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My Review Of "American Backwoods: Slew Hampshire"
ASouthernHorrorFan6 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
That time all the horrors of a road trip gone wrong met in the woods and ran some cannibal crazed evil up your a**, "American Backwoods: Slew Hampshire" is the terror that unfolded. The film is written and directed by Flood Reed, a man whose lumberjack stature and woodsman appearance is as sexy as it is intimidating. Qualities that are only outweighed by his insanity and talent for creating a "mind-f**k, cluster nut" explosion of entertainment.

The story follows some friends out to complete a rite of passage styled road trip to get laid and bond. What happens in "Slew Hampshire" takes that desire and twists it into a perversion of exploitation, and backwood horror that is literally dumbfounding. Seriously there is so many elements of the horror genre colliding in this film that I was delightfully, jaw drop, amazed. Usually films that go for this amount of fast-paced complexity fails big time. "American Backwoods" is not that film. Things hit the g-spot from all angles-g as in gore, gratuity, and greatness. Let me just say that somewhere between "Brokeback Mountain" and "I Spit On Your Grave" permeates a nightmare so insane that only Hell could handle its girth.This is that nightmare.

The special effects and gore are visceral, blood-soaked moments of grue that will delight any splatter film horror fan. The cinematography is a blend of campfire horror suspense mixed with grindhouse torture-porn realness. And as if that wasn't enough to pull from Flood Reed brings in some perfectly timed and tuned dark humor that plays with horror comedy, but this film is by no means to be confused with anything currently out there in horror comedy. Whatever crazy that possesses Reed's mind is a beautiful damnation of artistry and madness. "American Backwoods: Slew Hampshire" is an onslaught of gory awesomeness.

Overall "American Backwoods: Slew Hampshire" is a fun, twisted blend of Darwinian horror and a hunger games of "Deliverance" inspired terror that should make you second guess that road trip to North America's hidden gems and honey spots. The story is elevated, next level insanity, the characters are dark and evolved. The special effects and atmosphere is exciting and full of classic horror energy placed in a truly modern piece of entertaining terror. A must for any horror fan regardless of which subgenre gets you off!
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If you love over the top violence and gore, you won't want to miss 'American Backwoods: Slew Hampshire'.
blackestrose1310 July 2015
A night of partying turns weird for a group of friends after an car accident and the arrival of supposed cops in a station wagon. Murderous hunters collide with a cannibalistic tribe, as the kidnapped party goers must struggle for survival.

The film carries and eerie, trippy vibe, mixed with a gritty film style. The result is a terrifying atmosphere, with a constant feeling of dread. It has a pretty standard lost-in-the-woods, kidnapped-by-hillbillies kind of set up until the tribe and the creature are thrown into the mix, then things start to get really interesting. A disgusting blend of gore and rape make for a horrific film that make something like 'Deliverance' look like a a nice vacation in the woods. The addition of comedic relief make the film a whole lot of gratuitous fun for gore fans.

Dayo Okeniyi is excellent as mature one of the group, Bro. I always enjoy seeing the director's play horrible characters, particularly in horror. Director/writer Flood Reed shows off his multi-talent abilities as hillbilly Bags. If you love over the top violence and gore, you won't want to miss 'American Backwoods: Slew Hampshire'.
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A Great Indie Film for horror fans
james_depaolo7 July 2015
Review-American Backwoods has the honor of being the first film I have ever witnessed that made me feel like I was using drugs when I was not. One thing for sure, director Floor Reed is a much messed up individual but my god is he very creative and genius. This film has some of the most insane dialogue I have heard in a horror film; let me rephrase that, in any film this year. There is a scene in the film when the radio is playing a "sexy song", and that song is so absurd that you feel obligated to join in the catchy feel of it. You would never guess from the opening sequence this is a low budget film. Mixing a genre like horror with comical elements is always a hard pill for most horror fans to swallow. The results and reactions are usually mixed at best. I feel this film that film in the early stages had a direction, but as the film was filming that direction went out the window in favor of making the viewer guess where the film is heading.

This film revolves around the simplest premise, the premise of four college students making their way to a strip club. We learn as this film starts going, that the group has a past together. Bro it seems was injured one time when they were on snowmobiles. There is really not much in terms of substance and character development when we see the college guys interact, but this is horror and we sort of expect it. The film finds itself when it comes to both the horror element and also the humor element. What shocked me the most was as bloody and disgusting this film gets, you always feel like they are winking at you. Well our college boys find a bunch of redneck hillbilly types who seem to enjoy hunting for human beings. Well, they also practice the lost arts of raping and killing as well. As we think the hillbillies and being raped could be our worst hope in this side of the world, there is something out there as well that seems to be a bigger threat.

The one word that stuck out to me the most in this film was "unique". This film really does not mind taking gambles and hoping people can follow. This film is not afraid to test boundaries. This film gives you plenty of sick and disturbing moments that fans watch a film like this for. The pacing in this film was a small issue I had, it seemed that as the hour mark hit, the film lost some of its humor flare and felt a little too similar to other films like a Chainsaw Massacre or a Wrong Turn. I really liked the last ten minutes of this film, and felt that it made a good statement about what we just witnessed. This film to me was a great welcome to a director I feel has his head in the right place, and his heart firmly in this genre. This is a horror film that can only be pulled off by a true fan of the genre. While this film is far from perfect, it does deliver in good doses what we watch these little films for. With any justice, this film will get some good word of mouth from both buyers and critics. Slew Hampshire is a odd place but boy was it fun to visit.
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savcam50020 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I often wonder where these earnest, "rave reviews" by "raving reviewers" come from. They often appear right before or immediately after the release of a (typically low budget, usually horror) film, from accounts created (suspiciously) around the same time as the film's release. The posters review this one film, and this one film only, and then they promptly vanish into the æther forever....

Speaking of this film, it's mediocrity manifest (though not without some small measure of inspiration and merit behind it). No matter what the other "reviewers" claim, Slew Hampshire hardly breathes new life into the "People Stuck in the Woods, Horror Ensues, Commonsense Ignored" genre. It treads a well worn path; starting with a (not altogether successful) comedic tone and descends into horror. It attempts an oddly philosophic tack which I'll admit is rather interesting, but ultimately for naught. As horror films are wont to do, it tackles the darker aspects of man (rape, race, wanton violence and gruesome killings), but the film is scattered and unfocused, touching on a half-dozen genres (which I have no problem with so long as it serves the greater purposes and needs of the story while remaining entertaining; I needn't have my hand held through a film and I can certainly admire the ambition): Comedy, Road Trip, Hillbilly Horror, Gruesome Torture, Creature Feature, Exploitation.... The effects and gore were passable, though hardly does that a movie make. The cinematography was... experimental in an earnest, art-school-sort-of-way, but the filters, effects and framing were more a distraction than an aid. The acting, direction and story are at times awkward and hackneyed. The story? Well, you probably already know the story, though it does offer a few "twists".

It was written, directed, filmed, cast, and acted in by apparent hydra Flood Reed (who also went to the trouble to write a very enticing Summary of the film here on, as well a song on the soundtrack). Think: Joe Swanberg, but with some actual talent, vision and drive. Even in this rather disappointing film they are evident and I'll be keeping an eye on Reed as he hones his skills and develops his craft.
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American Backwoods: Slew Hampshire is a gore lover's delight
feindgottes29 June 2015
As a hardcore horror fan when you see that a film was awarded "Goriest Scene of the Year" by Rue Morgue images of classic Cannibal Holocaust or the works of the "Godfather of Gore" himself, Herschell Gordon Lewis, immediately flash through your brain. Cult is the real gore hound between the two us but it's not like I shy away from it so since Cult was on vacation traipsing all around these Western United States the task of watching this gore fest fell to me. Hopefully he'll be able to watch it soon since he made the connection that enabled us to receive the screener from writer/director Flood Reed in the first place. American Backwoods: Slew Hampshire was also nominated for Best Feature, Best Actor and Best Editing at the 8th Annual Shockfest Film Festival of Hollywood. So let's see what all the fuss is about...

For the full review please visit Thy Demons Be Scribblin (
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Possible Spoiler
rabenson-8190219 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I was lucky enough to see this at one of the 3 screenings last weekend 6-14-15. For an independent horror this was really good. The story keeps you going from beginning to end, and leaves you thinking is this the end? If you have the chance give this movie a chance. Do not let other people who have given their reviews sway you from seeing this film that was filmed in New Hampshire. I hope that the director gets a chance to make more independent movies and that he can film in New Hampshire again as it shows that he took pride in the film and took his time in releasing it to make sure that it was his vision. It showed that he really took pride in making this movie
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Insane indie horror with great production values
Skeelo_201629 May 2015
American Backwoods: Slew Hampshire is the deranged brainchild of Flood Reed, who, according to his IMDb profile, is a circus performer and subconscious drifter who likes to appear in the nightmares of children and the occasional LSD-induced hallucination. However, when he's not scaring kids and enhancing trips, he sometimes acts in, writes and directs movies. One such movie is the topic of this review: a demented dose of backwoods debauchery that's already received critical acclaim by winning Rue Morgue Magazines, "Goriest Scene of the Year Award" and Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Editing at the 8th Annual Shockfest Film Festival.

A fitting way to describe American Backwoods: Slew Hampshire would be Deliverance (1972) meets Jack Ketchum's Offspring (2009), although comparing it these films is only a brief indication of what to expect here. American Backwoods is a lethal concoction of hillbilly horror, cannibal caper and creature feature, infused with black humour and copious amounts of violent carnage to create one of the most gleefully gruesome movies you're likely to see this year.

The story follows a group of 4 guys who set out for one last hurrah at a strip club before college life separates them for the foreseeable future. They're a fun bunch of miscreants who just want to see some boobs and find some loose women to engage in sexual acts with; very similar to groups of friends we've seen in countless other horror flicks. Along the way they encounter a creepy professor, an unpleasant gas station attendant and a homosexual police officer who doesn't appear to be who he says he is. After deeming their vehicle unfit to drive, the police officer calls a mechanic who takes them to his trailer – and prepares them for the hunt.

Up until they reach the trailer American Backwoods is an offbeat bro- comedy that wouldn't seem out of place as a Harold & Kumar sequel. The strip club is their White Castle and on their journey they meet some oddball characters. Kudos have to be given for leading the viewer into a false sense of security; just as we start to think it might be a lighthearted romp, it does a complete 180 and drags us by the teeth into the abyss. Once it gets going it's an unrelenting nightmare of inescapable danger at every turn – involving rapist yokels, cannibalistic cave dwellers and a mystical beast. With so many ingredients in the pot, it risks becoming a convoluted mess: I'm happy to report that it makes for a tasty treat, effortlessly shifting gears with unforced, natural ease.

More often than not, low budget independent horror suffers from the same pitfalls: bad acting, below par production values, paper thin characters, etc. In American Backwoods every actor is solid and convincing in their roles, with the majority of characters being given ample amounts of screen time to make an impression and flex their chops. Most of the characters are given enough of a backstory that they actually come across as people and not just bodies to be slaughtered. Furthermore, the movie looks great: visually it's clear to see what's going on, and at times, it's reminiscent of an Oliver Stone movie. As for the gore, well that's just outstanding: there's one gag in particularly that'll make you think twice about receiving oral sex in a trailer again anytime soon. Let it be a warning to you hillbilly rapists out there.

All in all, American Backwoods: Slew Hampshire is a violent, visceral treat that takes a well-trodden formula and gives it some extra layers. This is a must see for those who like their horror unapologetic and sleazy, while creating some laughs at the expense of heinous acts without ever losing its horrific edge. Excellent acting, a good script, an ambitious story and interesting characters provide a solid foundation for the mayhem to spray blood and spill guts all over, making it an unhinged, filthy little gem waiting to be discovered. 8/10
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They spent 300,000 on this!?!?!....Holy sh*t storm, Batman! This was bad
MrRamone42029 May 2016
Warning: Spoilers
If you're into seizures & anal male rape, then this is for you. The premise of mythological, cannibalistic vikings still alive to this day, waiting to take down hunters in the woods,that sounds like a great concept, if done right. The premise of four "friends" going on a road trip up to Canada to a strip club, but along the way, become victims in a group of hunters' twisted little game, has been seen before. If done right, the film can work. Create a film where vikings must battle a horrific creature...sounds OK. Now what happens when you put all of it together, you have a cluster f**k premise. Flood Reed, writer & director created a film that some call "what independent horror is meant to be". All I see is a waste of $300,000 & the fact editors can make or break your film. There's apparently gory scenes in this film, but you can't see them, because they're on the screen for half a second & it's flashed away. A lot of the scenes have a shaky cam feel, with a color depletion to them and this is when the characters are just talking. The major problem with the movie is Flood Reed, himself. There's a part of the film where his character & Bro (even the name is bad) are tied to trees and discussing their woes & disdains. That was actually an impressive conversation they had, because it didn't suck. Speaking of suck, there is a massive male gay rape aspect in this film. Flood may have done this for the "shock" value, but it just came off as a concern as to how he feels in real life. A true waste of time.
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"Weighted" Rating is NOT a reflection of actual opinion
Flood_Reed19 June 2015
Since IMDb displays a User Rating which ignores the actual mean score in favor of a mysterious, much lower "weighted" average, it seems only appropriate to also display some of the high praise that the film has been receiving from actual horror media/critics:

"Goriest Scene Of The Year . . . a sumptuous visual feast" - Rue Morgue

"An intense and gory little surprise of a horror film . . . Highly recommended" - Ain't It Cool News

"The kind of indie horror movie every filmmaker should aspire to make." - The Film Splice

"One of the most gleefully gruesome movies you're likely to see this year." - Attack of the Couch Potato

"A high-tempo celebration of backwoods depravity" - Film Threat

"Gnarly, graphic and in your face" - Film Bizarro

"Brilliant style . . . a truly joyous experience for all fans of splatter!" - Extreme Horror Cinema

"A gore lover's delight . . . a stunning celluloid achievement" - Thy Demons Be Scribblin

"An ultra-gory, in-your-face, Deliverance-inspired backwoods nightmare." - Johnny Veins

"Gloriously gory . . . a wicked sense of black humour." - Haddonfield Horror

"If you are a gore hound, you absolutely have to check out the film." - Dreadworld

"Remains tense and entertaining throughout . . . Definitely worth a look!" - Search My Trash

"The story is elevated, next-level insanity" - A Southern Life in Scandalous Times

"Like a car wreck you can't look away from, and don't want to" - The Horror Honeys

"A must watch!" - Horror Movies Blog

"This is one you will want to put in your collection." - Horror Society

"This movie is a bloody gem." - Rogue Cinema

"Made me feel like I was using drugs when I was not" - Wicked Channel

"I watched this movie and got a wicked case of the fuzzies." - Reel Bloody

"Makes 'Deliverance' look like a nice vacation in the woods." - Horror News Network

"This massacre is surely one that should be sitting on your shelf." - Killer Reviews

"Keeps viewers glued to the TV" - Splats of Blood
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Strictly amateur hour. No scares, actually kind of embarrassing.
Larry-1154 July 2015
This is one of those movies that thinks it's winking at you and being playful with the genre, sort of the way Scream did. But it's strictly amateur hour, so badly acted and written that the effort just ends up being embarrassing.

Let me put it this way. It's one of those movies that distorts the picture and plays ominous music all the time (and I do mean ALL the time) so as to telegraph to you that something scary is happening, when nothing scary is happening.

It's not a matter of it being low budget, as they actually seem to have had some money. (And some of the scariest movies are super-low budget.) It's not a lack of money, it's a lack of the basic ability to frighten or otherwise entertain.
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Don't let the high rating fool you- not worth your time in any way
bobkuhl17 June 2015
So let me start by saying that if you look at the breakdown of the high rating, over half gave it an eight, nine or ten, which it obviously is not. And, obviously, those artificially high numbers are from people who are most likely associated with the production. About the production- bad camera work, bad lighting (night scenes are barely discernible). No drama builds in this movie, poorly acted (for the most part), what little pre-violence plot setup there is drags on forever. I stopped watching (even after it got a tad interesting) because the low production values, etc just made it too painful to watch. Don't waste your time
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The Kind of Indie Horror Movie Every Filmmaker Should Aspire To Make
thatmovieguy-4767513 June 2015
I'm just going to come out and say this right now, no hyperbole – American Backwoods: Slew Hampshire is the kind of indie horror movie every filmmaker should aspire to make. It is such a well put together production, with a great story, incredible acting, and some extremely brutal practical gore effects, you'll almost forget that you're watching an indie, but without getting the feeling of watching a glossed-over Hollywood schlock-fest, either.

The dialog in the film comes across very naturally, and I think that is a good mix of both the very creative, very well-written story, and the superb acting. The film itself starts out almost as a comedy with some hilarious one-liners, but delves quickly into very dark and straight-up horror, featuring some extremely grisly, practical special FX.

Stand-out performances by all of the cast, most of whom have no major titles under their belts, and especially true of Dayo Okeniyi, who plays one of the lead characters, Bro, and is an excellent actor. Since the movie was shot, Okeniyi has gone on to several major films, including a part in Runner Runner with Ben Affleck, and the upcoming Terminator: Genisys with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Also, I have to mention a fantastic performance by relative newcomer Tyler Rice as Dude-Guy, who was extremely funny throughout. The entire cast, though, deserves applause, as they were all fantastic.

Flood Reed has said that this is his love letter to the state of New Hampshire, and as someone who spent most of my life there and is a born-and-raised New Englander, I can honestly say that I don't think there would be a better way to sign a love letter to the Granite State than with a slew of blood, gore, and even some great laughs.
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Painful attempt at a no-budget comedy horror
Leofwine_draca6 March 2017
Warning: Spoilers
American Backwoods: Slew Hampshire is a comedy horror film that only fans of the lowest brow style of comedy will enjoy. It's about the usual party of morons who go out into the woods to celebrate in style only to run afoul of the various denizens already living in the depths of the forest. These include rapist rednecks and a little-seen monster.

While I appreciate this movie's lightness of touch, I have to say that the comedy is really diabolical and overstated. That it is occasionally amusing is purely down to the wacky editing which enlivens some of the otherwise dumb moments that would be forgettable if filmed normally. Some cheap gore doesn't do much to distinguish this otherwise uneventful production.
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Way beyond terrible!!!!!
tman-2128915 October 2019
There is nothing in this movie worth watching!! Everything from the ridiculous can't follow storyline to the absolutely horrible acting to the lame violence is all really, REALLY bad!!!

Save your time and don't even watch this for free.
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American Backwoods: Slew Hampshire Review
erikghost29 December 2015
Review by Golden State Haunts and Events

In American Backwoods, four months after one of the most brutal slaughters happened in American history, four friends, Kid (Jeremy Isabella), Dude-Guy (Tyler Rice), Buddy (Shawn Thomas) and Bro (Dayo Okeniyi – The Hunger Games and Terminator: Genisys) travel from New Hampshire to the Canadian border to visit a private strip club in a rite of passage after a party they were to attend gets raided. They never make it to their destination after their car spins out and Officer Girth (Matt Hish) deems it unsafe to continue. The four friends are then taken captive and what ensues is a violent film filled with gore and violent scenes of rape.

With everything going on the movie is somewhat hard to follow so viewers must pay attention to all the subtleties and undertones. Director/writer Flood Reed has created an ultriovelent film that covers several topics spanning from mythology and horror to comedy. He even has a few scenes in the film. The scenes of gore seem more high budget using practical effects. Once the movie kicks into high gear it may offend and repulse but it offers a little for everyone. The only thing we didn't like was the complexity of the movie as we like our horror films to flow more smoothly and not have to try to peel back confusing layers.
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Opening night, June 16, 2013
madman82800018 June 2013
I saw Slew Hampshire at its premiere on June 16th in New Hampshire. I felt the buzz when I walked in. Many rabid fans had been anticipating its release. Great vibe going on even before the lights dropped. I'm generally not a fan of horror movies. They usually don't scare me or move me. Takes a real good one with a great story to grab me. I normally remain unemotionally detached on my side of the screen.

That being said, this sick journey into a night gone wrong was one hell of an enjoyable trip. I totally got sucked in. Not too far into the film, I shared the characters' confusion, wanting to figure out what the hell was going on. With every reveal, I wished I hadn't been so curious. Be careful what you wish for. Still, the more twisted it got the more I wanted to know "Why? How? WTF?" The gory effects are fantastic. Both the cinematography and soundtrack were great. Mostly heavy and dark; yet the pretty backdrops and delicate music seemed much more eerie than the darkness that it juxtaposed. The calm before the terror. Not giving it a 10 because I didn't get enough resolution in the end. I get it. Leave it hanging. Not every picture gets a perfect frame. Still, there is WAY more depth to these savage characters, their history, what motivates them... Yes, my imagination *could* fill in a lot, but I need some back story!!

Sequel maybe? Prequel??
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dcarsonhagy23 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I knew times had changed. After all, I am a little "long-in-the- tooth," but I had no idea we (as a society) have sunk to this level.

"American Backwoods" proves that anyone can get anything on the film screen. If you've seen any advertisements for this gigantic turd, you already know what the premise is supposed to be. I'm not even going to try and explain it. All I can say is if your idea of a good time is watching men get sodomized (anally and orally), pregnant women shot in the stomach then getting their entrails eaten, male genital chomping, and watching a man who couldn't act his way out of a wet paper bag get my "Dumb Looks and Blank Stares Award", then I'm sure you'll have an orgasm after viewing this vile POS.

And parents, this is a WARNING for you: Do not allow ANYONE under the age of 18 to view this. It is absolutely one of the most vile movies I have ever seen. What I described above only scratches the surface.

NR for male rape, nudity, and graphic violence.
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terrykollider4 August 2013
Slew Hampshire was awesome! This film is like nothing I have ever experienced in my life. It is a demented journey that leads you down a road you'll wish you never knew existed. What transpires on a dark night in the middle of the cruel unforgiving New Hampshire wilderness is pure madness, and pure cinema gold. What starts out as a harmless joyride unfolds into a perverted and barbaric living hell for everyone involved, especially the audience. The vibe is very intense and serious, and definitely not too campy. The film has a captivating and bone chilling plot with some classic one-liners nicely sprinkled into the mayhem. The acting by everyone is fantastic. There are a wide range of characters that all gel together perfectly to give the film great balance. The camera work is superb. I'm no expert, but I thought this was the perfect blend of action, blood and disturbing story-line. Slew Hampshire takes you to an odious place beyond your worst nightmares, yet still you are left wanting more. The director deserves an Oscar for this epic thriller. I highly recommend this film! Check out this hidden gem!
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