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  • President Martinez confronts the traitor in his administration, only to be met with threats of exposing the cover-up of Avias Air 514. Even after testing the loyalty of Isabel and Thomas, Sophia still suspects their subterfuge, so she sends Simon on a fact-finding mission. Her suspicions are confirmed when Thomas unveils a shocking new plan. Meanwhile, on the hunt for Samantha, Sean and Leila battle the mercenaries sent by Dempsey.


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  • "The Event" - "Everything Will Change" - Nov. 29, 2010

    So we pick up where we left off with Leila all, "why were they after me?" The mercernary wakes up and Sean threatens to shoot him if he doesn't spill but the guy calls his bluff. Instead they inject him with the syringe they found on him. He magically transforms into a super old guy and says they have to take him to Willow Brook Hospital. This will kill two birds: save him and that's where Samantha's being held. Unfortunately, Abby's dad Paul-- the little girl they were with-- arrives and says they better skedaddle and let unknowns remain unknown. As they have this exchange the mercernary dies of old age. For reals.

    Sean and Leila head to the hospital which is a working facility. They bluff their way in pretending to visit a patient and while Leila talks with the crazy lady Sean wanders around. They turn up nothing and get kicked out, but on their way out, a crazy patient who overheard Leila asking about little girls calls out to her that they're being held in the basement.

    They sneak back later and find a way in. But when they get to the basement all the patients are gone, having left in a big hurry clearly. They find Samantha's room and see that she has scratched "Leila" into the wall. In another room they find a big pile of burned out files. They find one with Paul Stern, Abby's dad, that shows photos of him looking exactly the same from 1947 to 2010. Leila is freaked out. Sean says that maybe, like Madeline the nutty journalist said, he's an alien. Leila calls this crazy talk and starts to get frantic. They go through more files and Sean finds one marked Michael Buchanan and finds more pics through the ages. Leila sits back, going into shock asking "what does this mean? what does this mean?"

    The Prez and Blake go to VP for answers and thanks to his wife he's got none. He pretends he has memory loss from the accident. The Prez threatens him. Then the VP threatens him with the Inostranka cover-up. He tells the Prez they are both just bit players vulnerable to the rich and powerful willing to take them down so he's going mutually assured destruction style.

    But they've got bigger problems as the Prez and Blake get called to the White House. There they're briefed on a previously unknown missile installation in a little fictional country near China. Based on the scarily advanced technology they realize it's gotta be the aliens. The ambassador to said country arrives and says he knows nothing about this tribal area which is not under control of the fictional country's government. It was built by private company working with locals. Blake sees the private company has 97 people on its board of directors: the detainees of Inostranka. They think the sleepers are taunting them.

    And they're right.

    Simon, Thomas, Sophia, and Isabelle share some sort of tea and candle ritual and Sophia clears the air. She says she knows change is difficult but they'll make it through together. Plus they've got the key module and they're constructing the interface to build a portal to their world up in Alaska near where they came in back in the day. She asks about all the financial accounts and Isabelle says she gave them all the info. Thomas and Isabelle leave and Sophia knows they're lying. She asks Simon to look into private accounts Thomas has set up with a banker. They need to know where the money came from and how he intends to use it.

    Thomas realizes his mother is on to them and tells Isabelle it's go time. Isabelle is nervous. He says they've got to do it and he has to know that she's on board especially since so many people will die when they're done. She's in.

    Simon finds the banker dead. He and Sophia figure Thomas did it. They realize Thomas and Isabelle are on the run with the key module. They're either trying to stop the aliens from going home or doing something worse.

    It's something worse. Thomas is behind the missile station and is planning a launch imminently.

    Simon figures out about the missile installation and that Thomas made sure the Prez knew who was behind it with that board of directors business. He asks Sophia if she thinks Thomas would actually launch a missile against the U.S. She doesn't know.

    In the situation room the Prez is told that the entire western seaboard is vulnerable and they're powerless to stop it.

    So it's a good thing that when Thomas orders the launch it turns out not to be a nuclear missile but a satellite transmitting some kind of message home.

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