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It subtly makes the connection between the simple equation that investment in our children will give dividends that go far beyond any sort of number on a balance sheet.
It honestly makes no difference if you don't even know the rules of chess and have never visited New York; this is a story about human potential and the lingering possibilities of the American dream.
It's deeply satisfying watching these public school, hard-knock kids win, and Ms. Dellamaggiore knows it.
A sweet testament to the power of intelligence to win over adversity - even in a Brooklyn middle school where the majority of students live below the poverty level.
A great subject goes a long way in this standard but effective entry in the amazing-kids documentary category.
Brooklyn Castle is an engaging tale, and the principal is wrong: These kids are much more lovable than the Yankees.
Village Voice
We also gain a keen sense of how chess in particular helps otherwise academically challenged kids find a way into their own brains.
Indifferently structured but centered around charming characters, the documentary starts off as a chronicle of the scholastic chess year, but becomes a compelling plea on behalf of the importance of afterschool programs.
Slant Magazine
It pays to consider even the small details of society's greatest investment in the future: our future generations.
If the film occasionally bumps up against the limitations of its "Spellbound"-like template, its refusal to ignore the social issues outside of the classroom proves it's more than simply a novelty human-interest story with impressive knight moves.

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