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  • Thomas and Teresa do not speak to each other telepathically in the film.

    Teresa doesn't go into a coma.

    Teresa and Thomas first speak to each other in a tree top post.

    Thomas uses a stinger from a killed griever to stab himself.

    WICKED (World In Chaos: Killzone Experiment Department) is called WCKD in the movie.

    "WICKED is Good" is not written on Teresa's arm.

    In the film the outer sections of the maze are numbered from 1 to 8. Every night when the maze changes, it opens up a new section.

    The key code needed to get out of the maze is a strand of numbers instead of words and it's a sequence based on a pattern of changes of the maze's outer sections.

    The griever hole is not a void/cliff. Instead is a door/hole in the wall (seen on trailers).

    Gally uses a gun to kill Chuck. Then, using a spear, Minho strikes and hits Gally on the chest.

    Instead of being taken away from the Maze by bus, the gladers leave in a helicopter.

    In the book it never rains in the maze, but in the movie it does.

    The Serum does not come on the regular delivery via the box, instead it comes with Teresa, two of them, and they it use to cure Alby and Thomas from the stinger venom.

    The sky of the glade/maze is not 'fabricated'. The whole structure is actually in open sky and it can be seen at the end of the movie, as the helicopter flies by. And with that, the sky does not turn grey.

    Gally is never being taken by a griever, but he does get stung.

    All the scientists are already dead when the gladers get to the facility.

    Ben is a runner in the film and he gets stung by a griever at day time when he enters the maze by himself.

    There are no beetle blades in the movie.

    Teresa shows up on the fourth day instead of second and she awakens later at that same day. Edit (Coming Soon)


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