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Season 2

28 Nov. 2012
Episode #2.1
Bel is back at The Hour with gruff new head of news Randall Brown,a man with whom Lix clearly has history,replacing the jailed Clarence. Hector is still neglecting Marnie to frequent a Soho club which fronts sex parties and where he picks up actress Kiki Delaine though it is under police observation. He frequently arrives late for work and annoys colleagues with his cavalier attitude. Bel is both pleased and annoyed when Freddie returns from Paris,brought in behind her back to co-present with Hector,who has been warned he must improve or face the sack. Hector feels ...
5 Dec. 2012
Episode #2.2
Whilst Marnie gets a job as a television chef and is considered an ideal housewife,Hector is arrested for beating up Kiki. With nobody else anxious to help him Bel does some sleuthing at the El Paradis club and finds that Kiki poses for nude photos and suspects that perhaps she was assaulted by a jealous boyfriend. She is right but he is very high profile and when Hector is released he is unaware of his identity. Nonetheless Hector returns to the club after Marnie has told him that from now on theirs will be a marriage in name only. Freddie courts controversy by ...
12 Dec. 2012
Episode #2.3
Freddie takes Camille to El Paradis but Kiki is not there and noone seems to know her whereabouts. Some nights later he returns alone and,although he is ejected,he spots Kiki and follows her home to an opulent flat. Whilst she will not speak to him he suspects that Stern is keeping her. He also finds out that the flat is owned by Pike,his own landlord who is driving out sitting tenants in order to bring in immigrants and charge exorbitant rents. Freddie realises that Cilente,the shady owner of El Paradis,has Stern in his pocket and tries to convince Hector. Whilst ...
19 Dec. 2012
Episode #2.4
Lix and Randall get a letter from France implying that their teen-aged daughter is alive. Camille walks out on Freddie,claiming that he prefers his job and Bel to her,but Bel goes on a date with Bill. Hector tries in vain to persuade Stern to hand Cilenti over to the law but Stern,refuses,alleging that it would ruin him. Hector gives him a week in which to make up his mind. Bel persuades El Paradis showgirl Rosa Maria to blow the whistle on Cilenti,including his and Pike's part in the shady arms deal. However in the meantime McCain offers Hector a scoop,the ...
26 Dec. 2012
Episode #2.5
With Marnie enjoying her own cookery programme Hector agrees to move to ITV for a larger salary,partly as a sop to Manie as he is infertile. Lix and Randall visit the French embassy but there is no news of their daughter. Bel is appalled to read that Rosa Maria has been killed,assuredly on Cilenti's orders and wants to stop the investigation,claiming that,as journalists,they should uncover the truth. Freddie confronts Stern to no avail but Randall presents McCain with photos that will reveal his homosexuality and is rewarded with news that members of the arms company ...
2 Jan. 2013
Episode #2.6
The club is raided and Stern arrests Cilenti for Rosa Maria's murder but he is released on bail.Next day tabloid front pages name Hector as being caught in the raid and mention his alleged attack on Kiki. As a result Bill cancels his ITV contract,ending things between himself and Bel. Marnie,however,stands by Hector and,to his surprise,announces that she is pregnant. McCain tells the journalists that the government leaked Hector's presence at the club to the press as a face saving exercise,making Freddie determined to follow through the story. He gets Kiki to the ...

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