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Easy going movie for a Sunday afternoon
akibsi0120 July 2014
Great easy going movie about two brothers and a fiend one of the finds by chance. They take life as it comes, w/o complications and spent some time together in the summer. You can imagine the story could have really happened. You can appreciate the good sentiments towards other persons, they care for each other in a natural, although not completely disinterested manner. I was left with a good feeling of how a movie can be simple and enjoyable, no need for technical paraphernalia or cumbersome mind games to enjoy it The actors do a good job in conveying their feelings in a natural way.. Un film bon infant, that nevertheless has some scenes not recommended for small children.
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A loveliest french film!
keram-8201214 October 2015
I loved this wonderful ,truly European film,whose deeply mind-soothing plot is set in the prettiest town of Dijon in the eastern France near Jura Mountains!This is one of the most heart-gladdening European films which I have seen until now!The playing of the actors and the actresses is so french-wisely mild and lovely!One cannot not fall in love with them seeing how truthfully they are bearing themselves throughout the whole time length of the film!The warmth of the french film's plots is indeed unmatched!I could see this work so many times without never to begin to feel bored to death (something which I felt many times when watching north American and Australian films and therefor since 2005 I am watching only European films like this one).I am deeply beholden to the makers of this unforgettable film for the deepest gladness with which it filled my soul!Thank you!
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voir la mer (de?)
chatbada12 May 2011
This film is such a catastrophe! It starts by a plot anthology of incoherence, it continues with an intrigue with which we do not seize openly the interest, on the background of dialogues of a distressing dullness. The actors are certainly well, but I have enough of this kind of movies which is so empty and lazy, and which lets think that the director confuses subtlety and beggary. Even the poor "Prudence" does not at any time looks concerned about the fact that she is an orphan. Rather insulting for the Real orphan I guess. One of the worst movies and most disappointing of the year Another stone in the garden of the French cinema.
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