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Tiff Review: ‘El Angel’ Walks a Tightrope Between Macho Crime Flick and a Queer Riff

Throughout the early 1970s, Carlos Robledo Puch committed a number of homicides and robberies that scandalized Argentina. Dubbed “El Angel” by the press for his youth and good looks, he was eventually caught and thrown in prison, where he remains to this day. Now dramatized in the feature film also bearing that nickname, the notorious criminal’s life luckily gets the chance to be as banalized as any other big-screen serial killer.

Sure, it’s true that making claims about Puch’s life or rather acting like Luis Ortega’s film is absolutely an attempt to unlock the mystery behind the man–or, rather, boy–is unfair. Yet if the film wants to serve as some kind of grander indictment of how a generation’s malaise spawned so much violence, or even just deliver a consistently entertaining film, it can’t help but come as a failure.

With an opening
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‘Battlefield V’ Gamescom Trailer Shows New Maps, Gameplay

  • Variety
Electronic Arts released an official Gamescom trailer for its upcoming shooter “Battlefield V,” and it shows off some of the new maps and gameplay players can expect when the game launches Oct. 11.

Titled “Devastation of Rotterdam,” the trailer is an unending buffet of bullets, explosions, and tanks set to Audiomachine’s dramatic remake of “House of the Rising Sun.” It features “Battlefield V’s” new Netherlands map, which will be playable for the first time at Gamescom, EA said. The real Battle of Rotterdam took place in May 1940 during World War II. Germany attempted to seize the Dutch city and ultimately won following the Rotterdam Blitz. Players will get to fight the Germans throughout the city’s streets as they attempt to seize it.

The latter half of the trailer features more locations players will encounter in-game, including a possible sneak peek at “Battlefield V’s” new battle royale mode.
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Alt-j Previews Remix Album With Syrupy Danny Brown Collaboration

Alt-j Previews Remix Album With Syrupy Danny Brown Collaboration
Alt-j tapped Danny Brown and producers the Alchemist and Trooko to rework their song “Deadcrush” into a sleek jam. The track will appear on Alt-j’s upcoming remix album, Reduxer, out September 28th via Canvasback/Atlantic.

Alchemist and Trooko embrace and expand the steady, spaced-out vibe of Alt-j’s original, deepening its drum groove and slathering singer Joe Newman’s vocals in echo and reverb. Danny Brown’s verses provide a punchy counter-balance with the Detroit rapper spitting, “It’s a war outside, ain’t no one safe/ Wave my
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What is Ada Vox’s best ‘American Idol’ performance so far: ‘House of the Rising Sun,’ ‘Creep,’ ‘Defying Gravity’ … ? [Poll]

Now that Ada Vox has made it to the Top 10 of “American Idol” Season 16, we want to know what You think is her best performance so far. From the moment former contestant Adam Sanders debuted as drag queen Ada with her audition song “House of the Rising Sun” (watch above), she’s stood out for her booming vocals and sassy personality. Ada’s “American Idol” song list also includes “Creep” in the showcase round, “Feeling Good” in the Top 24, “Defying Gravity” as her superstar duet with Lea Michele, “The Show Must Go On” in the Top 14 performance episode, and “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” in the Top 14 results episode. Vote for Ada’s best performance in our poll below.

See‘American Idol’ Season 16: Now that we know the Top 14, hurry and make Your predictions for who will win

After performing with the rest of the Top 14 this week,
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Katy Perry defiantly saves drag queen Ada Vox on ‘American Idol’: ‘We do know talent when we see it’ [Watch]

Katy Perry defiantly saves drag queen Ada Vox on ‘American Idol’: ‘We do know talent when we see it’ [Watch]
When Katy Perry removed her earrings, all bets were off. The superstar “American Idol” judge was not happy that drag queen Ada Vox failed to earn America’s vote on Monday’s results show, so she took it upon herself to make things right. “I think we do know talent when we see it,” said a defiant Katy as her co-judges Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie nodded in approval. “So I would say, we would like to make an executive decision right now. Ada? You get that seat, baby,” Katy declared, referring to one of the open chairs in the Top 10. Watch the viral moment above.

See‘American Idol’: Which of the Top 14 was robbed of a place in the Top 10 on season 16?

Based on America’s votes, the six singers who made it through automatically to the Top 10 of “American Idol” Season 16 were Maddie Poppe, Cade Foehner, Gabby Barrett,
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When will Ada Vox return to ‘American Idol’ 2018? Here’s your lineup for the second week of Top 24 performances

Superstar-in-the-making Ada Vox is set to return to “American Idol” on Sunday, April 15 along with the rest of the second group of Top 24 singers. This drag queen with a powerful voice will be joined by Ron Bultongez, Marcio Donaldson, Amelia Hammer Harris, Caleb Lee Hutchinson, Garrett Jacobs, Jurnee, Mara Justine, Shannon O’Hara, Effie Passero, Maddie Poppe and Alyssa Raghu. Then on Monday, April 16 these 12 contestants will engage in duets with professional artists, with only seven advancing to the all-important live shows on ABC’s reality TV program.

See ‘American Idol’ judges: We defend Katy Perry from all the internet trolls — ‘It would be so boring without her’ [Watch]

Judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan chose the Top 24 from thousands of aspiring singers that auditioned in New York City, New Orleans, Nashville, Savannah and Los Angeles. Ada Vox was one of the standouts from the audition rounds thanks to
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‘American Idol’: Drag queen Ada Vox to win season 16 after slaying in audition on March 25? [Poll]

Ada Vox made a triumphant return to “American Idol” on March 25 five years after being bounced from the top 50. Back then, the draq queen competed as Adam Sanders. As she explained to the three judges — Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie — back then, “I was just a a chubby little Latino boy.” After enduring years of being bullied for “my weight, my sexuality” she reemerged as a defiant drag queen.

Vox proved her mettle with a rousing rendition of “House of the Rising Sun” by the Animals. She won over all the judges with her performance. When Perry expressed concerns that she would not take the competition seriously, Vox reassured her that she was in it to win it. “I’m not here to play with anybody. I’m here to chase my dreams and make them come true.”

With her ticket to Hollywood, do you think Vox could
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‘American Idol’ auditions: Former singer returns and wows judges as drag queen Ada Vox [Watch]

‘American Idol’ auditions: Former singer returns and wows judges as drag queen Ada Vox [Watch]
Back in the 12th season of “American Idol,” teenage singer Adam Sanders made it all the way to the Top 50 before getting cut. Because of his weight and sexuality, Adam received lots of hateful messages on social media. “I let it get to me in the wrong way. It killed me inside,” he revealed after returning to “American Idol” on Sunday night’s episode. However, when the San Antonio, TX resident arrived for his audition, Adam made the bold decision to perform as his drag queen persona Ada Vox. Watch Ada’s audition video above.

See ‘American Idol’: Will drag queen Ada Vox win season 16 after slaying in audition on March 25? [Poll]

Ada wowed judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie with a performance of “House of the Rising Sun” by The Animals. She earned three “yes” votes, sending her through to the next round, but only after promising
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American Idol Recap: Season 16 Auditions Conclude With a Former Contestant's Dramatic Return

American Idol Recap: Season 16 Auditions Conclude With a Former Contestant's Dramatic Return
What a difference five years can make.

Sunday’s American Idol, which marked the final night of Season 16 auditions, ended with the return of a familiar face, at least to those who watched the show’s 12th season really closely.

Before melting the judges’ faces with a killer rendition of the Animals’ “House of the Rising Sun,” 24-year-old Ada Vox recalled making it to the Top 50 in 2013, back when they were “just a chubby little Latino boy” by the name of Adam. But post-Idol life wasn’t kind to Ada. “People attacked my weight, my sexuality,” Ada recalled, adding that
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‘Hangman’ Trailer: Al Pacino Plays Deadly Game With Serial Killer

‘Hangman’ Trailer: Al Pacino Plays Deadly Game With Serial Killer
“I don’t want to see them die for what I did,” growls Al Pacino as the grizzled homicide detective in Johnny Martin’s upcoming crime thriller Hangman. This new trailer doesn’t make clear exactly what Pacino did – whether he missed a vowel or consonant in the child’s game of the title, or maybe something worse – but victims are hanging around all over town. Set to the tune of “House of the Rising Sun,” the trailer introduces us to Pacino’s homicide detective Ray Archer and…
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British Soul Great Eric Burdon Debuts His Electrifying Take on a ’60s Protest Anthem

British Soul Great Eric Burdon Debuts His Electrifying Take on a ’60s Protest Anthem
Eric Burdon’s soulful, heart-stopping wail made him one of the most unforgettable voices of the ’60s. As the lead singer for British Invasion heroes the Animals, he injected a dose of gritty reality into the pop charts with hits like “House of the Rising Sun” and “We Gotta Get Out of This Place,” and by decade’s end he had moved on to front the barrier-breaking funk group, War.

Today, the music legend remains an active advocate for peace, producing music aimed squarely at the status quo. In honor of his 76th birthday, Burdon is treating fans to a
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Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson on Creating the World of ‘The Endless’

As someone who loved Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson‘s Spring to the point of seeking out everything else they had done before that point, hearing about a new work debuting at Tribeca got me excited to see what they would deliver. My assumption was that it was the Aleister Crowley picture they spoke about when I interviewed them last year — I was wrong. While that discovery wasn’t surprising considering how long projects gestate, it was shocking to discover The Endless proved to be a sequel to their first feature collaboration Resolution.

They have created a film around the characters they played themselves: Aaron and Justin, UFO cult members. Would this new tale ten years later be only tangentially related through these characters or would the mythos be the same? If the latter, would it bring back the “monster,” locale, and supporting cast? These are important questions to ask,
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Interview: ‘The Endless’ and Brotherly Love and the Power of Fear

We chat with Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson about love and rehearsals and life and more rehearsals at Tribeca.Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead in ‘The Endless’. Oh, brother, there art thou!

The Shallow Pocket Project is going to Tribeca (in spirit)! We’ll be chatting with several independent filmmakers making the trek to New York for this year’s film festival. Stay tuned! Check out our last chat with Ted Geoghegan (Director of ‘We Are Still Here’). Special thanks, as always, to In The Mouth of Dorkness, Lisa Gullickson, and Darren Smith.

Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson’s The Endless premiered Friday night at Tribeca. I’m here to tell y’all, they’ve upped their filmmaking game. While still writing, directing, shooting, and producing, they’re also starring in the film. Because why not? I don’t know how they do it. I’m tired just putting words on a page. They
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Exclusive: ‘Moana’ Star Auli'i Cravalho Says Bump on Her Head Is a Reminder That the Oscars Wasn’t a Dream

Exclusive: ‘Moana’ Star Auli'i Cravalho Says Bump on Her Head Is a Reminder That the Oscars Wasn’t a Dream
Auli'i Cravalho is taking a cue from her portrayal of Moana these days. “I think I’ve become a little more adventurous through her character,” the 16-year-old explains to Et. “I’ve traveled across the world and am able to meet all these wonderful people.” Like the Disney-animated princess who voyages across the ocean in search of a demigod named Maui, Cravalho, who voiced the title role in the film (now available on Blu-ray and Digital HD), is venturing all over New York City for the next three weeks as she tapes a live-action pilot for a new NBC show called Drama High.

“I am very excited. I get to wear scarves and coats because it's cold,” the Hawaiian native exclaims. The show centers on talented students from a working-class town in a standout high school drama department, who are enriched by their impassioned teacher. The project, which Cravalho says is more realistic than Glee, is the latest
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Official Westworld Soundtrack Now Available To Stream

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One thing that was so often overlooked in Westworld‘s blistering rise to prominence is the official soundtrack. Orchestrated by musical maestro Ramin Djawadi (Game of Thrones, Pacific Rim), the score was crafted with a blend of classical orchestra and electronica, peppered with dark, jarring covers of pop music from the likes of The Rolling Stones, Radiohead, Soundgarden and The Pixies.

Available to purchase and stream across all the usual platforms (read: Apple Music and Spotify), the Westworld soundtrack bundles together 34 tracks in total. From “House of the Rising Sun” to “Paint It Black,” those of you fully up-to-date with HBO’s sci-fi Western will appreciate how Djawadi’s score is able to transport you back to specific moments from the source material. That, and it will make the wait for Westworld‘s second season that little bit more bearable.
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‘Westworld’ Season One Soundtrack Drops: Listen to the Buzzy Score for Free

‘Westworld’ Season One Soundtrack Drops: Listen to the Buzzy Score for Free
Season 1 of “Westworld” may be over but now fans of the HBO series can sit back and relax to the buzzy tunes of the show’s soundtrack. Released this week by WaterTower Music, the album features 34 songs from composer Ramin Djawadi, as well as the previous covers included in the Ep like Radiohead’s “No Surprises,” Soundgarden’s “Black Hole Sun,” the Rolling Stones’ “Paint It Black,” and the Cure’s “A Forest.”

Additionally, new covers from the last half of the season include Djawadi’s interpretations of “Fake Plastic Trees” by The Bends, Ok Computer’s “Exit Music (For a Film),” Nine Inch Nails’ “Something I Can Never Have,” Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black” and the Animals’ “House of the Rising Sun.”

Read More: ‘Westworld’ Composer Ramin Djawadi Reveals Why Radiohead and Other Rock Bands Are a Perfect Dramatic Fit

The sci-fi western series had been known for
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‘Westworld’ Review: ‘Trace Decay’ Reminds Us That We’re All Just Stories, In the End

  • Indiewire
‘Westworld’ Review: ‘Trace Decay’ Reminds Us That We’re All Just Stories, In the End
Last Week’S Review: ‘Westworld’ Review: ‘Trompe L’Oeil’ Trades Secrets For Hard Truths and a Big Reveal

Diagnostic Report

We dive right into the repercussions of last week’s episode, as Bernard deals with the anguish of Theresa’s death, while Ford marvels at the depths of emotion Bernard is feeling — before he turns them off, and instructs Bernard to cover up Theresa’s death and erase any record of their relationship beyond colleagues.

When Charlotte learns that Theresa is dead, she seems to accept (wih suspicion) Ford’s story about her having slipped and fallen; however, she then enlists Sizemore to help her smuggle “35 years worth of data” out of the park using retired host Peter Abernathy. Initially, it seemed like the board was prepared to take its time getting rid of Dr. Ford — now, it looks like the timetable has sped up.

Dolores and William continue exploring
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The Voice Recap: Good, Better, Bette

The Voice Recap: Good, Better, Bette
Bette Midler. Cher. Patti Labelle. Reba McEntire. Stevie Nicks. Jill Scott. Joan Jett.

These legendary divas have all brought keen-eyed critique and unflinching honesty to The Voice Battle Rounds, but relegating them to a couple weeks of guest mentoring makes as much sense as having Usain Bolt on your Olympic roster and sticking him on the synchronized swimming squad.

Related2017 Renewal Scorecard: What’s Coming Back? What’s Getting Cancelled? What’s on the Bubble?

Imagine, then, if you will, a summer edition of NBC’s reality singing competition in which a quartet of the aforementioned divas call the shots.
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Suicide Squad Soundtrack Goes Gold

Despite being sacked by film critics and many box office analysts predicting financial failure for Suicide Squad, the film continues to rack up one successful feat after another. The film currently sits at $720.7 million worldwide from an estimated production budget of $175 million. During a steep second week drop, some analysts questioned whether the film would reach $600 million. Now, Atlantic Records president of film & TV Kevin Weaver has revealed via Instagram, that the soundtrack has sold enough copies to go Gold. Full Suicide Squad Soundtrack List: “House of the Rising Sun” — The Animals “You Don’t Own Me” — Lesley GoreSympathy for the Devil”— The Rolling Stones “Standing in the Rain” — Action Bronson, Mark Ronson and Dan Auerbach “Super Freak”— Rick JamesPurple Lamborghini” — Skrillex and Rick RossDirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” — AC/DC “Slippin’ into Darkness” — War “Fortunate Son”— Creedence Clearwater Revival “Black Skinhead”— Kanye West “Gangsta” — Kehlani “Over Here” — Rae Sremmurd feat.
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