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Action on Film International Film Festival, USA 2012

Best in Show
Don Hellwig
Yolanda Romersa
Steven Bauer
Don Harris
Action on Film Award
Best Actor - Short
Steven Bauer (1597)
Best Villain
Yolanda Romersa
Best Musical

World Music and Independent Film Festival 2013

Festival Award
Best Lead Actor in a Short Film
Steven Bauer
Best Original Soundtrack for Short
Lina Gallegos (lyrics)
Yolanda Romersa (music)
Richard Hernandez (music)
Mark Tabbert (music)
William House (music)
Best Actor International Short
Steven Bauer
Best Actress International Short
Yolanda Romersa
Best Actress in a Supporting Role International Short
Natasha Perez
Best supporting actress in short film
Natasha Perez
Festival Award
Best Director for a Short
Yolanda Romersa (Director)
Best Drama Short International
Lina Gallegos (Writer)
Yolanda Romersa (Writer)
Best Short Film
Yolanda Romersa (Director/Producer/Writer/Music)
Steven Bauer (Producer)
Lina Gallegos (Writer, Lyrics)
Don Harris (Executive Producer)
Don Hellwig (Executive Producer)
Best Screenplay for Short International
Lina Gallegos (Writer)
Yolanda Romersa (Writer)
Best Cinematography for Short International
Massimiliano Trevis

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