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Unexpected... Bravo!
palavitsinis4 November 2015
Going to watch a movie with Owen Wilson starring, you usually expect some kind of comedy or romance. Not this time. I was really worried that he would not be up to the task with this one, but this was not true, not true at all!

The movie was fascinating, completely plausible, filled with amazing scenes that keep you at the edge of your seat. The things that this family goes through were unimaginable but very well executed during filming.

Owen was that good that you could actually empathize with his suffering and anxiety and put yourself in his position struggling for his family. Pierce Brosnan was AMAZING! Just the right amount, just as much as needed, to complement a really thrilling movie!

Recommended for sure! Can't wait to see more stuff like that from Owen Wilson!
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Intense !
Sexyjay712 March 2021
This is a great movie. Very intense. Good action, keeps you engaged and the acting is awesome
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izerelynda7 March 2021
This movie stressed me out! Owen Wilson blew me away with his performance.
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This movie is way underrated!
rachelvick-5594729 November 2020
My husband and I are big into movies of all genres and appreciate quality. We loved this movie. It was very intense/stressful with suspense from beginning to end. It speaks to what parents/family would do for each other. We had never seen Owen Wilson in a role like this, but thought he and Lake Bell did a phenomenal job! Believable performances by all. Even the kids did great. This movie is very underrated!
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Good Movie
wrhalljr16 September 2015
I thought Owen Wilson was excellent in this movie. It was very suspenseful and really did keep you on the edge of your seat the whole time. Pretty graphic I must say, which is the only reason I did not give it a 9 or 10, but well written with an excellent plot. Going in I was a little apprehensive as to how good Owen Wilson was going to be in an "action" movie but he did not disappoint. A tad unbelievable given his build and stature as to what he was able to do from a physical standpoint in the movie but still kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. All in all I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who likes action and suspense.
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A real surprise find - well worth a watch
richard-davis-987-6766153 November 2015
NOTE: I've skirted around some of the key thrilling episodes that occur within the film, but I feel I've talked about them without actually giving anything away. I don't think this review requires a spoiler alert!

I watched this having heard absolutely nothing about it, and having not even heard of it. I caught the picture of the cover art, and it seemed like it was Wilson and Brosnan, so thought I'd take a look.

Right from the off - it had the feel of something everso slightly different from the normal action film fodder. I won't ruin the surprise beginning, and then it cuts to the Wilson based family heading into this unnamed Asian country for a job-move.

From almost upon arrival and for the rest of the film, it's something of a thrill ride. I found myself particularly enthralled when Bell was trapped in their hotel room at the beginning of events - something about the acting and the filming really conveyed real fear and this totally hooked me in. It was clear that this was going to be a decent film from this moment on. It has a slightly "handicam" film-making quality about it, but in this instance, it absolutely adds to the feel imho.

From the hotel rooftop to the adjacent, again, it conveyed real fear. Would you do that with your family? Shocking from a parents point of view, but believable in that you'd have no choice. From a parental perspective - totally shocking and enthralling. My wife happened to walk into the room just at this point, and she was definitely mentally scarred by what she saw!

And there it goes on - for me, the only real slight let-downs in the movie are when Brosnan re-finds the family which in such a scenario really isn't likely to have happened, and indeed what Bell does whilst they are hiding in the old man's garden. I don't feel that a mother, protecting her children would have done that.

Apart from these small elements of storyline which probably allowed a little too much implausibility, along with just how much difficulty with the local rebels Wilson's character was realistically likely to overcome and deal with, particularly towards the end of the film - even with full adrenalin running were the only small faults.

Still, having said all that - I'll be watching this again soon. It was quite a thrill ride and most certainly not wholesome family entertainment. There's some really quite surprisingly graphic scenes of violence, which totally suited the film, but definitely not for young eyes.
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Owen Wilson is so good in serious roles !!
tanpurepiyush21 November 2015
I always enjoyed Owen Wilson's comedies but I still recall his Behind Enemy lines role and he did it so perfect! In this movie too, I did expect him to do a fantastic job in a serious role and he just crosses all your expectations! Pierce Brosnon was was amazing in this movie, though not that much of a screen time he shares, but shines in whatever time he gets on screen. The child actors and the female lead did their job fair n square. The slow motions used are so perfectly timed in this movie and go so well with the background scores.

It was intense and captivating throughout! A perfect "escape movie" with tensions not subduing for any time at all. Excellent editing and direction with good enough production values and cast. There are some very intense action scenes throughout! This movie is I guess one of the underrated gems! Do watch it.
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Wow! - That's the only summary needed
drwb-8721025 August 2015
I walked into this movie with very low expectations and I was tired. This movie stars Owen Wilson in an Action/Thriller...not a comedy. That's not saying his comedies are that great, either. But this film wow-ed me. I literally said, "wow" out loud in the theater.

The start of the movie was very captivating. Enough action was in before the titles even came on, then unexpected humor. Kenny Rogers even showed up (not really, but you'll see what I mean)! Overall, Owen Wilson and his family are placed in extremely difficult situations to which it seems that there is little to no escape. The plot alone deserves at least a 4.5 of 5 stars. Coupled with the 5 star acting of not only Wilson, but the children! These kids were absolutely astounding and very convincing! Even Pierce Brosnan was a wonderful addition to the movie, with his excellent comedic timing. I will say that the comedy's placement messed with me because the movie was that stressful. Perhaps the only issue I had was the ending. It just could have been better writing. Direction and acting get 5 stars from me, and the soundtrack about a 4 for its excellent suspense addition. I did not expect this movie to be great, but I had trouble getting to sleep afterwards because I was so stressed out! This movie deserves at least a 4.5 of 5 stars! I would pay to see this movie!
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This movie is INTENSE
ecodrynv18 June 2021
I really enjoyed this movie from the plot to the acting and the ending. It was purely intense and will definitely have you on the edge of your seat. The idea of this plot seems very realistic as well and I think Owen Wilson and Lake Bell did a fantastic job together. I can't think of anything that I could criticize this movie for.
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Critics playing the race card
brentius28 December 2018
The whole Metascore system is flawed by critics with political agendas and an incessant need to play the race card at every opportunity. Political unrest is not common in South East Asia??? Give me a break! This is a very good suspenseful movie about a fictitious political uprising in a part of the world known for it. Judge the movie not what you think the motive beyond the storyline might be. Great performance by Owen Wilson.
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A must see, and a vastly underrated movie.
m-soroczynski25 November 2015
No Escape is one of the best action/thrillers of recent times. It isn't one of those movies that will be spoken about for years too come, but we must give credit where it is needed.

No Escape is a gripping, intense, cleverly put together movie. From the beginning the movie sets us up with the motives of why the family is moving and you feel connected with the main character Jack (Owen Wilson)who just wants to do whats best for his family. Seeing and loving, Owen Wilson is more comedic roles i didn't know how he would fair up is this action pact thriller, but i must admit, there may be a new genre around the corner and maybe another huge turning point in his career, sending him among the greats.

The film's writers have a lot to do with the success of this film, its script never dumbs down for the viewers, it is a script of what people would actually say and conversations that would actually happen in this situation. It makes you feel for the characters in the film and helps you to understand what is going on. You will feel apart of it. it cleverly leaves out all of the irrelevant details, keeping viewers guessing about what will happen next and how they will get out of a very sticky situation, while the mayhem continues around our main characters.

No Escape hits the ground running and never takes its foot off of the gas petal. Tensions are high and there is moments when you question how they are going to get out of an outrageously dangerous, near impossible situation. But it is not a movie where you feel as though the main character will survive no matter what. There are times where his death looks likely.

No Escape is a strong emotional and physical battle for survival and will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.


A must see, and a vastly underrated movie.
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lovishjain-7919215 June 2021

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Intense, great action and unpredictable!
benjaminlimoges27 November 2015
Freaking best movie I have seen this year! I honestly don't understand some of these ratings.

How did this get a 6/10 and some crappy predictable comedies get like 8/10.

I don't get it! Anyway watch this film asap and come up with your own opinion.

I am sure you will really like the movie if you don't pay attention to any negative reviews!

The acting was great. Very intense.

Enjoyable although not perfect ending and just a very smart plot!

Just great all around movie 69/10 ;)
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A complete waste of time.
zhivkokulev8 February 2016
It looks like this movie was made by Americans who have had an overall bad experience in South-East Asia. The plot is dumb and it doesn't make any sense as they don't even mention the name of the country they're in. There's no much story behind it and I would define this as a narrow-minded movie showing how 'brave' the Americans are and insulting Thailand at the same time (I am quite sure this is where the movie had been filmed). Honestly, I don't understand how a movie like this can get such a high grade. I have traveled most of Asia, I have met the kindest people in the world over there and I find this movie offensive and inappropriate. Surely, most of the Americans are now never going to visit Asia just because of what they saw in this movie. Don't waste your time on it. A complete joke.
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Intense and gritty, but a pleasant little gem. 8/10
Epsilon_Pegasi19 August 2015
I had the opportunity to see this at an advanced screening tonight in the Portland area. I went in knowing very little about it other than its rating and what it was rated for. I'll tell you, this movie pushed my limits for intensity, and I'm none-too-squeamish.

It's not necessarily gory, though there is a fair amount of blood, but it's sure as hell intense. The elements I believe worked in favor of this movie was the human story the filmmakers built in the beginning. There was a rapport with the family, and as things started to heat up, I genuinely cared about what happened to the family. I was hoping for a happy ending, but with the film's gritty nature, I honestly didn't know how the third act would unfold.

This movies holds onto you and doesn't let go. When there is a breath of fresh air, you as the viewer best take it, because it'll get right back into the thick of it. I wonder how well this movie will do financially with the little (to none) marketing that's going into it. I didn't even know what the movie was until Regal Cinemas invited me in for the screening. It's a bit intense, and the squeamish had every right to stand up and leave. Not many did, but I don't blame them. There were a few instances where it grew a bit too much for me.

I don't want to give much away, because honestly I believe this film will do well if the viewer knows as little as possible. This isn't a date night film. It's not for the faint of heart. If you want to be pleasantly surprised, though, I'd give this film a go. There was one instance I had to suspend belief, but hey, it's a movie, and its sins don't compare to what the filmmakers got right.

I'd rate it a solid 8/10. To me as a rater, an 8/10 is just about as good as a little film like this can achieve. Higher marks are usually reserved for truly great films, which this is not truly great, but it's "enjoyable" if you can stand being on the edge of your seat once the action gets going.
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With my heart in my throat
ferdinandobucchino-0446619 August 2021
Very very good movie with an Owen Wilson incredibly bravo in a dramatic role.
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Much Better Than I Expected
OdieZap679 July 2021
This movie had me on the edge of my seat! The difference between this and other action movies is that Owen Wilson plays an ordinary man in extraordinary circumstances. He was not some ex-military, special forces guy. He was an a martial arts expert. He was a husband and father. I kept thinking this could be me. I kept wondered what I would do in this situation. He even freezes up with indecision at one point. This made the movie just a bit more scarier, because this could happen to anyone in a foreign country with the potential for upheaval.
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Exceptionally good.
joonas_karkkainen21 April 2021
Really didn't wait this from an Owen Wilson movie and after the negative metascore, but this was really f*in good! Really don't understand the bad reviews.. This movie keeps you in it's grasp till the ending credits!
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Intense From Beginning To End
Scotslad_0072 April 2021
Can't believe I hadn't discovered this movie sooner. A story of a family trying to find a new beginning in Asia but instantly encounter the instability versus what they have been used to and the minute to minute struggle to return to that stability.

A loving family thrown into a volatile situation and a raw experience of how they handle it second my second.

The movie wasted little time and quickly moves you through what its like be in a foreign land without the stability we are so used so. Basically dropping a family in the deep end and navigating how to survive. You are on the edge once it begins.

Again a movie from 2015 off the radar but well worth the watch.
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No fingernails left
chornby-8703418 December 2019
I almost chewed my fingernails off with the tension in this movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it, I thought it had a good cast and it moved at a great pace. A good watch.
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Don't bother
readeastofeden29 May 2016
The ridiculous plot, bad editing, bad music, generic setting, bad Asian stereotypes, and unrealistic characters make this movie a waste of time. There is non-stop action, but it isn't good.

Pierce Brosnan has a couple of funny lines, but he cannot save this train wreck. The writing is so bad it makes Owen Wilson into a complete moron.

A no-name "scary Asian" country has a coup, and Wilson is stuck trying to get his family out. As soon as he notices there is a coup, which is almost immediately, he is on the run. But it is an absurd, laughable run, one in which bad editing, stupid slow-mo, and ridiculous music do not enhance a bad writing job. Things like: let's zoom in the the license plate of the scooter for no apparent reason, or, how about show that Wilson dropped his goofy city map so we can make you think he is lost for 2 seconds until he looks up to see the obvious hotel that he is running to, or how about the really bad "Asians eat dogs" stereotype? I can go on, but stop now and save yourself two hours.

Someone in some review called this an "important" movie, which made me want to cry for our stupidity. If by important, they meant the three minutes that Brosnan talks about the great "evil American corporation," I am not sure, but that corny, weak attempt to get political was a serious fail. There are many things corporations are guilty of, but this movie will not in any way remedy any of them.
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Take a break from the normal Blockbusters - see this!
Finders197024 August 2015
One of the most enthralling movies I have seen for a long time. I have a young family, so in perspective, the sort of movies I have seen at the cinema in the last 5-10 years have been Blockbusters - Disney/Pixar movies,Marvel, or Sci-Fi. So, when me and missus had a chance to go and see something on our own, we lapped it up. Absolutely brilliant movie, with a pace of thrill that never stopped, to the extent that the wife was so into it - she forgot to eat her popcorn! This film drew you in from the word go. Brilliantly directed, and the acting was flawless. Nothing new in terms of corporate/political unrest leading to a massive civilian coup, but the delivery of the story was sublime.

I thought that Owen Wilson and Pierce Brosnan appearing may have made it a bit cheesy - far from it.

Don't get me wrong, this is not Oscar winning drama material, but a good thriller that needs to be seen.

Go see it, but don't take your kids! It is a 15 rating for a reason.
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Fantastic Movie
rlangton7619 December 2015
This movie kept me on the edge of my seat throughout. Where most movies nowadays rely on special effects and unrealistic action and superhero powers to capture the viewers, this movie is built on real danger to an innocent family. Having two daughters of my own around the same age as the kids in this film, I found myself profoundly connected to the fathers dilemma throughout. But even if you don't have kids, if you're human you will feel the danger and emotion in this film.

This is Owen Wilson's crowning jewel of films, he was perfect in the role of protective father. The kids and wife were fantastic actresses as well. The entire story, though far fetched, was absolutely believable and horrifying. If you want a few hours of action packed drama, this is a great choice. I cannot say enough about the film. No flaws and excellent story telling through film. Don't believe the critics. 10/10.
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Not okay to repeat okay too much
theshininglevels5 June 2016
Would some stalwart care to count how many times the word okay is used in this film? I lost count and I just don't have the stamina to start again! Did someone really write that word into the script so many times or did the actors just shove it in there as and when? Regarding the actual film, the story line is very good; however, the story was treated too casually. The family, that were central to this film, were too relaxed. They attempted to relay the fear and tension, but couldn't seem to muster up the passion to do so. It therefore lacked authenticity. So instead of portraying the story properly, they (writer, director, whoever,) relied on an abundance of gratuitous violence. Had it been directed and acted differently, the violence could have been diminished and the tenseness brought to the fore in a more realistic fashion. And had they limited, or banned the word okay, and used proper, well thought out sentences, it would have enhanced the story tremendously. In addition, there was a nauseating dose of soppy "family" dialogue, especially towards the end.
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a 6.8 rating for a really seriously bad move...
chyckie5 January 2016
I sometimes go to IMDb to check ratings when to choose a movie to see. This one has a 6.8 rating. From now on I will only see movies with a +9 rating. It's that bad. This movie is a bad one in my opinion. It is a bunch of closeup "I love my family" scenes, mixed up with being hunted by mad killers in some fiction Asian country. To me it has nothing to say about love, life, politics or anything else remotely interesting for human kind. It's aim is to be a thriller, but it's way to predictable for that. People can think what they like, but the positive reviews here for this film makes me wonder who's really writing them? And I will follow only +9 ratings from now on.
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