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Poda Podi :-)
prawinyss0614 November 2012
‎1. Having a nice comedy 2. Reveals the love in today's life 3. Nice Entertainment 4. First half with more songs make it little slow till the last 5 minutes of first half 5. Love Panlaama =nice dance + excellent camera 6. Koppan Mavanae Vaada is the plus to second half 7. Second Half moving so fast... 8. Kuthu Dancer = Excellent...no one can beat him in dance :-) 9. Climax is totally different from other films... 10.No popular artist in the film except STR... 11.ratings may low but no negative reviews about the film :-) Totally Poda Podi is a complete entertainment :-) Not the mass its CUTE and another BEST in LOVE JOURNAL :-)
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Excellent Film
keepitcoolsimbu13 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
After a long time Tamil cinema gave me a good and cute love story. Simbu acting was excellent. All songs are super hit and very good and visual of the songs are awesome to see in theater as usual Silambarasan rocking in his dance performance the opening songs was came wonder full more our expectation. Ganesh comedy help the film to go without boring . over all the film was awesome Screenplay = 8.5/10 Story= 8.5/10 songs= 10/10 Cinematography= 7/10 Direction = 9/10

Plus = Silambarasan acting , Music ,Dance ,Story Ganesh acting Minus = Cinematography , Heroin Varalaxmi Sarathkumar Am A silambarasan fan so i gave additionally one star
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Podaa Podi (U) TAMIL ------------ my Rating : ★★★½ ROMANTIC EPISODES
yunusitboss25 January 2013
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Podaa Podi (U) TAMIL ------------ my Rating : ★★★½ ROMANTIC EPISODES

STRENGTH : - * Music and Background score : well composed ...... * Story : sweet love story which is set in London give a rich look to the script .... * Screenplay : a pack of series with back to back songs will move fastly.... * Casting and Performances : simbu is the main product for the movie.... * Comedy Tracks : are less but well managed ....

WEAKNESSES : - * Actress : her performance is low... but i loved her way of speaking..... * Songs were not plea-sable in visuals .....

FINAL VERDICT : - * Overall the movie is a good entertainer .... it will not make u feel getting bored .... *First half is entertaining with back to back songs whereas the second half will be sentimental and happily ends quickly .... u will have a shock in the beginning of second half.....u will keep ur hands in ur head ....

The film travels through 7 phases of a boy's and girl's life.
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A Fun Filled Romantic Pun Film
gautamcoolin13 May 2018
Itz mostly about ego differences between the lead pair which is shown in lighter way..STR best performance ever,he added his real life attitude to that character.the scene where he cries fr the baby is topnotch..varu is cool as nisha.music is one of the main highlight. Vignesh sivn give a movie like this,it didnt appear like his debut..movie made for the young couples..
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A Cool And Fun Romantic Film
glitzz979 February 2013
Podaa Podi is all about love at first sight and it's consequences. Firstly, our hero STR looks nice and lazy to fit his role perfectly in this film. The film starts off with his amazing dance moves in the song "Love Panlaama Venaama". Our heroine Varu also looks cute and pretty in this film. She plays the role of a dancer, committed to her career, without a care about the serious life. The story is really good, although it should have been extended. The songs are also a plus point for the film. It's visually good, and it looks rich with the UK picturesque. I don't get why is it highly underrated. Str's acting was amazing and so was Varu's. Ganesh plays a funny role in the film. The main characters have acted really well and this film deserves to be a Super Hit. Overall: 7.5/10
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