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MPAA Rated R for strong bloody violence, language and some nudity

Sex & Nudity

  • A woman is seen undressing before getting into a shower. There is rear nudity until she gets into the shower where there are close up shots of her breasts and stomach.
  • The corpse of a woman is seen naked - See Violence & Gore.
  • A woman is stabbed in the stomach and the knife is dragged up her torso, which subsequently slices her sports top open, briefly exposing her breasts. But due to the amount of blood, they are not the focal point of the scene - See Violence & Gore.

Violence & Gore

  • All the violence in the movie is graphic, sadistic, and all onscreen.
  • The killers face had been melted off in the first movie, so the opening scenes of this movie is the doctors trying to reconstruct his face. All the bloody details are seen such as skin being graphed and sewn on, his eyeballs being reconnected, and his jaw being bolted back together. Very disturbing.
  • The killer uses an adhesive to keep his mask on, which often is ripped off and blood runs from the adhesive ripping skin.
  • A woman is attacked in a bathroom. The killer slices her mouth into a "chelsea grin" and her mouth splits graphically and blood pours from her face. She is then killed by having the knife stabbed into her stomach and wrenched around, all in full view. Her corpse is later found in a bed with her torso cut up and one of her breasts removed. This is shown in a lingering shot that shows all the internal, bloody details.
  • A teenager is stabbed through the side of her face graphically and the knife is moved up and down until half of her face falls off.
  • A young woman is stabbed in the stomach and the knife is dragged up her torso, slicing open her whole chest. She is then thrown into a mirror and stabbed in the mouth.
  • A woman is stabbed in the stomach and begins to crawl away from the killer. He throws a weapon at her that has several knives positioned in a circle like scissors, but misses leaving it stuck into the ground ahead of her. He then shoves her mouth onto one of the scissor knives and pushes down on her head with his foot, causing the blades to slowly rip out the sides of her face. VERY GRAPHIC AND DISTURBING!! Her body is found later with the top half of her head ripped off.
  • A man gets a tattoo on his chest. The needle is seen close up as it inks his skin. The fresh tattoo is seen afterwards with small bits of blood all over.
  • A man is stabbed with two knives in the back of his head and they are slowly and graphically dragged up his face until his head splits in half. His head is seen afterwards with all the inside details fully visible.
  • A man has a large saw imbedded in the side of his face.
  • A killer is hung up by chains on the side of a fence. Another killer viscously slices his neck and chest several times until he is decapitated.
  • A young woman is stabbed graphically through the leg with a knife, and has to rip it out with bloody results. The killer later digs his finger into the wound briefly.
  • Three men try to subdue the killer but are all killed violently. One has an axe shoved into his face, one has his throat slit which sprays blood everywhere, and one is impaled on several meat hooks before getting his throat slit with a gigantic knife.
  • A man has his head held underwater as a large battery electrocutes him. His skin is seen breaking apart and spewing blood.
  • The killers face, even after reconstruction, is very disturbing and gruesome to look at.
  • After the credits, a woman takes an FBI agents gun and puts it in her mouth. She shoots and a large amount of blood spatters the wall behind her, all on screen. However, this all happens very fast and the screen cuts to black abruptly after the blood is seen.
  • Several other stabbings, kidnappings, strangulations, and other violent attacks, most of the time with very bloody results.
  • Several bodies are seen in caskets, all with gruesome injuries and mutilations.


  • Moderate rated R language, but not pervasive.
  • Several uses of "fuck" "shit" and other mild obscenities, but is mostly spread out except towards the end of the film, as one character swears constantly.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A girl has a disorder in her eye and is given medical marijuana in preparation for surgery, but her and her friend smoke a large amount while getting ready to go to a concert. They are seen lighting bowls with lighters and exhaling smoke, but are not very visibly high.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The whole movie is very disturbing.
  • The killers "ChromeSkull" mask may be frightening to some viewers.
  • The whole premise of a killer brutally killing his victims while videotaping and keeping the tapes for his pleasure is disturbing and is the basis of the movie.
  • The premise of the killers victims being locked in caskets may disturb some, especially those with extreme claustrophobia.
  • This movie is ten times bloodier and more graphic than the first film (if at all possible). While it isn't as emotionally gripping, it is very intense. The movie was immediately given an NC-17 rating by the MPAA due to its over-the-top graphic kills and was released Unrated to keep all the blood and guts. The Rated R cut is also available, but is sure to be void of alot of the kills mentioned in the Violence & Gore section.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • The killer is shot several times and believed to be dead, but is seen slowly getting up and walking away later on.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Jess and Tommy are captured and are attacked several times inside an abandoned warehouse with no escape clear. This may be frightening for some.

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