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Mesmerizing plot aided with top notch acting n soulful tracks.
Fella_shibby14 July 2019
A police officer Surjan Singh (Aamir Khan) is assigned to investigate the death of a famous actor who died in a car accident. Singh has developed a guilt complex n is struggling to heal after the death of his young son due to drowning, his superiors r not happy with his investigation method, his grieving wife seeks solace from a medium believing that the dead son is trying to communicate.

During investigation Singh learns that the young actor before his death was being blackmailed by a pimp n a big amount of money exchanged hands. Things gets complicated when a handicap beggar (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) gets hold of the sim card belonging to the blackmailer n he starts blackmailing the friends of the dead actor.

This film is aided by top notch acting, crispy editing, striking cinematography, soulful songs n mesmerizing plot. It has shades of Nicole Kidman's Rabbit Hole n Demi Moore's Half light. But mind u, it is a better movie than the above mentioned films n while the other two r more of drama, this one is half investigative thriller with enuff suspense n tension along with a nice twist.

I first saw this in a theater when it released. Revisited it recently. I am writing a review of this film again as my wife deleted my old review of this film cos she felt I did not justify the earlier review by not mentioning the names of the films which inspired the subplot.
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an intriguing sensitive suspense drama that is not meant for all
rangdetumpy30 November 2012
When was the last time Indian audience have witness an intriguing noiri-sh suspense drama without any cheap thrills? Probably not in recent times (for starters Kahaani is a suspense thriller). Talaash is one such celluloid experience that will captivate you to the last reel. The film is a dark,complex psychological yet there are layers of emotions which makes it more compelling..Add to this there is an Occult angle to the mystery..

The film starts with a darkish depiction of Maximum city with eerie background music followed by a car coming at high speed which suddenly takes a turn and gets drowned in a river. It is later known that famous cine-star Arman Kapoor died in that car accident (or murder or something??) Inspector Shekhawat gets the charge of the case. At a personal front Mr shekhawat and his wife are trying to come to terms with untimely loss of their son. The two incidences get connected at a point which changes the life of the protagonist. Without revealing the story I can say clearly the detailing is commendable and you can see the dots getting connected.

Reema Kagti in her second directorial venture proved her understanding of this medium and fluidness in handling of complex themes. Talaash is one of the most complex films of recent times with layers to the narrative and characters. At the same time it's a thriller and an emotional drama of a father coming to terms with his child's loss. The emotions and vulnerability of Inspector Shekhawat is genuinely expressed which one can identify with. Everyone of us have lost a near or dear one at some point of time we will (recently I lost my mother) and after that the mere existence becomes difficult. At those moments mind and brains starts behaving weirdly and one starts accepting irrationality which gives one inner peace. Talaash explores one of those phases of life when everything seems at lost yet one has to move on with life. Without giving away any suspense I would say Kagti's (& Zoya akhtar) script webbed in a beguiling suspense drama around that complex phenomenon. Kudos to K.U Mohanan's camera-work (who was recently being part of award winning pulp noir Miss Lovely) brilliantly captured the by-lanes of Mumbai. Mumbai becomes a darker character in this mystery. The fear of danger lurking around the corner can be sensed and it seems no one should be believed. Subaya's editing and Ram Sampat's flawless music add on to the proceeding and help in building the circuitous narrative. Sampat's music is brilliant with Akhtar's lyrics especially "Lakh duniya kahe tum nehi ho" is mark of a genius and someone who have lost a dear one will surely relate to the lyrics. It brings tear to one's eyes as one look back at life. "Jiya lagena" songs has a good video which gels with the fusion music. There are moments which had excellence written all over it like one in which Shekhawat is trying to recall his child's accident and ponders how his way of handling the situation in a different fashion would have saved him from drowning. The eerie background score and blurred camera work in few of the sequences justifies the end when the truth comes out.

The end is heartening which leaves a lump in your throat, yet the urge to watch it again remains. May be in the second viewing one will find another aspect of the story.

Aamir Khan again proved that he is the only superstar who wants to associate with quality cinema. This film doesn't have the regular masala appeal wala entertainment. While all other stars are playing it safe Aamir ensures that his film has some meat which will be remembered down the line. His performance as Inspector Shekhawat deserves awards and accolades. He flawlessly portrays amenability of a depressed soul who has been caught in a web of mystery. His sequences with Rosy showed his versatility as an actor. Kareena Kapoor is effective as escort Rosy. The role is sensitive and something not on the lines of a typical mainstream heroine but Kareena effortlessly fits in it. Rani Mukherjee is just about perfect as Shekhawat's lonely wife. Another actor who steals the show is Nawazuddind Siddiqui as Taimur who has proved his mettle this year with GOW & Kahaani and now this one (Those few privileged soul who got the chance to see Miss Lovely would have already labeled Siddiqui as finest actor of recent times). He is one of the central characters of this mystery and delivered his best. One will remember this character long after the movie is over. Shernaz Patel & Raj Kumar yadav are ever reliable actors and suits the bill. Subrata Sen as Shahsi leaves his mark in a small role. All the other actors did a decent job.

On a whole Talaash is a rare suspense drama which would be loved by connoisseurs of good cinema. This film will open new window to this genre and hopefully more complicated psychological themes will be explored in the near future. One thing is for sure Talaash will be remembered in the long run as a fine cinematic experience that remained true to the style and content till the very end without falling into traps of commercial arena.

Coming to the end of the film there has been criticism from some sectors claiming it to be "unrealistic" but then who told them the film depicts hardcore reality. The film just tells a story of coming to terms with loss and that also a gripping one with usage of "after life" concept to build the narrative. The end is sensitive.With untimely loss of your near and dear one you would feel or crave for some answers as to why "You" and the answer lies within...And in this film Mr & Mrs Shekhawat at least got some explanations in their quest(Talaash)..
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After the mindless films that preceded it during the Diwali weekend, Talaash comes as a breath of fresh air
vinay_payyapilly4 December 2012
The movie opens with a random accident involving a popular film star that seems to defy all explanation. It also introduces the main protagonist, Inspector Shekhawat (played gloriously by Aamir Khan). The rest of the movie details how the good inspector peels away the mystery surrounding the accident. Along the way, he also battles his own demons in the form guilt for his child's untimely death in an accident.

The movie is scripted well enough to keep you interested all the way to the end, even if the end if a tad bit tame.

Five-star performances from all the leading characters ensures that you are sucked into the mood and world that Reema Kagti creates. Nawazuddin Siddiqi gives another stellar performance to follow-up on his performance in Gangs of Wasseypur. Rani Mukherjee redeems her acting credentials after the disaster of Aiyaa. Kareena Kapoor is competent. However, it is Aamir Khan who steals the show with a highly nuanced performance which I am sure he will rate among his finest.

The music from Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy is very complimentary and at no time does it intrude, as it is want to do in Hindi films, into the story-telling. Instead it is very much part of the story-telling and at times even takes things forward.

The movie is another feather in the cap of Zoya Akhtar who has penned the story and screenplay along with the director Reema Kagti. The credits for the dialogs are shared between Farhan Akhtar and Anurag Kashyap.

After the mindless films that preceded it during the Diwali weekend, Talaash comes as a breath of fresh air and bears a promise that Bollywood is not all about assuming that the audience is a collection of sheep waiting to be sheared.
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Amazing movie by itself, but could have been a masterpiece...!!
vinay149330 November 2012

General: OK, where do I begin. To start off, the movie is very intriguing, thrilling and keeps you glued to your seats screen right till the end. The movie doesn't lose it's pace for even the shortest time and will keep you guessing as to what is going to happen. The movie starts off with the story right away and cuts to the chase, without wandering too much on what isn't significant to the main plot. The main aim of the movie is to keep the thrill throughout the movie and manages to do exactly that.

You may be able to predict the story to some extent, but then that won't ruin the experience. Personally, I felt, the ending could have been better, and was a bit of a let down as far as my expectations are concerned. All in all, a wonderful thriller / suspense movie experience with some minor plot holes.

Acting: Now, coming to the acting part, Aamir Khan does a very good job, exactly what is expected from him. Kareena was as usual, good but not exceptional (maybe that was exactly what the role required). Stand-out actor (for me) has to be Rani Mukerji, who plays a grief- stricken mother, very well. All the other supporting actors also do their part very well, not over-acting, and playing the characters exactly as required. Special praise, for Nawazuddin Siddiqui (Temur), who is proving to be quite the actor, after powerful roles in Kahaani, Gangs of Wasseypur and now, Talaash.

Story line: Well, its better to know nothing about the story, and go to the theater and have a whole new experience. Story / suspense wise it does have similarities with other thriller movies, but then again it's better not to name them.

Music: Music blends very well with the story, and is exactly what the situations require. The songs "Muskaanein jhooti hain" and "Jee le zara" are sure to stay on your mind for a long time even after the movie. The songs are perfectly timed during the movie, and don't feel like a squeeze-in.

All in all, its a worth watch movie, you may or may not like it, but the movie won't bore you, that's for sure... Enjoy !

Rating: 8/10
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In quest of the unknown with Mr. Perfectionist
jmathur_swayamprabha30 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Talash (search / quest) is apparently a murder mystery which does not turn out to be a traditional murder mystery in the end and a supernatural element also appears in the narrative which the spectator could not have thought of even in the wildest of his guesses about the solution of the mystery. That's what makes Talaash different from regular suspense-thrillers.

The hero (i.e., our Mr. Perfectionist – Aamir Khan) is an honest, efficient and dedicated cop – Surjan Singh Shekhawat who is internally aggrieved because of the accidental demise of his son for which he considers himself as responsible and suffers from guilt-complex. Neither he is able to console himself, nor his equally aggrieved wife (Raani Mukherjee). He becomes workaholic and remains on duty for almost 24 hours. He gets the case of the apparently accidental death of a Bollywood hero and the story of the movie mainly covers his quest (Talaash) of the truth only while intermittently dealing with his personal life and agony. A sex-worker (Kareena Kapoor) helps him and when finally the truth comes out, he (and also the audience) is taken aback like anything.

The basic grains are not at all original. I don't know whether the director – Reema Kagti, the script writers and Mr. Perfectionist himself have watched an old Bollywood movie – Ek Paheli (1971) starring Feroze Khan and Tanuja in lead roles or not but the inspiration from that story is clearly there which I could see because I have seen Ek Paheli. Anybody who has seen that old movie can easily contrast the resolution of the mystery in that with that in Talaash.

All the same, it is to be admitted that Talaash is an engrossing movie and though certain dialogs of Kareena Kapoor appear to be illogical and superfluous, everything falls in place in the end. When the mystery is resolved and the scene involving Aamir Khan and his superior officer takes place, there are certain shots which remind of John Abraham-Bipasha Basu starrer flop movie – Madhoshi (2004). Personally, I don't believe in supernatural and hence I am not completely satisfied after watching Talaash. A solution sans the supernatural element would have been acceptable to me. All the same, I admit with open heart that the supernatural element is directly linked to the sentimental aspect of the story also and hence the way the script has been written, it's inevitable for the narrative.

The director – Reema Kagti has done her job very well and she has been successful in keeping the audience glued to the screen till the ending reels. Except the final 10 minutes or so, you cannot afford to lose even a single minute of the movie. The narrative keeps you spellbound and whether you believe in the resolution of the mystery presented or not, you feel like watching a good movie when leaving the theatre.

Though the mystery is unraveled in the climax only, the director has scattered clues and hints throughout the duration of the movie prior to revelation and given the viewers enough food for thinking and guessing on the basis of them. Everything shown or told including seemingly trivial things, ultimately gets linked up to the main story and thus the director has shown her capability to handle suspense-based plots. This style of narrating is highly admirable and reminds me of some novels of renowned Hindi novelist – Ved Prakash Sharma.

The emotional quotient is quite strong and the movie moves the spectator deep within at many place including the ending scenes. Not just the main track of the hero-heroine is emotion-studded, there is also a sentimentally impressive side story of the love affair of the limping petty criminal – Taimur (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) with an aging sex-worker (I don't know the name of the actress) who helps him in getting blackmailing money but finally lands up with that money falling into her pocket only when Taimur is shot dead by the men hired by the blackmailed person.

Technically the movie is good and utterly realistic. All the action and chase sequences have been handled pretty well and they are impressive by all standards. Instead of showing grandeur, luxuries, pump and show; the director has kept all the scenes in realistic settings. And that's why nowhere the narrative seems to be out of place or playing with the intelligence of the audience (except for the supernatural element embedded in the narrative). Cinematography is as brilliant as the art direction is. The movie is not unduly long and there is no superfluous footage at all. Small drops of humour provide a bit of relief in this otherwise intense suspense-filled drama.

Aamir Khan truly deserves to be called Mr. Perfectionist. The get-up, the physic, the gestures, the mannerisms; from every angle does he appear to be a no-nonsense dutiful cop who means business. It's very difficult to visualize anybody else in the role of Inspector Surjan Singh Shekhawat. Raani Mukherjee and Kareena Kapoor have done pretty well. The complete supporting cast has done justice to the assigned roles.

Music of Talaash is praiseworthy. Jaaved Akhtar has written touching and meaningful lyrics and Ram Sampat has prepared ear-soothing tunes for them. I consider Jiya Laage Na as the best song of the album but the other ones are also quite good to listen. Background score is also perfect.

Summing up, this much awaited movie of Mr. Perfectionist may not be a great movie but it is definitely worth a watch. It satisfies the entertainment appetite of the mystery-lovers on one hand and suits the taste of the audience of emotional family dramas on the other.
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Best Indian movie in recent times,Exceptional!
insomniaac11228 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Went for Talaash screening expecting a great thriller but what i witnessed was sheer magic on screen.

Story starts with an ostensible accident of a star followed by police investigation.Chief investigation officer is played by Aamir Khan. The story of Talaash is not only about suspense element ,suspense is just a part of beautiful lesson portrayed in Talaash i.e. " Coming to terms with loss". Go with high expectations and you will be pleasantly shocked to see the brilliance.

Songs Jee le Zara and Muskanein look exceptional on screen.

Can't help,have to give it a 10/10.
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Expect the Unexpected!!
gauravsharma-bunty30 November 2012
I was waiting for Talaash from a long time and wondering what new Aamir has added into his new film. Talaash was very nicely narrated and holds you till the end. But somehow I feel disappointed when the movie moves on to the climax. It was not the kind of a movie Aamir usually do. Mostly all of his previous movies where really good and add something new to the Indian cinema. But this one, despite being a very good movie, failed to become a masterpiece. See, this is what we always expect from Aamir Khan, a masterpiece! Cinematography was good, acting superb but somewhere it was lacking the X-factor. Rani Mukherji with no makeup added the depth to the role on the other hand Kareena was looking as glamorous as always. Aamir Khan as usual did the best. Nawazuddin Siddiqui did what he is best in....acting!! The script keeps you holding throughout. All in all it is a good movie to watch but I feel that the climax could have been made better and more sensible.

Definitely a one time watch and worth watching at least once.
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Talaash.... A search goes decently
xxxanand30 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
You got to say that when you watch talaash you will feel something is really missing in the film, a thriller, a crime films always needs one especially when its of an investigation genre. The creators of the movie missed that trick here, don't know whether it was done intentionally.

An accident which took place in some beach hangout spot in the very early hours of morning, killing a favorite actor of the Indian film industry. Inspector Shekhawat( Aamir) takes up the investigation, who is also suffering from insomnia due to the loss of his son in an accident. The accident scene in which the actor was done makes the movie rolling after the titles. Awesomely picturized by Mohanan the DOP of the movie, who also had the headache of creating almost seventy percent of the movie in the dark, which he did rather magnificently. Along side the Talaash of the killer, Shekhawat also want to keep a good relation with his wife Rani who is suffering mentally for the same loss. Then comes Kareena Kapoor who tries to help Shekhawat in his talaash of the killer has done a good job, does appear in the whole movie as Aamir Khan's aide.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui an aide to one of the suspect Shashi plays wells though his journey ends rather quickly. A part from Aamir and Kareena many have been sidelined into small shells. Aamir khan tried to bring his authority of the main lead as cracking some potential jokes during the interrogation and on one rude scene which he saves shashi's girl in love.

Story and screen play by the director Reema and Zoya Aktar made the film in a way that no missing links comes from here and there, which they successfully succeeded, still misses that feeling that needed to suck the audience into the movie. Farhan Aktar who wrote the dialogues with some assistance from Anurag Kashyup well and truly fabulously.

Ram Sampath's music was not that applauding have done neatly...

Movie will not create a fuss as compared to the recent flicks of Aamir. Its a movie that you can surely watch without a doubt. It brought some good making into Indian cinema.
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Certainly not one of Aamir's best performances!
jahangirhussain7420 December 2012
Talaash is a film that is just a one time watch. Honestly, I thought Aamir Khan would have a lot to do in this film before its release. But unfortunately, I was sorely let down.

There's not much action in Talaash than what I expected. The only action scene that Aamir did in the film was punching a goon and that's about it! I was expecting another Ghajini around that time but as I said I was wholly disappointed. The script of this movie was mediocre at best. Reema Kagti failed to extract the best from Aamir Khan and Rani Mukherjee. Well, what can I say about Rani? She was definitely not in her best form, however she makes her housewife-cum-grieving mom role believable. The only bright spot of Talaash was Kareena Kapoor. Kareena proves that she has sheer talent as she tackles the role of a shady prostitute with aplomb. Her role was much more challenging than Aamir and Rani's.

The music blends well with the movie without interrupting in the proceedings of the story. Shankar-Ehsan-Loy have definitely given the best music as they do in most of the films.

The direction was pretty much laid out and Reema Kagti and Zoya Akhtar have come up with a superficial albeit refreshing story to their credit. The movie shouldn't face a steep competition from SRK's Jab Tak Hai Jaan since the latter couldn't create strong ripples at the box office unlike most of SRK's movies.

Give Talaash a one time shot!
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Talaash is definitely good but not awesome..
leonambik30 November 2012
Believe it or not there have been many movies of Suspense genre in last few years which are better or at least equal to it; to quote a few of them are- HIDE AND SEEK, 404- error not found, KAHAANI and many more! But all of them lack in the star power of Aamir Khan and that's the reason that most of them did not caught the attention of Masses!

Talaash is a different style mystery which unfolds well in a decent way, with a gripping story and brilliant performances! Everyone delivers his best here, from Aamir to Kareena to Rani and even the supporting cast! Story is fresh, smart and keeps you hooked up till the end! Kagati's Direction is good too! Music is decent, melodious and suits the mood of the movie; and appears to be an integral part of it! Everything else from setting to cinematography is fine!

But inspite of all these the movie definitely does not live upto the expectations and hype created ! It shows that still we have miles to go!

As the Aamir requested not to reveal the suspense and it's very essential for any mystery movie (Remember the end of the movie "DHUND" which states- "This is the end but please do not tell anybody!"). So I will not talk about it, however I would quote a statement of KAREENA given in an interview that:- "TALAASH MINUS KAREENA IS NOTHING .....!!!"

Finally I would like to say that Talaash does pass the litmus test but Not With Distinction, It is definitely Good but not awesome!!! RATING- 7/10 !

For more Join MovieMaster at- http://www.facebook.com/moviemaster2012
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Not by Aamir's Standards, but still a good movie.
vivek-ramasha30 November 2012
Good movie. Brilliant plot and great direction. Aamir Khan, after a long wait of three years since his last blockbuster, 3 Idiots, has given another potential blockbuster. Movie is simply amazing.

Plot is the back bone of the movie. Director, Reema Kagti, has successfully tried to keep the mystery going through out the movie.

Suspense is highly underused genre in Bollywood. I can count decent Bollywood suspense movies on my fingers. My till-the-date favorite being 36 China Town, which is now replaced by Talaash. I hope this movie's success(which is going to be tremendous, but not even close to 3 Idiots), motivates other top actors and directors to exploit this genre.

Aamir Khan was very convincing as a cop. His character(Surjan Singh Sekhawat) was flawed and that's what I liked about it. Its a trend in Bollywood to make the protagonist, perfect, having no flaws at all. Ironically, Mr. Perfectionist's character in this movie was most flawed.

Even though he has been better, Aamir's acting in this movie was by no means, bad. He was good. But he's been better.

Out of Kareena and Rani, in my opinion, Rani was better. She was just perfect at what she was doing. She was living it.

Kareena, I think, yet again like Heroine, was trying too hard. She is one of the best actresses if not the best in Bollywood. So no one can say she was bad. Its just, out of three, she takes the third spot.

Biggest drawback of the movie was its music. Some scene lacked thrill because of poor background score.. Some songs were a bit dull as well.

Overall, movie was good. A MUST watch. Go for it. If not for Aamir then for a very rare Bollywood thriller.
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Worth Watch
nikhil-damodaran30 November 2012
Well, As is the case with any Amir Khan movie, this was also eagerly awaited. And to a certain extent the wait is worth. This is essentially an eccentric police officer who tries to work his way out of a traumatic personal experience.

While the personal experience is a major turn in his persona, keeping him sleepless at nights and increasing the spread between him and his wife; it comes at a time when an important case is at hand.

Who is the murder? What was the motive? All these are questions which grip you till the end and as an when the story tires to clarify itself, you find more riddles.

Till this part where the protagonist searches for the killer holds up tightly. Where lies the mystery is for one to believe and disbelieve. The proverbial mystery is where lies the search (taalash)...

Its a worth watch, but don't bank on a really logical ending. Its up to your faith to accept somethings!
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The Plot was generalized to the General Viewers But Not for the Nerd Viewer.
margirahul30 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
After Watching the movies did any one notice that before the interval Kareena Kapoor was talking to Nawazuddin Siddiqui.She was already dead but making contact with him who has plans of his own was a big flaw in the plot.The movie attracts people who loves suspense movies.But to be honest most of them wont be satisfied with the plot because they demand a little bit more complexity .If the director had made the movie keeping general audience in mind and made the plot a bit more comprehensive to the general public then she deeply disappoints the people who watch suspense movies.The Indian audience has grown to the level in which they are able to understand movies with complex themes like the Butter fly effect.Please make movies with more complex theme.We audience can comprehend the plot,especially the nerdy ones.
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A Magical Thriller...
sidin30 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
An actor dies. A cop movie is born. That is the most I'll tell you about the plot of this film but I will definitely take the opportunity to praise the actor who is responsible for some of the best films made in India. There is trend of films with big stars playing cops and giving us some of that good old masala (Right from Wanted to Singham to Dabangg to Rowdy Rathore). Every superstar is cashing in on this formula while it lasts. Aamir Khan could have also followed this trend but he chooses to kill that actor and gives birth to a real cop movie into the mainstream. Aamir returns to the big screen after a hiatus of 3 years when he captivated the entire nation with 3 Idiots (2009). (Yes he did Dhobi Ghat, but you know what I mean). Year after year, he refuses to sell-out and holds true to his promise of giving us good movies. Sure he does a film like Ghajini (2008) as well but then even while he does it, he makes a mark. We all know it was the first film that crossed 100 crores, way before the industry myth of the "100 crore club" was coined. He created the trend, which he refuses to follow.

Then again, it would be highly unfair to sing praises of the actor and not give credit to the makers. Films like 3 Idiots and Lagaan were excellent films due to the talents of Rajkumar Hirani and Ashutosh Gowariker. Talaash works more so because of the meticulous execution of Reema Kagti. The atmosphere and the tone of the film are always precise, never losing focus. The agenda throughout is telling the story and telling it right. The music by Ram Sampath is old fashioned and superbly delicious. Laakh Duniya Kahe (my favorite song from the film) is attached to a subtle roll over credits. I could notice the presence of the background score in almost every scene, which creates a mood of dread and gloom. Mohanan's camera flirts with luscious colors and classy lighting.

The screenplay by Zoya Akhtar and Reema Kagti is well constructed. It conceals every bit of information, which would elevate the mystery. Yet, it gives us information, while the characters in the film are robbed of it and makes us engaged participants. Remember those yesteryear murder mysteries like Bees Saal Baad (1962)? It gives you taste of such sumptuous dishes that nobody likes to offer anymore. Recently we saw Kahaani, which was also a good thriller, but this one did what Kahaani couldn't do for me: I cared for the characters. (Obviously an impeccable actor like Aamir Khan contributes to this, which is not saying Vidya Balan isn't one). I remember a time in the late 90s when films like Gupt (1997) and Kaun (1999) were being talked about everywhere because of the big reveal at the end. I felt I was catapulted to those days where I don't want to tell people what the twist was and see their reactions later. (Please don't be a sourpuss and spoil it for people, it's way more fun that way)

Yes, there is a twist. Your judgment of the film will depend on whether you like this twist or not. My first reaction was naaah.. then after few minutes or so I realized that the end couldn't have been better. I even guessed the twist including its details and you may guess it too but instead of being proud of the fact that our minds do work, I strongly recommend you to indulge in the rewards of the film, which extend further than a fanciful surprise. (And how I love the surprise!). Thanks to the last 10 minutes of the movie, which I believe, is what makes this film more than just a thriller, is tastefully handled... and YES it does have a message built-in. It may remind you of a movie which I will not name because that would be again be a massive spoiler. Talaash is a first-rate murder mystery with solid performances. The winners (for me) here are Kareena Kapoor (of course apart from Aamir Khan) and Reema Kagti who stand tall and churn out a film that is consciously quixotic and endlessly fascinating. Now can someone get this trend going? I'd like some more of those good old mysteries, please....
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Above average to sum up
rraghav4 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The movie is not one of the best from Aamir, I would give Kahaani thumbs up. A whodunit kinda of flicks are hit or miss, unfortunately its a miss for me. The climax will get mixed responses, people who have not watched some of the psycho kinda of films from Hollywood will feel better when they come of the theatre. The movie is supposed to be a whodunit, well the promoters marketed it that way but what you get is a soda without gas. The case is solved with manipulated explanation, which makes the viewer think that the actor who dies of accident actually saw the spirit and ended up crashing into sea. This movie is nothing more than Ramsay kinda of stuff presented in a classy way. Quite a lot of loop holes, I guess after Kahaani the writers realised that the script/climax is very week hence postponed the release by good 6 months. A clash would have resulted in huge backlash.

Acting wise Kareena is great, Rani does justice, Aamir is OK. It's a irony that the movie will make more than 100crs whereas Kahaani hardly touched 70Crs.

The movie doesn't deserve spending on premium tickets in multiplexes. I would give 6/10 only because I didn't like the ending.
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Ghosts and spirits believers will enjoy. Others keep out.
sanjmeh2 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I still give this movie a 4 because the acting was excellent. The plot initially was gripping. I never ever give such a high rating to a movie that ends telling people that ghosts are for real. What a movie!

I am not upset because it was a ghost movie, there are several good ghost movies, but this one was done by Aamir productions. I never expected this from a rational person like Aamir Khan. The movie had every ingredient to make it a good thriller as it had a mystery shrouded plot. All was going well till the movie started to end. The under water scene of Aamir and Kareena was disgusting & ridiculous. I had got up to walk.

The last 10 minutes of the movie were unwatchable.

Don't go to the movie expecting a thriller as the entire plot is hollow. It is like a card magic not by sleight of hand but the cards are marked. There is a loaded dice. So beware, don't expect any rational ending.
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Very good supernatural thriller
Braindead097 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
For a western audience this probably one of the best Indian films outside of a Satyjit Ray trilogy. The world it occupies seems real even with the supernatural elements, there are no slick and out of place song and dance interludes. Kapoor was believable as a prostitute and she demonstrates a range beyond the flutter and 'it' girl persona she seems to always play.

This film work on so many levels with decent back story to the main characters, and the heartache feels genuine.

I hope financially this film is a big hit in its own territory and does well overseas, this is the breakthrough film that is needed. I can easily see this one getting remade by the Hollywood studios, but kudos must go to the director , writer and actors who step above the norm and deliver one of the best Indian films for years.
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Watchable just till the climax
naw_nwa30 November 2012
So keeping in mind to not disturb any one else's movie experience by giving out any spoilers ,, i would like to review this movie in short. All the AAMIR KHAN bluff of great movies is likely to get over after this one, he had a great time for last few year. Let me give points to just sum up how i felt about different aspects.

Entertainment - 4/10( A few laughs and mostly u will keep searching in your head)

Acting - 9/10 ( Especially Nawazuddin sahab)

Suspense - 8/10 (The core of the suspense was terrible but the unfolding was great.

Direction - 6/10 ( Some scenes really awesome, but some just bore u to death)

Plot- 5/10 ( The way it was hyped , "THE ANSWER LIES WITHIN",, if this was another country ,, the producers would have been sued for giving wrong info of the services the consumers paid for)

Overall- 7/10( Its a really watchable movie than the crap bollywood is producing these years,, don't go with ultra high expectations,, not memorable,and even if would be good if u don't't watch M NIGHT SHYAMALAN movies,,, ohhh and yes one point i gave extra just for Nawazuddin siddique)
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Good try but lost it's way in mid of story
raginimehta4753 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
It felt as if writers brought the movie to a point where they did not know what to do with it.They cud have done wonders with what they had but sadly so they ruined it.

Beginning was too good and cinematography good too. But in the middle of the story the concentration on Rani took the movie off the track I think.

This movie may appeal to some Indian audience who are ignorant of this theme but not to those persons who have enjoyed the great movies e.g. "The Sixth Sense" and "The Others".

However, I must appreciate the hard work of Aamir and Kareena, they both did well.

Nawazuddin was exception and very hones to his role. 2 points just for him. But overall the movie is slow and looses it's way down in 2nd half.
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Talaash (2012)-An One Time Watch Movie
till-the-last-day6 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Talaash, An Amir Khan's Production could not reach to its full expectation. Here, in this movie, everybody except Kareena seemed to try to give their best. And Rani! Oh its high time time Rani should do something about herself, else even her fans can not stop her career from sinking. None of the character seemed playing their role spontaneously, It was overall a movie, full of ''acting''. Kareena did deliver some good scripts with good philosophical volume in it. The Main Victim who dies in the car accident when the movie started, should have some dialogues to make his present visible, His wife had so many dialogues but nothing came out from his mouth. As if like the story, he is a victim of the Director's Cut, too! :-P The Climax is cliché & many audience can guess it before it was actually revealed. Amir's movie always leaves some mass-message. Here it was nothing but obvious that He wanted to tell only one thing that Spirits exists and we should believe in ghosts and as well as para-normal activities. Amir, we expected more from you. Kudos for Kareena. Rani should check the mirror (for look & for acting as well); other side characters...Do they really there in the movie? Still It won't do any harm to watch it in a big-screen for one time at least.
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Do not get caught up in the hype...Talaash is just another Hindi movie.
biplabc77-545-541093 December 2012
I booked tickets for Talaash as soon as the tickets went on sale three days before the release date. Unlike most of you reading this review, I was not lucky enough to have the benefit of reading reviews.I wish I had waited.

The movie is gripping at times though ever so often the pace slackens and sometimes becomes a crawl. I heard several members of the audience yawn loudly in the second half. With a better director and tighter screenplay, the movie could have so much better. What I found most annoying was the climax - it is quite ordinary and borders on the ridiculous.

I heard in the news today that the movie has done business of INR49cr. in the first three days of release. I strongly believe the collections speak less about the quality of the film and more about the smart advertising and marketing that Aamir and his team has done. Similar to Ghajini, the movie has been released simultaneously in large numbers of screens across the country so as to maximize collections before word of mouth spreads.

Please do not go to the theater with high expectations - you will be disappointed.
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Talaash of a decent story
sandhirflora5 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
It is not your usual masala entertainer but on the contrary a dark, brooding slightly depressing psychological-suspense thriller. Contrary to most of the releases these days, the pace is slow & more character driven, performance-high which works well once you get hooked to the ambiance of the film but surely it is not a film for everybody. Story does not have too much of surprise element & just one twist in the climax. It is a simple story told in a way such that it unfolds step by step till end. Therefore in this plot-driven film the way the story is told is its unique factor. The treatment is realistic, not stylish without an element of forced comedy, item songs, romance or even other masalas. At no point the film is distracted from its central point. Quite a daring effort considering that this film is made with commercial cinema stars, keeping commercial parameters in mind, on a big scale, yet no compromises are made on the treatment. The haunting background score is another highlight beside performances. But Dialogues could have been better. All in all, it is a fairly decent attempt.
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mandavyakapoor15 December 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Talaash left me shattered, leaving behind a ray showing downfall of our film industry. This film was clearly an experiment, in my eyes a failure. This movie had its punches, but 80% were certainly clichés.

***First stunt: the accident ,never even came close to look like one. It was only a great stunt. Nothing else.

***Aamir Khan's acting was so-so. WOW!! this is the first time I said something like this about Aamir. Sorry bro.

***The title "Talaash" has not been justified, as half the movie is wasted on Aamir and his sorry life. This movie was asking for nothing but pity. I hope it gets some!! LOL!!

***I guess script was not manipulated well because after being hit with the fact that Karrena is a ghost/soul looking for revenge, I laughed. It looked as if story was forcefully completed.

There's a lot more flaws in the movie but I am going to let them slide by and I going to tell you, my dear readers to leave this movie alone. If you haven't watched it, well God loves you more. PEACE.
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Good Movie, 'The End' could have been better
dcoolsam30 November 2012
Hi, I watched this movie first day first show.

Overall the movie keeps you glued to your seats almost till the end. Just when you think you are going to experience an awesome resolution to the suspense and riddle the movie has plotted, movie gives you some not-so-logical solution to the mystery.

Also, the movie moves with a sluggish pace, I felt.

Overall the movie is good. Acting of all the people is quite good. Just that the end of the movie is NOT so good, it could have been much better. I thought it would be something like CID. :)))))))

Anyways, you can watch it once in theater, if you're a movie buff.

Jee Le Jara, song is more than awesome :)
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A Nutshell Review: Talaash
DICK STEEL30 November 2012
The ubiquitous Bollywood cop role. Salman Khan showed how to make a blockbuster playing one in Dabangg, which spearheaded his series of hit after hit from the year 2010, before others such as Abhishek Bachchan, John Abraham, Ajay Devgn all jumped on the bandwagon playing no-nonsense cops in that khaki-brown uniform. Having been absent from the big screen for close to two years now since Mumbai Diaries, it's been years since he last played a cop, and Mr Perfectionist himself Aamir Khan now returns to playing a law enforcer sporting a handsomely thick mustache, and you can be just about sure the choice of his project has that uniqueness, that you're in for quite the spectacle.

Talaash boasts the involvement of Anurag Kashyap and Farhan Akhtar writing its dialogues, from a story written by sister Zoya Akhtar and Reema Kagti, the latter taking up directing duties as well. It's a story that deals with pain and reconciliation, wrapped around a police investigations surrounding the mysterious car accident of a famed Bollywood actor, which opened up a Pandora's Box of blackmail, secret rendezvous, femme fatales and cheap prostitutes, and as Aamir himself puts it, is more of a suspense than a thriller.

The film opens to a jazzy opening credits tune Muskaanein Jhooti Hai, before we bear witness to the aforementioned car accident and death of a famous actor, which is mysterious in circumstances as we bear witness to the car's travelling late at night in the city's seedier side, before an inexplicable swerve, followed by an accelerated plunge into the sea. A high profile investigation begin, headed by Inspector Surjan Shekhawat (Aamir Khan), with clues being set up very quickly for the audience, but yes, we know these little teases in principle characters are nothing more than to prep us for what lies beneath with more than meets the eye.

But the irony is that even this investigations is nothing more than a front for the more dramatic story that Reema Kagti and Zoya Akhtar want to tell. Surjan and his wife Roshhni are very much estranged, no thanks to the tragic death of their son in a boating accident that can very much be attributed to the negligence of both parents. Both of them take responsibility and deal with their loss in the most personal of terms, one in immersing himself in his job, while the other relies of psychiatric help and modern medicine, before turning to the spiritual in order to find inner peace, much to the chagrin of Surjan. It's been some time since we last saw Aamir pair up with Rani Mukherjee, and their scenes together evoke much of the emotions filling up Talaash, making it fabulously gloomy with an air of sadness all round as they grapple with their emotions. The Jee Le Zaraa by Vishal Dadlani perfectly encapsulates this, and unequivocally my favourite song from the film.

Then there's the other pairing with Aamir Khan and his 3 Idiots co-star Kareena Kapoor, who plays the prostitute Rosie, whom Surjan finds solace in, and their relationship bordering on the will-he-or-wouldn't-he, especially since they grow closer, and the cop starting to confide a lot more personal feelings with her. She's someone who can provide clues and leads in his investigations, but this professional relationship becomes quite compromised, and having Kapoor play the seductress who tempts, allows for temperatures to be raised especially since the visuals just seem to love capturing her at her best angles. While Kareena may have turned up the va-va-voom factor by many notches, my vote goes to Rani Mukherjee for her very daring plain jane getup, sans makeup for the most parts, in order to play a mother in mourning, and for that inability to reconnect with her husband.

Reema Kagti's film provided a balance with romanticized moments and hard hitting reality in its visuals, capturing the underbelly of society that Surjan has to delve into for leads, and introducing us to those who will seize opportunities to break out of their rut. There's a subplot involving a suspect's personal runner which highlights how desperation drives those who have not, to try and get the better of those who have, with great risks involved. And Talaash has that mesh of genres put together in pure Bollywood fashion, making it appeal at least in parts to a broad spectrum of audiences, with suspense, the supernatural, investigative drama and relationships taking turns to put their imprint on the narrative.

I've developed that trust and leap of faith with Aamir Khan and his choice of productions to work in, and Talaash is that perfect welcome to return in a leading role, ably supported by Kareena Kapoor and almost being upstaged by Rani Mukherjee in her stereotype-busting turn. A strong emotional core to the story also helped to lift this beyond the many mediocre productions of late, and goes to show that when Bollywood gets its act together, it's a force to be reckoned with, and a delight for any audience anywhere to experience. Highly recommended!
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