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Red_Identity2 November 2012
I was supposed to be be seeing either Flight or Argo today, but to my disappointment I missed both showtimes, and I was in a tight time frame where I could see anything. So my friend really convinced me to check this one out. Boy, what a great time it was.

Wreck-It Ralph is really wonderfully created. Its visual design is brilliant and its action pieces pretty amazing. The world it builds, and all of the little details from various video games, is pretty wonderful to look at and experience. Even some characters move in the precise way they actually do in video games. But what makes this gloriously colorful spectacle of a world work is the screenplay. The jokes hit all the right places, the characters are all lively and written with skill that goes beyond what we have come to expect from a simple kids' film like this. The few commercials and trailers I saw had been sure to let audiences know just how "pretty" this film looked, but what makes it a truly great film is that it has a great story and great dialogue to back up the visuals. The voice performances are pretty incredible, and perhaps because I recognized such people like Reily, Silverman, McBrayer, and Lynch, but even others did wonders with their characters.

Overall, the film follows a clear pattern and formula for kids, but the real surprise is that none of it made me roll my eyes or cringe. It's incredibly entertaining and enjoyable for anyone. Pretty much everything is done in a very respectable manner, and the film hits greatness in the writing, direction, voice performances, and visual design. The only real flaw in it that I gathered was the inclusion of a Rihanna song, which really took me out of the world the film created and kinda put a plaster on it from pop culture. Or maybe it's because I hate the song... Still, this is another truly great animated film that does stand out from others this year in its own way, and one that's admirable and satisfying in all the best ways. I loved it. Highly recommended.
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Even better than I'd hoped
peteer012 November 2012
Let me start by saying this: I am the ideal demographic for this movie. I am in my early/mid 30s, I grew up with videos games starting with the ColecoVision 30 years ago, which is, in the movie, when Wreck-It Ralph was released. I still play games. I have a four-year-old son who plays games. He knows who Pac-Man, Zangief and Sonic are, and you can bet that on top of that I know who Sheng Long, Tapper, Q*Bert and Burger Time are.

That's what makes me nervous about blanketly recommending this movie to everyone...not just that I'm obviously going to catch more references, in-jokes and cameos than the average movie goer, but that I'm going to recognize the archetypes they're playing off of and the mechanics they're referencing as the stories progresses.

It feels a bit like Mallrats, in that I'm so ideally in the target demographic for the movie's release that I'm not sure I can accurately gauge how it will be received by people outside of that demographic.

That said, I don't think you need to be a video game fan to enjoy this movie. It's a very well crafted movie with characters that are more Pixar than Disney. I was concerned that this was a "Disney" movie as I haven't seen a 3D CG "Disney" movie that can hold a candle to the Pixar and Dreamworks hits that I'm a huge fan of. And yet, for me, this movie was better than recent Pixar movies and better than Dreamworks movies, with characters and a story that felt worthy of of the Pixar name.

I even greatly enjoyed the animated short at the beginning. Again, something I would expect more from a Pixar film than a Disney film. The whole theater experience for this film was a delight, all the way through to the very, very brief bonus scene at the end of a credits, which is something you really, really need to be a gaming nerd to get. (Gamers who have seen The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters will definitely get it.) I went into this film with high hopes and expectations, and I was blown away. My wife, who is not a gamer at all, enjoyed the film, and when my four-year-old son was asked by her what his favorite part was, he replied, "Um... Every part! I liked the whole movie!" That he was able to talk to her and I in great detail about the plot and characters while I was able to appreciate the whole film to the level I did as an adult speaks volumes to me about how well this story was told.

If you played in arcades in the 1980s, if the games Q*Bert, Burgertime, Pac-Man, Street Fighter II and Sonic all mean something to you: You're enough of a gamer to appreciate all the references. If you have a youngster who's played video games, they're enough of a gamer to get the movie. And even if you aren't, while you may not relate to the subject matter the way I did, you're still in for an enjoyable story, with great characters, masterfully told.

Highly recommended, and a 10 out of 10 for me, as I expect this will be on both my son's and my short list of favorite movies for years to come.
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A lot better than expected, and made for gamers
FairlyAnonymous3 November 2012
Side note: The animated short Paper Man was very good. The animation was a unique blend of CGI but made to look like hand drawn animation. The only slight issue I had with it is that the short got crazy at the end and became unbelievable. Still cute.

Being a gamer, I decided to go to this movie. I knew the movie was going to be good, but I didn't expect it to be really good. The action, humor, voice-acting, plot, and animation are all great. Since this movie is aimed towards gamers, I feel like a lot of the cameos and jokes are going to fly over most people's heads, such as "All your base are belong to us" written on a subway wall or "Leroy Jenkins was here". Thankfully, the movie doesn't rely on cameos to be successful.

The animation in Wreck-It Ralph is very beautiful, and is great at expressing the video game world. I did not see it in 3D, but just from watching it in 2D I can tell that this movie would look amazing in 3D. The animators did really good in this movie because each video game world looks vastly different from another. Each world feels like an actual video game that I've played. If there is one problem that I can pick out in this movie (and many others have noted this as well) is that the plot focuses on the Sugar Rush world a bit too much. Most of the other worlds are revealed at the beginning mainly for the sake of reference, with only a few actually being important.

The humor in Wreck-It Ralph is good because it hits a very large audience. A lot of the cameos and jokes are related to video games but there are also a lot of movie references as well, puns, slapstick jokes, and some crude humor. Some people complained at the crude humor but honestly it didn't bother me because it was coming from a character who looks like she is five, so it actually made sense.

The interesting thing about Wreck-It Ralph's plot is that it has very little to do with an external conflict, but more with an internal one (which is a pun in itself because they are inside of video games). There is a main bad guy, and a huge disaster, and all of these other conflicts but these elements are back seat to the character development. I thought it was neat since most animated movies do the opposite. The voices for all of the characters were really well done. There weren't any annoying characters which adds to the movie. Another nice thing about the plot is that main bad guy is not revealed until the very end of the movie which focuses the plot on the characters, not the action or the villain.

Overall a really great movie. Spectacular animation, great voice work, emotional and even touching at times, and overall humorous. While the Sugar Rush world might get slightly stale after awhile, it is still excellent movie. Gamers, this goes to you, WATCH THIS MOVIE!
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A wonderful, nostalgic, and artful cinematic experience~
manuscriptna2 November 2012
It's all fun and games at Litwak's Fun Center, until someone gets hurt. While this cliché'd line seems to reflect the simple plot in most movies (while the moral outcome does, too), the setting makes Wreck-it Ralph a wonderful, refreshing, and unique pleasure. Inside a family arcade, all the game characters (both old and new) are real, and travel among the other games when the doors have locked. Ralph, from Fix-it Felix Jr., desperately wished to be a good guy, and be rewarded, so he sets off in search of a medal. By doing this, he sets off a chain of events that puts multiple games at risk, and unveils a hidden threat.

Disney has made this film equally accessible by both parents and children, and I find that wondrous. At times, Vanellope sounded quite mature, and at others, just like a tod. Soon, kids will squeal in excitement when they find a Fix-it Felix Jr. game, along with other last-gen arcade delights. In this way, the film has rendered itself timeless, if only in that small way. Although it doesn't feature many of the games themselves, you are able to see many characters, including retired ones.

Being inside a game world gave the artists a great deal of freedom, but they didn't waste it. At every new turn, another extremely creative point would grab your attention, and I'm sure I missed many (which would enhance a second viewing). Another big enhancement is the 3D atmosphere. I doubted I would ever say this, but I urge you to see this in 3D, or turn around and go home. Because of all the pixel-related artwork, and 3D modeling, it is natural to have such a dimension added on. It's the perfect film to have it for!

Now, for all the extra material surrounding the movie. Similar to Pixar, Disney has included an animated short right before, called "The Paperman". It doesn't feature any voice acting, but it's hilarious, and very well-made. I am sure you'll enjoy it. Second, the end credits are worth watching through, but not because there's an extra scene (there isn't one). It's only worth it for the visuals during the credits themselves, in 3D.

In conclusion, Wreck-it Ralph is family-safe, and highly enjoyable. See it in 3D as soon as you can!
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BRILLIANT! The best animated film of the year!
Drew St. Pierre2 November 2012
Disney has made some really good animated movies, but they had never done a lot of movies that are as bright and original as Wreck-it Ralph, the new animated film from Disney. The movie centers on Ralph (voiced by John C. Reilly), the villain in the "Fix-it Felix" arcade game, who decides to become a hero. Because he doesn't like being a bad guy, he goes into some of the video games in order to learn what it's like to become a good guy. He also befriends a character known as Vanellope von Schweetz (voiced by Sarah Silverman) from a candy-coated racing game called "Sugar Rush". When Ralph accidentally unleashes a threat in the arcade, he tries his best to save the day and become a true hero.

I had extremely high expectations for this movie. I had the feeling that this will turn out to be an excellent animated film. I thought the premise to this sounded really cool and clever – a love letter to video games. I really love the voice cast.

So, did Wreck-it Ralph met my expectations? Absolutely! This was such a fun animated movie for all ages, and better than Disney/PIXAR's Brave (which was also very good).

John C. Reilly delivered a strong performance as the title character, who wants to make a change in his life, achieve it, and become what he wants to be. That's what a great movie character is about. Sarah Silverman provides most of the movie's funny moments as one of the "Sugar Rush" characters who Ralph befriends, and is a "glitch" (a character who faults the game). She tries to get Ralph for help to become a racer once again. Jack McBrayer (from the hit-show, 30 Rock) has an amusing supporting role as Fix-it Felix, the main hero in the "Fix-it Felix" arcade game, who sets out to find Ralph and get him back to where he belongs. Jane Lynch does a great job playing the main character in a first-person shooter game known as "Hero's Duty", who tries to find Ralph, alongside Felix.

I didn't see the movie in 3D; which I must say it does look pretty darn good in 3D, but I decided to stick with the 2D because of the sharp, pristine screen.

The animation is simply wonderful; the bright colors, the set-ups, the environments, the characters all look fantastic. At times, the movie is very gorgeous to look at on the big screen.

The characters in this were likable and funny. It was awesome to see some video game characters making cameos (like Bowser, Pac-Man, Sonic, etc.). The story to the movie is well-thought out and genuinely clever. It's always nice to see something new to the table. I really liked the themes to the movie: What does it mean to be a true hero? How can the main character's goal become a success? And so forth.

Generally, movies from Disney and/or PIXAR give a lot heart into their stories, which makes the tone of the movie become very sweet. Wreck-it Ralph has enough heart to make it that way. From start to finish, this movie is a lot of fun, and when families bring their kids to see this movie, they're going to fall in love with it.

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Even better than I hoped....
jediguitarguy26 October 2012
Got to see an advances screening of Wreck-it Ralph today. I had been waiting for at least a year for this film and it did not disappoint.

I am a hardcore Disney fanboy and was before I even played my first video game. But I have to be honest, sometimes Disney doesn't get it. They see something is trending and an instant money maker and jump head first even if they don't understand the topic they're tackling.

So it does make you wonder if they could really do justice to a film dedicated to something they really don't excel in. Video games are not Disney's strong suit(except for the rare cases like Kingdom Hearts, which really only succeeds, because they have little to nothing to do with the production). Trust me I've played enough cheap marketing/movie tie in/ buy it for your kid because of the characters on the box Disney games to know what I'm talking about.

But Wreck-it Ralph nailed it. Start to Finish it is a love letter to gaming, made by people who understand games(and I highly suspect John Lasseter's role as Executive Producer greatly contributed to it's excellence).

It really reminded me of why we love games. It's not the technology or the graphics or the marketing hype. It's what they make us feel. The broad range of emotions they extract from us as we immerse ourselves in their world. The joy of victory, the stinging pain of loss, laughter and even tears. I felt all of those in this movie.

The world has become an ugly place and personally, my faith is what gets me through. But when you experience a game or a movie that takes you to an imaginative world where anything is possible, things start to seem a little brighter. Those stacks of paperwork you're facing seem smaller. The grisly news headlines get a little further away. That's what art and beauty do. They heal; help us see things in a better light. And I thank God for them.

I didn't expect for the movie to get me waxing philosophical, but that's the kind of hairpin I am.

Side notes: I was a little disappointed that they lingered SO long in one environment and I, frankly, find the crude humor tiresome. I thought the 3D was excellent, providing a nice immersive depth and texture without ever seeming gimicky( and I'm not a die hard 3D fan). Also, be sure to get there in time for the short at the beginning, Paper Man. Reminded me of classic Disney animated shorts, and that is not a bad thing.

A few weeks ago I was leaving California Adventure Park and overheard a little boy talking to his father about Wreck-it Ralph. With the wide eyed enthusiasm of youth he said to his father, "It's a movie about video games....who doesn't like that?" Well said, kid, well said.
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By far one of their greatest work in quite some time
Sean Anderson2 November 2012
I have to say that I was a bit surprised to see how well this was thought out, the director and the animators put their hearts and souls into making this movie with their special effects and amazing plot line laced with funny humor for both ages (young with the new-gen gaming and the old with retro-gaming). But not only is it funny, but very well thought out and well played.

The characters were very well thought out and planned to show how it would be if a old-styled video game character would do in the after-hours when no one was around, they opened the door to a untapped imagination that blew me away. The originality behind the video game characters brings the term nostalgic to a whole new level.

They also did an amazing job with the little girl named Vanellope and how her story unfolded, with surprising twists and turns to keep things rather interesting. Not only did they did a great job on the plot but also on the aesthetics of visual effects and gestures as well; Vanellope's character really blossomed because of this (as well as the other characters too).

Ralph is one of those characters that you kinda hate being around with and shows that off by his enormous size (and his ape-like hands), he's a bad guy by code but he shows that when there's a will there's a way and Ralph eventually figures it out sprinkled with laughs along his crazy journey to save the day.

An amazing job on the visuals, the story line, the character development, the overall plot, and most of all is how they managed to weave all these threads together into a solid movie for everyone. One of Disney's greatest works to be produced in a rather long time and really worth seeing again and again.
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Today i felt such a warmness in my heart that i have not felt in years...
arshia_ma21 March 2013
first of all i'm a 29 years old guy and everyone consider me a very logical person (and not an emotional one). today i saw Wreck It Ralph. During the movie when i heard each laughter of Venelope or her excitements ,it was just like i saw my own baby girl doing it(BTW i do not have a child) and i could not stop my tears (even right now that i'm think of it) and She was so sweet and full of life that i have not seen in anyone for a long time... And about Ralph,he was just what i call a true friend and true human being(even if he is just an animation character). what more do i need to learn from an animation movie???

Thanks Disney for giving me all this GREAT WARM FEELINGS that i have not experienced it for a long time... Thanks.
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Virtual Joys
Mek Torres9 November 2012
Wreck-It Ralph imagines a world where arcade game characters have their own lives. It's like a video game version of Toy Story and Who Framed Roger Rabbit, but this one is much more appealing to the viewers. As expected, it has an endless amount of enjoyment, a big scale of adventure, and really fun characters. The filmmakers poured their love of these games to the film thus made this a wonderful nostalgic delight.

The story doesn't sound quite fresh at some point, especially for an animated film, but the main attraction here is the theme. It sets in a magnificent arcade world. It's fun when it captures the prominent video game mannerism like the freezy movements in retro games, an out of control game character walking against the wall in 3D games, and the glitching. It's easy to know what the central games are inspired from. Many would root for the cameos of iconic game characters and each of their appearance are splendid. The movie is filled with action set pieces that are undeniably exciting. By its grand scale and references, the experience is gloriously extraordinary.

Another charms of the film is the characters. We don't usually see films with well developed characters in blockbusters these days but this one has plenty of it. They all have their own pathos, but in a comical way. And the voice performances were great. John C. Reily gives Ralph an acceptably nice personality. Sarah Silverman makes Vanellope adorable enough. Jack McBrayer is quite charming as the always positive Fix-It Felix Jr. and Alan Tudyk is delightful as the goofy King Candy.

The animation is wonderful. Like what I said, they really capture the elements of every video game. The game "Sugar Rush" has the most colorful(and product placed) visuals of the film. The rest is thoroughly inspired. 3D is usually unnecessary but here is just fine. It's kind of worth it by its large adventures. There is no scene after the credits but it's better to stay during it to listen to the theme songs of "Sugar Rush" and "Fix-It Felix Jr.".

There isn't much groundbreaking about Wreck-It Ralph but what makes this special is its tribute to the classic video games. It also serves an over the top fun and sweetness(no Sugar Rush pun intended). It's so fun, it's easy to ignore its little flaws. There are some things that could have been better, but the film is already good enough. To those who love playing video-games will enjoy this a lot more. It's just full of life and nostalgia. Wreck-It Ralph is a great virtual ride!
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With an emotional story, lots of nostalgic references, and nice development, Wreck-It Ralph wins the game! Warning: Spoilers
When I have heard that Disney was going to make a new movie this time about a video game arcade with some of the 80s greatest video games ever made, I was really excited and wanted to see this with lots of expectations. I started to like the premise: A bad-guy named Ralph from a video game called "Fix-It Felix" who wants to be a hero instead of being the villain all the time and goes to both games to receive a medal. So, he goes to Hero's Duty and Sugar Rush where there he meets a girl named Vannellope and makes a friendship with her as she tries to win a race so she can become a racer before they make a deal to win and give Ralph a medal. It's kind of like Toy Story but instead of toys, it takes place in a video game arcade.

With that said, I saw this on the opening weekend starting from last night and was blown away. It succeeded what it had set out to do and delivered what the trailers had promised. Before I can get to the redeeming qualities, there is one flaw that I would like to point out. There is some nice messaging, but there are some really dark moments that could frighten kids ages 8-10 especially the tragic back-story of Calhoun, one of the characters of the movie.

Flaw aside, everything else exceeded my expectations towards this wonderful movie. The story is very original with some really happy moments, some sad moments, and like I said before, some dark moments that I've already stated and has a very nice concept that would not only remind the adults of the 80s video game references (especially some nice cameos including: Bowser, Dr. Eggman, the ghost from Pac-Man, some Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter characters, and Sonic), but will entertain them as well as the kids young and old. The characters, like the story, are also original with lots of help from a great voice cast including John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Jack McBrayer, Jane Lynch, Dennis Haysbert, and Alan Tudyk. Wreck-It Ralph is a determined protagonist who changes his life and tries to achieve it be becoming what he wants to be and his development between him and Vanellope, an adorable girl from Sugar Rush who wants to become the best race-car driver, is well-thought out. Some of the characters like, Fix-It Felix, Calhoun, whose tragic back-story made me felt sorry for her, and several of the video game characters are also likable, but the most memorable character goes to the main villain, King Candy. He reminds me of Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland except he's not only menacing, but unbelievably over-the-top it's hard not to forget this villain.

The pacing for this movie is very brisk and moves along very nicely and I like the music from Henry Jackman. It has some nice 80s video game music and the orchestra for several moments of the movie is beautifully well-made. The strongest aspect, however, goes to the animation and boy was it so amazing. The character animation on the Wreck-It Ralph and several of the video game characters are creative and look exactly like the ones from the 80s video games, but what stands out most about the animation is it's visuals. Everything you see in just blows you away. The bright colors, the set ups and the environments of the video games which makes it look completely gorgeous especially the Game Central Station and it's some of the greatest visuals I've ever seen in an animated feature film since Dreamwork's "How To Train Your Dragon", "Kung Fu Panda" and several of Pixar's films including the "Toy Story" trilogy, "Finding Nemo", "The Incredibles", and "Cars".

Overall, Wreck-It Ralph delivered what it had promised: an emotional story, lots of great nostalgic references, and nice development from the characters which makes this, in my opinion, one of the best movies of the year and the most anticipated movie next to "The Hunger Games" and "John Carter" My advice: Go see it! It is really *that* good!
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Disney headed in the right di-WRECK-tion!
misterembryo2 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The trailer alone, garnered much buzz for Disney's latest 3D adventure. Seeing some of'the great video game villains of all time assembled in one room was just too good to be true. The hype was elevated to even greater heights given its ubiquitous presence at San Diego Comic Con. In the back of mind I kept thinking, "THEY'RE GONNA WRECK IT!"

Thankfully, the movie succeeds in creating a heartfelt tribute to the golden era of the 80's arcade, decorated here and there with familiar cameos that are both nostalgic and laugh out loud hilarious. The actual video game characters and their respective worlds don't play as big a role in the movie as I imagined. My wishful, nerdy brain hoped Ralph would be jumping through pipes in Mushroom Kingdom, riding horseback through Hyrule and blasting away at baddies alongside Mega Man and who knows who else. This didn't happen, and may have to do with the price of buying the rights to some of these iconic images. But the new world Disney Animation Studios created is rich with surprises, and rivals that of Monstropolis, Toy Story, and the Kingdom of Far and Far Away.

Wreck-It Ralph (voiced by the incomparable John C. Reilly) is the Donkey Kong to Fix-It Felix, Jr.'s Mario in a fictional 80's arcade game. The game itself is believable enough to have existed during the era. Ralph, along with other villains in various games throughout the ages, share the same plight of feeling under-appreciated by gamers and other citizens of the video game world.

The breaking point for Ralph was the 30th Anniversary for the "Fix-it Felix, Jr." arcade. To commemorate the event, Felix throws a party in the penthouse of the game's high-rise apartment complex, a party that Ralph wasn't invited to. (The DJ of this party offered another cameo I really wasn't expecting and left me in awe of this tribute to electronic art.)

What sets Ralph apart from all the other villains is that he is determined to actually do something about the unfortunate role of "Bad Guy" he was programmed to assume. He intends to jump to different arcades in order to become a hero in another game. This act of invading a game other than your own is mysteriously referred to as "Going Turbo" by the other inhabitants of the video game world. It's considered taboo, especially since it runs the risk of permanent death: dying outside your own game makes it impossible to regenerate.

After a series of unfortunate events, Ralph eventually crash lands into Sugar Rush, a cross between the worlds of Candy Land and Mario Kart. There he befriends the adorable Vanellope (voiced by the lovely Sarah Silverman), who like Ralph is seen as an outcast in her game. In her case, she is considered a freak due to her tendency to glitch out. To Vanellope, racing runs deep within her code, but the only thing stopping her is the candy land's ruler the Candy King, who is adamant on keeping her out of the race.

Ralph's spontaneous hero's journey spells trouble for the rest of the video game world. Due to Ralph's disappearance, the "Fix-it Felix, Jr." game is in danger of being unplugged, leaving Felix with the hefty responsibility of retrieving his clumsy counterpart. Ralph's brief stint in a Halo-esque game called "Hero's Duty" is also a big nuisance to the foxy Sgt. Calhoun (Jane Lynch). She must now track down and exterminate a Cybug that Ralph mistakenly helped escape from the game. If the bug goes viral, it could destroy every game in Mr. Litwak's entire arcade for good.

The video game setting offers awesome moments of creativity for the Disney animators, from the way the characters are drawn and animated, to the way their lives are portrayed outside of their own game. The voice talent is also really impressive across the board. While the movie isn't the all-out Smash Brothers brawl many were expecting, the movie comes with loads of surprises that are sure to delight and entertain a wide audience, gamers and non-gamers alike.

The movie could not have come at a better time. People who grew up during the era of the arcade are now starting to have families of their own, and are very likely to laugh along with the children they bring to the theaters. This same video game generation also witnessed the Disney Renaissance of the early 90's: The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and the Lion King. With Wreck-It Ralph destined to be an instant classic, following the success of the equally impressive Tangled, we are in for a new Disney Renaissance for a whole new generation.

Note: Get there early enough for an excellent animated short, and stay to watch the credits roll if you haven't yet satisfied your nerdy gamer fix.
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Games people play: 'Wreck-It' is a nostalgically fun look back
gregeichelberger4 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
With a mix of "Alien," "Toy Story" and a bit of originality, Walt Disney Studios has created a wonderfully fun and nostalgic effort sure to put a smile on the faces of young and old, alike.

And while a bit long in the tooth for an animated film (108 minutes), "Wreck-It Ralph" nevertheless is one of the better productions of this genre in 2012, at least.

For those who grew up in the video game world, say post 1978, the sights and sounds of this movie will no doubt have many viewers pointing at the screen in recognition of the many, many classic arcade characters and machines (and even some of the newer systems, as well).

Much of the charm of "Wreck-It Ralph" is based upon these recollections as characters from Street Fighter, Q-Bert, Sonic, Frogger, Dig-Dug, Donkey Kong, Super Mario Brothers, Halo, Mortal Kombat, Ms. Pac-Man, among many others abound in their own world when the neighborhood arcade closes for the night.

Plotwise, the hulking but sensitive title character (voiced by John C. Reilly, "Step Brothers") has been destroying the same apartment building for more than 30 years in an older than old school game entitled "Fix-It Felix, Jr.," but all he has to show for it is constantly being thrown off a roof and living a lonely, depressing life in a huge pile of bricks.

The game's perpetually perky hero, Felix, Jr. (voiced by Jack McBrayer, "30 Rock"), however, is forever honored with shiny medals and feted by the structure's residents for repairing Ralph's damage with his magic golden hammer.

Having had enough, Ralph confesses the desire to be a good guy — for a change — to members of his bad guy support group. Here, various villains led by a ghost from Pac-Man spout AA and Narcano platitudes, such as "Good is not bad, Ralph, and bad is good," but he is determined to be the hero and win a medal for himself — even just once.

And so his adventure through the games of Litwik's Fun Center begins.

First, after removing the armor-plating of an inebriated soldier, Ralph enters the world of "Hero's Duty" to kill bugs and climb buildings. Although petrified and frustrated, he still manages to swipe a huge medal by trickery and brute force.

Then, upon escaping in a space pod (with a virus bug stowaway), he crash lands in the sickeningly sweet world of "Sugar Rush," where cute-as-a-button racers drive home-baked go-karts in a land ruled by King Candy (voice of Alan Tudyk, "Transformers: Dark of the Moon," doing his best Ed Wynn).

Here, Ralph also meets the pixilated "glitch" Vanellope von Schweetz (Sarah Silverman, "The School of Rock"), who steals his unearned medal as an entry fee for the race she is never allowed to participate in. The two form a reluctant alliance based upon the fact the winner will get a medal. She promises to win and he wrecks a bakery to make her a candy-coated race car.

Meanwhile, Felix, Jr. and the leader from "Hero's Duty," Calhoun (Jane Lynch, "The 40-Year Old Virgin," "Glee"), are frantically searching for the AWOL Ralph. If they cannot find him, "Fix-It Felix, Jr." will be disconnected and the characters forced to live on the streets of Game Central Station.

The duo are also trying to fight off an invasion of huge deadly bugs who are trying to take over "Sugar Rush," as well. There's a lot of gunfire, explosions, last-minute rescues, a big auto race and derring-do. There is also a little romance and even a lot of heart in this story of trying to improve oneselves all the while attempting to maintain one's core personality and individualism.

Things are not always as they seem, but the overall look and feel of Wreck-It Ralph is a bright, splashing, colorful world that draws laughs and "Ohhhs" from parents as well as their children.

Although do be warned, very young children may be frightened by some of the darker moments — the movie is rated PG for a reason.

Gamers, teens, twenty-somethings and many others will also enjoy most of this film, although it tends to sag a bit in the middle and could have used a bit more judicious editing (maybe 10 minutes could have been shorn).

Nonetheless, director Rich Moore (some "Futurama" and "Drawn Together" episodes) exhibits a deft hand in his animated lexicon and "Wreck-It Ralph" certainly showcases that ability.
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A New Classic
ChristianUnchained3 November 2012
The Short: Wreck-It Ralph is a classic. From the slick animation, the great sense of humor, nostalgia inducing references and cameos, and the surprisingly adept and emotional story, Disney's Wreck-it Ralph is the best animated comedy since Tangled, and one of Disney's best animated films ever crafted.

Street Fighter, Pac-Man, Q-bert; widely known and considered classic games. But a "new challenger has entered the ring" in the form of old school, Donkey Kong inspired retro arcade game, Wreck-it Ralph. Follow the misadventures of Wreck-it Ralph, voiced by John C. Reilly, as he attempts to become a hero by jumping though various video games. I don't want to spoil any of the plot, but it is incredibly well told and is quite surprising in the end. It has that classic Disney emotion, but with a most unique "video game-y" twist. In the end, Wreck-it Ralph teaches some great lessons, but it is also neither mundane nor juvenile, and that's why it's a winner.

The cast here couldn't fit the characters better. John C. Reilly as the big guy Wreck-it Ralph, Sarah Silverman as the spirited and surprisingly funny Vanellope von Schweetz, Jane Lynch as the stoic and hilarious Sergeant Calhoun, and Jack McBrayer as the lovable and yet again laugh- out-loud Fix-it Felix Junior. The movie is absolutely hilarious; the performances from all of the actors fit their roles perfectly and couldn't be funnier. They couldn't have picked a better voice cast, honestly to goodness.

The animation continues the high pedigree that Disney has become famous for. Its bright and lively action is wonderful to watch, and combined with great facial animations make for a great and emotional experience. But the winner here is the way that they have adapted the old- school style of video game animation into the film itself. You'll know what I mean when you see the movie. It makes for a truly unique, one of a kind experience! Sony's 4K presentation is crisp and vibrant.

The thing to understand though is that with its focus on video game cameos and references, don't worry! You don't have to have any knowledge of video games to understand or enjoy Wreck-it Ralph. The story and main characters are all part of the film's story and world. Rather than using the references as a crutch, they're used more as a springboard into new and unexplored fictional worlds.

Granted, gamers of all ages are going to love the care and attention taken when putting in the huge amount of references, cameos, and little bits of easter eggs spritzed and scattered throughout Wreck-it Ralph, making for a truly nostalgic inducing experience.

And those classic Disney trademarks, from great characters to a well told story, are all here and are much more than side attractions. The twist is great, the concepts are fresh, and the level of imagination at work revives my faith in the animated genre. There's still plenty left in this old dog after all.

And so I have to end this review by asking, "Are you tired of the same old washed up animated feature film? Feel like you're just too old for childish animated movies?" Wreck-it Ralph is the perfect cure. And it's meant for that group of movie goers looking for something more than just another animated money pit. It's laugh out loud funny, exciting and fresh, incredibly inventive and gleefully unique at every turn.

It's a classic no doubt, and Wreck-it Ralph will be one of those movies on my "favorites" shelf for decades to come. The true triumph? Wreck-it Ralph feels like that classic game that has been a part of my childhood ever since I can remember; the type of classic where you throw hundreds of quarters away and you honestly just don't care, because it is just that good.

5/5 - Perfection; Stop reading and watch right now
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"The selfish man is like a mangy dog chasing a cautionary tale" (dialog)
A_Different_Drummer15 February 2017
OK OK I get it.

This may not be the overall "best" animated film of all time but, now that I have seen it six or seven times, I think it is not only ONE OF THE BEST but also it excels at the following:

* best use of video games as a metaphor for an action story.

* best atmosphere -- just when you think you are comfortable with the interior of one game, they introduce another. It is like a 3D film without the actual need for the glasses.

* best matchup of voice actor and personality -- every animated film, now, in the past, and yet to come, strives for this. Many die-hard fans will say that Ellen Degeneres as a fish nailed it. Well, I don't think so. The voice acting of Sarah Silverman matched with the animated character (which I swear seems to be just Sarah herself when she was maybe 5 or 6 years old) is the most perfect meshing of the two I have seen.

The story, the acting, the direction, all perfect -- this is an amazing movie that really did not get the attention it deserved.
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Best animated film of 2012? Absolutely!
TheLittleSongbird9 February 2013
I think 2012 has been a very good, even great, year for animation in that I don't think I have seen an animated film I've disliked. Wreck It Ralph for me was the best animated film from 2012(although it only came out yesterday in the UK I still class it as a 2012 film), tying with Tangled as the best Disney has done since The Hunchback of Notre Dame. It has something for children and adults alike, and I don't think you have to be a video game fan to like it(I'm not exactly, more of Disney myself, but am very familiar with them through my brother). The animation is wonderful, the characters move with no problem at all, the colours look gorgeous and the backgrounds are detailed, very like the very best of Pixar actually. The music, right from the tempos, rhythms, melodies, chord progressions and instrumentation, is full of energy and the songs are incredibly catchy. The writing is a perfect blend of humour and heart, the film is often hilarious and witty as well as heartfelt and touching in equal measures and the story is fast-paced and much more original than you'd think complete with energetic-but not too frantic- action. I like the Be Youself message, it is an important one and I personally didn't think it was heavy-handed. And of course any video game fan will love spotting the video game characters and references, there's plenty of them and all are colourfully evoked. I found it very easy to relate to Ralph, Fix-it Felix Jr is an amusing character and Vanellope is cute without being annoying or mawkish. The voice work is terrific, with the standout being the gruff vulnerability that John C Reilly brings to Ralph. In conclusion, a wonderful film and the best animated film of the year. 10/10 Bethany Cox
9 out of 10 found this helpful. Was this review helpful?
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Wreck me Ralph, please!
Lyra-gp30 December 2012
Since the release of its very first trailer, a long time ago, Wreck it Ralph has always appeared as one of the most promising animated flicks of the year. Having seen the movie, I have changed my mind: It's not just one of the best animated movies, it's one of the best movies (or maybe the best) of the year.

I don't like to make Disney/Pixar comparisons, but this time Disney has outdone itself. Compared to Brave (which was good enough), Wreck it Ralph is a very strong movie, based on a complex, fresh and original story involving the video games world. I think this is the first step in the process of creating an animated movie: to find a fresh, involving idea. Every small detail, every character seems to perfectly fit in this magical world behind one of the most diffused hobbies in the world. This is undoubtedly Disney at its best.

In Wreck it Ralph there are not boring parts, you can laugh or be scared, be moved or even be thrilled but you will hardly yawn while watching this movie. During the projection, I literally burst out with laughters, as the movies presents many funny situations. It's a real pleasure to follow the story and to enjoy every small detail present in the movie.

The characters are very 'toony' but at the same time they seem to be real and very believable. There are no clichés or stereotypes, everything is fruit of the ingenious minds working at Disney. For example, if you asked me 'who's your favorite character?' I couldn't answer because they're all great and funny. Ranging from Ralph to Vannelope, from Felix to King Candy, every character is perfectly portrayed.

But Wreck it Ralph is not just a way to laugh and pass a couple of entertaining hours: it's far more than that. Not only the film is full of references to the video game world, but it contains lots of references to movies and modern world themes. It's even full of reflections upon life, in the typical Disney style.

The icing on the cake is the ending. I will not spoil anything about it, I will just say that it's astonishing and very unpredictable. To put it in a funny way, I would say that it's one of the best thrillers I've seen this year!

Finally, two words for the soundtrack. Henry Jackman ost is catching and enjoyable. In some cases, it's a mix between music and the sounds of old 8bit video games. In particular, I really appreciated the track 'Arcade Life' and 'Arcade Ending'. The end credits song, 'When can I see you again' by Owl city is also truly enjoyable.

I think Wreck it Ralph is not just one of the best animated flicks of the year, but it's one of the best movies of 2012. Disney has outdone itself, I'm looking for other animated masterpieces like this one, fresh original and entertaining.
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Friendship and true values are the background: simply wonderful!
cadurocha21 January 2013
Hey, wait a minute there! How come no one has had the idea of bringing the fantasy universe of video games into the big screen? I do not remember anyone having done this before ... ah ... except, of course, by TRON. Coincidence or not, also produced by Disney. Many people do not know, but Disney was a pioneer in computer graphics in the film industry. And now, under the general direction of John Lasseter (Pixar former), Disney keeps the tradition on creating some of the most magical moments in animated films or even in films regarded as traditional. "Tron Legacy" was an example of this latest kind. Perhaps a misunderstood work , is one of those unforgettable movies , in every aspect, especially for those who like CG, games, great music, a dazzling visual and an engaging story. Another recent product, this time already connecting x Disney Pixar was "John Carter." Directed by excellent Andrew Stanton , this film was also misunderstood by the general public. Unfortunately, it was poorly worked by Disney marketing people and the general public did not understand the overall proposal. Well .. Now we have "Wreck-it Ralph." I must confess ... I cried while watching this movie. That's right! So even as I cried in "Up!" or "Wall-e". These works come from different teams, but all have the same background: poetry. The look of this film is stunning. Colors, details, the overall creativity... are all very touching. The references to the world of video games are priceless! And what about that cute little girl? Well, I would like to summarize this movie as "magic". It belongs to that realm of fantasy and delight of magic, that kind of magic that makes you leave the theater with a light spirit, and happy and relaxed. A bit like Toy Story 3, "Wreck-it Ralph" is about the recognition of each individual's position in the universe and, of course, about friendship. I recommend this movie. At least for those who still insist on dreaming on and on.
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"Monsters Inc." Set In a Video Game World
3xHCCH17 December 2012
I did not really plan to watch "Wreck It Ralph" at all because I do not really like the recent Disney output. I am unfamiliar with the characters and the title and poster did not look attractive to me. However, with consistently good word-of-mouth reviews, I felt I had to give it a shot. And yes, "Wreck It Ralph" deserves its good reputation, and I am glad I got to see it.

"Wreck It Ralph" is the brutish gorilla-of-a-man villain of a arcade video game called "Fix It Felix". After thirty years of being thrown off the side of the building, Ralph feels he wanted to be the hero for a change. So he ventures outside his game to neighboring combat game "Hero's Duty" to earn his very own medal (as he sees Felix get a medal after each game).

When he does get his medal, Ralph accidentally triggers a virus which attacks him and brings him into the Technicolor world of the racing game "Sugar Rush". There he meets the cute little glitch Vanellope who earnestly wants to join and win a race, but is not allowed to because of her imperfections. Can Ralph help Vanellope achieve her dream, save his video arcade world from viral destruction and be a real hero?

While everything in "Wreck It Ralph" seemed new and original, I could not help but feel the spirit of "Monsters Inc." all throughout the film. It had the same basic story of a lonely but despised "bad" guy who does good and becomes a hero for a change. Even the interconnected world behind the video arcade (where all the characters had a life after the arcade closes for the night) is reminiscent of the labyrinthine world behind the closet doors in "Monsters Inc."

Overall though, "Wreck It Ralph" remains to be fun and happy, with just the right dose of drama and action here and there to entertain viewers of all ages. The artwork of the characters and the settings is very colorful and visually arresting. This is definitely a contender for best animated feature film of the year.
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Funniest Disney film ever
Taylor Starr2 November 2012
Warning: Spoilers
When I first watched trailers for this movie, I was completely surprised that Disney was making something like this. I personally thought this would be something Pixar would make instead. I also wondered how much money Disney would have to give video game companies like Nintendo to use Bowser in their film. I thought I would like it, but it wouldn't crack my top 10 Disney films. I was wrong. I went to see this movie, and I was blown away. This film taught a very good lesson: To be yourself, and to think of others. Ralph is a villain in an arcade game, and he wants to be a good guy, and respected by others, thus starting his journey through other games trying to earn a medal to do so. At the end (spoilers here) he actually remains the villain, but people respect him more, since he helped a little girl in a racing game rise again to glory. He stays as a villain, but isn't treated like the garbage he once lived in since he showed he can be a hero, and a nice guy. He learns to be himself, and people will respect him. The others realized it, and learned from their mistake. That is powerful. But the thing I like most about the film is the comedy. I've seen funny Disney films, like Aladdin, Great Mouse Detective, and The Emperor's New Groove, but when it comes to comedy, this film takes the cake. "You wouldn't hit a guy with glasses, would you?" *Ralph takes off the King's glasses and hits him with them* You hit me with glasses. Well played." Hilarious. The people in the theater were constantly laughing throughout the entire film, as was I. Personally, my only problem with the film is one thing with the villain. Not the villain as a whole, just one part. He's the king of a racing game, and he deletes the file and memory of Penelope, the ACTUAL ruler of the place, so he can be king and she wouldn't interfere. That part is genius, but here's one thing I don't like about him. Apparently, he was actually a virus in another racing game, but they don't explain that until the end of the film. They don't explain that he deleted her file and memory until the end too. You only know that for about 10 minutes of the film (or something like that) until the king is defeated, so this was really forced. However, it is actually a good cause, because one thing I like about the villain is how subtle he is. There's one part (you don't know the king deleted her file yet) where he explains to Ralph why she can't race, and the fact that she is now a glitch makes her unavailable to leave that game, and if someone played it, they would think the game is busted, thus the plug gets pulled and she would die. He makes you feel that he's actually a good guy, and cares for her. I like that a lot. Anyway, outside of my one problem with the villain, this film was excellent. One of the best of the year, and I plan on seeing it again.
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The Sweetest Arcade Villain
Claudio Carvalho10 February 2013
The clumsy Wreck-It Ralph has been the villain of his video game for thirty years, destroying a residential building while Fix-It Felix uses his powerful hammer to rebuild what Ralph has destroyed. During the celebration of the thirtieth anniversary of the game, Ralph is not invited to the party since nobody loves him.

Ralph decides to win a medal to become a hero and he goes to the game Hero's Duty, commanded by the tough Sergeant Calhoun, where he sees the chance of winning the medal. Ralph collects the aimed medal, but when he is returning to his game, he brings accidentally one enemy Cy-Bug with him. Ralph accidentally crashes his plane in the kart-racing game Sugar Rush and loses his medal. When he is ready to retrieve it, the annoying glitch Vanellope von Schweetz takes the medal and uses it to dispute a kart racing in her game.

Meanwhile Felix is seeking out Ralph to tell him that their game will be shut down since he is missing. Felix meets Sergeant Calhoun that tells him that the Cy-Bug would destroy any game and he immediately falls in love with her. Ralph helps Vanellope to build her own racing car and becomes her hero; but soon he is convinced by King Candy that Vanellope is just a glitch and she may destroy Sugar Race. Ralph destroys her car and her dreams expecting to protect Vanellope. But when he sees her picture on the cabinet of Sugar Race, he learns that something is wrong in the explanation of King Candy.

"Wreck-It Ralph" is a delightful animation by the Walt Disney studios with the story of the sweetest arcade villain I have ever seen. The clumsy Ralph and his existential crisis are hilarious and the animation is a great tribute to the fans of the early video games arcade. Despite my age, I am a fan of animations and "Wreck-It Ralph" is another entertaining release by Disney, with a beautiful message of friendship. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Detona Ralph" ("Detonate Ralph")
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I liked it more than the kids
thekarmicnomad14 February 2013
This is a great movie.

For someone who grew up with computer games from their conception, I found lots of little nuggets in here to make me smile.

The story is surprisingly sophisticated for a cartoon and the characters are quite fleshed out considering its target audience.

I saw this at the pictures and I was glued. The child we took to see it (and some others in the cinema) didn't seem as gripped.

I would have liked it if they had visited a few more games.

I would recommend this, especially if you like computer games and want something you can enjoy as well as the kids.
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Does not disappoint
Matt Rogers2 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I am a huge Disney fan/video game fan so when Disney created a film based on the arcade I was excited about the film, and after watching it the hype did not disappoint.

The film, based on the life of a villain wanting to be a hero involves many characters recognisable to the gaming world as these tie in well with the story, along with many backgrounds to games such as the iconic Pacman platform. Within the candy world, the use of 'Nesquik Sand' and 'Diet Coke Springs' add that extra element of fun for the family.

The movie also includes a range of music that is suitable for the each member of the family in order to enjoy the film. Artists such as Rihanna, Owl City and even Skrillex have been carefully chosen to represent a specific part of the film and the songs used help to represent a certain game shown in the film.

The use of the graphical element and references to the advancement in gaming technology also give a pretty cool background to the film. The use of how old games connect and interact with the newer games show how the graphics have developed over time and all this makes the film great for all Disney and gaming lovers.
3 out of 3 found this helpful. Was this review helpful?
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Loved it
kerangador24 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I liked it! I liked it so much I'm going to buy it on DVD, heck even the extended DVD.

I thought it was really well written.

The pacing was good.

The characters were well drawn out.

And the overall story was pretty amusing - in fact, it was so amusing I hoping it will come out on xbox or a computer game to play with.

The only thing I wished for was perhaps more jokes about retro games that I loved - like Space Invaders, Galaxian etc.. it would have been great if they had made a come back at the finale to help defeat the enemy.

This together with Toy Story 3 - are one of my fav animated movies.
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Disney's new hero is a retro "bad-guy"
Sophia Kim2 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
A large part of the movie's success was is due to its tribute to the classical video games, and how accurately it captured the essence of each type of video game while also making them original. Disney studio revisits the 8-bit graphics used in 1820s video games, such as Donkey Kong. The characters from retro games continue to move in the jerky 8-bit movement even when the animation switches back to the modern high definition graphics. The 80s avatars also speak in the particular language from that time period. Specifically, Felix frequently exclaims antiquated expressions like "That's just the honey glow in my cheeks!" Such minutia evokes a nostalgic feeling.

But the best parts of the movie were the romance between Felix and Calhoun, especially since the two had completely polar personalities, and the credits. Felix falls for Calhoun at first sight and continues to woo her with his classic pick-up lines. Calhoun attempts to brush off his courtship with her crude, sarcastic comebacks, which will definitely remind Glee-fans of Sue Sylvester. During the credits, Owl City's When Can I See You Again plays as the four main characters, Ralph, Vanellope, Felix, and Calhoun game hop through most games in the arcade and interact with game characters who had little to no parts in the actual movie. Their images changes in each game as they adapt to each game. "Wreck It Ralph" also had an awesome soundtrack that suited each scene so well that you'd think each song was made with the sole purpose to be played in this movie. The soundtrack of "Wreck It Ralph," mostly composed by Henry Jackman, also features artists such as Rihanna and AKB48, a popular Japanese girl band.

One of the few complaints is the lack of racial diversity within the human characters. Most of the video game characters were Caucasian as well, but even more so in the real world. There are only a few human characters in the film, but the majority of them are white. There was also no need for the movie to be in 3D, especially since there were not many notable pop-ups utilizing the 3 dimensional effect. The 3D glasses only made the screen darker and harder to see than it already was.
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Casey's Movie Mania: WRECK-IT RALPH (2012)
caseymoviemania8 December 2012
In 1995, Pixar had creatively made a memorable story of how toy figures live their life in TOY STORY. Now following from the similar tradition, Walt Disney Animation Studios' WRECK-IT RALPH imagines how video game characters would come to life after an arcade closes its doors. No doubt it's a high-concept premise worth looking forward to. Special kudos to first-time feature director Rich Moore (best known for directing a few episodes of TV's Futurama and The Simpsons) for gamely exploring his nostalgic love of yesteryears as well as today's arcades generation (fans of video game are going to love this a lot) and brimming its heartwarming tale with a dash of knowing humor and genuine emotion. Not only that, WRECK-IT RALPH is one gorgeous-looking animation with an keen eye for detail, making this a fun-filled adventure for all ages.

"Fix-It Felix Jr." is an old-fashioned, 8-bit arcade game in which handyman Felix (voice of Jack McBrayer) must continuously rebuild an apartment building (with his magical hammer) after it gets demolished by the gigantic 9-foot-tall and 600-plus-pound Wreck-It Ralph (John C. Reilly). Once the arcade closes its doors, the characters in the video game clock out like a regular job and return to their own lives. For Felix and his fellow tenants, they always have great time hanging out together. But not for Ralph, who's been an outcast and villain for thirty years already. He lives in the brick pile next to Felix's apartments, and he has grown tired of being treated like a garbage.

One night, Ralph finds out that there's a 30th-anniversary party going on at Felix's apartments and he's not invited at all. He gradually learns the hard truth from Felix's fellow tenants that nobody in the apartment likes him. And so Ralph sets out to prove his worth by earning his own medal from somewhere else and hopes to overcome his programming as a bad guy.

Enter "Hero's Duty", which is a state-of-the-art, post-apocalyptic first-person shooter combat game. Ralph disguises as one of the soldiers and meets the tough Sergeant Calhoun (Jane Lynch). Along the way, he manages to prove his bravery to win the game and eventually earns a medal. However, he accidentally steps onto an egg, which unleashes a bug that rapidly multiplies in no time. Apparently those bugs capable to destroy everything and if they are not stopped, the existence of the entire arcade could be wiped out forever.

But all hope is not lost, as Ralph is the only one who can saves the day. When he subsequently ends up in a colorful racing game called "Sugar Rush", he forces to team up with chirpy "Sugar Rush" outcast Vanellope von Schweetz (Sarah Silverman), a "glitch" branded by King Candy (Alan Tudyk) who dreams of being a race car driver. They end up helping each other in a bid to win her first race, and at the same time, make things right before it's too late.

First things first. The graphic animation is truly a sight to behold, and every technical departments here are simply amazing. Adding to the zest, is Henry Jackman's dynamic score that often propels the movie into a high gear.

Then there's the remarkable, yet inspiring screenplay by Phil Johnston and Jennifer Lee. Throughout the movie, you can see both screenwriters and director Rich Moore have certainly puts a lot of love expanding their idea to create a knockout inside world of arcade games. For instance, the characters in the arcade games are able to cross over into other games by way of transportation zooming through the electrical cords. And every access are linked together by a Game Central Station (obviously modeled after Grand Central Station), which serves as a main hub for the game characters. Apart from that, the screenwriters knows very well how to inject enough humor, sentiment and of course, captivating characters all around.

Speaking of captivating characters, WRECK-IT RALPH is certainly blessed with a wonderfully talented voice cast. Each of them deliver their characters with remarkable depth and pathos. As an anti-hero Ralph, John C. Reilly makes a likable hulk who may be a "bad guy" from other good-guy characters' point-of-view, but he's actually a heartfelt person especially when Vanellope reveals his true self. Sarah Silverman is both adorable and endearing as the little cute racer Vanellope who never gives up to achieve what she wants. I must say, both Reilly and Silverman made a terrific pair together. Jack McBrayer, in the meantime, is lovable as the wholesome Felix, while Jane Lynch gives a knockout performance as the no-nonsense Sergeant Calhoun. Last but not least is Alan Tudyk, who is simply spot-on playing a cunning role as King Candy.

Further praise goes to Walt Disney Pictures for managed to license a healthy number of recognizable game characters throughout the movie, which is especially fun for video gamers. There's Pac-Man and his orange-ghost nemesis, Clyde; M. Bison, Zangief, Ryu and Ken from the "Street Fighter" series; Sonic the Hedgehog, Q-Bert, Bowser from the "Super Mario" series (Mario himself is actually set to cameo as well, but the producer unable to fit him somehow) and even a blink-or-you-miss, cameo appearance from an infamous "exclamation mark" (you know it when you hear the familiar sound) from the "Metal Gear Solid" series.

WRECK-IT RALPH is a top-notch animation that Pixar could have added inside their roster, and certainly earns its reputation as one of the best and most entertaining animated features in a long while.
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