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Sex & Nudity

  • All the following footage and discussion is in NO way meant to be or portrayed in a sexual manner. These are ordinary people, shown in daily or politically intense situations. Each scene is brief and often the individuals depicted here are not a focal point of the scene and when they are, nothing about their sexuality is meant to be provocative or sexualized.
  • -a man's pant legs are cut up to the "crotch" (you only see his bare leg), and there is discussion about getting pepper sprayed "up the ass" and to the "balls". This is is not meant to be sexual.
  • -several men appear shirtless during protests. They pictured in the crowd. This is not meant to be sexual. -near the end of the film, a man is shown shirtless in the bathroom shaving his head. This is not meant to be sexual.
  • -near the end of the film, a woman is in her kitchen in early morning in her house clothing which includes a low cut camisole. Her bra strap can be seen and the shape of her nipple can be very slightly seen through her top. This is in no way a sexual scene.

Violence & Gore

  • -multiple scenes of activist related property damage, including kicking and smashing store front windows, burning cars and buildings, and police bull-dozing an activist built wooden barrier. No people are physically harmed in the process but there is live footage of blazes, shattered glass, and other wreckage.
  • -there is a very explicit scene of a wild horse meat processing factory in which horses are shown abused, dead and skinned, pools of blood which are said to be so numerous they spill in to the city water system, and skins of horses hanging from the ceiling with their heads still on.
  • -multiple scenes of police brutality and confrontation with activists:
  • -in one scene a police offer in dark regalia tells protestors that if they "do not cooperate" then "there will be "pain"
  • -a police officer is seen grappling a protestor, while another grabs a passerby
  • -multiple officers surround a single protestor hitting him with their batons while he is curled on the ground
  • -a police offer holds down an activist while another deliberately swabs the victim's eye with pepper spray as on lookers screen and plead against the action
  • -multiple scenes of police throwing tear gas, concussion bombs, firing rubber bullets and other such hostilities towards activist crowds
  • -a police offer cuts a man's pant legs and shoots pepper spray up towards his groin
  • -police officers pepper spraying passive activists at close range with pepper spray while one woman cries and says she only wants to save the trees.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • -a woman is briefly seen smoking a cigarette on a rooftop.
  • -a man is shown lighting some form of roll, likely a cigarette.
  • -there is mention that one of the people in the movie later becomes a heroin addict.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • -multiple scenes of protests and conflicts which are emotionally intense and depict police brutality or destruction of property that may upset some viewers. Particularly where police are hitting or harming protestors and there is screaming or pleading.
  • -dead carcasses and abuse of horses in a meat processing factory may be emotionally upsetting to some viewers.
  • -a brief scene were a very elderly woman is shown tied at the neck to the back of a vehicle as a form of passive resistance. it is not 'frightening' but could be intense for some viewers to witness.

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