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26 Mistakes Fans Missed In The Most Popular Ya Movies

The Young adult genre took off in full steam by the mid-2000s. It was first boomed into popularity thanks To Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s release in 2001, but that film was still considered to be more of a children’s film than an all-out Young adult venture at the time. Once the Harry Potter movies began maturing, the genre became more interesting, and so, several other Young adult series came into fruition on the big screen.

Twilight's release in 2008 truly began the Young adult fandom. With Harry Potter already going strong too, Divergent, The Hunger Games, Eragon, and The Maze Runner joined the fray. All these films were successful to varying degrees and these were all so much in our faces that the concept of the Young adult film was firmly established.

Now, the genre seems to have faded away with people having mostly moved on to other genres.
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BumbleBee Interviews: Hailee Steinfeld & John Cena on why they joined the first Transformers spin off movie

Michael Bay has brought Hasbro’s Transformers to the cinema in a big way over the last decade. The tales of Cybertron’s Optimus Prime, Megatron and, of course, fan-favourite BumbleBee have made a huge dent at the box office. Now it’s time for the yellow bug to get his own film. BumbleBee goes back to the 80s, complete with G1 (Generation 1) Transformers such as Shockwave, Soundwave and Ravage and a kicking soundtrack. It may well be the film fans since the 80s have always wanted to see.

This evening at the IMAX Cineworld in Leicester Square, London a special fan screening took place, with stars Hailee Steinfeld and WWE superstar John Cena walked the red carpet for the first Transformers spin-off film along with Kubo and the Two Strings director Travis Knight.

The film also stars Justin Theroux, The Maze Runner’s Dylan O’Brien, Angela Bassett, Peter Cullen,
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Bumblebee finds his voice in Dylan O’Brien

It looks like Bumblebee will finally find his voice in the upcoming Transformers spinoff, as IGN has revealed that Dylan O’Brien is set to voice the fan favourite Autobot in this month’s Bumblebee movie.

“Since we were approaching this as an origin story, we felt that it was appropriate that you got to hear his voice,” said producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura with regards to the character, who in the Michael Bay movies was restricted to communicating via pre-existing media through his car radio. “That’s the simple logic that we employed. The longer term implication of that is different. But the short-term implication of that is, since we really are resetting the mythology, essentially, of who Bumblebee is. And so, that seemed to us to be the appropriate, to get the chance to hear what he sounds like.”

“Dylan has that great quality in his voice of youthful exuberance,
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Arrow First Look: Katherine McNamara Gets Punchy as Street Fighter Maya

Arrow First Look: Katherine McNamara Gets Punchy as Street Fighter Maya
Katherine McNamara officially enters the Arrow ring — or cage, as it may be — in TVLine’s first, exclusive photo from her debut on the CW series.

As TVLine previously reported, the Shadowhunters star will fill a pivotal Season 7 role as Maya, a scrappy street fighter and thief from Star City. The initial — and unofficial — casting notice for the character, who first appears in the Monday, Dec. 3 episode, titled “Unmasked,” likened her to “Buffy the Superhero Slayer.” Check out the full photo below, of Maya getting ready to slug it out with a brute.

Elsewhere in Monday’s episode, Felicity stands
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10 Best Anti-Establishment Films

  • Cinelinx
Some of the most influential films in history have been the ones that push back against the establishment. Here’s a look at our picks for the ten best films which most effectively fight “the man”.

Are you frustrated with the complacency in the world around you? Does it feel like the system is rigged to give some people all the breaks while you’re stuck treading water, no matter how hard you work? Are you upset with a government that doesn’t actually listen to its people, and act accordingly? These are sentiments that have been tackled often in film. After all, frustration is a powerful motivator. Everyone can enjoy a movie where corruption gets what it deserves. Everyone enjoys characters who fight back against the inequalities they experience.

This is a list of the ten films which I believe best encompass those sentiments. Of course, all anti-establishment films are not equal.
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Nicolas Cage and Kelsey Grammer head to Grand Isle

Nicolas Cage and Kelsey Grammer have been cast in Grand Isle, a thriller directed by camera operator Stephen S. Campanelli, whose C.V. includes the likes of Mystic River, Million Dollar Baby, The Maze Runner, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri and A Star Is Born.

Grand Isle sees Cage as “a trigger-happy ex-Marine living on a quiet island in Louisiana with his seductive wife (KaDee Strickland; The Grudge). Forced to hire a cash-strapped handyman (Luke Benward; Dear John) to fix a fence destroyed while he was gunning down a home intruder, he finds his life taking a strange turn, and after a night filled with “greed, sex, violence and unspeakable discoveries,” a detective (Grammer) is brought in to lead a police investigation.”

See Also: Nicolas Cage stars in first trailer for supernatural thriller Between Worlds

Filming on Grand Isle is underway now, with Raja Collins (True Memoirs of an International
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‘Inside Man 2’ Casts Aml Ameen Cast in the Lead, Sounds More Like a Remake Than a Sequel

  • Slash Film
‘Inside Man 2’ Casts Aml Ameen Cast in the Lead, Sounds More Like a Remake Than a Sequel
Spike Lee‘s Inside Man is a nifty, stylish thriller with a whopper of a twist ending. It also isn’t exactly the type of film that cries out for a sequel. But we’re getting Inside Man 2 anyway, and the film has now found its lead. Aml Ameen, an actor who has appeared in The Maze Runner and Sense8, will […]

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Aml Ameen To Star In ‘Inside Man’ Sequel

  • Deadline
Aml Ameen To Star In ‘Inside Man’ Sequel
Exclusive: Aml Ameen has been tapped to play Remy, the lead character in Inside Man 2, a follow-up to the 2006 thriller that starred Denzel Washington and was directed by Spike Lee. The sequel hails from Universal 1440 Entertainment, the production entity of Universal Pictures Home Entertainment, and Imagine Entertainment.

Mj Bassett, who has directed episodes for Power, Da Vinci’s Demons, Ash vs. Evil Dead, and Iron Fist, will helm the second installment, which was penned by Brian Brightly.

Released by Universal Pictures, the original had Washington as Detective Keith Frazier, NYPD hostage negotiator who gets involved with a cunning bank robber and heist mastermind (Clive Owen) and a high-powered Manhattan broker (Jodie Foster) in a high-stakes hostage negotiation. It remains Lee’s highest-grossing film, with $88.5 million.

The Inside Man 2 logline: The U.S. Federal Reserve is robbed by a highly organized and cleverly orchestrated team of crooks.
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Dylan O’Brien in talks for post-apocalyptic road move Monster Problems

According to Deadline, The Maze Runner and American Assassin star Dylan O’Brien is in talks to star in Monster Problems from Paramount Players and Shawn Levy’s 21 Laps.

The project, which has spent several years stuck in development hell, is described as a “post-apocalyptic road movie with heart” and has been likened to a John Hughes-style take on Mad Max.

Michael Matthews, who recently directed the acclaimed South African western Five Fingers for Marseilles, is set to direct Monster Problems, and is currently working on rewriting the original script by Brian Duffield (Jane Got a Gun).

O’Brien was last seen in Maze Runner: The Death Cure, and is currently shooting The Education of Fredrick Fitzell alongside Maika Monroe (It Follows). He also recently signed on to star opposite Gary Oldman (Hunter Killer) and Joey King (Wish Upon) in the thriller The Bayou.

The post Dylan O’Brien in
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The New Horror Film From the Director of Hereditary is Coming Next Summer

Hereditary was one hell of a terrifying and disturbing horror film. The director of that movie, Ari Aster, has teamed up with A24 for a new horror movie and we’ve now learned that it will be released in the summer of 2019.

The untitled horror movie is said to tell the story about a vacation that goes horribly and violently wrong. The movie stars Jack Reynor (Kin) and Florence Pugh (Lady Macbeth) as “a couple that travels to Sweden to visit their friend’s rural hometown for its fabled mid-summer festival. What begins as an idyllic retreat quickly devolves into an increasingly violent and bizarre competition at the hands of a pagan cult.”

I imagine that the movie will at least be as disturbing as Hereditary. But who knows, maybe Aster will take it to an even more nightmarish level of insanity. When previously talking about the film to THR,
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Paramount Players Has Michael Matthews Directing, Dylan O’Brien Negotiating On ‘Monster Problems’

  • Deadline
Exclusive: Michael Matthews is set to direct Monster Problems at Paramount Players, with Dylan O’Brien in talks to star. Shawn Levy’s 21 Laps is producing.

Matthews directed Five Fingers for Marseilles. Matt Robinson is rewriting the Monster Problems script by Brian Duffield, who wrote the Black List script Jane Got a Gun. Pic is a post-apocalyptic road movie with heart.

Wme and Management 360 rep Matthews; O’Brien, who’s coming off The Maze Runner and American Assassin, is with Wme and Principal Entertainment. Robinson is repped by 3 Arts and ICM Partners.
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Emory Cohen, Amanda Brugel Join 'Education of Fredrick Fitzell' (Exclusive)

Emory Cohen, Amanda Brugel Join 'Education of Fredrick Fitzell' (Exclusive)
Brooklyn breakout Emory Cohen, Amanda Brugel (The Handmaid's Tale) and Keir Gilchrist (Atypical) have joined The Education of Fredrick Fitzell, a mystery thriller shooting in Toronto through late October.

They join Maika Monroe (It Follows, Independence Day: Resurgence), Dylan O'Brien (The Maze Runner, Teen Wolf) and Hannah Gross in the ensemble cast. The Education of Fredrick Fitzell is written and directed by Christopher MacBride, whose last film was the found-footage thriller The Conspiracy.

His latest film portrays Fred, a young man (O'Brien) who, following a chance encounter, goes on a wild journey through his past, present and alternative futures to solve ...
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Arrow Season 7: Shadowhunters' Katherine McNamara Joins Cast

Arrow Season 7: Shadowhunters' Katherine McNamara Joins Cast
Katherine McNamara is taking aim at her first post-Shadowhunters gig — and it’s a doozy. TVLine has learned exclusively that the actress is joining Arrow in a pivotal recurring role.

According to sources, McNamara will appear during the first half of Season 7 as Maya, a scrappy street fighter and thief from Star City. The initial — and unofficial — casting notice for the character likened the character to “Buffy the Superhero Slayer.”

McNamara’s casting comes roughly three months after Freeform announced that Shadowhunters would conclude after three seasons. The final 12-episode run — aka Season 3B, titled Shadowhunters: The Final Hunt — will
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'Jessica Forever': Film Review | Tiff 2018

'Jessica Forever': Film Review | Tiff 2018
Imagine an installment of Divergent or The Maze Runner directed by two budding French auteurs with a penchant for hyper-stylized violence and minimalist plotting, and you'll get an idea of what's in store with the dystopian whatchamacallit Jessica Forever.

Marking the feature debut of Caroline Poggi and Jonathan Vinel, whose shorts (As Long as Shotguns Remain, After School Knife Fight) have scooped up much renown — and a Golden Bear — on the fest circuit, this weird and sometimes wild genre-bender tends to overstay its welcome while delivering a few impressively low-key thrills. Beautifully shot and also too self-serious for its own ...
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Eric Brevig To Direct Bcdf’s Android Action Comedy ‘Cops And Robots’

  • Deadline
Exclusive: The Yogi Bear director and Total Recall VFX Special Achievement Oscar winner has boarded Cops and Robots, based on the script by Matteson Perry.

The project tells the story of old school cop Ian Williams, who is partnered with James Johnson, the world’s first android police officer. The two must learn to work together to prevent being replaced by newer models – Ian by younger cops and James by Deborah Walker, a 2.0 version superior to him in every way.

Eric Brevig’s career in the VFX arena as a supervisor, second unit director, and director has spanned over 25 titles including such movies as The Maze Runner, Men in Black, and The Day After Tomorrow, while earning VFX Oscar noms on 1991’s Hook and 2002’s Pearl Harbor. He has also directed or supervised photography for theme park attractions for the Wanda Movie Theme Park in Wuhan, China, and for Disney
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Exclusive Interviews – Aml Ameen and Shantol Jackson on starring in Idris Elba’s directorial debut Yardie

Idris Elba’s much-anticipated debut as a director arrives in cinemas this week. Yardie, which had an early showing at Sundance London, is based on Victor Headley’s novel of the same name and follows in the footsteps of legendary gangster movies – but with one important difference. It’s set among the Jamaican community, initially on the island itself and then in 1980s London.

D (Aml Ameen) arrives in the city to lie low after some trouble at home but, having seen his brother murdered as a result of gang warfare, he’s an angry young man with a score to settle. And he discovers that the man who pulled the trigger on his brother is in London as well.

While Elba brought together a cast of mainly unknown names his leading man, Aml Ameen, is more familiar from his role in The Maze Runner, one which he tells Flickering
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Hulu adaptating comic book Old City Blues as TV series

Hulu has announced that it has acquired the TV rights to Boom! Studios’ comic book series Old City Blues from creator Giannis Milonogiannis and is developing the project as a Hulu Original Series in partnership with Brad Weston’s Makeready TV Studio.

Set in the near future, the graphic novel series follows the men and women of the New Athens police force. Built in the aftermath of a disastrous flood on the ruins of the country once known as Greece, New Athens is a new independent city created and wholly owned by technology giant Hayashi Corporation. When the cybernetically augmented founder of Hayashi is found murdered, it seems to be just another case of cyborg persecution. But Hayashi Corporation’s strange response to the incident raises the suspicions of lead detective and the Special Police. The mystery they unravel will leads them straight into the wasteland of the Old City.
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16 Ya Franchises That Flopped (And 5 We’ll Never Get To See)

When the original Harry Potter series concluded in 2011, studios were scrambling to find the next big hit. The Twilight Saga and The Hunger Games stuck around to pick up the coattails for a few years, but producers were reading anything they could get their hands on in a desperate plea to dethrone the boy wizard's place at the top of the young adult box office.

Of course, Warner Bros. didn't have to look too far.

Rather than staying up all night reading dystopian novels and teen romances, the studio has simply invented a prequel to J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World to continue the money-making machine indefinitely.

Meanwhile, other producers are scrambling to launch the next must-see franchise. This tactic occasionally produces some hits (like The Maze Runner trilogy or even the recent revitalized Series of Unfortunate Events for Netflix).

However, most of the time, the first and maybe second entry
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Infinity War’s Robert Downey Jr. Pays Tribute To The Fans After Bagging Teen Choice Award

“Without you, I’m nothing. With you, I’m but a small, yet integral part of the cinematic universe known as Marvel.”

That’s Robert Downey Jr. there raising a glass to the comic book community after bagging an award/surfboard (!) during last night’s Teen Choice Awards.

The Avengers: Infinity War actor and all-around McU mainstay saw off competition from Chris Evans (Infinity War), Dylan O’Brien (The Maze Runner), Henry Cavill (Justice League), John Boyega (The Last Jedi) and Spider-Man himself, Tom Holland, which is really an achievement in and of itself given Holland’s loyal following.

Not that anyone can say Robert Downey Jr. isn’t deserving of such an accolade; for nigh on 10 years, he’s played the part of Tony Stark/Iron Man and helped launch a full-blown cinematic universe for Marvel. He’s the beating (mechanical) heart of the McU, which only leaves us
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'Hereditary' Director Casts Jack Reynor and Florence Pugh in Next Horror Movie; Here's Everything We Know

Ari Aster, the first-time writer/director of Hereditary, is setting up his sophomore effort. Reportedly, the currently untitled feature will again be distributed by A24 (Hereditary has become their top-grossing release).  According to Collider, the movie has just cast its leads with Jack Reynor (Macbeth) and Florence Pugh (Lady Macbeth) and is now filming in Budapest. The Maze Runner's Will Poulter, who also recently co-starred with Reynor in Detroit, will play another main character.  When Aster spoke to Fandango's Erik Davis earlier this year, he called the movie Midsommer, which made it sound like a properly Ingmar Bergman-inspired, Swedish-set production. "The next film I'm making is a horror film, and I'm making it with A24," he...
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