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I'd like to believe them, but not born yesterday!
gentlber31 October 2014
I spent 54 years as a journeyman truck-and heavy-equipment mechanic, often working through the night by myself a long way away from any help. I am amazed when I see things such as equipment operating for long periods without a sign of a grease gun or any maintenance at all! A season or two ago, an excavator chewed up a final and Jack took it apart, and it was obvious that it was bone-dry without lube- no wonder! Does anyone there ever check fluid-levels or grease anything? They seem to just jump in and go to work! I don't see them winterize anything, yet they come back the next year and wouldn't you know? It fires right up, and again they go right to work with it! Amazing equipment, huh? This year Todd and Jack take over an existing claim, and wouldn't ya know? Somebody left equipment there! Another miracle- the batteries are hot, the stuff starts right up without anyone checking a thing. Hells' bells, the Teletubbies have more smarts! I have to add one more thing... the narrator has a death-wish outlook! If something minor happens, suddenly we're told "If they can't fix it, all will be lost!" C'mon, get real. Take care of it and keep going.
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Hoping most of the show is for real
gil-roitto25 January 2015
Feeling slightly stupid to be a sucker for this show. Not much new in the 5th season, but still like the elements of people struggling, being assholes, taking senseless stupid chances and so on. How much is real and how much is played or scripted, I don't know, but seems real enough for me to not turn the program off.

From the first season the Hoffman crew has been running on too small budgets and knowledge, I don't know if effort, luck or help from the TV- production has made them still succeed sometimes. Parker is developing a A-class asshole attitude, if some of this is real it is interesting to ponder why - ambition, expectations, camera fever, narcissism or something else?

What makes me believe in the show is that too much operation, equipment and costs are involved for it all to be fake. One annoying fake element of this show is the drama build-ups and the speaker voice - "If they can't manage to ... this will be the end of the season!". Showing more of what actually happens including the boring stuff, and scrap the forced drama would have made the show better.
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Facing Reality.
davis-pazars6 June 2011
I with no doubt say that this is a good TV show. Maybe the story-line isn't nothing new to people but it's really interesting to watch and I completed the whole season in just two evenings. The camera crew had done a really great job. The filming was creative and I always like to think how it is for them.

This TV show actually gave me a few life lessons and I bet that to the crew - even more. Things don't go always the way you want them to go. In this case they faced like tons of problems but they're spirit was unbreakable and the mechanic - amazing. Some may say that Todd's leader skills are poor and that they make some silly rookie mistakes. But, people, don't forget that they are kinda desperate in the situation they are and overall just six "average Joe's" When I watched the last episode I saw that they have really fell in love with gold mining and they wont stop. I think that this adventure has changed their lives. And that is what I love the most about this series - making the dream come true from scratch, facing problems and solving them, filming and simply just seeing the gold.

After watching the last episode I had only one thought stuck in my mind - When is the second season on air?
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Glorifies Incompetence and Idolizes Stupidity
nerd3d12 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Seriously these idiots supposedly spent Nearly $250 to get their home made wash plant built and running on their leased claim in Alaska. OK I checked the classifieds in the California Mining Journal. A ready to run truck mounted wash plant Was Listed for $60,000 including the heavy equipment needed to run it. Seriously, check the classified ads.

The writers have gone out of their way to create fake drama in this show. We're down to the wire out of money and have been (supposedly) running for months. Never once have they checked to see if they are actually getting any gold. Nobody, except maybe a Hollywood writer, is that stupid. For the amount of material they supposedly moved and the pitiful amount of gold recovered they have picked the worst spot on earth, maybe the entire solar system.

Maybe I'm just biased because I've been prospecting and mining gold in the Mojave Desert since the 1970's. I think this show is offensive to any one with common sense. Real miners are not stupid. The stupid ones end up blowing them selves up or falling down a mine shaft. This fate awaits the writers of this show.

This is the core of what's wrong with this show. The writers are too detached. It's unlikely any of them have ever seen a gold pan let alone a real gold mine. They presume their audience is as ignorant as they are. Big mistake. This show, had it been base on any sort of earthly reality, would have attracted people that had been bitten by the gold bug. Instead we have yet another badly written, poorly acted, soap opera. This time instead of motorcycles we have gold pans.

Perhaps they should all go crab fishing.

P.S. It's impossible to lose gold. You simply fail to recover it. It's not lost. It's still there, right where you missed it.
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I have a fever, and the only relief is more Gold Rush
dowotyalike8 January 2012
I saw a few episodes of the first season and was intrigued but forgot about the show until I caught an episode from Gold Rush: Alaska and have since watched that entire series and am salivating to watch more new episodes or to see what happens. Season 3 is a must, as this show just seems to now be hitting it's stride.

Gold Rush Alaska is the NEW Storage Wars! I've enjoyed Storage Wars, I begrudgingly watch Pawn Stars but just find that show to be all contrived, and Ricks Dads is unintelligible, talks like his mouth is full of marbles, and with Rick's laugh, who needs canned laughter or a laugh-track, he laughs at all his own jokes! Ricks laugh reminds me of Muggsy from cartoon land. Suffice to say it barely holds 22 minutes of interest for me.

Gold Rush Alaska is filmed and shot extremely well, it has great flow and has a terrific pace to it. The narration is well done and the music is fantastic. Graphics show you where these claims are and allows for easy following. If this is the future of TV then count me in, this show rocks!
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Entertainment Only
andrewrye-065359 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Where to start with this train wreck of a series? Well, real gold miners must laugh themselves silly watching this rubbish. I worked in a coal mine for years and the one thing that is drummed into you is maintenance. There is none on this show.

There are three main crews in this - Parker Schnabel, Todd Hoffman and Tony Beets. Each one as ludicrous as the next so lets start: Parker Schnabel is an arrogant spoiled brat who, unfortunately, runs a crew at the ripe young age of 21 (about). He treats or rather mistreats his employees in a way that should have resulted in several law suits. He throws tantrums when things go wrong and it's everyone else's fault, not his. One laughable moment was when the water ran out and they started pumping silt through the dredge. Here's a hint, start doing a pre-start walk through of the mine, you may have picked up you had no water. An idiot's mistake. And, his Australian girlfriend is back for another season? The producers must have paid her to come back as it is a mystery why she is with Parker.He is a thoroughly unlikable character.

Todd Hoffman who never seems to learn. Every season they run out of good mining area. Here's your hint - a mine plan. I have worked in several mines, they all had mine planes. We knew where we would mine each day and had a three month plan, so this never caused a shutdown, And, I don't think God's plan involves making you rich so stop the ridiculous prayer every time you want to find gold. It really cheapens Christianity and is not what I would expect from such self proclaimed pious people. And, just about running out of money every season and then finding a rich area that enables you to continue mining the next season is getting a little old. It happens every season and it's about time the producers came up with a knew story line.

Tony Beets is a foul mouthed idiot whose brains have been passed on to his kids. Only Monica the daughter seems to be able to string a sentence together without sounding retarded by mumbling and excessive swearing. Engage brain before opening mouth. Although I don't get all hot over swearing, it is overdone and noticeable because of the amount of bleeping to cut it out. They sound uneducated and simple.Tony tries to sound decisive as if everybody jumps when he yells and he expects instant action. Such as when the engine seized on the dredge operated by Kevin (son). Asked what the F*** is wrong. Sons yells back I told you it was F*** stuffed and you need to buy a new one. How much father asks - $600K says son. Do it says dad and the next week and brand new custom engine appears ..... what? Then one of the engineers lets it slip it was ordered last year. Good God, how stupid do you think we are. This, of all of them is the worst crew for maintenance. A barge engine overheats and a larger coolant pipe is added to keep it cool. Shall we test it? No, lets just F*** go. And of course the pipeline is never checked and comes off just about seizing the engine. Between the equipment that fails and is mistreated because it doesn't get regular maintenance and the stuff this idiot gets built that doesn't pass compliance (the barge was a good one) I shiver at the amount of lost money. If he was the CEO of a company run by a board he would have been fired a long time ago.

I gave this a 3 because it is one of the few programmes that makes me laugh out loud and that can't be all bad. But don't take it seriously. These people are too stupid to waste your energy on.
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*Another* Fake Reality Show
rsvp3216 November 2017
The "5" is for the part of the show illustrating the gold mining.

If I was grading on the amateur acting of the Hoffman and Schnabel crews, it would be a fat zero.

I do enjoy the Beets portions without criticism - honest workers, no drama.

Schnabel - petulant spoiled brat, perpetual smirk on his face, an idiot that only looks successful due to the hard work of his employee - of which he is a real prick to every episode. What a goof!

Shows like this has an audience not for the fake drama, but just to watch the machines working, illustrate repairs and improvisation, and the final product. It doesn't need anything else! Just like "Ax Men", another great show that the producers ruined by the fake drama, this series is also going to eventually fail, if they keep up with the soap opera scripts.


I've just finished watching S08 ep 20, and have to amend my review.

Todd and crew are pathetic, portray themselves as bumblers that have traveled North and South America mining for gold, and obviously don't have a clue about mining, nor understand the machines they use in the show. I see them as a bunch of aimless idiots!

Tony Beets has joined in the soap opera scripts, it seems - behaving like a greedy a-hole that resents anyone else operating a mine to the point of sabotaging others' operations?! Yes, what he does, obstructing the lawful movement and development of another business is criminal, *and if this was real acts of interference* he would be arrested and lose all the rights to his claims - forbidden from mining, himself...but it's fake, so he continues to just behave like a goof for the cameras.

Parker is still a tyrant brat that continues with his own fake crisis, fake feud with Beets, and fake drama.

*All these lands are owned by the State/Province/country, and mining rights/prospecting rights are permitted by the grace of these government jurisdictions*. All the show characters are only temporary guests of the land.

With contempt toward the show producers, that have lost focus on the gold mining, I've reduced the five-stars to a one...because zeroes aren't permitted.

This show is starting to bore the hell out of me!
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Fake fake fake
ollieoxen2725 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
What appears to be a group of six novice miners searching for gold in Alaska is actually a produced TV program paid for by sponsors. All the desperation of mortgaging their lives, taking a great financial risk, and possibly failing in their efforts to make money are all fake.

In the fist season they only found 14 ounces of gold worth about twenty thousand dollars but in actuality each minute of commercials probably brings the production company about that much money so everyone in this production is doing quite well. Unless you want to believe the miners (actors) agreed to act for free. YEAH RIGHT!

Each miner (actor) is probably being paid about thirty thousand dollars per episode to act desperate.
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Please Wilderness..... Swallow them Up
firefly90024 May 2012
A bunch of incompetent Yahoos go out digging in the woods. Its really as simple as that. Aload of twerps get some money together, decide to go to alaska and try to mine Gold..... Very Unsuccessfully. If there was a competition between The sea shepherd crew of WHALE WARS and the Hoffman crew on GOLD RUSH over which bunch of morons were the most incompetent ,the Hoffmans would win by miles. It was cringe worthy to watch, especially the patriarch of the group , the father.... There's a Certified asshole if ever there was one.

We all know there's bears in alaska don't we, so if we were setting up camp we'd take a gun or two for protection.... But 47! What are they thinking??? Complete and utter Yahoos..... And why the hell did they bring their kids up there.... Watch it... Even just one episode, it will make you happy to know that even on your worst day you will be more intelligent than any of these guys on their best day.
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Unrealistic Reality
seriosbrad22 March 2018
Warning: Spoilers
First season was intriguing. But immediately starting the second season you clue in to how scripted and funded the teams are.

At the end of the first season, they didn't mine enough gold to pay their own wages, break even, or even purchase new equipment.

Season 2, they mysteriously had gobs of money to re-locate, lease and mine a new plot, and purchase new equipment.
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Well it was fun......
cary_howe14 October 2018
I thought it might get better after they got rid of the Hoffmans. Now it's a 100% scripted. The only things that aren;t scripted are equipment breakdowns, at least flipped vehicles. We're supposed to believe now Parker is making first year rookie mistakes. Sorry but the whole this is looking desperate. I think the show producers panicked at the thought of loosing a cash cow so instead of trusting a mix of half scripted and half real they went for a 100% scripted. I always hated the scripted parts so I don;t see any point in watching it anymore. Even the stuff with Parker's old foreman is ridiculous. The guy has been running mining crews for years and according to their "scripts" he didn;t learn a thing and is screwing up even more than Parker. Parker, a guy that in a few years worked himself up to pulling out millions in gold a year and we're supposed to believe he's incompetent. Silly, stupid, SCRIPTED!
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Investing Money In Pipe Dreams
Jay-114519 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The series is yet another reality TV show to appeal to the couch potato. Got to get er done, No guts no glory, I forgot more than you will ever know types. Reminds me of a bunch of construction workers destroying the lands of Alaska.

This whole idea was a mess- Starting with bringing kid's then killing things that live there because of the kids and they all follow the old guys lack of responsibility.

When are the Producers of shows like these willing to admit how much damage they are doing by contributing to it. Raping the lands, killing the wildlife and teaching that to their kids, they talk about friendships yet leave one guy sleeping in a tent in the middle of Alaska where the Bears outnumber the humans-dumb dumb dumb. They had a decent chunk of cash, more than most and they could have used it to invest in things that do profit during economic times and employed their friends. Old chappy's son and that goatee and barking commands and saying- I don't have enough money when he should be saying I don't have enough of dad's money. To me it looks like he has been eating way to much on dads money. The only person who made any sense was the safety dude and I don't understand why he was on board with this operation. I don't care what the ending is- I shut it off because of the irresponsible acts like shooting guns anywhere without concerns of fellow neighbor miners claim.

This reminds me of the Documentary where that idiot decided he is Yogi's best friend and is kissing all the Bears and naming them,then one eats him. I do hope the Bears eats one of them so they go home and wise up.

Two thumbs down wayyyyy down!
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Hilarious watching a bunch of morons try to get gold!!!
mellowliving21 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This show is unbelievable in the sense that some of these guys are complete MORONS! The crew that lost their claim because the leader forgot to pay for it, is particularly retarded. I don't know if they are acting or they really are a bunch of clusterf***s.

"Oh this HAS to be virgin land because these trees are like really tall", are you serious? Just because a tree grows fast does not mean it's been there for hundreds of years, especially spruce trees. I know absolutely nothing about gold mining but I will tell you I can do a hands down much better job than those idiots.

And their leader, oh my god their leader... How the hell are those guys still following him around??? He appears to have very little to no backbone. When he gets angry his voice goes up to about 35 decibels. He commands absolutely no sense of leadership or authority. I would LOVE to see a guy join their group who is anti-social (I don't mean asocial to all you idiots who think anti-social means people who don't like to be social, asocial is the correct term for that.) and see how he handles it.

But at the end of the day it is incredibly entertaining for me. For the sole reason of watching that retarded group try and get gold. I will tell you the only guy who is actually smart is the kid who runs his grandfathers operation. He reminds me a lot of myself because I am pretty much in the same exact boat as him (interchange gold mining with construction).

But don't confuse my rant as hating this show, I love it but if the producers are reading this I have something that will help your ratings without having to make them act out drama. Do as I said before and introduce an anti-social person in that morons crew and just film. Ratings GOLD! Lmao I did not even do that on purpose i just typed it without realizing. God I am clever.
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Not hard to tell it's heavily scripted
quasimodo-2651219 January 2020
I must say I do like some of the segments and some of the characters and others I can tolerate. My biggest disappointment is the scripting, it is so plain to see, if it wasn't there is no way in hell that asshole Parker SNOBbell would have any crew left working for him. I guess the show has to have a bad guy and he is it !!
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Environmental mess makers
piyu24116 February 2015
As a show, it's like most of this channels slop, somewhat watchable. What's with them having to use the F word every time they open their mouth? What is totally unwatchable is that so much energy (fuel & human) is wasted to destroy the earth and create pollution for several pounds of gold. I find it especially sad that the crew run by serious dolts, the Hoffmans, pray to God to help them make a bigger mess each day.

The Discovery Channel should do a show on the impact of mining of the gold as compared to the benefit. Of course the folks who like this slop wouldn't be interested in learning anything. They should investigate why mining is excluded from laws that most activities would never be allowed to do.
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The Egomaniac, the Clown and Prime Evil on a senseless Hunt.
peterspam-2248615 November 2016
I started watching the series with I guess the same fascination many of us have: the interesting and daring abilities of man, the perseverence and excitement in achieving success. After a few series, I realized that this series is the representation of Evil in its purest form: the American Dream gone bad.. The financials of a gold-digging business consists of cost and revenue: the struggle is about earning more than spending on equipment and manpower. And while it seems useful for the sakes of employing people, the net sum is that there is no practical use whatsoever of adding gold to the existing gold in the world: the enormous sums of gold that exist currently are not even fractionally being used for useful purposes, such as healthcare equipment or R&D. Most of it is used purely for speculation or totally useless consumer goods we could live without, or for which alternatives could be developed from other materials than gold. But the result of the gold digging business is, almost equal to the enormous amounts of money earned with this rare metal, the enormous pollution caused by the machines that work on digging it out and dredging, not to speak of the maintenance of these machines and even more pollution creating them for this purpose. And given the relative cheapness of oil compared to the value of gold, the volumes puffed away are enormous. Not to forget the accessability of gold: trees destroyed, creeks diverted, top soil removed which we are in dire need of to sustain nature, and the non-mentioned chemical treatments that many companies use to make the gold even more accessible. And all this for what? To give some punters the chance to get rich. What a noble cause.. Which brings me to the second, human aspect: the way these miners are portrayed. Their lifestyle and attitude towards other fellow humans. Moreover, towards those who make them rich. Here, the operation owners show their truly dark side: the hypocrite quasi-Christian praying of the simple-minded Hoffman, who behaves as if it is an unjust act of God if he does not get rich from gold digging, while he obviously has no clue of the business and most likely never made a profit, were it not for the heavy royalty money he gets from the producers of the series. Does God exists for the purpose of bringing them gold, as if the entity were some servant that does favours?.. Followed by the ego-centric Schnabel, who instead of learning humanity and humility from his late grandfather, has learned to become a self-appointed prodigy for the sakes of showing his merits, walking over his loyal men at any given occasion with the fury of a 5-year-old deprived of his toys, while immediately deserting them when a new kid comes around the block who kisses his *ss and hisses as a snake in his ears. No spine whatsoever, in the business pour l'art and would not survive either, were it not for the parents offering him this opportunity to play with toys. Last but worse, Mr Evil himself, the peasant Dutchman turned dictator, Tony Beets. The style is the man himself: hates the world and everything in it and the only God for this man is money. Treats everyone who works for him worse than slaves, including his own children who hate him and just see him as a fat wallet, just to compensate for his lack of self respect, justly knowing that someone like him should never be in a position of power, due to his sheer destructive manner towards anything human. The three flawed characters represent the American Dream gone bad: no noble cause, exploiting the opportunities offered in the worst possible way, people that serve them and destroying nature along the way. We watch with fascination, as if a dark drama is being presented that never ends, always waiting for liberation when finally their success may turn them into the good people we hope they really are deep within. But the fact is, the evil in them grows along with the purpose of the business and will never lessen. Their success will only justify their methods and the spiral never ends. It is up to us to decide whether we realise the sickness of it all and learn the lessons taught: what to avoid in our ways at all cost, how not to live our lives and finding real purposes instead of these people's meaningless goals. The sad reality however is that the producers do not make any attempt to offer this choice: no contemplation, no retrospect, no reflection. The series is shallow and is lost in the mechanics of the business, in the details of „thrills and tension" whenever a new human bond is tested or broken, due to the inherent risks of the ventures. We are left to our devices to learn and most of us probably are led to believe that the acts are heroic and for worthy causes, just another aspect of a twisted world. The producers would have a powerful means to reflect on the sickness of it all, instead they exploit the weak human interest in sensation and drama and encourage drama to portray twisted minds as heroic acts of perseverence. Either they are pathetic or plain dumb. The series is a human fail and should be taught in schools as media manipulation first degree. The actors should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity, the producers sent to detox to get rid of their perverted minds. Meanwhile, stay sane and use your heart when you watch this garbage. The real world is not like this, don't let it become like it by accepting lies as the truth.
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Watching people obsessed by gold is just candy for the eye.
deloudelouvain17 November 2019
Reality tv, normally the kind of thing I just pass on but in this case I have to admit that this is my guilty pleasure. It's like a documentary about how everything works in the gold mining industry. By now I know everything that needs to be known if I ever wanted to start gold mining, which by the way will never happen. Overall it's well shot, with alot of different camera angles that show the whole operation like if you were there. It's also a nice discovery on how people behave whilst having 'The Gold Fever'. I don't have to tell you that money brings the bad out of somebody, it's just obvious when you watch this show from start till the end. The characters they follow during all those years are all different but they also have alot in common, basically they are all first class a**holes. You have the Hoffman crew, with Todd "I can guarantee you" Hoffman as the leader and also the biggest loser of the whole show. Besides taking bad decisions after bad decisions he doesn't do much work. If you want an example on how to NOT run a mining business follow his example. His father, Jack Hoffman (or the papa smurf with the most annoying voice ever like I call him), is probably the most irritating character of Gold Rush. The whole crew likes to pray to God for gold. As good Christians as they are it's gold and welfare they pray for, not for world peace. As a convinced atheist it's just so funny to see them fail time after time. I guess their God couldn't be bothered with them. Needless to say Todd Hoffman and his crew are just the laughing stock of this show. Then you have the Schnabel crew, with the petulant child Parker as the head of the crew. At a really young age you can see that he's discovering gold mining, trying to make his grandfather proud, but ending up to be just a first class a**hole as well. I would probably smash his face after one day but that's just me. But it's fair to say that he learns the business and he will succeed as he knows what he's doing contrary to the Hoffmans. His grandfather and father look like nice people, I guess he didn't inherit their character. Then you have "The Dakota Boys" with Fred and Dustin Hurt, father and son, clearly obsessed by the gold. Father Fred is probably the man with dirtiest finger nails on this planet, I guess a manicure costs way too much for him, the greedy b*st*rd. He starts the show as a claim jumper, basically a filthy little thief. So it's really enjoyable to see karma catching up on him. He obviously can fix things over there in the bush, and that comes in handy, but everytime something goes wrong I couldn't help myself being happy watching him fail and lose money. He's just a little greedy filthy thief. His son is about okay, even though I can see him becoming like his father. And then, for the piece de résistance, you have the Beets crew, with the godfather of the gold mining industry, Tony Beets. The way he treats people is just awful, even his own kids. I don't know how he never got shot or beaten up by now. But he knows what he does, that's a fact. From Dutch origin, you can clearly hear that from their accents, the Beets family business are making money, day after day, year after year, but will probably die friendless with alot of gold. You also get to watch and follow other characters during all those seasons, some good hardworking people that deserve much more than the constant verbal abuse from their "bosses". If I had to chose people to make a good crew I would go for Fred Dodge, Andy Spinks, Dave Turin, Mitch Blaschke, Gene Cheeseman, John Schnabel, Juan Ibarra, Rick Ness and Jim Thurber. I think with those people gold mining would be a success, but also pleasant working, that in my eyes is so more important than money. Basically this reality tv show is about people obsessed by finding gold, but it's all well documented and shot.
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Bastille stormers
millerdevin-455091 December 2018
200 years deep. Nah it's hella aromatic substitutions and thee cyanide. Gross eats blonde babies too
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One needs to watch from start
roryimullen22 August 2019
Starting at first season and going to the last season, you follow the journey of multiple teams searching for gold. Each season gets better and better. You also create bonds with each group.
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lmcnea29 February 2020
I just watched the latest episode in 2020 and the guy in the excavator under cut the hill to make it cause a landslide. why, trying to create drama and kill people?.....horrible go grease a fitting.
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