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A docudrama detailing the Canadian military contributions on D-Day at Juno Beach
paula-shack10 November 2012
Dedicate yourself to viewing a war film or documentary over the course of the Sept 11th Remembrance Holiday W/E. Canada is a modest nation in terms of population, temperament and the size of our film and doc industry. Our story is unique, and it's been too long overshadowed by our American neighbor's mega-industry. Recently, there have been some excellent Canadian films about this nation's contributions in various wars. STORMING JUNO (2010) is one not to miss. An excellent docudrama depicting events on the D-Day invasion when Canadian troops landed at Juno Beach. The director eerily captures the Canadian personae: boys hardly men, of quiet strength, determination, ability and courage; also fear, trepidation and naiveté going to battle, with their remarkable performance against grueling odds. Veteran survivors - now octogenarians are interviewed following the dramatization. Their emotions span pride, shame, sadness, nostalgia and a sort of bewilderment. STORMING JUNO enacts specific events of the men who served in the various divisions: the amphibious tank team, the beach landing team, the paratrooper team, all set on achieving their objectives in a gripping minute by minute story.
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Ambitous, but compromised by clunky narration.
Marlonius4 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
*may contain spoilers* I saw this show at Costco the other day. I'm a sucker for WW2 movies, and when I realized it was a Canadian production, I picked it up.

It covers the D-Day landings at Juno from 3 different points of view, a Canadian Paratrooper, Infantryman, and Tank Commander.

It's of a limited budget, but with modern CGI effects and clever editing, they actually achieved a lot of bang for their buck. The action doesn't outdo Saving Private Ryan, but it still has some good moments. The CGI is well done, on par with shows like Band of Brothers.

The biggest flaw in this show was the narration. It adds very little that couldn't be explained via dialogue, and is often very annoying and distracting.

The scene for me that would have been the most dramatic (spoiler) was the tank's arrival on the beach and the tank commander's decision to take out a machine gun instead of the artillery that was about to kill him, but this moment is lost in cheesy narration. It seems that the writer forgot the key rule of filmmaking, "show, don't tell". Much of the suspense throughout is deflated by a narrator speaking up whenever things start getting interesting.

Nonetheless, well done in most areas and worth a watch, particularly for the documentary/interviews that follow the "movie" reenactment.
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Beach Head.
rmax30482315 March 2016
Everybody knows about Omaha Beach on D Day, the Sixth of June, 1944, because that was where the landings were truly blunted. But we don't hear much about the landings by the Canadians are Juno Beach, just down the road.

This lacks the lavish budget and dramatic screenplay of "Saving Private Ryan" but generally does a convincing job of showing true -- not fictional -- events on and behind the flat sands of Juno, though the film was shot on the shores of Lake Ontario.

Instead of staged combat, newsreel footage of the historical events is inserted -- effectively. And the incidents shown have the virtue of being reenactments of real events.

It's not a long film and it lacks the perspective of "The Longest Day." And it's usually confusing to hear narration by two participants -- a tank commander and a paratrooper -- using voices so similar that it's hard to distinguish them. "I did this," says one voice, and we see a tank commander shouting orders. And without notice, we hear what appears to be the same voice saying something similar and we're way behind the lines with a tiny group of infantrymen.

An earlier attempt was made to show some of the sacrifices of Canadians in "Dieppe" -- the story of a disaster -- but again was hobbled by a low budget, so that much of the story was confined to military leaders arguing over the planning.

It's not a bad film. It resembles a TV documentary using reenactors.
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Thank you....
jvdesuit119 June 2014
How can we express our thanks and recognition to those Canadian youngsters who gave their lives for us Europeans, and French in particular. I was only 3 years old in June 1944. I was with my parents one of the few lucky ones not really exposed to the harshness and monstrosity of the filthy German IIIrd Reich. We were the lucky ones to have escaped occupation of Egypt thanks to Monty and his army. What would have happened if El Alamein had not been his victory? The Egyptian government was pro German, few know that.

As someone wrote above, the USA have been up to now considered practically the only one who won the war. When you speak with US citizens and Republicans in particular they just look at you Frenchmen like small fry. They never mention that the Canadians were there, that Commandant Kieffer and his men represented the French on D-Day and many lost their lives. They forget that the French Resistants were also there and helped them prepare that day. They always think they know best and other should keep quiet.They always think they are the best of the best...

But here at last Canada has been remarkably presented and the movie sounds so true that all the parts which have been dramatized merge completely with the news reels. It is terribly moving and unless you have a stone instead of a heart you just can't keep from crying at different moments.

This movie is far more impressive and real than all the Hollywood's super productions of the Spielbergs and Co. It's a must see and I'm astounded that there are only five reviews. How unjust!
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If nothing else, Thank You
davidfurlotte17 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I noticed that both other reviewers took the typical Canadian position to downplay our accomplishments, particularly those of our military, therefore, I choose to give this production 10 out of 10 if for no other reason than to simply say Thank You to the men of our forces, past and present.

Although it was a re-enactment of Canada's part in the D-Day landings, it was a factual telling of the experiences of 3 men doing completely different jobs on June 5/6 of 1944. They were scared, they were shaken, but they were steadfast. They had a job to do, and they did it, in fact, they did it as well, if not better than our British and American allies on that fateful day by driving further into France than anybody else.

The interviews with the veterans at the end of the movie part of this story was perhaps the most compelling account of what we accomplished. I liked what one veteran said when he reported that now he considers that perhaps he was too stupid to be scared.

To say that they did it for Canada, for home and hearth, or for you and me, is simply wrong...they did it for those reasons, but not until much, much later. In fact, they did it for the guy beside them, behind them, in front of them...that is what makes soldiers do what they must. The account of the paymaster having to make report of the dead in his journals shows that, because he wrote down many names on June 6, 1944 that he knew very well, and he cried for their loss. I also cried as I listened and watched this but throughout all of it and at the end, all I could say was Thank You. I say watch it and enjoy a good war story and if you are Canadian, you NEED to watch this and learn.
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Well Told
Druiid19 September 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I found this movie while at Huno Beach in France, and I am a sucker for movies like this, so I picked it up. I must say, it is very well done. Substancially different from most war movies I have seen, the narration can be a bit confusing at times, and distracting. During the duration of the movie, the director uses narration when the scenes themselves should be enough to explain the details to us viewers, therefor the narration becomes a distraction. Despite that happening in only a few scenes, the only other problem I have with this movie was when it switches point of views, that also became a bit confusing if you were not paying attention at the beginning. Other than that, I would have to say this film is extremely well done, and it tells the story of the Canadians and Juno Beach very well. A good movie for anyone who is into history and wars.
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Canada was also there
raymond-andre25 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Just caught this on DVD.

Considering the sparsity of movies recreating Canada's contribution to World War II, this production is a fair retelling of D-Day's Juno beach landings.

The piece was shot in 14 days on a Canadian television budget, so viewers should be warned not to expect "Saving Private Ryan" or "Band of Brothers".

Based on real events and real people, the first part of the feature "Storming Juno" tells the story of three Canadian soldiers - A Tank commander, an infantry rifleman, and a paratrooper. We follow them through the early hours of the 6th of June as two of them fight their way off the beach at Normandy and the third fights to silence an artillery battery 15 kilometres inland.

The second part of the feature, "Remembering Juno" is a documentary featuring interviews with veterans of the landings who describe their experiences. This section is excellent and moving. It's worth the rental just for this documentary.

The acting is uneven. The camera work is very good. The rest is functional.

Again do not expect big budget Hollywood quality special effects. If all you want to see is stuff blow up, rent "Pearl Harbor".

If I give it a 6 out of ten it is purely that the field is wide open. The only other battlefield account that I know about Canada in WWII is the miniseries "Dieppe". Again the battle scenes there are rather lack luster.

Of course there is also the Hollywood pseudo-history (and Dirty Dozen clone) "The Devil's Brigade", but that isn't saying much.
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old style
SnoopyStyle5 April 2019
Canadian troops storm Juno Beach on D-Day. This is more History channel than a narrative movie. It probably has aspirations of being Band of Brothers. It seems to be more dedicated to historical accuracy and veteran service than an exciting thriller. It uses some historical footage. The production is limited and the style is old fashion. I really don't like the low energy narration. The acting is also limited and non of the characters stand out. It makes any narrative rather problematic. There are some war action that tries to replicate the actual action but they aren't the exciting thrilling type. This feels like a modern TV movie made by historians and TV filmmakers. There is value in this especially as a service of remembrance.
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I do enjoy this movie, but
proskow-936344 March 2021
Storming Juno is a good movie and I love how its a break from hearing about Omaha, Omaha, Omaha, and Omaha. Omaha may have been the most well defended beach but Juno was the Second most well defended. The acting was good the narrator was a bit clunky and I think if this movie had a higher budget it would have been better. If your looking for a good Canadian War movie I would recommend you check this one out.
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heroes from Canada
Dirk_stroyer3 November 2019
There have been some excellent canadian films recently about this country's contribution to various wars. Assault on Juno (2010) is something not to be missed. A great documentary drama depicting the events of the d-day invasion when our troops landed on Juneau beach. Surviving veterans - now octogenarians are interviewed after staging. Their emotions encompass pride, shame, sadness, nostalgia, and a kind of bewilderment. The assault on Juno plays out the specific events of people who have served in various divisions: the amphibious tank team, the amphibious assault team, the amphibious assault team, all set to achieve their goals in a gripping minute-by-minute story.Finally, Canada has been wonderfully presented, and the film sounds so true that all the parts that have been dramatized merge completely with the news reels. It's terribly moving, and if you don't have a stone instead of a heart, you just can't help crying at different times.
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