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Fun, sweet, and romantic!
Evangeline Kelly11 December 2011
TV movies get a bad rap in America. Dismissed as trite, cheesy, and predictable, as well as the haven of "has-been" actors, this respectable medium is neglected by Hollywood and audiences. For an original film, with a mix of veteran (Elisabeth Rohm of Law and Order & Angel and Brendan Fehr of Roswell & Bones) and new actors (lead Laura Breckenridge), the acting is convincing and the production qualities are surprisingly high. Best of all, the script balances the romantic elements with touching humor and the warmth of Christmas without dinging the aforementioned criticisms of the made-for-television movie. This was a pleasant way to pass two hours of my night, and for those who seek romantic films with plenty of heart, believable romantic development, and doesn't use strong physical attraction as a shortcut to love, A Christmas Kiss is highly recommended.
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Pleasant Christmas fare but...
emaureen17 December 2011
Romantic comedy set at Christmas. Can't really fault it, but Brendan Fehr seemed a strange choice for the suave, stiff (and somewhat bemused) hero. Not sure why they chose a gifted character actor for a part that called for so little acting, and with makeup that made him seem like the cousin of Dudley Do-Right. But then, I enjoyed Fehr playing a scruffy flake back in the Roswell days.

Our heroine was a suitably sweet yet spunky young thing with enjoyable friends, and her nemesis boss was E-V-I-L. Many outside characters who seemed entitled to comment on the situation, a smidge of deo ex machina. In other words, nothing you haven't seen before, but basically okay.
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A Christmas Kiss
jennifercoulahan19 November 2011
Well that time of year again. Had been looking for a new Christmas movie to watch.This is a new movie 2011.Really enjoyed this movie, a lovely light Christmas film. will be buying this for my own collection. Enjoyed watching Brendan Fehr again He was in Roswell. All grown up now. You may recognize the other actors from TV series also. Elisabeth Rohm plays a great part also. You'll know her as Kate from the TV series Angel.From the beginning it takes you in and you care for what happens to the characters. It moves along well and keeps you interested.I may be a bit sentimental but this film makes you feel the magic of Christmas and all the possibilities that go with it. So for all those romantics get out the popcorn and enjoy.....
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Great movie with popcorn and fireplace going on Christmas/New Years nights
fen3918 November 2012
I remember seeing this movie at least twice last year late in the evening on ION television. I really enjoyed it. Good production values and acting by all was in the spirit. Even the extras seem to be having fun. Director John Stimpson came through with professional blocking and just right touch that enhances the Christmas Theme. The movie stays within its limits and does not go off on tangents to try to reinvent itself and become more than the original intent, which often happens with seasonal-themed story lines. Laura Breckenridge was just right in casting, although at first I thought she was a little young for "the Handsome Stranger played by Brenden Fehr. Also good to see movies, like this one, that the young ones can watch without worrying or cringing what may happen next. Don't know if it will be on any local television stations in the east U.S. coast, but see that it is out on DVD. Good stocking stuffer!
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One of the best Christmas classics
avdave26 December 2011
The story is average ...but the cinematography and acting does 10/10 for the movie... All the three main actors Laur,Bendon and Elizabeth are just awesome ...Oh and all side actors/actresses are just amazing and plus all the Christmas decoration within movie is just great...

The Characters really brings freshness to movie and of course Laura is my favorite.

It's a nice romantic flick and everything on each scene looks so fresh and inclusion of Christmas decoration within theme is huge plus. Every time it is as good as I watched it first.

Just relax and enjoy it!! and oh yeah I would be buying it for my personal collection
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so cute!
jmarieinca23 December 2011
I really got into this Christmas TV movie. A young woman with bad luck with romance feels she'll never meet a great guy. She meets guy in elevator where they share a magical kiss who later turns out to be her boss' boyfriend.

The girl makes designs for her boss who is helping her boyfriend make a Christmas design for his house. I don't want to give too much away, but I was glued to this movie! This movie was very cute her boss was someone you love to hate! The movie wasn't too predictable and it had some really precious moments in it. Sweet movie you don't want to miss for Christmastime.
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My absolute favorite Christmas Movie EVER
cemroz9 December 2013
The best Christmas Romance, ever! I can't stop watching it. If I need a little Christmas spirit this movie does it for me. I won't even place a number on the times I've watched it. I loved all the characters and will watch anything that I can find with them in it. Laura Breckenridge is exceptional as well as Brendan Fehr who I loved in pretty much everything he does for example in Bones. Elizabeth Rohm was amazingly convincing as the antagonist in this movie. And I really hope to see the roommates and the actor who played Charlie in more movies. I just can't say enough about this one Christmas treasure. I found myself searching everywhere for the airing well before THanksgiving and I will buy it and download it this year. Bravo, well acted, joyful and beautiful. Please powers that be do another with these wonderful actors.
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Avoid at all costs
gallivanea20 May 2012
"A Christmas Kiss" is a holiday variation on the worst kind of chick flicks. It should never, could never, will never become a holiday classic, and deservedly so. BTW, let me just state up front I am a woman who normally loves chick flicks. In this case, however... Yuck.

The story is trite & predictable, with plot "twists" you can see coming a mile off, and characters as clichéd as some starry-eyed teen would dream up: unlucky-in-love aspiring career girl; her boss, a manipulative, social-climbing, lying, witch-with-a-B; & the sweet, clueless, gazillionaire hunk - who should have 'DOORMAT' tattooed on his forehead, btw - they both want.

Since it has the emotional depth of tissue paper, the acting skills of the attractive cast have limited opportunity for display and can therefore only be called competent at best; in some moments, they're downright cringe-worthy. Although, admittedly, that may be due to the gawd-awful script.

All of which is sad, but to me the worst part was the 2 hours I wasted thinking it would get better; had to get better; would have an emotional payoff that justified making it.

Nope. It just sort of stops, and exactly the way you knew it would after seeing the first 10 minutes. So if you come across this one, do yourself a favor: keep going!
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Errors galore, but still loved it
franticflannel9 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
1. When first in lift, Adam reached to steady Wendy before the lift jolted 2. If Adam didn't live in the building and Wendy had left Miss hall's joint...where did Adam come from? 3. Miss Hall can't pronounce Chrismiss (Christmas) 4. When miss hall called after Adam was talking about his Grandmother whilst decorating the Christmas past tree, Wendy stood up to eavesdrop and posed putting a bauble on a branch that already had a bauble on it. 5. Adam's facial expressions made him look like he was constantly constipated, i thought maybe it was the figgypudding, but he had it from the beginning. 6. When he phoned about the ring return/exchange policy, he just happened to know the phone number in Italy off by heart. 7. Do folk in the US not have coffee making facilities in their homes? because it seems visitors have to take their own with them. 8. Wendy wore clothes that did not do her justice, she looked so frumpy most of the time

Yet, I've loved watching it, heaven knows why...a guilty pleasure or I am a soft touch for romance.
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I Can't Wait to See it Again
garyhvizdak24 December 2014
A delightful movie. Excellent production, acting, direction, cinematography etc. Laura Breckenridge is adorable. (I fell in love with her.) Some of the writing seemed a bit of a stretch. Especially the justifications Wendy repeatedly gave her friends, as to why she couldn't tell Adam "that was her in the elevator". Oh and it was also a stretch that Wendy could tolerate her boss! No doubt the worst part of the movie from a production standpoint was the lip sync carolers. As a singer, I found the scene -- when the elevator doors opened -- painful to watch, and I can't imagine that anyone connected with this project is happy with how it turned out. The best part of the movie was the last three minutes and I would have loved to see more (than just a newspaper clipping).

P.S. Thumbs up to Elizabeth Rohm for her restrained and yet over-the-top supporting role performance.
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Cute holiday movie
teica-g14 November 2014
This movie is a cute holiday drama romance movie, and it has one of my favorite unknown actors Brendan Fehr featured in it. It might make you biting nails "why did the character did that", few plot holes moments, but all actors are alright and it's watchable. If you think about it, there are some movies that made it to theater and aren't as half as good, this one is then more than decent. You can enjoy it watching with your family or boyfriend, because it does not have any excessive sexual scenes. Lead roles make a great couple and will leave you wanting more of their story. Elisabeth Röhm is also a great "villain" here, role suits her good.
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Really Like the movie, noticed one more "goof:"
karenpike-5284615 January 2018
I like this movie a lot, especial since I can relate to the condescending boss situation.

Noticed one more "goof" -- when Adam and Wendy are having coffee at Beantown after Christmas tree shopping (at night), they are joined by her roommates. Adam greets them with "good morning"
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Passable Christmas romance for the young and starry-eyed
SimonJack23 December 2017
"A Christmas Kiss" is a comedy-romance that can lay a legitimate claim to being a Christmas movie. It's all about and around Christmas. It has a stage performance of "The Nutcracker" in production. The heroine and her Scrooge of a boss are designing a Christmas theme party from Dickens's "A Christmas Carol." The plot is about Christmases past and present, and the streets of Boston are alive with Christmas carolers, tree lots and decorations. Of course, the film wasn't shot in Boston but in Richmond, Virginia.

This film probably appeals mostly to young females. The three roommates in the film hardly look to be much beyond their teens, and the film is somewhat sappy in the girls' romantic ruminations. But, the story has just enough interest, and Laura Breckenridge does a superb job acting and carrying the life of the film. Her Wendy Walton is very likeable. One other standout in the film is Elisabeth Röhm who plays the villain. She is Wendy's boss, Priscilla Hall. She is a thoroughly unlikable witch. In her earliest scenes her makeup has her with high pointed eyebrows that clearly are meant to give the impression of a witch.

The movie has some oddities. Wendy and Adam Hughes (played by Brendan Fehr) share feelings about traditional Christmases, yet when they are riding in a horse-drawn carriage the background music is a slow, jazzy rendition of "Jingle Bells." That struck me as weird. The music didn't seem to fit in a number of places.

Still, for Breckenridge's performance and all of the cast who gave it their all, this is an OK Christmas romance.
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Poor man's "Working Girl" Spoiler
drodog7 November 2017
Warning: Spoilers
The movie is immediately reminiscent of Working Girl- young women wants to make it, works for successful status-seeking boss who steals her idea, then makes a move on would- be fiancé. Not a terrible movie, decent acting, predictable, but I could not sit through it again. The supporting cast are weak actors, feels like a lifetime move at times. I found myself rooting for the "bad guy " because I couldn't understand the main actress- she's feisty, inquisitive, intelligent, but allows her work to be stolen and goes along with it. Not buying it.
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Christmas Kiss Had that Christmas Romance Spark
gehewe2 February 2017
A great movie to watch. Would not mind watching it again. One of my favorite Christmas movies is "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" where the girl is mismatched. Here it is the guy who is mismatched to the ambitious, arrogant, calculating Miss Hall (Elisabeth Rohm). Her performance absolutely made this movie. She is the villain and our hard working sweet girl Wendy (Lauren Breckenridge) is our heroin. The dialogue with Wendy and her 2 roommates were some of the best scenes and much of the story was conveyed in their conversations. This was very well done. This movie has emotion. You will be rooting for Wendy over Miss Hall. You will not fall asleep on this one. Good Job.
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Yeah, not great....
wrightiswright10 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
our typical story of: humble young girl works for rich b*tch, Ms Modesty falls in love with horrible lady's bland boyfriend, and when the wealthy jerk finds out about it she schemes to keep them apart, only to fail miserably of course. All this is encapsulated in lots of cheesy montages, while the nice girl's annoying friends try to 'get them together', and references to Shakespeare and Dickens fail to make the mediocre screenplay smarter than it is.

Except... are we REALLY sure they're meant for each other? I mean... he doesn't even recognise her after their first meeting in a lift, and the only thing different she's wearing at the time is a bit of make up and a white dress. Later on, she puts on her specs... and it's Clark Kent/ Superman all over again. Also, what's the main reason he suddenly gets repulsed by his old fiancé, the rich b*tch? Why, she gets sick of hearing Christmas songs played non-stop from the beginning of November. SHOCK HORROR! What an uncommon sentiment.

Still, as annoyed as she might be by the overplayed festive tunes, it doesn't compare to my irritation at the badly sung, lyrically tragic yuletide songs that are wall-to-wall in this made-for-TV schlock itself. Someone get me a pair of earplugs, please. Leave them under the tree, next to my lump of coal. Thank you.

So, to sum up then... well, let's compare it to an itchy Christmas sweater, shall we?. Unpleasant to look at, uncomfortable to experience... but hey, at least at least you only have to tolerate it once a year, right? 4/10
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Best made for TV Xmas movie
asmithee2325 December 2014
I've watched a lot of cruddy made-for-TV Christmas movies. Some are awful all the way 'round - acting, story, sets, make-up, musicals scores but this one is A+. In fact, I first watched it ten minutes in because the cinematography caught my eye. And then the charm of the adorable Laura Breckenridge hooked me in for good. Especially enjoyable are her two roommates, Tressa and Caroline. I actually look for these actors now in things like Grey's Anatomy and Big Bang Theory they were that good. I took special delight in Elisabeth Rohm's performance. She should do comedy. Yeah, so what - it's predictable. But the journey there was a treasured delight.
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The plot of working girl with a Christmas theme
Dunham1615 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
WORKING GIRL was a successful Melanie Griffith Hollywood romance. She plays a hard luck young woman unlucky in love having a hard time in her dead end job who ends up unwittingly crossing her arrogant boss to find success after this in both life and love with an eligible wealthy bachelor first offering her boss a high end lucrative account which her boss wanted to snag. The only major wrinkle in this outing, A Christmas Kiss, in this plot is her boss is trying to get engaged to said wealthy bachelor whose high end lucrative business account revolves around a Christmas celebration. Well done if you don't mind the "having seen this before" but low budget and less of a star studded cast than the original.
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A 'C' level
marshade24 December 2012
I'm surprised no one has referenced this movie back to Working Girl. Though I think Sigourney Weaver takes the role to a higher level. Watching the girls sitting at the table, discussing if Wendy is 'chicken' for not telling Adam about who she is, the funniest part was Caroline doing a 'chicken bwalk' to the tune of The Chicken Dance. Made the time spent watching somewhat memorable. As a Boston resident, I had trouble for a good portion of the movie trying to pick out buildings and scenes in Boston, until I checked filing locations. While Richmond, VA is a great city, it isn't Boston. One scene looked Bostonian, but unfortunately there was nothing else that could be brought back to the scene. Overall, I echo 'the worst chick flick' review.
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Almost a prince and commoner story without royalty
Jack Vasen3 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
The story plays almost like one of the stories of a prince (but actually he is just a super wealthy person) who meets a commoner or Cinderella. It also uses the stuck in an elevator device. And an evil boss who is also the prince's fiancé. The story flows about how you'd expect it, but I have to admit I was wrong about the device they would use to crush Cinderella's hope. I thought Priscilla would make it look like Wendy stole the book. I actually like how they cleaned everything up in the end. The evil boss even got some of what was coming to her.

What I liked most about this movie is how much screen time they gave Brendan Fehr and Laura Breckenridge to develop chemistry. Unfortunately for me, I was slightly distracted waiting for the shoe to drop on Wendy's head. Still, they had a lovely time together.

I also felt like a midnight movie viewer who kept yelling at the screen "No don't tell him because she will crush you."

As I often say with this type of movie, if you like the genre, you will probably enjoy this, but if you aren't into this type of movie, chances are good you will dislike it. Don't blame the genre.
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