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Season 2

4 Apr. 2012
Episode #2.1
Ayumu tries to keep the peace as Haruna scours the local pool for signs of a sea monster. Later, the necromancer's birthday celebration is disrupted by a demonic void.
12 Apr. 2012
Aah, Farewell to Me
Ayumu's hiking date with Yuki is interrupted by a swarm of angry bees and a very large bear. Back at school, the zombie is shocked to learn of his newfound celebrity status!
19 Apr. 2012
Yo! That's Some Friendly You-nity!
Haruna tries valiantly to repair her magic chainsaw, but she gets sidetracked after agreeing to help Yuki learn a deadly curse dance!
26 Apr. 2012
No, Get Lost, Good Sir
Orito hopes to cure Ayumu of his cross-dressing habit by treating him to dinner at a maid café! Hijinks ensue when the maids turn out to be the zombie's roommates!
3 May 2012
Yes, It Goes Around Every Year
When Sera goes away for the weekend, Eu gets sick, and Ayumu and Haruna must work together to nurse the necromancer back to health.
10 May 2012
No Way, We Were Winning!
Ayumu receives a ring from a mysterious blood-spewing man, and Haruna is overjoyed at the return of her chainsaw - and her magic powers!
17 May 2012
Mm-hmm, Teacher Is the Greatest!
Haruna's magic gadget leads to the loss of her voice, and Ayumu's adorable little drinking buddy turns out to be a very powerful nightmare!
24 May 2012
Whoo, a Mixer with Kyoko!
Ayumu is forced to throw a mixer for his own murderer if he wants to unlock the secret to defeating Chris - and return Haruna to her former power!
31 May 2012
Ah, My Darling Is a Ne'er-Do-Well
Ayumu continues his quest to defeat Chris by helping the most powerful warrior from the underworld finish drawing her manga. If he doesn't finish fast, however, he'll be late for Saras' concert!
7 Jun. 2012
Still, That's Fine
When Ayumu is robbed of his memories, the necromancer becomes a magical girl and goes to war with the zombie!

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