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lowes-976-4820313 February 2011
The "new" V is excellent. Having been there to see the original, let me say the new version is not only a remake but a new generation. The scenes, characters and props are well-thought out and stand head and shoulders over most sci-fi series available today.

The casting of Morena Baccarin as Anna was a stroke of genius. I can see the "reptile" seething inside the character. The combined effort of the cast makes the plot seem a real-life possibility, even if one was not aware that it was a remake. Now, for those of you you who claim you don't like it and don't catch on, you just aren't smart enough to make a well-supported critique let alone appreciate the interstitial plot levels. Hope you grow wiser by the next generation's production!
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Strongest episode so far
altec9115 February 2011
Really enjoyed this episode as it is probably the most emotionally touching and human of all the episodes so far. I was concerned that season 2 would take an odd pseudo-Christian turn with Anna's questions about the human soul and how to study and destroy it, but this episode "Siege" was overall well directed and has renewed my "faith" in this series. And boy oh boy with the plot twists, but I don't want to spoil for you. Just watch and enjoy one of the better sci-fi shows currently on right now.

Now to fill out the rest of my 10 required lines of text. Here in Los Angeles, it's getting disappointing how mediocre the LA Lakers and LA Clippers are doing. They seem to routinely lose even to some mediocre teams.
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this episode just got me to hate the show forever
slayerjmk9515 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
first off, absolutely clichéd; "SPOILERS" Oded Feir's character, Eli, dies, and Nicholas Lea's character, the dad, dies. now how it plays out is even worse; the dad tries to save someone and gets shot by either the Fifth Column or the police, hundreds of feet above them, and dies in Erica's arms, who gets held back by an officer who sees him in danger and yet holds her back. Erica and her son then get in a "heated" argument and she slaps him, which leads to him going to the V's in the end. Terrible. all of it. horrible acting, script, plot, and just overall deliverance. I'm definitely not going to watch this show after they failed miserably with this episode, also not giving the two best characters time to develop in the show (the dad and Eli). don't even waste your time with this, it's gonna get even worse as the show progresses.

1/10 Stars
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