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Narrative failure
Harold_Boss20 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Unfortunately this movie looks a lot better in the trailer than it actually is. I'm giving it points for defying expectations but essentially this is a big flop of a movie. The narrative is unconventional to say the least. It spends a staggering 30minutes introducing three serious douchebags. One American, two Chileans. Not explained how they came to be roving around Chile, but they have money and not a lot of responsibility. You would imagine that after thirty minutes these guys are going to be the major characters. Surprise! Only one of these guys survives any distance into the disaster and during the latter half of the movie the main characters are three girls who are considerably less fleshed out than the guys we met first off.

That's not the only narrative flaw. Why is there such an effort made to introduce the girl with the wu-tang tattoo. Is she going to feature in the rest of the film? Nope. Are any of the character backgrounds actually important to the story or how they act under pressure? Not really. How come during the cable car crash (whatever it is) a crowded street suddenly becomes utterly deserted?

I guess the main purpose of this story is to show us that during a disaster death comes randomly, even to people who think they are the lead characters.
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A solid but not quite earth-shaking effort
RudeArtAndDesign_Com22 October 2016
This is my first review and will try to keep it as short as possible because, hating to bust on any aspiring authors or critics out there most of us don't read the long reviews. There's no need to write a 2,000 word synopsis on any movie,show or whatever here, IMDb already does that for us. We just wanna know if it's any good or not.... oops I guess there goes keeping this short.

Anyways, I just watched it this morning so while it's fresh in my mind, is this movie any good?

If you like horror, action and/or adventure (along the line of Jaws, though this is no Jaws) you might enjoy this. It has its action, experiencing and trying to escape the earthquake. It's got its scary, borderline intense moments of terror and lots'a blood n' gore. Oh yeah and bonus, some annoying hipsters get killed! Add in a couple of "didn't see that coming" plot twists, a fun ending and you may start moving towards the edge of your seat but, I don't think you'll make it all the way there.

Bottom line, it's not a particularly moving piece of cinema but,if you got an hour and a half to kill and you're not paying for it (like me I caught it on cable) It's still better than a lot of the other crap I've seen lately on TV so it's coming in at a solid, watchable but not earth-shaking 6
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Pleasantly Surprised
RobertLThorpe10 May 2013
I would not call this a horror film. A dark disaster film is more appropriate. The film is fun, lively and well done and acted. If not for a oddly timed and inappropriate character reveal that just makes you scratch your head and go huh? It was fun. The reveal was not even needed, especially when it did happen. It literally took me out of the film until it was resolved.

If your looking for something on the dark end, with horror type feel then check it out. It was good. It flowed really well and made sense how the characters got from one place to another. Well structured and honest.
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After an earthquake, idle rich tourists battle gangs, bad luck, and aftershocks.
suite9225 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The film starts with nightclubs, something that looks like a rave, broken marriage, and a pointless and awkward Selena Gomez cameo. There were plenty of self-regarding, shallow, parasitic, non-working idiots who exhibit plenty of class hatred for anyone except themselves.

The quake occurred while the stars were in a nightclub deep underground. They escape only because one of them had shown a few moments of decency. The surface was not much better. Their transportation was rendered scrap. Their cell phones do not work since the repeaters were down.

The tsunami alarm goes off. They head for higher ground, as did so many other people.

They encounter gangs of murdering thugs and bad luck, the kind one dies from.

The aftershocks make things much, much worse.


Cinematography: 10/10 Absolutely wonderful.

Sound: 10/10 Lovely.

Acting: 2/10 Eli Roth was just terrible. I hope he quits acting altogether, and gets out of writing and producing. Nicolas Martinez was often enjoyable. Ariel Levy was wretchedly bad. The actresses who played the half-sisters were quite annoying.

Screenplay: 8/10 The beginning was too long; I was ready for the stars to begin getting hammered by nature after about three minutes. Instead it was about 35 minutes. After the lengthy introduction, I hoped all of them would die horribly. So I guess the screenplay was a success up to the point of the earthquake. The stars get shredded thereafter with a very small number of survivors, until the tsunami finally shows up in the end. The screenplay did succeed at its objectives.
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Dora the explorer was more entertaining..
denesn13 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Just finished watching it and i have to say, Aftershock is probably the worst movie i've ever seen. I've read other peoples reviews and it got me thinking; did they watch the same move as i did?! First of all the acting is painfully bad. So bad it almost made me want to throw something at the screen. The characters are really annoying (i was actually rooting for mother nature or the prisoners to catch and kill them all.*spoiler alert*they did,hurray) I don't even know what else to say cause the 'acting' was so awful it made me forget everything else about the movie. Only good thing was the beautiful music at the ending credits and the final 5 seconds when the tsunami chased down Miss Party killer. That's all.
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Two Genres For The Price of One
gregsrants13 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Ahhhh Chile. The women, the night life, the gorgeous greenery of the terrain. Chile is beautiful country. That is partly why American Gringo (Eli Roth) and pals Ariel (Ariel Levy) and Pollo (Nicolas Martinez) love it so much. Their adventures in Chile would be the envy of any man. And when the trio hook up with three smoking hot women, Kylie, Irina and Monica (Lorenza Izzo, Natasha Yarovenko and Andrea Osvart, respectively), the whole potential adventure fun meter goes off the chart. The six friends find themselves having such a good time that they agree to all travel together to the coastal town of Valparaiso. As the night becomes early morning, the group find themselves enjoying the dance clubs the city has to offer. But their night of reckless unabandon turns into terror when an 8.8 magnitude earthquake hits the city turning their paradise into a mound of death and ruins where our protagonists must survive everything from looters, escaped convicts and the constant aftershocks in the earthquake's wake. Aftershock is written and directed by Nicolás López (Eli Roth takes a co-writing credit) who uses true stories of the real 8.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Chile in 2010 as the basis for his survival film. Shot in Chile, many of the scenes were set in areas that still remain in ruin after the powerful disaster. This gives an authentic and realism feel to a film that is as hard to believe as it would be as plausible to accept. The first half of the film is a disaster movie true and true. We spend a good time getting to know our characters and I would suggest that knowing Eli Roth was involved will give audiences the patience in knowing that the set up is worth the pay off. When the earthquake hits, the chaos begins and bodies (and their parts) are thrown around screen in wild grotesqueness. As the six main characters attempt to escape onto the street, the devastation engulfs them. But they must quickly gather themselves in fear of a tsunami warning that is ringing throughout the city. Running, screaming and reacting to the city in ruins takes us to past the half way mark of Aftershock. But then director López switches gears and Aftershock becomes a horror movie with evil characters and murders rampaging through the streets in search of women and blood. The script penned by López and Roth continues to surprise throughout. Every death comes as a shock and how they pass is even more shocking. Don't bother guessing who will survive as the script has no 'untouchables' and everyone is fair game. Eli Roth accepts his first top billing role and plays the nerd, gringo perfectly. Bloodsoaked and searching for safe haven, he is the personality that propels the first quarter of the film only to pass off his full frame attention to actor Nicolás Martínez and the rest of the surviving team. There are plenty of Roth-isms to be found in Aftershock. The violence and gore is violent and gory. People are impaled, burned, shot and murdered with axes. And the final scene was something that we are sure Eli had his hands all over relishing in the idea of closure. Aftershock was a crowd favorite at the Toronto International Film Festival Midnight Madness showing and it is easy to see why. Fans get a bit of everything – parts disaster movie, parts horror, parts thriller, parts titillating comedy. We enjoyed ourselves immensely in the adventure. We were involved enough with our characters that didn't care that it switched focus (and genre's) halfway through. We are just glad that we survived the screening and we can't wait to watch it again. A result of the word-of-mouth at the festival got Aftershock a distribution deal with Dimension Films. No release date has been set, but you can expect to see Aftershock hit theatres before long.
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As Trashy As Its Characters
3xHCCH24 June 2013
The title "Aftershock" alone will make you expect it is about an earthquake. However, for the first thirty minutes or so, you are only uselessly following a group of three friends and ladies they pick up as they go around Valparaiso, you'd think you were in the wrong movie.

However, this earthquake does come when you least expect it. Then, the disaster movie goes into another radically different territory. It becomes a horror film where all the characters get killed off one by one in a way more grisly than the one before. This film does not shy away from blood or bad logic, folks!

With a story line like this, it really caters to a very limited audience - those who like to see the worst of human nature come out after a natural calamity. Fans of gore and sadism though may actually enjoy watching this awful film. I am giving it a star only for its final scene, which was well-shot, even though I totally saw it coming.
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Truly Lame
thomasrjb17 October 2014
Quite the worst waste of 90 minutes I've experienced since Hostel 2. Just bad, unoriginal, characters you have little reason to care about, in search of shocks the film continually seeks for escalations but most of them, right down to the ending are predictable. The acting and dialogue weren't altogether bad but I'm really not sure whether in the end this was a bad comedy or a truly awful disaster movie.

You have to hope that in the end Eli Roth is not funded to make any more rubbish films - ironic to think some really good film makers get funding cut off at the knees for being un-commercial but this sort of junk gets made. Cabin Fever was OK, just to clarify this review is nothing personal......
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Remind me why Eli Roth's movies are so popular?
AndyVanScoyoc28 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers

Because apparently, I missed the memo.

Don't know the man, I'm sure he's a gem of a fellow, but his movies aren't worth watching.

I just don't get it. More stupid people in ridiculous situations, more women treated like pieces of meat on the male hormone market and more stupid decisions that lead to dumber consequences.

The only thing decent about this film was the fact that Eli Roth allows himself to be killed off.

That's not normally something you see...lead actors biting the dirt.

As for the rest of the cast...good riddance. I have Don't bother. Could have, should have, been good, as it had a lot of potential, but came apart as quickly as the shattered buildings.

What a waste of time...
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Better than expected based on the overall rating
dan_parkman30 December 2013
I rarely write reviews but wanted to make the effort as I don't think the overall rating does the movie justice. As with all movies, your degree of enjoyment depends on your expectations, favored genres and mood at the time of watching. For me, the title caught my eye as I'm an avid fan of disaster / post-apocalyptic movies. I was a little skeptical seeing the Spanish names of many of the cast, assuming it would be subtitled throughout. I gave it a shot, and found there was good mix of English-spoken lines and subtitles for Spanish to English translation, which actually enhanced the film and made it more 'real-world' for me. A reasonable amount of time was allowed for main character-building, so I was able to form an opinion of each, understand their relationship with each other, and decide whether I liked them and could empathize with them. As with any good character plot-line, your judgment is over-ruled when the **** hits the proverbial fan and the ones you initially disliked become your heroes / heroines. Cutting to the plot-line itself, I found it refreshing that unlike many other lower-budget and less-known disaster movies, the viewer is given time to settle into the scene and characters before all hell breaks loose. That said, often the storyline gets silly after the special effects set in (usually because money is running out) but I didn't find this true with 'Aftershock'. Although the story is fast-moving (and some may say, far-fetched), it's entirely believable from first-hand accounts of real-life survivors of similar tragedies, where law and order can break down so fast that it becomes more of a threat than the disaster itself. In summary, after the main event, the action is non-stop and relentless, and there is sufficient blood-lust for those viewers who enjoy it. The ending was predictable (but most movie endings are these days!) but should be taken in the black-humored, tongue-in-cheek way it was intended. Worth a watch.
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people have been slain for less
vampiri12 May 2013
"Why?" is something I ask myself several times a day regarding different matters. Right now I ask myself "why has this crap even been made?" ten million was the budget it says on IMDb, wow, what a waste!!

Plot: a bunch of buddies party around in Chile. After an earthquake they have to find their way out from an underground nightclub only to find the city in chaos with cons roaming the streets.

The opening is way too long and does not indicate at all what genre it belongs to, nor does it hint that the characters will face off against criminals in the last third of the Movie, major plot flaws if you ask me. The Movie does not even have any message, Words of morality/wisdom which is so clear in the simplest of Movies, even Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D has one. It is so boring that it does not even work as a "sleeping pill", that become so annoyed that someone decided to spend 10 million that you cannot even fall asleep.

I give it 1 out of 10, avoid at any cost!!
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This is a good edge of your seat movie
dattatek21 May 2013
This movie should be a lot higher than 4.5...It starts off like a typical comedy fun movie then takes a drastic turn with the disaster...Then the movie turns into a gripping thriller type movie that had a lot of things happen i would never expect...It kept me glued to the screen. There is so much crap out there these days that this is certainly a nice change to see...Most of the reviews here certainly don't baseanything on the entertainment factor which this movie certainly packs a punch in. I believe it should be at least rated 6 for that alone.Maybe because it is fairly new it has had a chnace to rate higher...But I honestly do not understand all off the negative comments. Please give it a watch an let me know.
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An edge of your seat spine tingler
sinnerofcinema11 May 2013
I read a so - so review of this film in the L.A. Weekly and several things caught my attention. Im not sure what movie the reviewer saw but it definitely was not "Aftershock". Not sure if main stream reviewers find it necessary to destroy anything that goes against the grain. As far as this picture is concerned, all I have to say is "GO SEE IT!!". It an incredible film with some very real scenarios about things that would really happen would there be an aftershock in a country say... Chile... or any other country for that matter where such an enormous disaster would cause social turmoil. The characters were real and the situations were even more intense leaving the audience fixed to their seats until the very bitter end. Unfortunately when I went to see this film, there were only three or four cats in the five o clock showing of this film on a Saturday...not good. But then, a lot of these great films are not getting the chance and exposure needed to succeed in an already over saturated marketplace. However, I do highly recommend you give this film a chance. It will grip you and toss you around like a bad ass roller coaster with that said... enjoy the show!
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Start watching from when it starts to shake!
Video_Store_Girl18 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
This film had a 10mil budget? Then why are they just shaking the camera back and fourth to create the shake? - OK maybe that's not what they're doing but the quake was really poorly done. The characters are total A-Holes so best just to watch from when they're all put in grave danger, makes the characters more sympathetic...doesn't improve the acting though. Surprisingly it got better as it went on, with more gore, characters dying off in tragic ways, then the end - I'm fine with that - hahahhaha I'm free - wahhh oh my sister and friends are dead - Here's a tsunami to cheer you up so you can join them...excuse me while I try to run away from the tsunami with a messed up ankle. *Screen fades to black* AFTERSHOCK!!!
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Truly terrible
cbcburns313 May 2013
First thing is I love disaster movies even ones which have been slated I have enjoyed but this just doesn't work on any level, first thing is nothing happens for over 30mins I suppose they were trying to get you attached to the characters or use shock when things kick off which works incredibly well with an epic film like the perfect storm you really do end up completely engrossed, but with this its an epic failure I just ended up thinking what I'm supposed to feel for these drunks, these over privileged rich kids that act like selfish aggressive *****, I actually was hoping they were going to get taken out lol, mix this with terrible acting clichéd ideas, its all terrible, it earns 2 stars because underneath it there is a couple of nice ideas, but it just goes to prove you do need proper writing/direction and people who can act not just play drunk well, also what we are meant to feel sorry for the main dude because he has a kid..... Omg might work or cut it in a high school drama production, altogether an epic failure, avoid!
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Lame effort, dreary script
Alexander-Ross27 May 2013
This movie doesn't start for me with a bad idea! I like gender bending, and, i am a fan of Genre cult films, so the idea of an horror and a catastrophic film in one, could have been fun and, despite the real bad reviews i went to see it! Oh man was I sorry! This is a low level stinker, with a script and actors who have no chances, beyond resuscitation! Eli Roth who needs to direct maybe, since as an actor he is tragically as interesting as a root canal, truly doesn't come off well of this and has disappointed so many times now, i don't truly know who would wanna watch something he's linked to, next time! And you think he actually even used to be a cool dude at the times of Cabin Fever, and, of the first Hostel! Lately he looks slightly perverse and arrogant, at least, in the movies! Why did he even want to produce this dreary idea made without any true talent or inspiration, and even got himself cast as one of the main roles? Who knows? Maybe, it will remain a mystery, so that he'll get to avoid the embarrassment! Everything here is just so trite and so plain, so cliché and laughable, downright vulgar and derivative, at the best, i finally came to the conclusion that maybe I should truly stick to some of those low budget's B or even C grade Horror flicks, that, at least, most times, are way more interesting to watch than anything like this mess, since those indie Horror's dare more, they push the limits, and, they truly get controversial! Not to mention that, if you are lucky, you may even get more of a true movie carried by some decent camera work, and, way more driven techniques and ambitions, such as, some new visual style of sort that rocks, while driving you places you have never been before, or again, that could somewhat create some real darkness, or at least, for example, could keep you at the edge of your seat or make you feel truly worried! But, this semi costly crap, all telephoned as it is, and, on top, even so fake as it feels, to the limits of ridiculous, ends to become only another annoying failure to entertain, at its very best, and, it never even gets real scary or chilling, nor sexy, and, truly, never visionary, or, at least something a little interesting to watch at any possible level.. without finding yourself thinking about the rest of the week or family trouble! Flicks like this one never surprise you, like instead a good mystery horror should! I am so down on this type of filmmaking, because it disrespects the audience (people who work to pay for this?? NO!!) and the Genre! And, please, don't cast Mr. Roth no more! He's just not that attractive nor amiable or fun to watch, never mysterious or dangerous, menacing looking, he's never believable either, you can tell he's just acting! He just comes off arrogant and weird! Which i am sure he's not in person, but, maybe, because of his lack of acting ability, that is what he clearly projects! If, instead he was to go back to watch those classic Euro Horrors from the Golden era, he says inspired him so much, then, who knows, perhaps, and, with a little effort, he could go back on shooting some new film, and, finally make something daring, provocative and thoroughly scary, and, with some tension, like his first Cabin Fever was... That's all there is sadly to say on this one! Save your money, truly!
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Junk Movie
frankmcinnes29 May 2013
How on earth did this movie get made? It is the worst movie I have watched in years. Unrealistic characters and awful acting. Rubbish script but at least some of the scenes of Valparaiso were great. Chile is an amazing place. I'd love to see more movies made in this region. Just don't invite those clowns back

If this was an attempt at a zombie movie, it failed. If it is a lame attempt at Jewish humour, it failed. This is a very poor effort and you would be ill advised to spend money to watch this tripe. It is an hour or so of your life that you will never get back.

A budget of $10 million..... yeah right. Take about three zeros off that. Had to give it something so I gave it a 1 ... generous soul that I am.
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this is a DISASTER movie..
wdharvey1121 September 2013
Some of the reviews here were expecting a horror movie, yet this is an updated version of the old disaster movies of the '70's, i.e. "Earthquake", "Towering Inferno", and "Poseidon Adventure". Personally, I thought the movie was well done. The "Prisoners" were stereotypically rapists and such...I don't know what prisoners are like in Chile...

Regardless, I'd recommend this movie if you like a disaster movie. Pretty good special effects, bad acting at times...but, what movie doesn't have all that, anyway?

Give it a shot...there's some gore, there's some cursing, there's a lot of violence. Not a total waste of time...excellent for a Saturday afternoon...
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Starts Off Bad and Just Keeps Getting Worse
Michael_Elliott12 May 2013
Aftershock (2012)

* (out of 4)

Set in Santiago, Chile, a group of people are traveling around partying and having a good time but that all changes when an earthquake rips the city apart. The worse has yet to happen because soon a group of people find themselves being tortured by a gang of escaped cons. EARTHQUAKE meets THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT is pretty much the only way to describe this awful movie that starts off bad and just gets worse as it goes along. Director Nicolas Lopez co-wrote the screenplay with Roth and it's clear that neither of them had much to say as there's really no story to be found here, horrible dialogue and absolutely no character development. What we basically have is thirty-minutes of partying, thirty-minutes of the earthquake stuff and then about twenty-minutes worth of violence. The entire film is just so pointless that for the life of me I can understand how this thing actually got a theatrical release. The performances are all pretty forgettable but you really can't blame the cast because they were given nothing to do. I really do mean that nothing happens in this film. There's a big twist at the end that you'll see coming from a mile away. None of the characters are likable so I'm not sure why the writers decided to make them so hate-able. Did they want us to enjoy seeing them tortured? Perhaps but even the death/torture/rape scenes are so tame and boring that they add nothing to the picture. The special effects aren't believable during the earthquake scenes so there's yet another thing that doesn't work. The only thing that keeps AFTERSHOCK mildly entertaining is that you keep sitting there thinking that something's eventually going to happen so you hand onto hope that things are going to get better. Sadly, they never do as the picture just continues to get worse and it leads up to a very lame climax. I'm really not sure what the point of this was unless Lopez and Roth just thought it would be cool to mix the disaster and rape/revenge genres. Either way this here is a complete misfire that should be avoided.
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When the trailer is better than it's film
themissingpatient27 July 2013
Pollo, a spoiled, selfish party-loving womanizer, and Ariel, who is still obsessed with his ex-girlfriend, are taking their friend, who we know only as Gringo, around to experience Chile. Gringo, played by Eli Roth, is a responsible, newly single American father trying his best to fit in as Ariel and Pollo guide him around underground nightclubs in search for women. After meeting three woman who seem perfectly matched for these three men, a massive earthquake hits. The party stops and a battle for survival begins.

The first 30 minutes consist of watching the three main actors drink heavily while making their way around Chile. This is another one of those films wherein the actors seem to be having so much fun on-screen, it is as if they forget there is an audience who have paid to be entertained by the film they have found themselves in. The film itself has the production value of a movie made for a cable television network and while there is comedy, the humor is at the level of a bad sitcom. When the earthquake finally does happen the story tries to be as shocking as possible making it unclear whether or not the director was intentionally trying to add a level of comedy to the horror. Either way, Aftershock fails.
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A good movie if you are looking for a bad movie
Onion-Eater17 May 2013
There is obviously a joke to be made about fecal matter and the title of this picture (which has probably happened a million times) but after watching Aftershock...a total disaster "of a" movie, I don't feel like "piling" on. Which might sound mean but I surprisingly did find this movie entertaining in delightful ways I hadn't expected despite how negative this review might come across.

Where to start?

My god is Aftershock a terrible/good movie. I wanted to like this movie so bad but I must have burst out laughing a dozen times at parts of the movie that weren't clearly meant to be laughed at. If it was, Eli and company are actually geniuses.

The enjoyment was mostly due to the fact that they had zero dollars for CGI and decided to use CGI for virtually everything. Some major events you couldn't even tell what was going on cause the CGI was so poorly done to the point of being unrecognizable. Not so much the blood and guts kind of way (which was lacking) but important stuff, like major events that come out looking like something you'd see on SyFy.

But even better (if you are looking for this sort of thing) the combined horrible writing/acting on display, actually kept my interest from start to finish, in a so bad it's good kinda way. With a busy schedule and a short attention span, I have a hard time sitting down for a movie in one viewing but no lie (maybe I was in a really good mood at the time) I watched Aftershock the entire way through on the first try, with only a slight ache in my belly from laughing so hard.

For those interested in what Aftershock was shot with (a C-300) and more importantly what the final outcome looked like, I'm pleased to say the outside daytime shots looked great and the low-light shots were more than passable. Ignoring the fact that there is a lens being used that is probably more expensive than the camera it is attached to, this should inspire a lot of future filmmakers to go out there and make their own movies without the constraint of needing expensive cameras looming over them.

PROS -One or two good twists relating to how one might act during a crisis -Killer untouched locations straight from the actual quake -Shot on a camera cheaper than most cars but doesn't look like it -Eli Roth's over acting is fun to laugh at.

CONS -Virtually no gore in a movie promising gore! A rubber appendage from the dollar store bouncing around the screen for 5 minutes does not a Fulci film it make.

FINAL SCORE I was all set to give it 1/10 for being a technically well shot movie but still horrible, then a 2/10 for making me laugh when I wasn't expecting to but as the final scene approached, I told myself, if the film makers went in the direction where I hoped they were going to go, I'd bump it up another point. And boy did they ever go there. Good job people.

3/10 stars
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A Nightmare... For the Viewers
claudio_carvalho4 May 2014
In Santiago, the American Gringo (Eli Roth) is spending vacation with his Chilean friends Ariel (Ariel Levy) and the wealthy and influent Pollo (Nicolás Martínez). They meet the Russian tourists Irina (Natasha Yarovenko), the promiscuous Kylie (Lorenza Izzo) and her protective sister Monica (Andrea Osvárt) and Pollo invites them to go with his friends and him to Valparaiso. During the night, they go to a nightclub but an earthquake collapses the club and there is a warning of tsunami. The group tries to find a safe place in the middle of the chaos. Meanwhile a nearby prison also collapses and dangerous criminals escape. When they see the women on the streets, they hunt them down along the nightmarish night.

"Aftershock" is a lame American-Chilean horror movie with a terrible story that is a nightmare for the viewers and shallow characters. The first 30 and something minutes is a combination of tour in Chile with the development of dumb characters. After the earthquake, they do whatever possible to die with stupid and senseless attitudes. It is impressive to see how producers spend two million dollars in this trash. My vote is two.

Title (Brazil): Not Available
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Underrated, overlooked disaster horror in the vein Hostel
amesmonde12 January 2014
On their last night out a group of travellers find themselves fighting for survival when an earthquake devastates South America.

Probably due to an abundance of sub-par modern style horrors debatably 2012's Aftershock is sorely underrated and overlooked. Reminiscent of the character build up that came with Eli Roth's own Hostel director Nicolás López delivers a hard hitting freely traditionally shot (no found footage here) well executed, gritty disaster film which successfully shocks with its unnerving set ups and exceptional special effects.

The cast are on fine form Natasha Yarovenko as Irina,Lorenza Izzo (Kylie) and Nicolás Martínez and Pollock re notable with with Roth himself putting in a good innings as a nameless dad referred to as Gringo. While it is gratuitous it's fitting to the story and tone as with the aforementioned as the leads try to survive the earthquakes aftershocks falling buildings, collapsing tunnels and the social unrest which ensues by escapee prisoners before a tsunami hits Chile.

It's well paced with fine cinematography by Antonio Quercia and music Manuel Riviero helps it capture some of the original magic which Roth's first outing did. Even though the ending scene may come as no surprise there are a few twists to peak interest.

While not a horror in the traditional sense with graphic amputations, rape, drugs, a human torch, shooting and murders to name a few, granted it will make the regular viewer wince but it's well written and sharply directed by López - forget the endless copycat films of the same sub-genre if you rated Hostel and part 2 this sleeper isn't one to miss.
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pjr23522 May 2013
Yes... and yes!!! You need to believe all the positive reviews! I have a huge grin taking up my whole face right now! That was fo-real! Whoa! powerful, powerful stuff. I was so skeptical to see what I thought was going to be a crap movie. Luckily I decided to believe the few that stood by this movie.

You have to see it. omg. Yes the effects could have been a tad and I mean a tiny bit better, but ho-boy that does not take away from the movie. though, this is a one time time watch. Do not skip it!

I was gripped. Yes it was a little slow but then it got amazing. I for one agree with the smooth build up. It was very fluffy vacation get-away with good friends, good times, then bam! After all, these crazy disasters usually strike without warning. I understand Eli Roth had something to do with the film and people say he was responsible for most of the gore, but wait a minute, the gore and tragedy are nowhere near this fluffy and nice in real life. I liked that Eli (if he was responsible for adding the realism) had sense to show us the real deal.

I really love how this movie shows us how fragile our civility is and how quickly it goes out the window and 'man' reverts back to its gorilla-cave-man true selves. I used to be a gov conspiracist and all that - down with corruption. But I'm damn opened arm to silly lies and deceptions when there's a choice between that and situations like in this movie. Once order is lost for just a few minutes, all hell breaks loose and this movie showed that flawlessly.

Rape and murder is the first thing on the menu. People are selfish and only wish to help themselves or to harm others.. without continuing the rant, I'll just say that it really puts a lot of things in perspective. As for the movie - stop reading this and go watch it, trust me! and don't skip ahead like some people suggest, the movie builds up and connects you to all the characters in just enough time that right when you say: okay enough partying, things are going well, I get it - bam! The movie kicks off. and the ending was perfect! beginning to end I had a hell of a ride and I'm so happy I saw this movie.

All I have to say is, when hell breaks loose, arm-up. A metal pipe or firearm will be more valuable than a med-kit. And thats a very sad fact that I hate to state.
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Can You please?
michelle13917 June 2017
Look I am a fan of crazy movies but this one was a bomb a stinkbomb! Where do I start? The weak plot? The movie was slow but picked up by the time you liked the characters they were dead, raped or smooshed. I was disappointed with this whole thing. Eli Roth needs to stop making these bad movies and wasting two hours of peoples lives with this cat food movies.
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