybe we can be friends.

    Stephanie Powell : Whoa. You want to go be with your SOUL MATE? Then go be with her. This was our family, Jim, and you ruined it! I hope she's worth it.

    Jim Powell : She is.

  • Stephanie Powell : Okay, all right, so... you're saying Jim decided to leave me for a terrorist?

    George St. Cloud : I don't think Jim decided anything. It's like Sophie brainwashed him.

    J.J. Powell : At first we thought that she was creating a love potion by replicating pheromones.

    Stephanie Powell : You don't think that she's a super, do you?

    George St. Cloud : Would explain why Jim's behavin' like Charlie Sheen.

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