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MPAA Rated PG-13 for sequences of adventure violence, and some suggestive conten

Sex & Nudity

  • Some women have low cut dresses.
  • Carina wears a formfitting, low-cut dress.
  • She strips down to her undergarments before diving into the water. (She's still mostly covered, though.)
  • Another married couple embraces and kisses as well.
  • Later, Carina and Henry kiss.
  • "I saw her ankles," Henry blusters at this point. To which, Jack retorts, "You'd have seen a lot more if you'd kept your cakehole shut."
  • After Jack drunkenly staggers out of an opened safe, the wife of a local official appears behind him, giving the impression that they spent the night together.
  • Double entendre jokes reference a man's "cannon balls."
  • And Carina's career as an "astronomer" and a "horologist" garners giggles as well.
  • In his first scene Jack Sparrow is seen drunk and asleep in a safe, a woman inside with him. Her husband is there and, enraged, orders the soldiers to shoot Jack dead. The word "trollop" is used.
  • Pirates mistake the word "horologist" and think that it applies to whores (the word itself is never used). They continue to make veiled references to this.
  • After Carina prepares to swim taking off her dress to her Victorian underwear and dives into the water, Henry excitingly tells Jack that he "saw her ankles". Jack then replies that he "would have seen a lot more if he'd kept his cake-hole shut". The word "knickers" is used.
  • Jack is seen without his pants.

Violence & Gore

  • Sword fights, impalings, gun blasts, pummeling fist fights and explosions are all commonplace throughout the film.
  • Ships are ripped asunder by cannon balls and sharp rocks.
  • And the open mouth-like bow of Captain Salazar's decrepit ship appears to "eat" opposing sea vessels-leaving them as smashed and flaming piles of floating refuse afterward.
  • Blood drips through the deck of a ship to the jail cells below, implying the amount of unseen slaughter happening above.
  • A man's neck is viciously snapped.
  • Henry gets hit in the mouth with a musket's stock.
  • Jack is strapped into a guillotine, and he sees several severed heads in a basket below him.
  • Carina has a hangman's noose tied around her neck.
  • Splintery shrapnel is repeatedly sent flying, and bodies sink in the ocean.
  • A man drops from above and drives his sword into another person's back.
  • Two combatants fall to their deaths from a great height.
  • Many scenes involving epic, intense action, fighting and destruction.
  • Jack is seen about to be executed by guillotine; you can see the red blood on the blade, and there is a brief shot of a couple of decapitated heads in a basket, realistic-looking yet not bloody. It is, however, a fairly humorous scene.
  • Salazar and his crew are seen mercilessly killing pirates and English military men many times throughout the film. Their "deaths" in the flashback scene are rather intense.
  • Zombie-like ghost sharks are first shown as grotesquely rotten corpses, flies swarming around them.


  • We hear one exclamation each of "oh my god!" and "p-ss off."
  • There's also a single use of the British crudity "bugger."
  • None too crude, a few instances of mild British profanity: 2 uses of "bugger" and 1 "piss off". Plus maybe one or two "bloody", "damn", "hell" and the like.
  • The word "horologist" is mistaken as "whore", and "astrologist" as something to do with donkeys, implying a few uses of "ass". This is played for laughs.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Jack appears to be almost always slightly inebriated. In one case he wakes from a drunken stupor.
  • We only see him slug back a drink on one or two occasions, though.
  • One scene takes place in a tavern and shows drinking locals.
  • Jack Sparrow is seen drinking rum, and is clearly drunk throughout the film, as he is in most scenes in the last four films (perhaps even more drunk than before).

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Several intense action scenes involving destruction and fighting, many deaths.
  • Captain Salazar is possibly the most frightening, intimidating villain in the entire film series, and his men are also scary-looking, some of them missing various body parts, and the ghost sharks are fairly grotesque and could be pretty scary.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Towards the ending of the film, a main character of the film, Captain Barbossa, sacrifices himself to kill the main villain of the film. In the process, Barbossa is shown falling to his death as we hear dramatic music over the background. This scene is very emotional, dramatic and intense.
  • In the post-credits scene, Will and Elizabeth sleep in their bed together, when their room is entered and raided by a mysterious silhouette. The steps are heard and the silhouette is none other than Davy Jones himself, who has somehow resurrected and is now seeking revenge. When Jones raises his clawed arm, Will awakens and finds that the room is empty. Assuming Jones' appearance to be a nightmare, Will goes back to sleep, oblivious to the presence of a trace of wet barnacles on the floor amid a puddle of seawater, revealing it was no dream and Davy Jones is really alive. This scene is very startling and frightening.

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