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Rooney Mara: Catherine



  • Theodore : Well, you really are your own worst critic. I'm sure it's amazing. I remember that paper that you wrote in school about synaptic behavioral routines. It made me cry.

    Catherine : [laughs]  Yeah, but everything makes you cry.

    Theodore : Everything you make makes me cry.

  • Catherine : I'm gonna fucking kill you. I'm gonna fucking kill you. It's not funny, don't laugh. I'm gonna fucking kill you. I'm gonna fucking kill you. I love you so much I'm gonna fucking kill you.

  • Uncomfortable Waitress : How are you guys doing here?

    Catherine : Fine. We're fine. We used to be married, but he couldn't handle me, he wanted to put me on Prozac and now he's madly in love with his laptop.

    Theodore : Well, if you'd heard the conversation in context... What I was trying to say...

    Catherine : You always wanted to have a wife without the challenges of actually dealing with anything real and I'm glad that you found someone. It's perfect.

    Uncomfortable Waitress : Let me know if I can get you guys anything.

  • Catherine : So what's she like?

    Theodore : Well, her name's Samantha and she's an Operating System. She's really complex and interesting...

    Catherine : Wait... I'm sorry. You're dating your computer?

    Theodore : She's not just a computer, she's her own person. She doesn't just do whatever I say.

    Catherine : I didn't say that. But it does make me very sad that you can't handle real emotions, Theodore.

    Theodore : They are real emotions! How would you know what...

    Catherine : What? Say it. Am I really that scary? Say it. How do I know what?

  • Catherine : So are you, um... are you seeing anybody?

    Theodore : Yeah, um, I've been seeing somebody for the last few months. Longest I've wanted to be with somebody since we split up.

    Catherine : Well, you seem really good.

    Theodore : Thanks. I, um... at least, I'm doing better. Yeah, she's been really good for me, you know? It's just... it's good to be with somebody that's excited about life. She's a real, um...

    [Catherine snickers] 

    Theodore : No. I mean, I wasn't in such a good place myself, and in that way it's been nice.

    Catherine : I think you always wanted me to be this... this light, happy, bouncy, "everything's fine", L.A. wife and that's just not me.

    Theodore : I didn't want that.

  • Catherine : [to Theodore, in flashback]  Rabbit, come spoon me.

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