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  • The survivors arrive at Hershel's farm to camp and he asks them to disarm on his land. They find a walker trapped in a well and they unsuccessfully try to remove it without contaminating the water with its blood. Glenn rides with Maggie to a pharmacy in a nearby town and Lori asks him to bring a special item back for her. After getting the medical supplies, Glenn and Maggie have sex. Shane is disturbed and preparing to train the survivors. Daryl seeks Sophia alone and brings a Cherokee rose to give hope to Carol. When Lori gets her item, she uses it and discovers that her fear has come true.

  • Carl regains consciousness and shows every sign of recovering from his operation. At Otis' funeral service, his mother asks Shane tor recount how her son died. Shane selects his words very carefully. The group has yet to find Sophia but they do find something interesting in one of the farm's several wells. Glenn and Maggie Greene head into the nearby village to see what medical supplies might be available. Lori asks Glenn to get something in particular for her. With Carl getting better, Hershel tells Rick that he expects them all to move on in the not too distant future.

  • With Carl recovering, the group puts their focus on finding Sophia. Glenn and Maggie go for a trip to find supplies.


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  • All is quiet at the Hershel homestead. You'd almost think the zombie apocalypse hadn't occurred. It did, of course, and we're soon reminded by the arrival of all our favorite survivors, who have abandoned their highway campsite for country living.

    Carl continues to recover under the watch of Rick and Lori. Dale is overjoyed that the boy will OK -- and Rick makes a point to thank Shane for his heroics. Of course, Shane knows how he was able to get away from the undead and shudders at the memory. His shame becomes worse when Hershel asks him to speak during Otis's funeral. "You were the last one with him," cries Patricia. "Please, I need to hear." Shane spins a story about Otis being a hero who willingly sacrificed himself to save Carl. It's a convincing story.

    Later, the entire gang turns its attention toward missing Sophia, pouring over survey maps and the like. Hershel politely suggests that the new arrivals don't carry guns on his property. Shane doesn't like it, but Rick agrees. Maggie then volunteers to go to the local pharmacy to stock up on medical supplies. Rick suggests that Glenn accompany her. Lori approaches Glenn and hands him a note. She says that she needs a personal item from the pharmacy and nervously asks that he keep this request between the two of them. Sometime later, Lori and Shane have an awkward exchange. "Did you mean it?" Shane asks. "When you said 'stay,' did you mean it?" Says Lori: "I meant it." Shane then teaches Andrea how to strip the weapons before he stores them all in the RV. Hershel, meanwhile, approaches Rick with a stern reminder. "Once you find this girl and your boy is fit for travel, I expect you'll move on," Hershel says. "We need to be clear on that."

    Dale and T-Dog are busy pumping water out of the well when Dale hears a noise from the deep. A horribly bloated zombie is at the bottom of the well. The disgusting walker might or might not have already contaminated the water, but blowing its brains out surely will. So how to get it out? The gang lowers a canned ham, but the zombie doesn't go for it. "We need live bait," Andrea says. Everybody looks at Glenn, the smallest in the group.

    Cut to Glenn with a rope wrapped around his chest. He is lowered down into the well toward the snarling, bleached zombie. Suddenly, the pipe to which the rope is tied snaps, sending Glenn plummeting downward. T-Dog is able to grab the rope and holds on for dear life. Moments later, the group pulls Glenn out of the well. Safe. Even better, Glenn managed to fit a noose around the walker's midsection and "hook" it. So, as it turns out, the boneheaded plan actually worked. The zombie can now be hauled out.

    Daryl, in the meantime, approaches a rotting house with his crossbow at the ready. He finds scraps of recently devoured food and -- in the closet -- evidence of a makeshift bed. Has Sophia been here? Back at the farm, the survivors haul the zombie out of the well, but the squirming thing gets stuck on the lip. They heave together ... and the zombie splits in half. Its lower body plunges into the water below in a cascade of blood and guts. Its upper half snarls and spits on the ground above until T-Dog bashes it in the face with a blunt object. The well will have to be sealed off, after all.

    Back to the woods, where Shane schools Andrea on the finer points of using a firearm. Basically, shooting a moving, "living" target is a whole lot more difficult than hitting a stationary target during training. "There ain't nothing easy about taking a man's life," says Shane, who is clearly thinking of Otis. "But when you get it done, you have to forget it. I guess I haven't quite got that last part down yet." Glenn and Maggie, meanwhile, ride into town on horseback. Maggie is quiet -- she is still quite upset over seeing the bloated zombie split and half and then beaten. Glenn explains that this group is rather "numb" to such grisly conclusions. They reach the pharmacy and Glenn reaches into his pocket to reveal the private note from Lori. He finds the feminine hygiene section and picks out what he needs to get. Maggie then approaches Glenn, who scrambles to hide what he's gotten and accidentally picks up a pack of condoms instead. Maggie takes that as a sign and tells Glenn that she wants to have sex. Glenn is shocked. "You're not the only one who is lonely," she whispers. They are soon stripped to the waist and begin making out in the middle of the ransacked pharmacy.

    Later, Rick deliberately puts Hershel on the spot, asking the patriarch to allow his band of ragged survivors to stay on the farm. Rick explains that he is only concerned with the well being of his boy. "There are aspects to this, things that I can't and won't discuss, but if you and your people respect my rules ... no promises, but I will consider it," Hershel says. Rick doesn't ask about the things Hershel "won't discuss" and thanks the old man for meeting him halfway. Riding back to the farm, Maggie rather coldly tells Glenn that their dalliance was a "one time thing." Glenn appears hurt, but is quickly intercepted by Lori. Glenn hands over the package he picked up for her and doesn't say a word. Nor does Lori.

    Cut to Daryl, who returns from searching for Sophia with a Cherokee Rose that he gives to Carol. Daryl explains that the Native Americans believed that the rose bloomed as a way to comfort mothers grieving the loss of their children along the Trail of Tears. "I'm not fool enough to believe that there are any flowers blooming for my brother, but I believe that this one bloomed for your little girl," he explains. A grateful Carol cries. Back at the farm, Carl awakens from a deep sleep to find his father sitting next to the bed. Rick apologizes for not telling Carl that Sophia is missing. "I didn't mean to lie, I just didn't want to worry you," Rick says. Carl understands. Rick then gives his son his sheriff's hat. "I love you," he says.

    Later, Lori watches as her husband removes his badge and shirt after another long, long day. Is there something that she wants to tell him? No. Instead, she wanders outside to an isolated spot and pulls out the package Glenn retreived for her from the pharmacy. It's a pregnancy test. Lori crouches down, urinates on it, and holds it up to see the results. It's positive. Terrified at what this will mean, Lori begins to cry.

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