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19 Feb. 2014
Restaurant More Impossible: Outside the Box
The owners of the "Coach Lamp Restaurant and Pub" in Louisville need help to drum up business. Robert comes up with an out-of-the-box plan.
29 Dec. 2014
Biggest Blowups
Robert counts down his Top 10 biggest blowups. Included: he encounters owners who want him to leave their restaurants, as well as dealing with emotional meltdowns and intense family drama.
21 Jan. 2015
Top 10 Turnarounds
Chef Robert Irvine counts down the Top 10 biggest transformations he has overseen.
10 Dec. 2015
Holiday: Impossible #2
Robert travels to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, to the City Kids Wilderness Project, a camp for at-risk teens, to oversee the much-needed makeover of their 25-year-old facilities. Over the course of three days, he also plans a barbecue celebration.
6 Apr. 2016
Best Ambushes Ever
Chef Robert Irvine revisits some memorable ambushes, including "Lake Arrowhead Sports Grill", "Cape Horn Family Restaurant", and "La Casa Bianca". Also: a segment on how the surprise takeovers are set up and executed, with a look at what has gone wrong.
28 Jul. 2022
Small Town, Big Problems
Robert Irvine ventures to a small town in Wyoming, where the owner is struggling to balance his staff, customers and family.

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