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Don't understand the hate
kneto-magneto7 June 2015
This movie was exactly what I thought it would be, so for me it delivered 100%

I really can't understand the hate the movie is getting so far. The acting of all parties involved is solid, Owen Wilson does his shtick, Jennifer Aniston plays wonderfully annoying, the lead role is played fantastically by Imogen Poots and the rest of the cast shines as well...

It's a very light "Woody Allen" - type summer comedy. It's not trying to be anything more. Sure, against the great films of the last century this doesn't need to be mentioned, but against light, comedic summer flicks, it is absolutely palatable.
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A pleasantly manic, adult comedy
StevePulaski28 July 2015
Peter Bogdanovich's She's Funny That Way is exactly the kind of film that isn't made any more; a manic, silly comedy helmed by an ensemble cast made for adults. The film adheres to the wry comedic style of Woody Allen, who rigorously churned out films like these in the 1970's and 1980's, and a style that Allen continues to play with in the modern day. With a breezy eighty minute runtime and a comedic cast that, for once, looks like they're actually having a great time with one another, this is a film that can skate by and leave you with a goofy grin on your face before cynicism even has time summon.

The film revolves around a hooker named Isabella Beatty (Imogen Poots), who became a Broadway thespian following a gracious break from Arnold Albertson (Owen Wilson), a Broadway director who frequents escorts despite being married to Delta (Kathryn Hahn), a Broadway star herself. Arnold is filthy rich, for that matter, and upon paying escorts for their services, he'll also gift them with $30,000 to get their life moving in the right direction, all under Delta's nose. Meanwhile, a playwright named Joshua (Will Forte) begins to fall in love with Isabella, despite dating Jane Claremont (Jennifer Aniston), a bitter and hot-tempered therapist. Finally, there's also Seth (Rhys Ifans), an actor of Arnold's who also frequents escort services whilst trying to balance his exploding level of popularity.

This conglomeration of characters make She's Funny That Way a film that consistently moves and never slows down. The persistent weaving and fluid profiling of each and every character in the film is what largely makes the film such a good time. While the characters may often be contemptible, the situational humor mimics the sort of awkwardness and indecisive etiquette occurrences examined in your average episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, although with decidedly more theatricalities and far-fetched circumstances.

The cast here feels right at home. We have low-key performers that go under the radar far too often (Poots, Ifans, and Forte) and we have seasoned veterans trying their hand at the personalities they accentuate the best (Aniston and Wilson). Moreover, though, everyone feels like they're enjoying themselves. This isn't a film to take very seriously, nor is it a film that gets hung up on vulgarities and stupidity. It's the rare adult comedy with the energy of a kids film but the brazen personality that can accompany any night filled with wine, good friends - even a date - and a fulfilling dinner.

One of the biggest problems I've seen with American cinema is, despite R-rated comedies, few comedies are really designed for adults. Paradoxically, R-rated films like Get Hard and The Hangover sequels have jokes that would make teenagers laugh out loud, but many adults turn the other cheek, though they are the audience that will be allowed in the film at the local multiplex. She's Funny That Way is a film that bears a crass sense but in a way that isn't over-the-top or in love with the idea of making the viewer uncomfortable based on situations involving bodily fluids or intercourse. Co-writer (along with Louis Stratten) Bogdanovich works to make the film a more humble comedy, where the awkward situations are made funny by the characters and not the inanity of the situations themselves.

This is a smartly written film, one that really is elevated by the performers, though they, for once, aren't ostensibly trying to mask the low-level quality of the writing. She's Funny That Way packs a lot of manic energy in its eighty minutes, including great displays of character acting and plenty of nods to film lovers. Nuts to the squirrels indeed.

Starring: Owen Wilson, Imogen Poots, Will Forte, Jennifer Aniston, Kathryn Hahn, and Rhys Ifans. Directed by: Peter Bogdanovich.
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A brilliantly written comedy that isn't for everyone but is one that is worth seeing if you are into this type of comedy.
cosmo_tiger1 October 2015
"Blows my mind to think that just like Lana, a chance encounter changed my life." Isabella (Poots) is a call girl who aspires to be an actress. When Arnold (Wilson), a playwright, hires her for the night he gives her a present that changes her life. When Arnold starts casting his next play Isabella shows up to read, with his wife. This starts a chain reaction of events that ends up affecting the lives of everyone involved. I will start by saying that this was a pretty funny movie that really has the feel of a Woody Allen type movie. Many different characters that all have their own story while at the same time being involved with everyone else. This is not a main stream comedy but I thought it was funny. The dialog is very witty and the pacing and timing really give the movie the extra push it needs for the comedy to really come through. This is not a movie for everyone but those that like the quirky, Woody Allen-esqe type movies this is one for you. Overall, funnier than I expected. A brilliantly written comedy that isn't for everyone but is one that is worth seeing if you are into this type of comedy. I give it a B.
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Excellent comedy. Has an old fashioned feel to it and reminiscent of Woody Allen films
krkemp24 April 2016
I loved this movie. It had definitely had a Woody Allen feel to it. The opening with the music of the 1930's... the neurotic characters getting entangled in ever more complex situations leading to many laughs... Others have compared the movie to "screwball comedies of old". Either way, it really works. A great cast of actors doing excellent comedy. Even Jennifer Aniston made me laugh quite a few times! Imogen Poots was amazing! Perfect comedy timing and quirkiness. Wonderful. Owen Wilson was sort of reprising his "Midnight in Paris" character a bit but he was great too! I loved it from beginning to end. It's a lighthearted movie with lots of laughs that will leave you feeling good. Highly recommended.
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best time I've had at the movies in a while
quang-646487 September 2015
Last night I attended a screening of Peter Bogdanovich's She's Funny that Way and I have to say it was probably one of the most enjoyable films I have seen for quite some time. Its the kind of film that makes you fall in love with film and actors and lets you understand what I great script and well seasoned director can bring to you. I really haven't laughed out loud so much during a movie in ages. Watching the film you can't help but have the comedies of Ernst Lubitsch and Billy Wilder come to mind and maybe in more contemporary fashion Woody Allen ( I really only mention it because thats who most of the people around me compared it to, if anything I think I found this much more enjoyable than a lot of the film's Woody has put out in recent year's, sorry Woody).

The cast in this film was impeccable, it was real fun to see all the familiar faces from many different eras of film but it was Imogen Poots' truly inspired performance that really brought and incredible energy to the film. I unfortunately was not aware of her prior to this film, but by the end of it I can now say I am an advocate, she was a real vision in this film and I'd love to see her in more roles like this. These are the kinda of rare films that I really think are for people that love movies and make you fall in love with the movies, and I'm happy that I saw it and its amazing to see what a director like Bogdanovich still has inside of him and its a shame that we haven't seen more modern works from him because this film proves that he can still create works that far exceed the films produced by other contemporary directors, I can't even think of a film within the last 13 years since the last Bogdanovich film that really rivals this.

This film is a quiet one set up in a screwball comedy kinda of fashion, I'm not going to go into the details, you can read that synopsis else where, but what I am going to say is that this film is pure escapist enjoyment. Its small, dialogue driven and does exactly what films at their core are meant to do and entertain and once you blink its over, and what you walk away from this film with is the memory of seeing something light hearted and fun and the feeling that you saw something special that will stick with you in the back of your mind for some time.

My only gripe that I have has nothing to do with this film but with the reviews and the rumored distribution issues with this film, I don't really know how a film like this did not receive more positive reviews and its unfortunate because due to that the film isn't going to get the release it really deserves, because this picture really needs to be seen in the theater with an audience, it really enhances the magic you feel when watching it. I can really go on and on about my love for this film, All I can really say is that I really hope that this film finds its audience because its a shame that it hasn't already because its one of those films that immerses you so deep that by the end of it you really felt like you've seen something really special.
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Wow - so Woodyesuque....
jackdnimble10 April 2016
Hey Woody, no offense, but I loved this movie.... it really reminded me of your lighter days.....don't be cruel, but Peter Bogdanovich has done a great job of continuing the Woody Allen genre...

I loved Imogen's NY-ish, pretty realistic most of the time - way better than what I have been trying for 20 years :(, I would not have believed that she is British ;).... Honey, I love what you did on this film....time to try out for the CIA - you really have a wonderful way with accents, just as an alternative ;)

It was a really nice light hearted movie....I am hoping for a Woody successor, am Peter certainly presents a very good case.
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The movie, the cast and the lovely Imogen Poots... They're all funny that way
afallguns8 August 2015
The film feels like those old time french or Woody Allen comedy of errors. The hands of Wes Anderson and Noah Baumbach as executive producers can be noticed, witch doesn't steal any of the writer and director Peter Bogdanovich's credits. The whole movie is really funny, and Imogen Poots leads it the right way and George Morfogen's character, perfectly played, emphasizes that old time comedy taste. Needless to say that the cast worked brilliantly. All the characters were well written, so there is half way through, but I can't see any miscasting in this movie, not even for the secondary parts. Something you don't see everyday in the movies. Simple and well crafted... Good old time laughs... Nowadays, it feels like the rule is to overthink in comedy... And "She's Funny That Way" skip that rule.
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A Really Funny Screwball Comedy!
namashi_11 October 2015
Peter Bogdanovich's 'She's Funny That Way' is an entertaining, enjoyable film, thats amongst the best Screwball comedies in recent times. And the terrific ensemble, deliver excellently!

'She's Funny That Way' Synopsis: On the set of a playwright's new project, a love triangle forms between his wife, her ex-lover, and the call girl-turned-actress cast in the production.

'She's Funny That Way' is an absurd story, centered around a hooker (Imogen Poots). The series of events she witnesses in this eccentric comedy, is often hilarious. I was in splits when all of its characters came under one roof...its impossible not to laugh at their bizarre personalities.

Louise Stratten & Bogdanovich's Screenplay hits the right notes. The only glitch comes in the middle of the way, when the pace dips for a bit, as the Writing loosens. However, things come back on track & get funnier as this story comes to an end. Bogdanovich's Direction (Though Very Woody Allen) is skilled. The Legendary Storyteller has handled all the comedic portions, with flourish. Cinematography & Editing are superb. Art Design is perfect.

'She's Funny That Way' would've been a lesser joyride, if the casting would've been wrong. But, luckily here, everyone is cast right-on! Imogen Poots delivers a knockout performance as the protagonist, enacting the hooker under pressure, to perfection. Owen Wilson is effortlessly convincing, oozing naturalness throughout. Kathryn Hahn is a comedic force. What a performance! Rhys Ifans is as sleazy as it can get, while Will Forte has his moments. Jennifer Aniston is absolutely terrific as the irritated psychiatrist. Austin Pendleton & George Morfogen are in fine form, as well.

On the whole, 'She's Funny That Way' gets most of it right. Watch It!
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A movie about other movies
JSmith12520 May 2015
I wandered into this in a theater in Europe without realizing it was the work of Peter Bogdanovich. Even without knowing that, though, it was obvious that the movie was trying to recapture the spirit of the old screwball farce comedies, with many unsubtle allusions -- like a private detective in a Pink Panther getup, or a cameo by a famous director also known for borrowing from old films -- that were meant to clue us in that the whole thing was a riff on movies and filmmaking themselves. The problem is that the classic comedies of Hawks, Sturges, Lubitsch and the like, at their best, had something besides farcical events: great, witty writing, truly funny moments (not just "funny coincidences"), a clearer send-up of wealth and social class. I'm struggling to remember anything like that in "She's Funny That Way." It's just a few hours later, and I can't recall a single line (other than the one that keeps getting repeated, which we learn is also from an old movie). It had the right sort of situation, setting, musical underscoring, and the requisite "zany" characters and plot, but it felt to me kind of like an empty shell, the outward mold of a screwball comedy still waiting to be poured full of the really good stuff.
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It's not funny, in any way
ferdinand193231 May 2015
Within 10 minutes it becomes apparent that this is a sub-Woody Allen heavily referenced 1930s screwball influenced - copied - movie.

As the product of a young man's devotion to that era and genre it might stand up, and, if interpreted to contemporary styling, be of some merit. That this is the work from a veteran is really quite sad.

It is boring, tedious, wordy and obvious with its various types, its psycho-farce plotting, which hinges on a comically exaggerated accented Poots doing her schtick as she explains the entire story.

This ought to be classified as a home movie and so only the team that made it should made to suffer it, say at Thanksgiving or Christmas. Then, they can snooze while it plays and utter platitudes to grandpa for making this pastiche of an old memory from his younger days.
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Very funny old-style screwball comedy
didi777@hotmail.com19 August 2015
I really don't understand the negative reviews and the relatively low overall rating. Last Monday three of my friends and me watched this movie in a preview in Munich. We were enjoying it a lot. This is an old style screwball comedy which isn't done very often any more. The whole audience was laughing throughout the movie. The cast was great - and especially Jennifer Anniston was very good in a supporting role. Someone pointed out the strange accent of Imogen Poots character. And yes, this bothered me a little bit; I thought she wanted to play a Russian prostitute. Anyway, great movie with great dialogue for fans of screwball comedies.
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So charming and hilarious
mistoppi2 April 2017
I chose She's Funny That Way randomly in a rental store. It seemed like an easy, cute movie to watch. And I can't believe how much I actually love this!

She's Funny That Way has that weird yet charming atmosphere mostly created by the music and the dialogue. It's what I'd want from certain director's who are popular but whose films are actually very boring to the common viewer.

This film is hilarious because of the chaotic way everything just piles up and how many characters know each other and run into each other during the movie.

She's Funny That Way is an excellent and charming comedy, which I warmly recommend to everyone.
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Woody Allen with a bit of Blake Edwards thrown in
Fleurus10 October 2015
If you had no clue about who the director was, you would think it's an Allen movie right from the start. You even have some of the actors we've seen in his films, lately. Even the ending reminded me of some of Woody's. Add to that a bit of Blake Edwards (Victor/Victoria period)and you have an enjoyable comedy with several stories among the main storyline.

Imogen Poots is incredible as a call girl with brains and heart. She has an accent I couldn't put my finger on ( I thought she came from eastern Europe ) but have read since that it's a Brooklyn one. Owen Wilson is as you expect, funny and charming. In fact all the cast is hilarious : Watch for Jennifer Aniston's hysterical act as a therapist from hell.

All in all a delightful film with a great cast.
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To everyone who doesn't rate it ten, are you Nuts?
tomasbily5 January 2017
What you can expect more from a film, about a theatre play?!? Not just, that everyone is mentioning how it resembles great ideas of Woody, that I was expecting him to pass by in the crowd (and he is definitely somewhere there), not just, that is "fairytalie", as it gets (yes, that one, as good), not just that it's good as well remake, or inspiration based as crazy mad Birdman, not just, that the casting is brilliant and very articulate, not just the plot is one galloping horse ride from the very first to the VERY LAST moment, but there is a catch at the very end at last! So to everyone, who is bi...moaning about anything in this OPUS, squirrel you!


Homage á this film
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Missing something
rottninge11 December 2015
Good casting. Overall not bad performances. Nothing wrong with the settings, the editing, or the camera-work. But something is missing and I can't put my finger on it...

One thing that irritated me was the music. It just didn't seem to fit. It felt more Italian/French than Broadway.

I felt like the story had one leg in the typical Hollywood comedy, and one leg in the more dialogue driven Woody Allen type movies, and that it couldn't decide. It also had some strands of British Mr Bean-/Benny Hillisch humor that really felt out of place. The scenes could have been better worked through in my opinion. They felt half baked. I guess the reason I can't put the finger on what I didn't like is because there's not one major thing that is wrong, but rather several small things that add up to my feeling.

If you tell me this is a remake of some French movie I will believe you right away. The original was probably better.
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Broadway Therapy
kosmasp5 April 2016
Which is the "German" title the movie received when released there. They're funny that way ... But back to the movie, which is a very light affair (no pun intended) and has a lot of laughs and a really good vibe to it. There is much to like about this, especially if you like your comedy that way.

Imogen has a strange accent and some other actors go that way too, which may alienate some viewers, especially if they're used the persons to be doing different things. Like squirrels and ... not that's something else. You can sense though that every actor in this had fun shooting it and it translates onto the screen. A light but nice movie to watch
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I liked it...
idiv234 November 2015
I'm 60 live in a retirement/nursing home with congestive heart failure caused by a heart attack I had in 2009 while working in the Middle East for ten years. I've had an interesting life, but I'm not very smart and not very sophisticated. So I liked this movie a lot. It resembles parts of my own life and parts of my friends lives minus the glamor and stuff. When I saw the movie "Saint Vincent" I wanted to sue someone for stealing my life, I get to see more movies now that I'm retired and disabled. So many of you seem so unhappy and so cynical now that I've had time to slow down after 33 years of being busy and see what you all are up to. I liked and loved this movie, it reminds me of real life. I can just imagine the reaction of some of you out there to that statement, you shoulda got a life before it killed your dreams and your heart. Some people actually do have lives that come close to this movie, "She's Funny That Way" ---shocking isn't it. All some of us have is what we lived, dreamed and are...
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She's Funny That Way
Argemaluco27 August 2015
Almost all the iconic directors I admired in the 20th century have made disappointing films in the 21st one, such as Francis Ford Coppola, John Carpenter and Robert Zemeckis. And even though Peter Bogdanovich has never been as famous as them, I liked various of his films very much (such as The Last Picture Show, Texasville and Paper Moon). That's why I was interested in watching She's Funny That Way, his first movie after 13 years of film inactivity... Would it be a return to the independent sensibility from yesteryear (in a time in which "independent" kept its original meaning)? Or a weak attempt from Bogdanovich to "re-invent" himself for the new generations? The answer was: none of those things. She's Funny That Way ended up being more similar to a comedy directed by Woody Allen. And sure, the theatrical setting suggests comparisons to his film Bullets Over Broadway, and even though She's Funny That Way isn't as good as the classic movie, I found it a satisfactory and very entertaining experience. The screenplay of She's Funny That Way shouldn't be taken as a reflection of reality; instead of that, it's a comic farce which makes a tribute to the films from the '40s and '50s, when an idealized fantasy was preferable over the cynical realism which would come into Hollywood many years later (thanks to directors such as... Bogdanovich). In that aspect, some modern spectators might find She's Funny That Way a bit simpleton and naive; but for old people like me, who grew up with a diet rich in those "innocent" films from mid-20th century, it's a nostalgic and quite pleasant film. And then, we have the solid performances from Imogen Poots, Owen Wilson, Rhys Ifans, Jennifer Aniston, Will Forte and Kathryn Hahn; they all display conviction and transmit their enthusiasm to the audience. I would also like to mention the cameos from old collaborators of Bogdanovich's (among them, Tatum O'Neal and Cybill Shepherd) as well as from the great Michael Shannon as a security guard and a famous director who appears at the ending to explain the meaning of a phrase which appears many times during the film. In conclusion, She's Funny That Way isn't a great movie, but I liked it pretty much, and I recommend it as a nostalgic experience which seems fresh in this time saturated of remakes and rehashes. Sometimes, breaking the routine is something truly appreciated.
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F is for fake
temrok92 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
It's easy to miss the point in this movie, since Bogdanovich was always an intellectual as well as a capable director, and what you have here is a movie that is not exactly what one would expect.To begin with, it's true that it doesn't work as a comedy in the way we are used to these days;there are, in fact, great laughs at some points, but in many instances the rhythm of the gags isn't the one that would provoke laughter.This is a danger when one works on this kind of comedy which, despite the similarities in text with Woody Allen's films, has more to do with the cinema of Blake Edwards and Bogdanovich himself;this is a meta-cinema, meaning that loyal as it is to the conventions of the genre, it also aims at being a kind of remark to the nature of art itself.I agree that as a comedy, the movie half-delivers;for some time I didn't find it funny at all, and then there were some great moments that had nothing to do with the kind of comedy Woody Allen makes(based on jokes);this is cinematic orchestration that sometimes succeeds, others it doesn't. The film, however, wins at the end as it reveals its theme, which is what Orson Welles would call F for Fake;art and reality intermix, roles and persons also.And the movie becomes the other side of Birdman, being less impressive in form, but more complex than Birdman and Woody Allen's films as well, in its elaboration of its context. Not a masterpiece exactly, but a very interesting and important work of a great director we hadn't heard from for a long time!
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somewhere in cinema
lee_eisenberg10 June 2016
Peter Bogdanovich was one of the directors who came about in the late '60s to early '70s whose movies signaled the new direction that cinema would take. Unlike most of the directors, Bogdanovich incorporated nostalgia in his work. "Targets" cast Boris Karloff as an aging horror star; "The Last Picture Show" looked at the changes in a small town; "What's Up, Doc?" was a remake of "Bringing Up Baby"; "Paper Moon" focused on the Depression.

Bogdanovich continues this pattern with "She's Funny That Way", about an assortment of people involved in the production of a play. It references the old screwball comedies. It's not a masterpiece, but the mixture of comedy and relatable characters make it worth the while. Bogdanovich loosely references some of his own work by casting Cybill Shepherd in a supporting role and Tatum O'Neal in a cameo (there's an even more surprising cameo at the end).

An OK movie.
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Uncouth plagiarism and redundantly dated
ArchonCinemaReviews9 June 2015
Woody Allen you are NOT Peter Bogdanovich, no matter how hard you want to be.

The cast of She's Funny That Way is top notch, so much so that we wonder how many favors did writer/director Peter Bogdonavich call in for this film.

About a medley of characters and story lines weaving and turning on the island of Manhattan, but grounded and connected by their relationship to an upcoming Broadway play. It is an uncouth onslaught of cliché characters and dated plot lines with a stylistically plagiarized direction.

Everything about She's Funny That Way is unsophisticated and copied, without an original thought, idea or vision. The nostalgia for the good ol' days of film and filmmaking permeates the screen without leaving an impression itself. Perhaps if the film was a product of a novice film maker then the offense would not be so painful, but Peter Bogdonavich has no such excuse to rely upon. The film oozes a dilettantish desire to emulate the famous style of film of the 1970's, without the refinement to modernize it for current audiences.

There is a difference between referencing something to pay homage and blatantly ripping off someone's style. She's Funny That Way is a case of the latter, and is only entertaining in the whodunnit aspect of the narrative. If it were not for the prowess and reputation that Bogdonavich's name holds, this film probably would not have seen the light of day.

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Woody Allen-esk comedy with great cast
MdlndeHond8 June 2015
This reminds strongly of, and meets the quality of some of Woody Allen best movies. Although it shares the neurosis, coincidences, cony island - new jersey characters and obsessions that characterize all Allens it is more a tribute than a copy and delivers on its own. The comedy relies on the characters and situational comedy which is done with finesse. Aniston is phenomenal as high strung therapist. Imogen Poots plays every one off the screen as warm, intelligent, big dreaming, rock solid optimistic poetic call girl goes actress. Very impressive and should rate far higher than it currently does. Amongst the best executed screwball comedy. I could see more of these.
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The movie is okay ,, not a Wowzer.. but i was a little disappointed ... With such cast maybe i expected much more.
Aktham_Tashtush5 June 2015
The way the movie started is really creative a nice, a girl talking to a reporter about her popping career,, and bringing back a 4 years ago memories.. still it looked a bit slow a not that tight not until the minute 30 when Isabella and Arnold meet on the theater for the audition only then it gives a bit more excitement still missing the type of comedy i expected but it was intriguing in a way and catchy somehow.

Honestly The screenplay wasn't that strong, it attract you in some parts and just lose in mostly others .. in the second part of the movie,, all appear to be connected everyone knows someone who's known by others .. so it'll look like its all well connected but still lacked the comedy part.. sure this doesn't make any less good,, but when a movie genre is comedy you kinda expect yourself to have more than just a couple of laughs or if i might say giggles :P

And i don't blame anyone for this,, i kinda expected it to turn out this way,, as Peter Bogdanovich haven't wrote a thing since 1995 !! and it's a first try for Louise Stratten :P . I mean it wasn't awful but also not the type of Wowzing comedy .. it was just okay movie that went up there on the box office because of it's cast names :P

So As for the cast,, Imogen Poots i Loved her weirdly attractive accent trying to copy the Brooklyn accent but with her British tongue it came out so thick :D ,, Owen Wilson is usually funny with his hesitant personality character ,, as bringing the other characters; Jennifer Aniston and Will Forte they played a good part but i think it was all to add some publicity for the movie. Well the appearance of Quentin Tarantino was unexpected and nice though.

so overall,, the movie went okay ,, but not the way i expected or more like Hoped it to be..
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Too many coincidences, not enough comedy
jalkazar4 June 2015
The setup for this romantic comedy is quite simple. A wealthy man meets a call girl one night while away from his wife and children. He offers her a large sum of money if she promises that she will never again have sex for money and he tells her to pursue an acting career. Ironically it turns out that he's a director and she attends a casting call to play a role role opposite of his wife, and from there on out the coincidences continue.

While the movies' premise should be ripe for comedy, even though it's hardly original, the story never gets past its own fascination with coincidences. The jokes that play out are either coincidences happening or characters enjoying the fact that they know about coincidences that others do not and that joke outlasts itself extremely fast.

Towards the end of the movie the director tries to tie up and connect all the characters in the film but unlike other romantic comedies that does this successfully, Love Actually comes to mind, it becomes a farce in this one, and I use that word in a negative way.

If you enjoy run of the mill romantic comedies I'm sure this will be good for a laugh or two from you, a lot of people laughed during the preview screening that I attended. But if you like me rarely enjoy romantic comedies unless they are inventive, deeply emotional or extremely charming this won't do it for you.

Two stars out of five.
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Don't waste your time
emilycecile3 October 2015
Watching this movie was like watching a train wreck. Not only did Imogen Poots' painfully executed accent make every scene she was in positively cringe-worthy but no actor in the film was used to their full potential. I can't believe that the decision was made to hang the success of this film on someone who was so thoroughly unconvincing in their role as to make the time they spend on screen unpleasant to watch. This was truly a big mistake. Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston were both remarkably uncharismatic and unpleasant to watch. Kathryn Hahn and Rhys Ifans both had their moments but they weren't enough to make this work. This film wants to be a light, fast-paced screw ball comedy but it doesn't hit any of the marks. Really, do yourself a favour and pick something else tonight.
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