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The Turning Point of the New Series
annie-2931 May 2012
I had high hopes for this series -- that, unlike the original, it would concentrate on crime without descending to wallow in the stomach-churning gore of the stalker and sexual predator. I stopped watching the original at basically the same point where Mandy Patinkin gave up. While the first few shows of this series showed interesting but deadly killers (the nurse, the abandoned son, the sniper son, etc.), with this episode the show pivots to the cold, disfiguring sexual sadist.

I give the show three stars for the strength of the cast, both the regulars and the guest stars; the adult children of one of the missing women are particularly affecting in their concern and guilt.

However, this is the point where I, like Mandy Patinkin, say -- too much gore, too much sadism. Enough.
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The Gruesome Twosome
malagutigrrl-103-57844628 January 2012
If I was totally in love with the previous episode, "Devotion," due to it's outrageous gruesomeness, you can imagine how delighted I was to find there were, in fact, two in a row.

"Jane," is every bit as wonderful as "Devotion" was as far as exploring just how sick and gruesome the human mind can be. Since I have included spoilers in the last couple of reviews for this show, I will refrain from that here for maximum effect. Let's just say, lots of people are kidnapped every day. We know that all kinds of things happen to them and they often end up dead. But I assure you, what happens to these women is not one of the things you've ever imagined. Enjoy!
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