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Not a good documentary
timlin-415 April 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Of course there is going to be a tendency to rate a documentary about a fallen war hero highly, but this one is mediocre. It focuses mostly on trivial details of Murphy's childhood as told by family and friends, but there is not much material covering the last years of his adult life. True, most people don't live documented lives, and he worked in the shadows, but we don't hear from his fiancée or even Mr. "Lone Survivor" Luttrell. Several times the filmmaker juxtaposes individual interviews of Murphy's father and mother telling the same story in almost the same words, which might be cute once, but later becomes annoying. Wow, they are a married couple who have told the story several times together before, but we really don't need to hear it twice! The most interesting part was finding out that Murphy's suburban lawyer dad is himself a survivor of a hellish combat experience. The director's worst decision was to intersperse scenes of a random doctor and his parents throughout the the documentary without context. Though it may seem like there is going to be a reveal about how he treated Murphy or some momentous way in which their destinies crossed, it turns out he just received a scholarship in Murhpy's name. Nobody cares about this doctor at all, and it's silly to use a scholarship as proof that "something good came out of it"
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Excellent movie, story of a true hero
beerbeforeburpees23 March 2013
These days we see our kids looking up to "movie stars" and professional athletes. While I admit these people are good at what they do they are 99% self serving. This movie is about what a true hero and demonstrates what a truly good person is made of. A person that gives all of what he/she has for those around them, despite the circumstances. Mike Murphy represents all that is right about being an amazing human being. I took both my kids to see the movie last night and they were both able to grasp how amazing the story was. As we watched other people buy their tickets to goofy comedies or "explosion" movies I actually felt embarrassed for them. I hope that the mainstream media does the public a service this weekend and promotes this great story, it's far more important for all of us to support a film like this than to put more money into the pockets of actors who serve only themselves.
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Thumbs up for Murph
jess-barnes-641-74279224 March 2013
A wonderful documentary about a true American Hero. If you are looking for action, blood and guts look elsewhere, this is a story about a man who gave his life for his teammates and for his country. Peppered with candid photos and shots of his hometown, the story is both sad and inspiring. Murph was killed in action in Afghanistan in 2005 where he gave in a fierce fire fight with an overwhelming Taliban force. Murph stepped out from cover into enemy fire in order to call for backup, and was mortally wounded. Murph's call enabled the eventual rescue of Marcus Luttrell and the recovery of the three team members who died in the fight. He was posthumously awarded the Silver Star, Purple Heart, and Medal of Honor. The movie gives background on Murph's life, with moving anecdotes from family and friends. This is not a fancy Hollywood flick, but a must see nonetheless... evidence that heroism and selflessness are alive in our world today. For more detail, pick up the book 'Seal of Honor'.
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Great and powerful message
apexfan3339 December 2013
When I first came across the story of Lt. Michael Murphy, it was in the book Seal of Honor. At the time I was having a lot of personal and family issues, but the more and more I learned about Michael Murphy, the ore I started to see some similarities with myself. The book helped me to make myself a better person. Then, I heard about Murph: The Protector, and knew that I had to see this documentary. I wanted to hear the words of the people that were closest to him describe a man that few people could ever measure up to. This story is one of a true hero. Not only a good person, but a patriot. Someone that our children should look up to, and an archetype that all men and women alike should strive to not just emulate, but to evolve in to. Thanks to what I learned about Michael Murphy, the SEAL motto of "The only easy day was yesterday," is one that I will keep in mind forever. This is worth the watch, and it may even help to change the way you are living your life.
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Another attempt to make war marketing?
damonegro9 April 2014
He can be brave man. He can save his friends. But who was he? He was enemy soldier in foreign country. Name for that act is not "intervention" but occupation. All good reviews are based only upon one aspect: He was American idol and fighter for American interests. The truth is simple and reversed. He was an occupation soldier and anything he did is act of that kind of man. So, film that describe that kind of man and glory him as an idol and hero is only a masterpiece of occupation propaganda. Without questions, doubts, repentance or human aspect of enemy side. So, mine 1 is equally unfair as somebodies 10 for this film.
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A true hero that our children should look up to!
zachariah-collett23 March 2013
Well done! A beautifully done film about a wonderful man and the incredible and inspiration he provided and has continued to provide to this day. I hope my children will look up to men like Murph and not fictional superheroes. I hope when I leave this world I can leave a 1/4 of the mark on this world that this man has left. He will continue to live on and never be forgotten. You will not be disappointed! If you have served in any capacity this documentary will more than likely bring tears to your eyes. I found myself wiping tears away more than I am willing to admit. SGT Jeremy M. Campbell will also never be forgotten! We live so that you will not have sacrificed your life in vain.
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Exceptional production; moving tribute
stevepinkos9 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Mike Murphy is an actual American hero and the more people who see this, the better off our country will be. How many people do we know who will actually put duty and fidelity to others in their charge before their own self-interest (and in Murph's case, before his own self preservation)? Murph did exactly this when he walked out into the open, took additional fire and called for help for his men --- and, as the bullets hit him, he concluded the call back to base with a "thank you." That is what we should be saying to Murphy and so many like him who will sacrifice so many of the comforts the rest of enjoy in order to protect our freedom. This film is a fitting tribute and exceptionally well produced. I'm heartened to learn American still produces men like Murph and through this film, we can feel like we've got to know him. May God continue to provide comfort to his family, friends, and comrades in arms such as Marcus Luttrell.
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Total Garbage!!!
Dill_Doe17 February 2015
Boring, monotonous and mediocre with endless drivel. Get ready for over an hour of sheer ass kissing and hero worship! American propaganda and BS at its best! I have no doubt that Murphy is a brave guy, but this so called "Documentary" is absolutely ridiculous, and sets a new standard for cheap and trashy hero worship! Seriously, according to this film Murphy was a saint who could walk on water! This Doco makes Captain America look like a pussy! I respect the guy and the sacrifices he made, but there is only so much cheesy and overt trash i can stand! No doubt most redneck Americans will love this rubbish, but for the rest of us people, i suggest you give it a miss. Or keep a vomit bucket handy. Enjoy!
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Amazing Must See Documentary -
lkefauver-774-591799 December 2013
Confused by the low 'star' ratings about this amazing documentary. "Murph: The Protector" isn't about pretty little story-lines tied up in a 2-hr Hollywood flick ... rather it's the true story of an American Hero.

LT Michael Murphy's straight-forward dedication to the US, his family, his unit, the Seals & his mission never waned even while under fire. This man made sure to live his life on his terms showing courage and commitment to fulfilling his mission - all the while protecting his team as best he could under fire & ultimately to his death ... LT Michael Murphy never allowed the enemy to take away his belief that his mission needed to be completed & while under direct fire left the safety of cover to climb up a mountain to get reception to call for aid.

Murph received the Congressional Medal of Honor posthumously by President George W. Bush in 2007.

This documentary is well done, not one of those 'sad sack' types where they fill the time with unnecessary images - rather the stark & honest portrayal of the ultimate dedication by a Navy SEAL to continue the fight for freedom, bring aid to those that had fallen or were injured & to never allow the enemy to stop him from his duties.

Don't allow negative feedback to sway your opinion - watch this movie when you get a chance and you will never regret it. It will touch you. This I can promise.

Bravo! Thank you LT Murphy & all of those that continue to fight for those freedoms we, in the USA, often take for granted!
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Must See Documentary
jennifergherardi9 December 2013
I was fortunate enough to see this movie when it was released in theaters. In my opinion, this is a movie that needs to be seen by high school students so they can see what true heroism is. Murph: The Protector is a moving portrayal of one man's sacrifice to save his team and his selfless dedication to his country. From the interviews with friends and family, one gains a sense of the kind of man Michael Murphy was. I dragged my daughter to see this and by the end of the movie, she was thanking me for having made her go. She doesn't cry much in movies, but this movie made her cry. I feel honored to have been privileged to attend the commissioning ceremony for the destroyer named after him. A true hero. I am eagerly awaiting the release of the DVD.
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Bjwend9 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
What an awesome and wonderful way to pay tribute to a fallen HERO. More Americans need to understand what sacrifices out troops are making. This is one way to help with that. Our citizens today have seemed to forget just what it takes to be a free American. I understand that this is just one story of countless stories from our heros in uniform, but it is one worth paying attention to. Most people don't understand the true meaning of selfless or sacrifice, but learning about it might help change that. Here is a true account of what those two words mean. Our youth today seem to think heros are found on sporting fields and on music stages, but that couldn't be farther from the truth. Murph is and will always remain a hero. Let us never forget. God bless our troops. God bless the United States of America.
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Shame on those that rated this documentary low!!!
alexatahiraj10 April 2014
Those of you who claim Lt. Murphy's mission was to go to Afghanistan and kill innocent people should know that Taliban leader Ahmad Shah in Afghanistan, has killed as many as 20 US Marines. He has killed or ordered his men to kill people of his own country that have aided the US military. He was actually trying to help capture or kill Ahmed Shah who recklessly killed people having no thought or value of their life. He sacrificed his life every time he went on a mission.

Shame on all of you that gave low ratings for this documentary. One even asking who is Lt. Murphy. If you had actually listened to everyone in this documentary you would know exactly who he was. Shame on all of you that gave a review based on your own agenda for the mission. A review should be about the context of the documentary. If it was factual and informative.

The mission was a small part of the documentary. It was part of Lt. Murphy but it was not how he was defined. He was defined for always thinking of others, always helping others, always protecting others. How dare any of you dishonor him or others like him with your comments.

He chose to protect his country. He chose to protect people in other countries as many servicemen and women do. All of them willing to sacrifice their lives for us.

He absolutely is a hero. He was a man willing to sacrifice his life for the other members of his team. It was not his fault that only one survived. It was not his fault that 16 men in the rescue helicopter perished. They are also heroes.

I have watched Lone Survivor and I am in awe of these men. They don't quit, they don't feel pain, they don't judge the mission. They only attempt to complete their mission with as little casualties as they can. They do their best for the mission and the team members.

He is a true hero. Something some of you have no understanding of. He saved one man that day. How many of you have saved a life. Shame on you!!!

Although I am not an American I am truly proud and grateful of all the men and women who serve to protect us.
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rogbash29 December 2013
To all that have written a low review, you apparently have not seen the film or do not know what it represents. Michael Murphy was a Shipmate and Brother of mine who unselfishly gave his own life so that others may live. He was awarded the Medal of Honor the highest award in the Armed Forces that anyone can receive for his bravery that day in the mountains of Afghanistan. I understand that there are people out there that oppose war and all that fight in it, but without us on the battlefield we would not be free Americans and be able to voice our opinions so freely. So every time you see someone in uniform or a veteran you should feel proud to be in their presence, and know they laid their life on the line so that you may have the freedom that you can say or write anything you choose without punishment.
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An Inspirational Tale of a Real Life Hero
DareDevilKid26 February 2014
Reviewed by: Dare Devil Kid (DDK)

Rating: 3.9/5 stars

A moving and stirring documentary about one man's courage and selflessness in the face of insurmountable adversity. Michael Murphy wasn't just the quintessential American hero. He was literally the living, breathing paradigm of loyalty, passion, chivalry, friendship, tenacity, and sacrifice against all odds - values which are the core of real life heroism and values which he strongly exhibited before enrolling in the "United States Navy SEALs".

The Director, Scott Mactavish, sticks to his subject and hovers the entire spotlight on several anecdotes from Murphy's life right up till his days as a Nave SEAL. This is because Mactavish astutely understands that there isn't any need to sidetrack his audience from such a motivational and emotional true story. The film makes you feel humbled yet inspired as the tale of Murphy unfolds before you.

Micheal Murphy never backed away from selflessly helping others and always giving it his all irrespective of the obstacles stacked against him. Without wanting any attention, he was always the first to protect the weak kid at school from a bunch of bullies or give it his all in a game of American football. His honor and loyalty were always evident through simple things like staying true to his select group of friends no matter where life took him or sharing his achievements and accolades with his team. According to Murph, no act could be regarded as more important than the other. He attributed equal importance to something as simple as never forgetting to open the door for a lady or willingly making the ultimate sacrifice for his squadron members.

Lieutenant Michael Patrick Murphy reminds us of the stuff real heroes are made. Scott Mactavisht's astounding documentary will never allows us to forget the stuff legends are made of.
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The Best Of The Best: Murph: The Protector
sunnyomalley79 December 2013
Having followed Michael Murphy for the last several years, I very much looked forward to seeing this movie. Now that I have seen it, I can say it is a movie every American should see. Congratulations to Scott Mactavish for the thoughtful and sensitive way Lt. Murphy, his spirit of commitment, love, and dedication to service came through to where I feel I actually know him.

Go see this movie! Take your family, your friends, your students, your neighbors - not a Hollywood movie, but a true story told by Michael's parents, extended family, friends, and colleagues.

You'll be glad you did!
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Fascinating Documentary About an American Hero, but Ultimately Unsatisfying
l_rawjalaurence20 June 2013
This is a fascinating piece about Michael Patrick Murphy, a United States Navy SEAL who won the Medal of Honor for his bravery during the war in Afghanistan. We learn about his early life in high school, his training as a lifeguard, and how he acquired the soubriquet "The Protector" when he protected a special needs child who was being shoved into a cupboard by a group of bullies. We learn about his military career; his love of what he did; and his bravery during Operation Red Wings, a failed counter- insurgent mission in Afghanistan, where Murphy was shot down in June 2005. Family and friends contribute to this heartfelt profile of an incredibly brave man whose loyalty to his country was unquestioned, and devotion to duty could not be denied. Yet I was left feeling strangely dissatisfied, wondering whether the mission in Afghanistan has - and still has - any point to it. If young men like Murphy cannot survive - even though they have so much to offer - then what price any fighting person in any army?
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Awesome tribute to a true HERO
shaggyl9 December 2013
Awesome movie. Everyone should see it to learn the story of a real hero. There was not a dry eye in the house!!! This documentary details the life of Medal of Honor Recipient Michael Murphy. It is well done and there are interviews with family, friends, and others who knew him. It truly shows what a giving person he was and helps you understand the motivation behind why he sacrificed his life for his fellow team members. The director dealt with the subject matter in an objective way, not glorifying the war, but showing the things that drive these men and how the events throughout their lives influence their mission. For those that are not familiar with the story, the only survivor from the mission, Marcus Luttrel wrote a book - Lone Survivor, which is also being made into a movie.
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A Very well put together Documentary.
slamd0978 April 2014
I am a Giant documentary nut. There are very few that I stay through all the way to the end. This was not only one of them, but it captured my attention through all the interviews, and most of the stories brought to light. I would like to keep it generalized as getting into everything too much would spoil some of what is being brought to light.

If any of you have seen Lone Survivor, in the beginning there is footage of the team, and some of the trials these men have to endure just to make it. This has the stories that will compliment the trials seen in footage, as well as getting that first hand experience from the men themselves on how close these units get.

All in all, it is a great documentary and very well put together. As citizens, most are not allowed to see or hear most of what these men have to go through or even endure to protect loved ones. This is inclusive to even those who are not related as this will show. There is nothing greater than someones selfless act for others. This documentary will show that in spades.
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I feel fortunate that Murph's story was brought to light...
Hoosierjjw11 December 2013
Director Mactavish helms the great story of Mike Murphy's service to those around him. This authentic film provides viewers an amazing tale of a servant-patriot-protector whose genuine concern and love for others was forged at an early age. Interviews with family and friends provide laughs, awe, and intrigue about "Murph", including his last contact with his family that still leaves me shaking my head with a smile.

It will come as no surprise that amid the dire circumstances of Operation Red Wings we see Lt. Murphy give one last act of courage and bravery for his teammates as told by those closest to him and Navy officers who stood with the Murphy during dark days.

The original score by two Navy vets, including one of Murph's comrades, weaves the right tempo of emotion throughout the film.

Thanks to Director Mactavish and the Murphy family for sharing "Murph" with us even though the pain of his absence still lingers.
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saz467716 March 2014
This was an amazing show, It made me cry, but it also made me glad to be an American and I was amazed at the courage that I saw. This man and the men with him are truly heroes! I recommend this movie to many people that I talk to, with one warning "You Will Cry" any person with a heart will cry and yet be so proud at the same time! Thank you for this amazing show! I hope that it continues to be shown for many years to come and the my children and grandchildren are able to see it. I own a copy of the movie and will buy a second one soon to make sure that I have it forever. I believe this show can teach children about the true acts of heroism that are out there and the people that defend our country and give us our freedom!
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Murph The Protector
donna-866-2799649 December 2013
This is an incredible documentary done on an incredible young man who sacrificed his life so that his teammates would be saved. He lay down his life for his brothers and for this country. But in this documentary, you learn about Murph, the man and the son and the brother and the friend. I came away from this documentary a different person. I came away wanting to do more for people and just wanting to be a better person. This is a film that every young person should see and it should be required in all the schools. You will not be disappointed. It is a must see and anyone considering a military career, should see this because it will make you just want to do the best you possibly can. Lt. Murphy gave his all so that others may live. The ultimate sacrifice. He should never be forgotten.
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Very well done
kevinwg14 April 2014
This is an extremely well done piece that simply aimed to show the life of someone who risked his life to try and save his brothers. It wasn't political or propaganda or anything else. I wonder if some of these people leaving reviews even watched the movie or just saw what it was about and started anti-war rhetoric. If the NY Times gave it a good review, and they're always first to criticize military action, it should say something.

Just a good insight into the types of people we send to war... What they believe in and what they're willing to give up to try and bring each other home.
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Outstanding movie on an excellent man
sholson7814 April 2014
Excellent documentary that should be shown to our sons and daughters while raising them. It teaches character, selflessness, and doing the right thing even when others aren't looking. Murph is a hero that we can all look up to. Those recent reviews that throw this movie under the bus didn't watch the movie. I know this because this film wasn't a war movie. So those who say it is are flat out wrong and trying to defame someone that is twice the man that they are. Murph actually made a difference in this world, unlike those on here that are internet message board activists (from their mothers' basements). Realize this, the man discussed in this film documentary ran towards the fight when others choose to run away from it. Again, to say this documentary is a war movie, is baseless and is proof that it wasn't viewed by the liar.
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I cannot wait to see this, going to watch with my sailor son
RunnerLHB19649 December 2013
I cannot wait to see this film. I read his book and the story is truly inspiring. My son is in the Navy and totally looks up to all the Navy SEALS. The courage shown by all the men is the story is just amazing. I think every American should see this story and they should also show this in schools for our children to understand the sacrifice that our military makes every day so that we can live in freedom. Too many people and especially children seem to forget this. The Navy and all the branches of the Armed Forces need our support every day of the year. We will be watching this over the holidays with family and friends. God Bless America
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Not great filmmaking, in any way, but it is a nice tribute.
Hellmant18 July 2014
'MURPH: THE PROTECTOR': Two and a Half Stars (Out of Five)

A documentary about the life of LT Michael P. Murphy; a Navy SEAL who lost his life, in 2005, fighting Taliban soldiers in the Hindu-Kush mountains (the incident was the basis for the popular 2013 war film 'LONE SURVIVOR'). This documentary was written and directed by Scott Mactavish, who also directed another documentary on American troops (in 2008) called 'GOD AND COUNTRY: UNTOLD STORIES OF THE American MILITARY'. This movie features archive video (and pictures) of Murphy, as his family and friends tell stories about him. I found it to be a very nice and inspiring film; not great filmmaking (in any way) but a nice tribute to someone who appears to have been a great modern hero.

The documentary begins with Michael's parents (Maureen and Daniel), and other family and friends, telling of Michael's past; growing up in Patchogue, New York. Michael was called 'Murph' by his friends and known as 'The Protector'; for defending people that were often attacked or picked on (like a special needs student in 8th grade). He went to Penn State and graduated (in 1998) with degrees in political science and psychology. He joined the Navy SEALs after college and went to War in Afghanistan. He eventually became the leader of a four-man SEAL reconnaissance team (in an assignment called 'Operation Red Wings'). They were surrounded by Taliban troops on June 28th, 2005, when Murphy was killed. Michael posthumously earned the Medal of Honor in 2007.

Like I said, the movie is a great tribute to someone who appeared to be a great man. As a film it's not really that interesting or compelling; it's basically just a lot of Murphy's friends and family telling stories about him and saying what a good guy he was. That's really nice for people that knew him but for people that never met the guy it doesn't really tell us that much about who he really was. The director can definitely use a lot more experience in filmmaking (and a bigger budget). It's also odd that Michael's buddy (and fellow Navy SEAL), Marcus Luttrell, isn't interviewed in the movie. Luttrell was the 'lone survivor' of Operation Red Wings and is the only guy that really knows what truly happened to Murphy. I know Luttrell was busy making 'LONE SURVIVOR' (as a technical adviser) but you'd think he could have found time to help out with this movie too. I think this documentary would have been much more fitting as a special feature on a 'LONE SURVIVOR' DVD (rather than it's own feature) but it is a decent tribute, all the same.

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