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A movie less about zombies and more about a man's journey...
aslan-937-28376428 May 2012
Someone mentioned in a previous review that there are over 700 zombie films out there. Well, this is one of the better ones.

To be honest the zombies are just a background element to the story. The real story is in the relationship of the characters and their interaction.

The special effects may not be top notch (I believe they only had a $300k budget), but the acting in superb. At no point was I taken out of the story by a poorly delivered line or unbelievably stupid plot device or action on the part of the characters. And, as low key as it was, even the setting was believable. I'm sure only a true Civil War enthusiast would find any fault.

Truly an entertaining film. A real rose amongst the thorns.
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What a great surprise this was...
"Exit Humanity" is one of the best zombie movies in its genre; that being a zombie movie set in a Western setting, more specifically during and in the aftermath of the American Civil War. Far better than "Undead or Alive", "Abraham Lincoln vs Zombies" and "Cowboys vs Zombies", "Exit Humanity" is a definite must if you are planning to watch a zombie/western movie.

I sat down to watch "Exit Humanity" with no particular expectations as I had honestly never heard about the movie prior to finding it by sheer luck. And being a fan of all things zombie, I was intrigued and just had to watch it. And now that I have, I must admit that I am more than pleasantly surprised.

The story in the movie is about an outbreak of undead starting in 1865 as the Civil War is at its last chapter. Flash forward six years, we find Edward Young in a small farm house, where his wife is dead and his son is missing in a country ravaged by hordes of the walking dead. Edward sets out to find his son, embarking on a task in a world that is dying.

I found the story to be rather good actually, and it managed to keep me interested all the way up to the very end. There weren't any particular surprise story twists or turn of events, and the movie went on straight ahead at a good pace. And that worked out nicely enough.

The people cast for "Exit Humanity" were doing great jobs, and if you are a movie fan, you will see a couple of familiar faces. I am not familiar with Mark Gibson (playing Edward Young), but he did a good job with his role. And I was more than surprised (and thrilled) to find Bill Mosely (playing General Williams)in the movie, as I've always enjoyed his movies. Then you also have Dee Wallace (playing Eve), Stephen McHattie (playing Medic Johnson) and Brian Cox (the Narrator). So there were some familiar faces and voices around.

As for the zombies in the movie, well most of them were really nice. Lots of good make-up and details. And there were also plenty of gore and wounds to go around to keep most of the gorehounds out there more than satisfied. And thumbs up on not having super agile zombies that run and jump around, I am most definitely not a fan of those type of zombies. Two things to point out about the zombies; I didn't get the black shark-like eyes, what was up with that? Wouldn't eyes glaze over and become milky-grayish after death occurs? And the tone of gray they used on the faces (but sometimes forgot to put on the zombies hands and necks) was a bit too gray, standing out in contrast. That sort of reminded me of the old 70's zombies movies. But aside from those two minor things, then the zombies were good, nicely put together and worked out well.

Being a big zombie fan, then I found "Exit Humanity" to be rather good. I was thoroughly entertained by this movie.
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great apocalyptic flick with zombies
trashgang8 June 2012
Not your typical horror flick or even to state not a normal zombie flick. But I liked it because it had a great story and the acting was sublime as did the effects used for the zombies and the way they narrated this flick.

North and South are at the end of the war but in one of the final battles suddenly some soldiers appear with an unusual look, zombies. From there on we see how Edward Young (Mark Gibson) survives and sees that the world has been overtaken by the walking dead. His wife and son are bitten, his son is out there as a walker, and he just got one goal, to find his son. From there on the zombies are second in the story and Edward Young becomes the main lead. We follow him by narrating (Brian Cox) and even in cartoon style.

The way it was filmed and the way John Geddes (director) directed it was really a relieve to see. It clocks in at 108 minutes and it never bored me. And just when you thought, what's next suddenly it changes completely.

But what a great performance by Mark Gibson. His first big lead and only his second feature, One to watch. Also nice to see was Dee Wallace as Eve and Bill Moseley as General Williams. I even didn't recognize Dee here as the so-called witch. Finally, Bill is back on the track after 2001 Maniacs:Fields Of Scream also as a soldier (mayor in fact). A small part for Stephen McHattie who did a great job a while ago in Pontypool (2008). Here he is again great with his typical face.

Yes you noticed it, I can't say anything bad about this 'zombie' flick even as they aren't the main cause to go watch this gem. There isn't really anything gory here to see but still the zombies looked really great. If you liked I Am Legend (2007) or The Road (2009) or Stake land (2010) then be sure to pick this one up.

Gore 2/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 4/5 Story 4/5 Comedy 0/5
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When everything has been taken from you by zombies is there any reason to go on.
bdsm1312 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
The civil war has end for Edward Young and he thinks his life can return to normal and put the war behind him. He is very wrong. Exit Humanity, not your typical zombie movie, set after the civil war and a zombie plaque has sprung up, from the war or because of the war, is unknown.

The movie is told through Edward Young's journal as he first seeks his wife who may or may not have fallen victim to the zombie plaque and then eventually seeks and locates both his wife and son. They have both succumb to the zombie plaque and Edward Young has to kill them both. His real quest then starts to put his son's ashes to rest and in the same act hoping to find some sanity in a world gone mad.

Along his way he meets others and shares his story. This movie shows a man's struggle with his own acceptance of humanity and struggle for sanity when he not only loses his family but loses them to non-worldly means, i.e. zombies.

He meets a woman who may have answers to his questions and a madman trying to in his own twisted solve the zombie problem. This is not your typical zombie movie but it is beautiful shot and has some really strong performances by Dee Wallace and Mark Gibson in his first starring role.

John Geddes has made an impressive zombie movie in my opinion and I have seen more than my share of zombie movies.
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Well done zombie drama...The horror is in the story, not the action
bassplace8814 September 2012
A unique and well done dramatic zombie period piece. The rustic technology free setting creates nice isolation which helps increase the tension. I love zombies, and these zombies are the best I've seen in a long time. Not just the makeup, which was great, but the acting and serious tone of the movie, help it excel. The music was wonderful, while the acting and narration was well done. The animation added an art-house feel, yet not overused. Not a typical horror film, but a serious drama about humanity. Definitely going to keep an eye on this director. I wish there was more of a scare element. I give it 7 out of 10 stars.
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Probably best zombie movie of 2012.
imrational12 November 2012
I would probably consider this the best zombie movie of 2012. Keep in mind that there weren't much going against it. The latest Resident Evil movie was decent, but nothing really new.

Exit Humanity it a total B-Budget zombie movie done right. It is slow paced, which I know some people would hate on, but I enjoyed. The director got the atmosphere right with this one. You end up caring about the characters. Acting is well done, along with the settings and music score. Make-up was the only thing that really showed this as a B-Budget endeavor.

I would be willing to invest in a future film effort by this director. He's going to go up in Hollywood. Other directors have tried to do historical zombie movies, but this was the first one to actually do it well.

He obviously strived for "epic" movie, and managed to succeed. Well done sir!
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Pretty Good Undead Historical Piece
kingdom-krud1 June 2012
Exit Humanity is not a movie to watch for action, blood and gore. It's a slow period piece that follows one man's journey of survival through an undead outbreak after the civil war.

It's got a great 1860's feel to it, pretty good acting and script, a plot with lots of potential, and is interspersed with some superb narration & animated sequences.

But there are 2 major flaws to Exit Humanity:

1) It is Slow. This movie is about 110min long, and it should have been 80. Long periods given to the protagonist's grief should have been pared down.

2) The script/plot touches onto the history and ancient origin of the undead, and a possible cure, but doesn't go further. I was hoping the protagonist would continue his journey of discovery concerning the undead - which via his journal, would connect & help fight the 20th century outbreaks. But no, this potentially exiting avenue was left unexplored.

Pretty good movie: I give Exit Humanity 6 out of 10.
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Novel approach elevates zombie story.
jaguiar31318 July 2012
Exit Humanity is an interesting approach to a typical zombie outbreak story. It is told by a narrator (Brian Cox) and in chapters from a journal by Confederate soldier, Edward Young (Mark Gibson) who details the story of a zombie outbreak that occurs just as the Civil War is ending. Director/writer John Geddes does give us a lot of the traditional zombie movie elements like the flesh eating, the shot to the head and the humans who are worse then the ravenous zombies but, also gives us a unique setting, some nicely visualized dream sequences and even some really cool flashbacks and montage sequences done with animation. The make up effects are good, although the film lacks the abundant gore fans look for, and Gibson makes a nice hero trying to keep his humanity despite what is happening around him. But, there are some flaws that keep the film from being a really strong entry in the zombie sub-genre, the pace is rather slow, the film is a tad long, and despite his novel touches and setting, there really isn't anything new story wise here or themes that others haven't touched on before in these films, although, the cause of his zombie plague was a cool twist once revealed. His cast also includes genre favorites Dee Wallce as "Eve" a healer thought to be a witch and Bill Mosley as "General Williams" a megalomaniac who wants to find a cure to the zombie plague so he may become rich and powerful and doesn't care how many innocents die while his outmatched doctor (Stephen McHattie) experiments on both the dead and the living. All in all it's not bad and certainly worth a watch if you like zombie movies and, most of all, John Geddes shows some nice potential as a filmmaker. He utilizes his more unique touches well, he frames his shots very nicely and pulls off some effective moments. A nice horror debut for Mr. Geddes.
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Still hope for zombie movies
chris-grace-johnson3 October 2012
I usually pass up anything that is described as horror or says zombie in the title since the original zombie movies like "Dawn of the dead".

I'm not sure why I chose to watch Exit Humanity. I think it was for a lack of anything interesting to watch. I'm happy for this lack in judgment. Exit Humanity turned out to be nothing like I had expected. It is well written and well acted. I wanted to give it more than 7 stars but then I am very hard to please.

I think the failure of most zombie movies is the idea that there needs blood, guts and more blood and guts instead of intelligent dialog and story line. Exit Humanity is worth watching.
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More bore than gore
Greg22 October 2011
Zombies. They're everywhere. They're on our DVD shelves, on our television screens and in our Netflix queue's. Their hunger for human flesh seems only equaled by their hunger for our entertainment viewing time.

We've long thought and wrote that zombies, by nature, are a boring antagonist. Whether fast (28 Days Later) or slow (Night of the Living Dead), zombies have little character, can do little more than moan, and are usually only scary when accompanied by a horde of other flesh eating zombies.

A quick Google search of zombie films listed over 700 titles which would suggest that the genre from which George Romero made a career has been done (dare we say it….) to death.

The oversaturation of the zombie genre mustn't have been lost on writer/director John Geddes. His awareness of the 'been there, done that' factor must have been electrifying the talented Canadian's synapses when he began scripting Exit Humanity – a zombie film set shortly after the American Civil War in the 1870's.

Exit Humanity follows a solider by the name of Edward Young (Mark Gibson in a thoroughly convincing role) who is returning to his homeland after the American Civil War. The War might be over, but the fight as just begun. Zombies run the landscape and when Edward's wife turns, Edward is forced to kill her in gruesome fashion. Edward then embarks on a journey to find his son – a journey that will be fraught with the undead.

Director John Geddes does a fantastic job of making the landscape and the era a character unto itself in the film. The location shoots standing in for America circa 1870's is what gives Exit Humanity a creative edge in a tired genre. But where praise can be lauded for the setting, issue can be stated for the length of the film combined with a seriousness that alienates a bloodthirsty audience hungry for splatter. Long stretches of monotone description and explanation fell flat and left us bored and indi-glowing our wristwatch to determine the remaining minutes of the ordeal.

There is a good story to be told here, it is just executed with such a lack of urgency that it wears down its audience and wastes supporting roles by Bill Moseley, Dee Wallace and Stephen McHattie not to mention a fascinating narration by Brian Cox that supports the animated sections of the film which are unarguably the film's high points.

While waiting in line and reading the Toronto After Dark program and their description of the film, we were hoping for a Dead Birds (2004) type of horror periodic. Instead, we got an interesting but ultimately defective experiment. One that slipped more than it gripped and was flawed more than it gnawed.

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A Serious Zombie Movie
Sean Morrow24 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
It's something of a rarity to have a zombie movie with serious intent. Exit Humanity does not go for laughter or cheap horror tricks but takes a very dramatic approach to the zombie horror genre (it's such a departure from the usual zombie movie that it almost exits the genre all together). The action takes place in 1865 in the Tennessee country side. The setting and the time are quite well handled and help add to the serious purpose of the film -- which I think is an examination of what it is to be human and to exit that condition. The Zombie apocalypse has already happened and the protagonist, Edward Young, has already lost his wife to the infection. He sets off cross country to find his son and when he does find him he finds his son has been turned and his new mission is to take his sons ashes to a waterfall -- which has grown in his mind to the last peaceful place. Along the way Young falls in with another survivor named Isaac who recruits him to help get his sister back -- Isaac's sister has been captured by a small group of former soldiers who are looking to find the one person in the area rumoured to be immune to the zombie plague.

The movie tells an interesting story in an interesting way. There are many of the usual Zombie movie devices but these are used to advance the story more than to provide scary moments. There is very creative use of graphics and animation and the sound track is quite effective. The sets and setting add a feeling of authenticity to the story. The acting is very fine indeed -- except perhaps for the token guest star Dee Wallace (on a side note, why do film makers insist on dropping in these supposedly "name" actors? I can't imagine Dee Wallace will put one extra bum in the theatre seat or video rental.) My only real complaint and the thing holding the movie back from a higher rating is that it is rather too slow. I generally enjoy a slow paced movie but there are some times that Exit Humanity is just a tad too languid.
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Pleasantly surprised!
sunflowers198420021 October 2012
I am a fan of all things zombie so when I saw this on Netflix I knew I'd watch it! From the start I knew this looked like it would be a decent movie which drew me in even more. It's one of those that's a nice unexpected surprise and those are the ones I love! Although the gore is not as heavy as some movies what is there is tastefully done and a strong storyline helps that right along! If you are looking for ultra gore this may not be for you but if you are looking for a zombie movie with a strong plot to boot, this ones for you! It's a bit of horror,drama,and a touch of romance all rolled into one! Also, the main character is someone that as far as I found is little known but seems to carry his role very well! Well acted, well scripted, effects pretty well done! This to me is one I'd watch again!
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A Zombie Odyssey
Sean Jump20 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I confess I don't usually like zombie films: they tend to be nihilistic and generally substitute gore for story. A notable exception is 28 Days Later, and of course Bela Lugosi's White Zombie, but Exit Humanity is up there with those genre classics in terms of storytelling power. Indeed, in terms of ambition I'm not sure any previous zombie film compares to what Exit Humanity is going for.

Exit Humanity is essentially the story of Civil War vet Edward Young, whose only ambition in life is, in his own words, "to be a good man." But in the closing days of the War--toxic enough to Young's soul on its own--an insidious new plague begins sweeping through the land, one which mysteriously brings the dead back to a semblance of life, brainless but ravenous. This new evil invades Young's home, and takes from him everything he loves: his wife and son. Convinced that he buries his own purpose for living along with his family, Young sets out on a final quest in their honor. It is an odyssey through a dead-haunted landscape of good and evil that will either lead Young to a rebirth, or finish him off entirely.

Many fans of zombie films--or even horror films in general--may not agree with my assessment of Exit Humanity. It is a slow, methodical film, and while the zombies are indeed central to the plot the human drama of Young and his friends and enemies are moreso. The zombie SFX are adequate, and the undead themselves are suitably corpse-like and feral, but they generally serve as a framing device for the internal conflicts of the human characters. Exit Humanity uses the undead holocaust as a catalyst to explore themes of faith and suffering, love and death, and the quest for peace in a world gone mad. It is at times unbearably heartbreaking, but ultimately life-affirming in a way that doesn't deny the sufferings of a fallen world, but nonetheless points the way toward hope even in the midst of apocalypse. And if it is not entirely a typical zombie movie, it is because of that Exit Humanity is superior to most of its kin.
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Civil War zombies? No wonder they've been forgotten
guerre-211-36326912 November 2011
What a dismal film. The Civil War setting promises something new in the zombie film genre, but the filmmakers blow it. What story there is takes an age to get going, the narration is ludicrously heavy-handed and trite - aiming for profundity and repeatedly missing - and the film far outstays its welcome. The actors do their best, and credit goes to actor Adam Seybold as Isaac for getting something decent out of a clunky screenplay that reduces the excellent Stephen McHattie to doing comedic drunken grunts. Crucially, the zombies are a bit rubbish, painted in grey stuff that washes off in any scenes that include water, and despatched with that disappointing post-production haze of digital blood. There's a good film in the idea of Civil War zombies somewhere, but this isn't it by a long stretch
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Fine Acting, Narration
bluebirds44431 May 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I thoroughly enjoyed the storyline, narration, illustrations and choice of main actor for this atypical "zombie" movie. Enough of the demise of humanity via a zombie apocalypse...this movie delved more into how a tragedy of epic proportions does and will bring unimaginable grief and utter madness to a world; how one has a choice to learn to cope, fight back or die. The storyline captured the main character's struggle very well. He surely got inside my head. I also think the army colonel could have used a bit more character development just to round out his background. Who were his people? His family? Also gotta say the witchcraft element didn't really ring true to me (not that it would in reality anyways.) With all that said, I still enjoyed the gist of the movie. On a lighter side, I simply gotta ask...why oh why don't zombies just sort of deteriorate after a while....for gosh sakes, they are rotting corpses!
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Last Exit
A very ambitious movie, that has great cinematography and with Brian Cox one of the best narrators it could've hired (Morgan Freeman excluded, though I doubt he'd do a movie like this). It tries to go the philosophical road and almost completely convinces. The acting is good and if you liked something like Stake Land, than you have to watch this too of course.

I think that the movie does not live entirely up to its high goals, but at least it did set them high. The filmmakers really wanted to say more and not only make another horror movie. So if you're looking for cheap scares, you should go look elsewhere! Not everyones cup of tea and with some major flaws, you might want to rent, before you buy it
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Felt like an above average student film
starcraftbw8813 June 2012
I'm a huge fan of zombie movies and the trailer and premise of this movie seem so awesome that it was too good to be true, it was. The film is riddled with bad acting (the actress playing Eve was painful), bad accents, bad attempts at character development, bad dialogue – I guess the main antagonist is supposed to be a pirate, he sure says "scallywags" a lot. And why the hell is the movie narrated by an entirely different actor, I presume we're to take it that it's the protagonist who has grown old. But then, why even do that, what is the point? It adds nothing.

However, with that said I have seen worse and there are some high points such as the makeup, which is actually pretty good, probably the best part of the movie along with the musical scores and short animated sequences. There is definitely an outline here for something that could've been great though it ultimately felt like a discombobulated amateur flick with no real direction where the director/writer decided to lift scenes from good movies and mash it into the theme hoping it'd be good, but it all felt very superficial.
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Great film, ambitious considering the budget
bytewriteu19 September 2012
Even with the budget constraints this film is going to be a classic for the genre. It's something new which is rare but I think shows that the genre isn't tapped out. I love the "look" of this film. If you saw "Stakeland" or "The Road" then you will as well. It's got a good script and the feel of a much bigger budget movie. What these guys managed to accomplish with the limits they had is truly great. Keep in mind that I am a BIG fan of the genre and if you are and love something original, then you'll be very glad you saw this movie. I don't get how people rated this as low as they did. It's totally unfair if your comparing this to other similar genre movies out there. This movie is at least a 6 or 7 on it's own and higher for the genre. It's original, interesting, has great pacing and an "actual" story. The actors are great. Ms. Wallace is fantastic.
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ZOMG I love this film!
darqueimages18 August 2012
I knew I was in for a treat when within the first 5 minutes of this film I was engrossed in it. "Exit Humanity" is a very well written film within the zombie genre. Generally, I love zombie films. Some are hit and miss, others like this one, grab my attention right away. The story, the practical effects, costuming, and even the settings were top notch.

Setting the film just after the U.S. Civil War was a stroke of genius. So what if it makes it a period film... it was a very well executed period film. At the risk of repeating myself, I think the execution of the storyline deserves mentioning again, of course, without giving any spoilers. The story itself is rather well written, with plenty of points to hit on one's emotions. While it is a zombie film, there are some moments that do tug at the heart strings a little and we catch more than a hint of the darker side of man.

Conclusion: 9/10 from me. The effects could've been just a tad better, the story did move a little slow though, and I would've liked to seen something more with the film's ending. Overall, I am so glad that I added this film to my collection.
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A Hidden Gem
ttimx4 June 2012
Warning: Spoilers
There has been a slew of bad zombie movies lately. Zombies are in vogue and many low budget studios are trying to cash in on the trend.

Having said that I did not expect much and so was pleasantly surprised by this movie. It is not a traditional shallow zombie movie but rather the tale of a man that loses hope and wishes to exit humanity, but later finds his redemption. It is part horror, part western and part romance.

Most zombie movies are lacking in depth and character development and rely on gory effects to get by. By contrast Exit Humanity is character and story driven. The main actor and photography are excellent.

My criticism s of the movie are that is did go on a bit long, I think it could have been edited to about 20 minutes less. Also I felt that in reality there would have been much more of a struggle to find ammunition and food.

If you are looking for a slasher type teenage zombie movie with lots of scares this is not for you but if you want an adult zombie movie you will not be disappointed.
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Don't Do It
fran golber21 October 2012
Unfortunately, Geddes trots out every zombie cliché, hoping that a little 'Ken Burns' gloss can make it seem like an original take. Sorry – after the previous decade of 3rd-party perspective, secondary characterexploration and vampire/zombie treatments of classic literature, the POV is waaay beyond played.

Just trying to view the film on as a straightup zombie tale , ignoring the borrowed comic-book flourishes and delusions of Tarantino - it still becomes unwatchable. A hero with an endless supply of ammo, wary of attack yet constantly and obviously strolling into danger....it would be a snore – except the threadbare plot is too annoying to let the viewer sleep.
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Unique, best of its kind
Biff Anderson23 July 2012
Pros: Good cinematography, strong acting, excellent infection/outbreak subtext foundation built from the beginning & well progressed throughout the film, wardrobe is great, civil war context is intriguing and quite refreshing for the genre, music is solid & adds well to the emotions of the characters' environment, the narration allows you to feel more connected to the main character and more involved with what he's going through in the film

Con: There are some scenes in the middle of the film that feel somewhat slow and that can be frustrating with a plot subtext that demands a fast paced sense of urgency from the characters

For a zombie/infection movie circa Civil War era, this outshines any other by far, though it may not quench the thirst of fans of non-stop zombie action
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Some potential, soon wasted
Leofwine_draca27 September 2015
Civil War zombies! Yes, EXIT HUMANITY has the distinction of being a historical zombie flick, an extremely limited sub-genre at present, so it has novelty value going for it. Unfortunately it turns out that this ultra-cheap Canadian quickie was filmed in the woods without a whole lot of originality or indeed direction despite the intrigue raised by the premise.

The main character is a former soldier who wanders around some very mundane locales while battling a few zombies here and there. The lack of budget really hurts this film, as it's often forced to descend into dodgy animation in order to portray key sequences. The effect is amateurish to say the least and the main actor doesn't really inspire much confidence in the viewer either.

There are a few conversations on the nature of war and the like before this descends into characters stumbling around in near-darkness and killing each other. There are a few familiar faces here (Dee Wallace and Bill Moseley, along with Brian Cox providing the narration) but otherwise nothing much to recommend it.
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Excellent take on the zombie theme
Hawk2001129 May 2012
There are so many twists on zombie movies that you don't expect to see anything new or original. This movie however is original and very well done.

The atmosphere was dismal, but that was meant to be the tone of the movie. The animations were excellent and the acting was solid.

The movie got off to a slow start. It took a while for the main characters to appear. Despite the fact that it set the tone for the film and provided insight into the main character, it could have been trimmed somewhat.

Don't expect much gore though. This is a more of a beautifully filmed drama, with a zombie twist.

I highly recommend it. Does anyone what the font was that was used in the credits? Even the credits were nicely designed!
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Slow, boring and arty
Logan-222 June 2012
This is pretty slow and boring. The zombie makeup isn't that great (and washes off during the water attack scenes). The gore is mostly just off-screen (head smashing sound effects) or CGI, which is lame. The acting is OK, but I could not connect to any of the characters. There's too much voice-over narration and too many scenes of the lead screaming and crying and wanting to kill himself. He comes off as kinda pathetic and not hero material. The film reminded me of a pretentious art-house movie disguised as horror. It's shot well and I enjoyed the animated segments, but there's just not enough action, gore, or compelling dialog to make this a good film. Pretty much wanted to shut it off by the halfway mark as it was putting me to sleep. It takes itself seriously, which is good, but then it goes a step too seriously. There's no sense of humor, no light moments, so the unrelenting negativity becomes a real turn-off. To be a really great zombie movie, there needs to be a balance between adventure, doom, and humor like George A. Romero's original Dawn of the Dead. Even the misguided Dawn remake understood this. Unfortunately, Exit Humanity doesn't and that's why it fails.
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